Friday, February 15, 2019

Valuable Property has to be secured with Covenant or Contract(backed with force). If not, Others will come to Take it — Dynamics of Gold Rush teaches us about the current White Rush — Why Jews needed the Covenant to claim God for themselves

Way of the World. When people hear of easy gold, they drop everything and all go rushing for it.
Way of the World. When there is a Kill to Steal, other animals come to take it.
Way of the World. Ants flock to easy white sugar.

People need to understand The Way. The Way of the World is as follows: If someone or some people have something of great value, OTHERS will come to try to take it or partake of it. Greatness is great but has an Achilles Heel. Greatness is a double-edged sword. If you have something great, it is a thing to admire but also a thing to acquire. The whole world wants it, and if given a chance, will gladly take it. If a woman has great beauty and if it could be appropriated by plain-faced women, would they take it? Of course they would.

Just like something of great value has a vulnerability — everyone wants to take it —, something of lower value has an intrinsic security, a kind of a modest advantage. If you have something of low value, it may not be worth much, but then, you need not worry about others taking it from you. Who breaks into a house to steal a piece of iron? They’ll burglarize for gold though. It’s like a man with a beautiful wife is more insecure than a man with an average wife. More men will try to make a move to take the beautiful wife from the husband. So many invaders came to Ireland long ago because of its reputation for having the most beautiful women. It’s probably why Irish men had to be tough and unpleasant because they had to fight all the time to keep their women from Vikings and other horny invasive bastards.
If you have something of great value, it’s wonderful to have it, but then, you must always remind yourself that everyone else wants it too; they want to take it from you. This is why anyone who finds gold better be very quiet about it or make legal claim backed up by guns to keep the gold for himself. Otherwise, there’s gonna be a Gold Rush, like in the days of the 49ers. Because white nations are deemed the best and most desirable in the world, Mass-Immigration-Invasions are essentially a form of White Rush. Non-whites salivate, “Let’s all rush to white nations and grab the white gold.” They will cook up any number of reasons(mostly bogus) to make their claim.

Jews understood this dynamics because they experienced it many times over as both takers and taken. Jews greedily eyed what the goyim had and tried to take it from goyim, and goyim greedily eyed what the Jews and tried to take it from Jews. Jews created the most powerful and profound concept of God(at least one that is accessible to most people, as Hinduism may be more profound but is exceedingly confusing and complex). With every passing year in the Ancient World, the pagan gods seemed sillier(just superhumans with lots of flaws) whereas the Jewish God seemed infinitely mysterious and meaningful. So, naturally, there was the real danger of goyim trying to take this God of the Jews for themselves. And so, Jews came up with the Covenant, a spiritual-legal contract between God and Jews. Jews told goyim, “Yeah sure, our God is the one and only God of all, but He has a special contract with us, so you filthy goyim back off and stay away from our God.” Now, that’s good thinking. But then, a bunch of renegade Jews managed to smuggle the concept and reformulate it for universal acquisition. Jews must still be pissed over this because Google never runs Easter doodles.
Jews also mastered the Law because they amassed great fortunes. The Way of the World is for have-nots to grab stuff from the have-mores(or for have-mores to take even more from other have-mores). It’s been like that since time immemorial. So, Jews needed the protection of the Law to back up their claims. (But then, Jews also mastered the law to justify their taking of stuff from other peoples, such as land from Palestinians.)

Now, Anglos found the bestest land in the world. It’s hard to think of better expanse of territory than North America. Western Europe is nice but small. Russia is vast but much of it’s too cold, too dry, or desolate. China is huge but relatively lacking in natural resources for such a huge chunk of land. South America is vast but hot and jungly. Africa is huge but hotter, much of it parched and dry. Australia is huge but mostly useless. North America has prime land for agriculture and has tons of resources of all kinds. It has great natural beauty. It has everything.
On top of that, it was settled by the most advanced and talented people of the Time with sound genetics and intelligent culture. And these early Anglos and Northern Europeans knew what they’d stumbled upon. It was like Second Eden come true. If they took over the territory and populated it with their own kind, it would surely be the greatest power in the world. And the prophecy came true. It wasn’t long before the US became the most powerful nation(and Canada became essentially US-lite, the 51st state).
This is why the Founders were proud race-ists. They understood that the US needed a racial contract between whites and the land. Blood and Toil, i.e., because adventurous whites explored and found the land and toiled to build it, it was theirs by the covenant of vision and history. Indians had been here first, but they were savages who hadn’t made much of the land. Without such proud and powerful claim, others would come to the US and try the take it away from whites. Naturally, all throughout history, people have flocked to greatness and tried to take it or partake of it.
Now, Jews have a great eye, having worked as pawnbrokers and jewelers forever. They know real value when they see it, and they never saw anything like America. Great land with tremendous resources and managed by talented Northern Europeans, the most capable people in the world. So, how could they take over this bounty for the Tribe? First, by flattering the white goyim. Assure the Anglo elites that Jews and immigrants are oh-so-very-grateful to assimilate into Anglo-America. Put forth the notion of the Melting Pot, the ‘dream’ that immigrants would simply and happily melt into existing America and become good Americans of the Anglo mold…. except that as more and more ingredients were added to the American Pot, the dynamics went FROM the new-ingredients-melting-into-the-existing-elements TO existing-elements-melting-into-the-new-ingredients, or from the World assimilating to White America to White America assimilating to the World. The US now looks like hapless Uncle Sam surrounded by a gang of gypsies pickpocketing him from every angle.

If you have something of low value, you need not worry much about keeping it. I don’t think the Congo has to worry much about being inundated with mass immigration from Asia, Latin America, Middle East, and other parts of Africa. But if you have something of high value(like Denmark), you better have a powerful contract or covenant with it on the basis of legality, politics, and passion because OTHERS will try to take it from you. If you don’t stake it, others will take it.

Israel and Sweden are nice nations. So, black Africans head to both. Israelis knows black Africans are coming to take from them, so they build walls and invoke the special covenant between themselves and the land based on race, history, culture, and morality. The covenant moralizes the Jewish national defense of Israel.
In contrast, dumb Swedes listened to weasels like Barbara Specters and removed the stakes holding down their national tent. Because Swedish national ideology has been de-covenantized, it’s considered immoral for Swedes to defend what they got and considered moral for foreigners to invade and take from Swedes. It’s a case of ‘Inversal’ values where morality has been turned upside down.
Without grounding with patriotic stakes, Swedish tent is blowing in the wind. Nice places come under heavy pressure of migratory winds. This is why nice civilizations always built walls to keep out the barbarians.
Just like a house will fall apart if all the nails are pulled out, a nation(esp a nice nation) cannot hold together without a contract/covenant that hammers down ownership to a people based on race, culture, and history.

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  1. Provocative and disturbing, depending on your view of social Darwinism. The postage stamp of the US Gold Rush caught my eye and drew me to read further. You get full marks for that one. (smile)