Sunday, February 10, 2019

Commentary on "BLACKFACE HISTORY IS JEWISH HISTORY"(esp as pertaining to D.W. Griffith's THE BIRTH OF A NATION)

At the same moment the ADL began, a number of Jewish businessmen from the Boston area were plotting to finance the most degrading and hateful blackface movie ever made—The Birth of a Nation. The silent movie epic released in 1915 was the first movie blockbuster, smashing all box office records.

I can understand why black people would be offended by D.W Griffith's movie, but it's one of the most prophetic movies ever in American History. It is less a historical summary than a future warning. And its warnings have been validated by history. Indeed, the reason why that movie is now so denigrated and suppressed(despite Griffith's reputation as the first great movie-maker) is not because its contentions are false but because they ring truer than ever. But PC neo-victorianism vilifies and represses all-too-obvious truths, leading its minions to be triggered into hysterical fits of panic by any utterance that deviates from the Iron Bubble Narrative.

So, what does the movie tell us?

1. Naive white do-gooder elites have no idea what's really in store for them. Complacent with inherited power(that was originally hard-fought and won by years of war and conflict) or shoe-horned into privilege(by having the right connections and/or fashionable opinions) and imbued with Christian notion that all souls are goody-goody alike around the world, they believe that black is white and white is black, and all will get along if whites only try harder. In truth, blacks have different temperaments & souls and regard white good-will as a weakness to flatter and manipulate. The woman's father in the movie is a do-gooder white guy who trusts the mulatto... who later tries to rape his daughter.

2. Rise of mulatto as conduit between whites and blacks. As even well-meaning whites find total blackness a bit intimidating, they rely on the semi-white-ish mulatto as bridge. Back in the days, most mulattoes were products of white men and black women: symbols of white sexual advantage. Today, most are products of black men and white women with jungle fever: symbols of black sexual advantage. These mulattoes are Loki-like characters who have black aggression but white calculation. They use their white intellect to serve the black soul. We saw this with Barack Obama and now see other mulattoes taking over the Democratic Party(though, to be sure, mainly as shills of Zionist Supremacists). Notice that even proggy Democrats prefer mulattoes to outright blacks: Kamala Harris and Cory Booker. Mulatto serves as the butter to soften the white bread before it is devoured by the Negro. Whites are more likely to fall for mulattoes because there is something white-like about the latter, making them appear 'less threatening', as with Colin Powell and Barack Obama. Blacks rely on mulattoes as cross-over figures... though mulattoes also fool and cheat blacks as well whites. And mulattoes manipulate both sides, white and black, to accrue more advantage for themselves. In some ways, mulattoes feel as the superior race because they got white intellect(superior to black intellect) and black soul(stronger than white soul).

3. Black political corruption. While corruption is endemic all around the world, black corruption really takes the cake(and the cornbread, grits, chitlins, black-eyed peas, fried chicken, an entire bucketful). Just look what Negro politicians have done to Detroit, Baltimore, black parts of St. Louis-Milwaukee-Chicago-Oakland. Because blacks tend to be more impulsive, more egocentric, more uninhibited, and more psychopathic, they are more shameless and unrestrained in their corruption. Furthermore, because they can get off the hook so easily by screaming 'it be racist!', they know they can get away with so much. Even though the depiction of corrupt black politicians in BOAN is cartoonish and over-the-top, the state of black politics in the US(and other black run places like South Africa) isn't much different from the movie.

