Thursday, June 14, 2018

Expensive Lies vs Free Truths — The Mega-Goliath of the Ministry of Dogma & Propaganda vs. the Independent Davids of Honesty, Integrity, & Courage

It’s often been said that alternative/independent/dissident voices on the Left and Right(especially on the Right as its seen as the #1 threat to Jewish Supremacist Power) are terribly hamstrung by being so outspent by Establishment Media, Academia, Think Tanks, and Deep State that are awash in $billions. This grievance is understandable, and the anxiety(and even fear) is not unfounded. After all, more money means more power. More power over elite institutions means more influence. More influence over politicians and other key figures means more control. Richard Spencer has complained of how an organization like the Heritage Foundations has hundreds of millions in endowments whereas NPI can hardly operate a payment system to collect small donations. And while SPLC and ADL are flush in cash, most dissident groups(especially those on the Right) just barely get by. Money means power, power means influence, influence means control. Most people are dummies, ignoramuses, suckers, or sheeple; most of their beliefs and credo relies on the conventional mills of indoctrination and outlets of information. Indeed, it’s interesting how most Journalism-Communication Schools have produced scribes, commissars, and court-informers than individuals committed to facts and truth. Of course, these journalists have been trained to believe that they are crusaders for justice, i.e. journalism isn’t only about information but transformation. But there is surely a difference between real justice and the Cult of Justice. Truth, in and of itself, is real justice as it is unjust to favor falsehood over truth. There may be rare exceptions, as with torture, which is usually wrong but may be justified in the most extreme cases. The film UNDER FIRE is exactly about that moral dilemma. Should the journalist report the fact that the rebel leader(an inspiration to so many people) is dead, or should he, like the Disciples of Jesus perhaps, concoct a hopeful myth of his being alive to resurrect the hopes of the masses struggling against tyranny? And surely, many people in journalism who knew the truth about Katyn Massacre went along with the official myth(that the Nazis than the Commies done it) to maintain the grand alliance against Evil Nazism. But while such lies-as-necessary-evil may be justified on rare occasions as 'noble lies', they become evil themselves when turned into a habitual practice to serve a Cultish Narrative of Justice that has little semblance with reality. For example, while communism had some justice on its side in the early stages of combating capitalism, imperialism, and reaction, once having gained power in several nations it turned into a mindless Cult of Justice where anything could be deemed ‘just’ on the basis of Marxist-Leninist dogma and anything could be deemed as ‘oppressive and exploitative’ because it was supposedly ‘capitalist’, ‘bourgeois’, or ‘fascist’(interpreted as the final culmination of capitalism; there is some truth in this Marxist interpretation of fascism; after all, both Jewish capitalists and Liberal Democrats have been consolidating their power through the rising might of Deep State that interconnects the various power centers of America: government, media conglomerate, military-industrial complex, Ivy League, intelligence services, law firms, vice industries, and etc; as such, people power has declined over the years while the power of oligarchs and elites have risen under both GOP and Democrats; this is crypto-globo-fascism that feigns 'freedom' and 'democracy' while using devious terms like 'diversity' and 'inclusion' to expand Jewish Supremacist Globo-Homo Imperialism all around the world; but then, where Marxists were wrong was in thinking that fascism is ONLY the culmination of the logic of capitalism; George Orwell knew better and understood that communism would also lead to fascism; history has shown that, in both China and Russia, communist-fascism eventually turns into oligarchic-capitalist fascism as the elites eventually decide to prioritize enriching themselves over taking care of the masses; Russia in the 1990s was an ultra-capitalist crypto-Zio-fascist state; everyone denounces fascism but moves toward fascism; everyone denounces fascism because it's too honest about the nature of power; everyone wants more power but pretend he is for something else, something 'nobler'; in contrast, True Fascists or National-Humanist-Neo-Fascists admit that politics, economics, and culture are about power, but as nationalists and humanists, they consciously strive to restrain this raw/naked powerism with larger concerns for the national good grounded in humanist sense of limits that reject hubris, the most fatal sin in power politics). So, even as communism became a maniacally repressive force in nation after nation, its scribes and commissars served the Power and executed policies & narrative that conformed to the Cult of Justice that had little to do with real justice that has to be based on facts, truth, honesty, and courage. At the very least, while early communists didn’t have all the facts and truth on their side, they at least had the virtue of courage and honesty of conviction. But once communism became the governing institution and ideology of several nations beginning with Russia, it even lost out on courage and honesty as it operated on the basis of fear, terror, intimidation, and mindless conformism. It turned into a system of tyrants, henchmen, and hacks & toadies.

