Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Jewish Supremacism and the 'Trialectics' of Power — Left vs Right Dialectics in Current America is mostly bogus — Jews and White Liberals are like Adults and Children — Jewish Exploitation of Universalism vs White Liberal Devotion to Universalism(as manipulated by Jewish Tribal Supremacism)

In current political discussions, the talk of the 'left' and the 'right' misses the crucial point. What we have is less dialectics of the so-called Left and the Right as the 'trialectics' of 'left' and 'right' with both being manipulated by a third force that chooses to remain invisible. And this power is essentially though not entirely Jewish. Let's ponder the forest than the trees. Consider the trajectory of mainstream politics in America over several decades. The main conflict wasn't so much about a genuine right-vs-left-struggle but about Jews owning and using both sides to serve the Third Power that is Zionist-Globalist. Rahm Emanuel claims to be 'leftist' or a 'liberal', but he served in the IDF to not only defend Israeli nationalis but to enforce Zionist Imperialist hegemony over Palestinians. The NYT columnist David Brooks excoriates Trumpian nationalism, but his son, who is apparently steeped in Jewish identity and Zionist consciousness, served in the IDF just like Rahm Emanuel and other American Jews who'd rather sign up for the Israeli military than for the US military(which is apparently only for dimwit white goyim stupid enough to fight, kill, and die in Wars for Israel. Those who cling to real power know tribal blood counts for more than ideological ink.

After all, both Liberal Jewish Elites and Neo-Conservatives have been totally pro-Israel and favor Jews over Palestinians. Why such pro-nationalist(and even pro-imperialist and pro-supremacist) Zionist zeal on Middle East issues on both the 'left' and 'right'? Just ask yourself. Why did virtually every Congressman sign the AIPAC-enforced pledge to serve Zionism, Israel, and Jewishness uber alles?
If indeed nationalism and ethno-centricism are 'rightist' whereas GLOBALIST ELITES are supposed to be 'leftist'(anti-nationalist), then why are most elites in big business & the Deep State so pro-Israel regardless of their professed ideologies? Why don't the so-called 'leftist globalists' denounce the tribal/nationalist influence of AIPAC? Where does one see the globalist elites(who are said to be 'leftist') in Hollywood, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and Big Oil siding with helpless Palestinians against powerful ethno-imperialist Zionists? Where do you see them denouncing Jewish Identity as the source of tribal supremacism? And if Google and Twitter are really into equal justice for all sides and about caring for the underdog, why do they all the Zionist-supremacist ADL to monitor 'hatred' on their platforms and networks? ADL is a totally pro-Zionist organization that supports the defaming of whites(as subhuman cattle) and defends the Zionist-Imperialist Occupation of West Bank & terrorism against Gazans. ADL also never mentions Nakba, the grim fact that Israel was created by massive ethnic cleansing of Palestinians(regarded as subhuman by Jewish Power). ADL never condemns the Zionist-instigated US Wars for Israel on the Muslim World that hatefully and ruthlessly destroyed millions of lives. It never denounces Donald Trump's one-sided insensitivity in favoring Zionists over Palestinians. Imagine that. Jews say Trump is 'literally Hitler', but they fully support Trump's most Hitlerian agenda: The favoring of Zionist supremacists over Palestinians who are treated like Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto by the Nazis.
If Google and Twitter are indeed truly 'leftist', shouldn't they hire members of the BDS Movement to monitor Zionist supremacist hatred and chauvinism that define and dominate so much of American media, academia, and goverment? Shouldn't Paypal and other supposedly 'leftist' businesses deny service to individuals associated with ADL or any such group that supports the ongoing hateful & supremacist Zionist Occupation of West Bank? Shouldn't Paypal and other such companies deny service to members of the CIA and Pentagon who've been engaged in murderous US neo-imperialism that destroyed many nations and peoples with bombs, invasions, support for terrorists(especially in Syria), and sanctions?