4. Blacks are naturally wild and savage, and if unrestrained, will revert to their jungle nature. Anti-'racists' have been attacking such 'negative' racial stereotype forever, but then, even they have been at odds with their own narrative. On the one hand, goody-good 'anti-racist' Libs say it's wrong to say stereotype blacks and say they are wilder and more prone to ugabuga. But then, they praise blacks for having natural rhythm, dancing better, singing louder, coming up with new forms of hyper-sexual music & dance, and spreading trends like bumping-and-grinding and 'twerking'. Libs get triggered when someone says blacks are more into 'let the good times roll', but they say blacks be so fuzzy-wuzzy-funky and hot-cool-badass sassy and indeed thawed and liberated lame white people from ice-cold puritanical repression.
BOAN says blacks are naturally wilder, and it has been condemned for racial stereotyping. But how do the Jewish-Liberal-controlled media depict blackness? As thug athletes, thug rappers, sex-crazed studs whose only idea is 'muh dic*', black 'biatches' who be 'twerking' and yapping about her booty(and even be named Bootisha or Assnique). Also, ever since blacks obtained total freedom to express their true nature, their culture has turned more savage and crazy. If anything, depiction of black savagery in BOAN is mild compared to what rappers and other black thugs do in culture.

5. Black men despise white males as wussy and want to hump white women. This was one of the core message of BOAN. If left unchecked, black male lust will stalk white females. We've been told that this is just racial fear and paranoia with no basis in reality. But in SOUL ON ICE, Eldridge Cleaver wrote his own Portnegro's Complaint. Just like Philip Roth the Jew said he had endless 'boings' thinking of Aryan-blonde Shikses(and Norman Mailer wrote a very porny-horny book on Marilyn Monroe as his sex goddess... who married Jewish Arthur Miller btw), Cleaver said he not only fantasized raping white women but really did it(though he didn't serve many yrs in prison even in those days). Look at FBI rape statistics, and most interracial rape in the US is almost entirely black-on-white and black-on-non-black. And much of Rap culture is about black guys and white girls with jungle fever dumping on dorky white guys. Also, Jews control pornography and promote interracial black-man-and-white-woman as the thing. From pop culture to porn culture(though two have merged considerably under Jewish cultural hegemony), the message is black guys are the real men and want white women, and white women should go with superior Negroes. So, BOAN was proved right on that account.
Where it was wrong(hopefully naive) perhaps was that white women in the movie are shown to rebuff the advances by black men at every turn. But Griffith should have known better because Jack Johnson became champion before the movie came out. Because blacks are racially-athletically superior to whites, he easily destroyed and humiliated so many white men, but what did a lot of white women do? Stick with their fallen men out of racial solidarity? No, just like French women who ran into arms of victorious Germans in WWII and Japanese women who ran into arms of US GI's after Japan's defeat, white women ran into the arms of Jack Johnson. Since then, the sports culture has been one of black guys dominating the field, white cuck athletes serving as bench-warmers, and countless white women getting knocked up by Negro athletes and thugs. The biggest name in the movies of the 90s and 2000s, Quentin Tarantino, was raised by such a mudshark. And in the 90s, madonna or mudonna's second act was that she was passed around as an inflatable sex doll by blacks in the NBA.
So, if anything, BOAN was mostly right about the sexual dynamics of black and white but didn't go far enough. If white men lose power, not only will black guys come after white women but white women will go with Negroes. It's like Poland is turning into Simon Moland. One African goes to Poland and gets to hump over 300 jungle-feverish women.


Today, Jews denounce BOAN and speak about those 'bad old days', but have things really changed? No. Though depictions of blacks today are 'positive', the underlying assumptions about race are much the same as in BOAN. Hollywood doesn't show that all races are equal. After all, why does it promote black male and white female pairing more than white male and black female pairing? It is on the assumption of racial differences, i.e. black men are more masculine and white women are more feminine, thus implying that white women should go with superior black men. Likewise, most white/Asian pairing is white male and yellow female, suggesting that white men are manlier than yellow men, therefore yellow women should go with white men. So, interracism is just another form of 'racism'. It is not about racial equality but racial superiority. And given that most depictions of blackness in the media & entertainment are hyper-sexual, people 100 yrs after BOAN still believe that blacks have that surplus ugabuga sexual mojo. In BOAN, it as presented negatively whereas now it is presented positively, but the underlying assumptions are identical: Blacks be wild and crazy as the People of Sex. And look at sports culture. Who watches sports such as NBA, NFL, and Track & Field and comes off thinking, "Gee, race is just a social construct." No, any honest person notices BAMMAMA, or Blacks Are More Muscular And More Aggressive. Now, if that is true, what is its social implications? It means tougher blacks will intimidate, threaten, beat up, and humiliate whites in schools, streets, public places, and even home invasions. It means white men will lose pride of manhood and lose their women to black men. So, if we connect the dots, the fact that blacks dominate sports should wake white people up to the black threat. But because white people are such idolatrous dolts(or idolts), they worship black athletes as 'heroes' and 'demigods'. They worship the athletic victory of the very power(black muscle advantage) that is beating up white guys and castrating them of manhood.