The current Western World has many parallels with the Soviet Union. Of course, there are many more differences but the similarities are striking. The Current Order is like the early Soviet Union in the sheer preponderance of Jewish representation and power in elite circles. Just like the Russian Revolution was, at the very top, not very Russian, the current Western Order is more Jewish than genuinely Western, White, or Christian. Just like Jewish Bolsheviks used communism to erase nationalist identities and yearnings — Jews weren’t so much anti-Russian-imperialist as anti-Gentile-nationalist and, having taken over the Russian Empire, they were happily in neo-imperialist or socio-imperialist mode — , Jewish Globolshies use the cults of Homomania & Diversity(a form of Coercive Inclusion) to weaken and erase national identities & borders(except their own in Israel, of course). So, just as the ‘Russian Revolution’ wasn’t really Russian, the current ‘Western’ or ‘American’ Order isn’t really Western or American. It’s ruled by EOJ or the Empire of Judea. Globalism is a form of Jewish radicalism, this time capitalist than communist, and people like George Soros are the new Trotskys.
The current West/America is also like the later Soviet Union in the sense that the media, academia, and elite institutions have been so thoroughly taken over by PC, dogma, propaganda, and conformism. At the very least, the early Soviet period had allowed for some degree of dissent, argument, and experimentation. There was Trotsky vs Stalin vs other Bolsheviks. There were differing schools of art and representation. But eventually, one-size-fits-all dogma took hold of the Soviet Union, and the so-called Revolution turned into Resolution. It was as if all the questions were answered and all the differences had been hammered out. Thus, there was no more need for thinkers, writers, reporters, or artists to ever question the dogma of Central Command. Just do as told, say as told, and march along like good comrades. Thus, most things turned into hackwork(though there were exceptions). The current Western Order in academia, media, and state is rather similar. It’s filled with hackwork, hack-talk, and hack-cults by those who’d been raised and trained under hack-instructions. Today’s West combines the worst aspects of both early Bolshevik rule and late Soviet rule. It is ruled by nasty & vicious Jewish elites and run by total hacks without a smidgen of integrity or inspiration. At the very least, the early Soviet period, though ruthless and bloody, allowed for some lively dissent and firebrand controversy(even if only among the communists). And, at the very least, the late Soviet period, though dreary and moribund with inane hack-work all around, was free of Jewish-Zionist control. In contrast, the current West is not only ruled by nasty Jewish-Zionist globalist-supremacists but defined by the utterly mindless hack work of PC commissars made up of either venal Jews or stupid goyim(who’ve drunk the Jew-Globo Kool Aid).

Anyway, in terms of funding and connections, the comparison between Establishment & the Deep State on one side AND the Dissident Voices(especially on the alternative right) on the other is beyond Goliath vs David, even beyond elephant vs jackal, even beyond brontosaurus vs mouse. But size isn’t everything. After all, the venom of a snake can kill a creature much larger. The chemicals from a tiny poisonous frog can kill a human. A bacterial or viral infection can kill the largest beast even though bacteria and viruses are the smallest living creatures. And after the asteroid hit the Earth, it was the tiny mammals that survived to take over the world while the bigger and mightier dinosaurs faded into extinction. Could mammals have won out over the dinosaurs without the asteroid impact? Maybe, maybe not. But the fact is a major disruption(that altered the conditions of adaptation) came to favor one set of organism over another... even though, prior to the asteroid impact, few observers would have bet on tiny mammals inheriting the world. What the fall of dinosaurs and rise of mammals shows us that the Big Power isn’t always brought down by those who gain the power. There could be a Third Factor that seriously compromises the might of the Big Power and serves as catalyst to the events that finally bring it down totally. And then, once the Big Power falls, it may be a free-for-all until the new power arises. This has so often been the case in history. If it weren’t for Byzantine Empire and Persian Empire weakening each other through endless wars, there would have been far less chance for Arab Muslims to gain power over huge swaths of territory. And it would have been difficult for Bolsheviks to come to power if Russian Empire and German Empire hadn’t effectively destroyed one another, thus creating a huge vacuum to be filled by... something. And Mao’s ragtag army was sequestered in some far-flung northwest part of China and had zero chance of taking over China... until a war broke out between Japan and the KMT regime in China. In the end, the US and USSR destroyed Japan, and the KMT, severely weakened by the Japanese onslaught, lacked the means to re-consolidate control over China that fell to fanatical communist troops with high morale. This is why radicals and dissidents who are out-of-power should welcome(at least privately) hugely disruptive events that could very well weaken the support systems of the Big Power and opening up new possibilities to the other side.