Well, well, isn't this a curious kind of 'leftism' that happens to be so jingoist("US is an exceptional nation"), 'racist'(Zionists uber Palestinians and Jews uber gentiles), supremacist(black men deserve to colonize white wombs since white men are inferior cuck dorks), and replacist-genocidal(white people should lose their own homelands to waves of foreign colonizers), and of course, totally hypocritical? Their agenda seems to be Diversity via coercive 'inclusion'(which amounts to invasion) and demographic imperialism for every nation EXCEPT Israel that, despite its closed walls and Jewish-Only policy, is showered with $4 billion annually in 'aid', given a free pass to spy on the US, and allowed to lobby Congress not as a foreign entity but virtually as an American one.

So, let's try to be clear and honest about True American Politics for once. It is NOT about the dialectics of left vs right but about the 'trialectics' of Jewish globalist-supremacists controlling and manipulating the so-called 'left' and so-called 'right' to serve their own interests. When you see puppets fighting each other, don't lose yourself in the dialectics of Puppet A vs Puppet B but focus on the master who is pulling the strings of both.
If indeed these corporations are really into 'leftism', why do they go along with the anti-BDS program(that is usually associated with grass-roots leftism, there are increasing numbers of people on the true Right who also sympathize with the plight of Palestinians, not least because Jews now treat white people as the NEW or OTHER Palestinians to conquer and destroy)? Jewish oligarchs and their agents use bribery and threats to coerce all politicians and all States to violate the US Constitution(especially the principle of Freedom of Speech) by criminalizing BDS. Now, imagine white ultra-rightists in the 80s using their influence to criminalize any boycott or sanction of South Africa that then practiced Apartheid. The Left would have blown a fuse and railed against such violation of the American principles of Free Speech and Right of Assembly. But there's almost total silence about the criminalization of BDS among the Establishment 'Left'(though there are Alt-Left figures like Philip Weiss and Jimmy Dore who do raise the issue). For the most part, there are murmurs and gripes in some corners of the Left, but there is no mass concerted effort to call attention to this despicable violation of the First Amendment and Freedom of Conscience. Clearly, we live in a nation where cities can ban Chick Fil-A for supporting Real Marriage, but companies and individuals are to be destroyed if they even think of supporting the boycott of Zionist Occupation of West Bank and its apartheid policies.

Well, well, so much for 'leftism' and its dominance over America. (More often than not, those who rant about the power of the 'left' are too afraid to mention the JEW behind it, as well behind the approved 'right'. While Paul Joseph Watson and Black Pigeon Speaks make good videos on many topics, their babbling about the 'left' willfully overlooks the Jewish Power behind it. The current dominant power is more about the ethno-identity of Jews than about any consistent ideology.)
American Power can be boiled down to machinations of Jewish Supremacism over White Cuck Collaborators, decadents & degenerates(usually associated with Globo-Homomania), and members of Diversity, whose contentious groups are united only by their hatred against Whitey as encouraged by the Jews. What is really of the essence is that all the key decisions are made by Jews and their favorite proxies, the homos. Asians may be rising in rank, but they are servile drones without agency or will, thereby destined to do the bidding of Jews with stronger personalities. Most yellows just follow the White Cuck-collaborators who obey Jews and homos. Such is the hierarchy of US power, but it masquerades as 'leftist' in order to conceal the ethno-monopoly and ethno-supremacism of Jewish globalists.

The fact is Jews can destroy anyone with their control of high tech, Wall Street, and media. What are Google and Facebook but Jewish monopolies? And even non-Jewish oligarchs go along with Jews because they (1) have been molded by Jew-dominate academia & media (2) rely on Jew-run Wall Street for finance and (3) fear the Jew-run media for bad press that can prove to be fatal. In summary, via direct and indirect monopoly of high-tech, Jewish-American supremacists(who work closely with Zionist Israeli Jews who slaughter Palestinian women and children) get to rig who is or isn't platformed. Through Wall Street, they can decide who shall be funded or defunded. Through media, they can decide who is to be anointed and who is to be excommunicated. Just by having the ADL or SPLC smear an individual or company as 'racist', 'antisemitic', or 'homophobic', the J-Power can bring down anything or anyone. Those are now the talismanic words with the power to make or break careers.