Furthermore, let's not forget that racial stereotypes have always been with us. Hollywood won't make stuff like BOAN anymore because blacks are now 'sacred cows' in the West. But Jewish Hollywood made so many movies about evil 'terrorist' Muslims in the 90s and 2000s(with hardly any protest from progs and Jews who, btw, funded most of them). If anything, these movie stereotypes about Muslims were far more over-the-top than anything in BOAN. RULES OF ENGAGEMENT goes so far as to suggest that no Muslim, man-woman-or-child, is trustworthy, and when push comes to shove, they must all be mowed down to the last man-woman-and-child. No wonder then that most Americans didn't care about Bill Clinton and Madeline Albright starving 100,000s of Iraqi children to death in the 1990s. (Israel has been condemned by the world community for its imperialism and tyranny, but can anyone imagine US politicians calling for sanctions on Israel to kill 100,000s of Jewish kids? Democrats and Republicans agree that Jewish lives are more precious than Muslim lives.) Jewish Hollywood remade RED DAWN as a yellow peril fantasy of North Korea(a nation with 1/40th the economy of South Korea) invading the US. And even though Jews are among the biggest sex-slavers in the world, it made movies like TAKEN where Muslims are the main sex traffickers. Yes, Muslims have been involved in sex-grooming, but who enslaved all those Slavic women in Israel to be used a sex slaves? Jews. Hollywood won't be making a movie or TV show about that anytime soon. And consider all the delirious anti-Russia movies being cranked out by Hollywood.

Also, even though BOAN was wrong about certain facts of history, globo-homo depiction of current reality is even more surreal. According to the recent Gillette ad, it is white guys who are sexually harassing 'women of color', and it is the noble black guy who comes to the rescue of the damsels. Anyone who knows real reality that black guys are the kings of 'toxic masculinity'. Rap is black. Black men are top rapists and attackers of women. Also, given that women are into 'muh pussy' and slut pride culture, it's amusing they are ones to bitch about 'toxic' anything. We live in a world where the Jew-run media would have us believe in the Russia Collusion fantasy. That's what passes for Real News. These people who can't even get current reality right dare to condemn BOAN for not getting history correct. As the recent Covington Highschool Kids incident and Jussie Smollett 'hate hoax' anti-white defamation stunt have well-illustrated, the Jew-run media have no interest in the truth. Only in their procrustean Narrative to sustain 'white guilt' and white cuckery so that whites will go on bowing down before Jews and doing their bidding.

Interestingly enough, even though Jewish Hollywood has been peddling anti-Muslim 'terrorist' tropes forever, if you go searching for "hollywood anti-muslim propaganda", the result is usually videos about 'Trump is anti-Muslim'. In fact, it's difficult to find any video on Youtube that details the history of Jewish Hollywood's negative depictions of Arabs and Muslims. Jews spread anti-Muslim hatred and steered US foreign policy to destroy Muslim nations, but they are now pretending to be champion-defenders of Muslims against 'American racism and Islamophobia'. These are the very same Jews who use whore-politicians to push through anti-BDS laws that rob us of our freedom of speech and conscience.

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