Power comes in so many forms. Money can buy lots of things, but it can’t always buy love and respect. A rich white parent may spend lots of money to keep the trust of his children, but he may easily lose them to others who use different forms of influence. After all, why are there all those Romance stories where a woman leaves her rich hubby and runs off with someone else? The hubby may have the cash, but the other guy may have the looks, the charm, the style. A woman can be seduced and taken by a dashing rascal from a rich husband who has the money but no charm. Similarly, even if a white man may have a big house, fancy stuff, and lots of money, his kids can come under the influence of others with much less. Suppose the kids go to college and take a course taught by some radical Jewish professor. The Jew cannot buy the kids but he can infect their minds with an idea that can grow inside their heads like the pod-plants in INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS. Or, suppose the kids come to love black music. So, even though their dad is much richer than some bluesman or reggae singer, the kids can feel that they have more in common in soulfulness with Negroes than with their rich father. Money can buy lots of things but not affection, love, loyalty, or respect. Indeed, connections based on money end when the money dries up. This is what Michael Corleone understands in THE GODFATHER PART 2. In the end, everyone in the mafia game is a ‘businessman’, and their loyalty is based on money. And even within the family, loyalty and trust can be lost due to factors other than money. After all, Fredo didn’t turn on Michael out of money. It was due to 'respect'. He felt belittled by his younger brother as the head of the Family, and he wanted something for himself to gain some 'respect'. And even though Kay never had to worry about money, she turned on Michael out of her Anglo-American conscience that had just about enough of the 1000 Yr Sicilian Thing. Kay killed the kid.

And even though Jews are immensely rich now, they weren’t always so favorably positioned in American Elite Circles. If money is the ultimate power and begets more money, then Wasps would not have lost what their ancestors had founded and built to Jewish climbers. After all, there was a time when Wasps were far richer and more powerful than Jews. That having been the case, Wasps should have grown richer and richer and more powerful; they should have outpaced Jews indefinitely. But at some point, new generations of Wasps lost their pride & confidence and did little to resist the Rise of Jewish Power. If anything, many were fully onboard in aiding Jewish Power to grow even faster and bigger. They either became intellectual and ideological servants of Jews or figured they had to jump ship to the Jewish Side if they are to remain afloat.
Paradoxically perhaps, one crucial disadvantage of Wasps or Anglo-Americans derived from none other than their long-standing advantage. They had a stronger sense of form, manners, duty, and structure than most peoples. Even though Anglo-Americans became looser in the US, they(especially around New England, once the cultural capital of the US) retained much of the culture of form and manners of the British. This provided the Anglo-world with discipline, work ethic, and moderation, but it also made things a bit cold and rigid. So, for many children of Wasps who went to colleges or hung around swankier parts of big cities, there was allure in Jewish intellectualism or Negro music. Anglos had the form but not the fire. Jewish Thought was more fiery because Jews were wilier and looser in personality, like the Marx Brothers. And Negro culture flowed from energies in the dongs and booties. It offered heat to Anglo frigidity. (The term 'coal-burning' gives credence to this phenom of Anglos turning into Junglos.) So, the white ass that had been trained to be straight and narrow begin to go jiggity-wiggity in the Jazz Age. It just goes to show that even people with relative disadvantage in wealth and connections exert great power by other means(that eventually lead to money power as well; consider Jewish domination of news & Hollywood, and consider Negroes raking in billions with rap music). So many Anglo-American kids sent to elite colleges by rich parents ended up being mind-infected by Jewish radical professors. It also happened to many kids raised by staunch conservatives. Once their minds were infected with radical Jewish intellectual ideas, they began to see their parents as ‘racist’ and ‘bigoted’.
And there was also the power of Hollywood. Granted, the Movie Industry was about money. Jews who ran Hollywood were primarily after profits. But movies they produced also created new objects of Idol-worship, and this had a neo-pagan impact on the entire world in terms of which figures and symbols came to be worshiped. Idolatry & Money is far more powerful than mere Money is. Indeed, Idolatry & Million Dollars can win over Billion Dollars minus Idolatry. The power of money can buy lots of loyalty. But the loyalty depends on cash flow. Once the flow stops, loyalty vanishes into the air. Someone who works hard for Microsoft will turn against it if he can make more at Facebook or Google. It’s all about the Money. In contrast, Idolatry or Iconography clings to the person who is ‘infected’ with its fever or aura. If a Jew keeps handing you $100 bills, you will serve him as long as he keeps giving you the dough. Once the money stops, you no longer care to serve him. It’s like taking tips. You only care about the money. But suppose a Jew doesn’t give you money but shows you a movie with a Mountain-Sized-Negro-Who-Loves-a-Little-White-Mouse and is supposed to be like a negrovah(Negro-as-jehovah) and black jesus rolled into one. Or suppose the Jew shows you TV ads or music videos in which white women are especially attracted to Negro men as the new idol-studs of manhood. The image may become ‘incepted’ into your mind, and you may henceforth worship the Negro as a holy creature or ‘badass’ hero no matter where you live and work, no matter with whom you are with. And you may even impart this sham-iconography of the sacro-negro or electro-ultra-‘nigga’ to your own kids as the essence of what ‘Western Culture’ and ‘Western Values’ are all about. This is why religious power has been so resilient. Even though Romans whupped the Jews and crushed the early Christians, the spiritual power of Jews outlasted the Romans, and the spiritual creed of early Christians came to infect the minds of Roman elites who eventually spread it far and wide for all subjects of the Empire.

At any rate, there is the question of What-Is-To-Be-Done in the Dissident Right, the Alt Right, and the Left-Right. After all, the most censored, marginalized, denounced, and persecuted movement in the West is that of the Dissident Right(smeared as ‘far right’ by Jew-run media). Even though the Real Left is also out of power, it is still allowed to have its niches in the academia. Even though Marxists and Leninists have zero power in government, economy, and culture, they are allowed to do their thing in the academia. No professor or student will be hounded from the academia for still clinging to Marxism, even of the Stalinist or Maoist kind. And even though globalism has no use for men like Noam Chomsky, they hold vaunted positions in the academia and are sometimes invited to speak in highly respected institutions(without crazed students and antifa disrupting events). And among the bottom-feeders, Antifa goons are allowed to run riot with minimal consequences. We saw from what happened at Charlottesville that elements of the Far Left are allowed far greater leeway to do as they please. Indeed, they are even enabled by the Establishment to serve as neo-Janissary goons against the Dissident Right and Alt Right(though to be sure, certain elements of the Dissident/Alt Right are too close for comfort with Neo-Nazi types). So, the Dissident Right would seem to be the most powerless and disadvantaged voice in the West. And it is worse in Canada, where Dissident Rightist views are effectively outlawed. And in the EU, people could very well end up in prison for saying what the Dissident Right says in the US. In the US, they take away your payment system, get you fired from work — so much for "no discrimination based on race, color, or creed" — , intimidate you with ‘lawfare’, and get you attacked in the street by Antifa thugs. But they can’t throw you in prison just for expressing an idea.

That being the case, ‘what is to be done?’, we ask. This is not an easy question to answer, but we should start with the fact that, in the Current Year, the Lies are expensive whereas the Truth is free. American Renaissance made just this point about itself in relation to SPLC. American Renaissance is a modest operation that runs on a small budget. Most people are afraid to donate to it because they can lose jobs, privilege, and wealth IF it’s exposed that they donated even $20 to a man like Jared Taylor. (In contrast, even the most murderous Judeo-Nazi Zionist Imperialist can donate millions to any ultra-Jewish-supremacist organization and suffer no consequences; if anything, he will likely be praised by both parties and ass-kissed by the Deep State.) Also, the Jews who run the payment systems have denied service to American Renaissance, making it difficult for the Dissident Right to raise money. In contrast, Jews can donate as much as they want to Zionist-Imperialist organizations like ADL and Jewish-Supremacist organizations like AIPAC. Never mind Zionists are killing Palestinians in Gaza. Never mind World Jewry recruited Neo-Nazis in Ukraine to pull off a coup against a democratically elected government. Never mind Israel illegally shoots missiles into Syria and has given support to ISIS Death Squads that have carried out horrendous atrocities against Christian Arabs. Jews can get away with donating to Judeo-Nazi organizations because they control the Media, the State, and the court of public opinion. Therefor, while there is great stigma in being associated with a ‘white supremacist’ like Jared Taylor, there is no shame in pouring tons of money into Jewish-Supremacist mass-killers and lunatics. As Jews control the media, Jewish Supremacism is simply called ‘support for Israel, our greatest ally’. Such slogans have been drilled into our heads so many times that we echo them without thinking... like how the men in MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE mindless repeat a certain line without reflection:

Still, consider the fact that, despite its lavish funding, SPLC's website hardly gets more visits than American Renaissance that operates on a shoestring budget: AmRen vs. SPLC And despite its huge cash-pile, I highly doubt if anyone gives a crap about what Heritage Foundation is saying either. If anything, Heritage Foundation isn’t really about honest discussion of Conservative Ideas as about taking money from donors to mold the new crop of would-be ‘conservatives’ into hacks and toadies of the Establishment. It doesn’t invite people to offer fresh ideas but to either consent to the status quo or sell out their core conservative principles to serve the New Normal, such as ‘Gay Marriage is about family values’ or ‘Israel did nothing wrong even when aiding ISIS death squads against Christian Arabs’.
Same goes for AIPAC. Does anyone really believe anything said at AIPAC conferences? Does anyone join AIPAC or attend any of its seminars to learn anything real about Israel? Of course not. People join AIPAC for the same reason why most people now join the military: Career Opportunity. Since Jew Inc. pays well, people try to join AIPAC to get a foothold into the world of Power and Privilege. If Jews were dirt poor whereas Arab-Americans were the super-rich overlords of the US, I suspect many more people would be joining pro-Arab organizations. The fact that AIPAC is about power than the truth has been made plain-as-day by AIPAC organizers themselves. They openly admit that they are only interested in people with elevated credentials. It’s smart thinking from the viewpoint of power because the crucial power of any functioning society resides at the top. AIPAC doesn’t bother with persuading or recruiting community college students or people with high-school degrees. It looks for those who attended the better kinds of schools. In this, AIPAC is like any corporation or organization that seeks talent. The problem with this approach for an organization like AIPAC is that it claims to stand for truth and justice about Israel. But if AIPAC is all about using money to win over talent to shill for Israel, what does it have to do with truth or justice? At the very least, people who sell soda pop or cosmetics don’t pretend their products have moral value. In contrast, AIPAC pretends to sell a moral argument as it scouts around for more non-Jewish shills to serve the cause of Judeo-Nazism. Because it is such a sham, even those who sign on must realize, at some point, that they are just dirty shameless whores of Zion. Then, as their cynicism grows, they realize that the ONLY reason for continuing to sing to the AIPAC tune is for the money. This seems like a great advantage to AIPAC as Jews got more money than they can spend, but it’s also a disadvantage because there is no real love for or trust in AIPAC. It’s just a Pimp Operation that runs a stable of whores who just do it for the money.

The Mass Media, organizations like AIPAC, Deep State institutions like CIA-NSA-FBI, and PC-fearful academia have lots of money, but they are selling a Lie, not least because Jews rule the West and fear the truth lest their perfidious role be exposed for all to see. So, Jews need to keep pushing the Lie, but people are generally not willing to tell lies unless they are paid to do so or forced to do so. When forced to do so, they go along but feel resentment. When paid to do so, they feel cynical and no real conviction to the crap they have to spout off ever so often. Sure, out of sheer desperation, some of these agents of PC pretend to sincerely believe in the nonsense they are peddling, but the effect is emotionally draining, personally embarrassing, or ultimately maddening. It’s like the Claude Rains character lies and lies in MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON but feels sick about it at the end.

Sure, the PC has been coded so that anyone who defies Jewish Supremacism and rejects White Submissivism is tagged with ‘hate’ and ‘far right’, whereas anyone who sucks up to Judeo-Nazi supremacists who wage Wars for Israel and gun down innocent Palestinians is praised as being on the side of angels. Also, PC has idolized Jews, Homos, and blacks as the Holy Three. For all its BS about equality, PC favors Jews over Palestinians, blacks over non-blacks(except Jews and Homos), and Homos over real-sexuals. Indeed, PC says the term ‘pride’ is now synonymous with homo fecal penetration. So, PC isn’t about right vs wrong. It’s not about good or bad. It’s about mindless and servile worship of certain groups who are deemed so iconographically holy that they are right even when wrong. And those who displease these groups are wrong even when they are right. That’s how PC morality works. It’s about morality-by-identity or grace-by-face. If you have the right ID, you’re always right. If you have the wrong ID, you’re always wrong.

The Establishment has tremendous power and wealth to push this PC, but utterly absurd nonsense cannot sustain itself indefinitely. It can only continue with the support of massive funding, endless promotion, and non-stop hyperbole and rapture. The Lie is effective only as a very expensive and elaborate lie. And that is the Achilles' Heel of the Power. As their prestige is based on the Lie, they must spend immense sums and use all sorts of tricks to persuade the elites and fool the masses.

In contrast, the Truth is free. It costs nothing. All it takes is to see reality, process reality, and speak honestly about reality. Granted, the truth may be costly in robbing you of friends, career, and payment systems. Still, it doesn’t cost anything to speak the Truth, especially in the internet age. In contrast, it costs plenty to sell the Lie. Also, when truth-tellers are punished for speaking the truth that more and more people wake up to, it becomes ever more difficult and expensive for the Power to perpetuate the Lie with yet more money and manipulation. The law of diminishing returns sets in. Money can buy a lot of things, but everything has limits. Indeed, we saw this in the GOP primaries in 2016. Jeb Bush was the favored candidate with the Republican Establishment, and he started the campaign with the biggest war chest. But no matter how much his BS was pushed by the Power, it went nowhere because the Base just about had enough of listening to the globalist cuckservatives who’d done nothing but sell the US down the river while those on the top got theirs from the Globo-Homo trough.

Because, against the power of the Expensive Lie, the Free Truth is the most potent and effective weapon for those without the power, it is absolutely important for the truth-tellers to stick to the truth. They must keep with integrity, honesty, and courage. One thing they may NOT do is counter the Big Lie with more lies. This is where the Alt Right went terribly wrong in associating with 14/88 and Neo-Nazi types who are filled with lies of their own. Even as they attack Jewish Supremacism and PC distortion of history, they spout nonsense about ‘Hitler did nothing wrong’ or ‘Holocaust didn’t happen’ and other tripe.
Indeed, there is nothing dumber than the Free Lie. At the very least, the Expensive Lie has the means to fool enough people via media monopoly and manipulation. In contrast, the Free Lie or the Cheap Lie doesn’t even have the means to convince anyone. For those without the power, their best bet for winning hearts and minds is with the Free Truth. While Truth may be off-putting and offensive to those accustomed to PC, when articulated clearly, sensibly, rationally, and factually, it has the power to win over more and more people. As Free Truth lacks the power of fireworks, it can only offer the fire. And the fire, if good and real, has the power to gradually spread far and wide. In contrast, the Big Lie must rely on endless displays of fireworks that may look impressive but don’t amount to a plate of beans. The media and deep state spent tremendous sums to push the Russia-Hacking Narrative. But fewer and fewer people are buying it.

In the story of the EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES, the emperor has huge sums to fool the masses into thinking that he’s clothed in wonderful new material. It’s all about the Expensive Lie. In contrast, the boy offers the Free Truth. The boy’s observation is shocking and off-putting to many at first, but gradually people begin to catch on. We are so enthralled with power and status that, too often, we tend to trust Establishment sources as the authoritative voice of the truth. Also, especially because the 20th century witnessed the conflict between Liberal Democracies and totalitarian regimes of both the Far Right and Far Left, we are prone to think that we are living in a world of freedom and truth. After all, the Liberal West defeated both the Far Right and the Far Left that were tyrannical and repressive. Now, it was true enough that there was more freedom and truth in liberal democracies than in Nazi Germany and Soviet Union, BUT that doesn’t mean Liberal Democracies are fundamentally free or honest. It only means they are freer and more honest compared to radical orders. A habitual liar is more honest than a compulsive liar, but he is still a liar. (The great Jewish accomplishment in Liberal Democracies since the end of the Cold War was in turning democracies almost as repressive and deceitful as totalitarian regimes of old. Jews may gain in the short-term but may well lose out in the long-term, not least because their hypocrisies are becoming so obvious. The very Jews who ranted endlessly about the Red Scare are now throwing tantrums about the totally fictional Russia Hacking fantasy. At least the Red Scare was grounded in reality as there had been many Soviet agents in the US government. But many radicals in the 40s and 50s were Jews, so the Jewish Narrative made anti-communists the bad guys. But now that Jews hate Russia, even the most ridiculous paranoia about Russia is fair game 24/7 via the Jew-run media.) So, the End of History with triumph of Liberal World Order isn’t necessarily a victory of freedom and honesty. It only opened the way for the Endgame of History. Also, if indeed the Grand History of the Battle of Ideas came to an end with the collapse of the Soviet Union, then it means the new terms of Global Conflict are about something else than 'ideas'. What? The fundamental truth of the Global World Order in the Current Year is that it’s about the Empire of Judea(EOJ) against all of humanity that are pitted against one another so that Jews can play divide and rule over all of humanity.

For the Dissident Right, there is the power of Free Truth, which is effective because the Internet has been the great equalizer. A successful youtube vlogger can have wider reach than a columnist for NYT or the Washington Post. He may lack the august credentials bestowed by the Ivies or the Deep State, but he has truth, courage, and honesty on his side. He may not be correct about everything, but at least he is speaking without fear or favor, which is impossible in the Big Media, Academia, Deep State, and etc. where even a slightly 'insensitive' remark about homo neo-aristos can land one in hot water.
Of course, the Powers-that-be know and fear this about the Internet. That's why it is so important for Jews that they have ethno-monopoly or Ziopoly over financial instruments and platforms so that when, push comes to shove, they can shut down everyone. And many people have been taken off Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube by Jews. Colin Flaherty who unflinchingly exposed the truth about black criminality has been banned from Youtube. He is now on, though Google Search tries to hide the site:
Palestinian freedom fighters have been taken off Facebook. But the thing is Judeo-Nazis cannot shut down everyone. And every time they shut someone down, more people realize WHO HAS THE REAL POWER as the word gets out that JEWS SHUT DOWN ANOTHER VOICE. Indeed, many people have now come to associate ADL with censorship. They know that SPLC is a Jew-funded Hate Group that goes after anyone who stands against the Zio-Globo-Homo agenda.
Dissident Rightists and Palestinian Freedom Fighters can be creative. Consider how Alt Right voices are not welcome in colleges. But, Alt Right figures can make speeches to colleges online. They don't have to actually visit a college. For instance, Richard Spencer can announce that he will give a speech to Harvard. It doesn't matter if Harvard won't invite him. He can put his Speech-to-Harvard on one of many video platforms. And then, he can target another college for a 'guerrilla tour'. After all, Jews didn't change America by going from town to town, door to door, like Jewish peddlers of old. Jews just gained control of media and beamed their electronic signals to TV's in every home. Free Truth is the most potent weapon in the Internet Age against Expensive Lie. Just be sure not to speak the Free Lie.

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