If US corporations are truly 'leftist'(as we are constantly told), why didn't they denounce US imperialism in the Middle East? Seriously, does Starbucks really care about Muslim 'refugees'? Why didn't its Jewish owners denounce Obama and Hillary for turning Muslims into refugees in the first place with a destructive foreign policy that targeted Libya and Syria at the behest of Jewish ethno-supremacists? Surely, the heads of Starbucks are smart and well-informed. They are no dummies. They must know what really happened in the Middle East & North Africa and why. So, why did they frame their 'progressivism' in terms of caring-about-Muslim-refugees than of denouncing-US-imperialism-that-forced-Muslims-into-refugee-status? It's because the so-called 'progressives' at Starbucks are really venal Zionist-Imperialists who support the ethno-supremacist policy of pushing Wars for Israel and globalist bankers.

There was a CEO bitch at the Campbell Soup Company who claimed to be appalled by 'murder' and 'racism' of 'white supremacism'? Oh really? According to such scum, evil was embodied by only one side at Charlottesville? As for the 'murder', that is just a Jewish Canard(like the myth that Leo Frank was innocent of the crime he most likely did commit). The fat whore Heather Heyer died of a heart-attack, and James Fields panicked after being attacked by antifa and BLM mobs(who were allowed to run loose by the Jewish mayor and his black police chief with full approval from higher powers). Also, BLM is a hate-filled black movement based on the lie that innocent blacks are being murdered all over the country by white supremacist cops. Now, what does Campbell Soup have to say about Zionist occupation of West Bank or Zionist-supremacist Wars for Israel that murdered 100,000s of people in the Middle East? Or, Billy Boy Clinton's sanctions on Iraq that killed countless innocent children?
The CEO bitch at Campbell Soup, Denise Morrison, is a real piece of shit. She may earnestly believe in the BS she routinely spouts because she most probably attended some elite college and underwent PC indoctrination, but even that doesn't get to the heart of the matter. After all, if she is truly and sincerely anti-nationalist and 'anti-racist', her corporate policy should be to cut all ties between Campbell and the Jewish-Supremacist Israel that continues to illegally occupy West Bank. Then, it seems likely that the Real Reason she condemned the white patriots at Charlottesville was because White National Liberation is tantamount to White Emancipation, which means whites shall no longer serve Jewish ethno-supremacist globalist imperialism. She is a white-whore-cuck shill who serves Jewish supremacism by smearing white liberation as 'white supremacism'.

In fact, the Alt Right(at least the anti-Spencerian faction) is more likely to be anti-imperialist in their anti-war stance and support of national rights of all peoples & cultures. Venal Globalists subvert national sovereignty all over the world by opening the West to the Rest. Tempted with easier material life in the West, formerly nationalist non-whites abandon their own nations and come to the West to become 'New Americans', 'New Canadians', or 'New Englishmen'. Thus, Jews kill two birds with one stone. White national sovereignty is destroyed but so is that of non-whites who, instead of guarding and building their own nations, just want to run off to the West for short-cut material improvement. They become Puerto-Ricanized. Puerto Ricans lost all sense of national pride and independence because they got hooked to the drug of US largess. Their only 'identity' is bitching for more benefits and freebies, as is the case with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Since begging is humiliating, Puertos now do their begging in the form of demands. It's like a dog barking loud to hide its shame that it depends on the master for food.
Puerto Ricans have no identity left but as leeches of Anglo-America. Since parasitism is ignoble, the leeches pretend that their endless blood-sucking is a 'human right' or about compassion. If Latin Americans are truly proud of their peoples and cultures, why don't they ever improve their own lot? Why do they run to Anglo-American-made US and demand handouts? Incredibly, the entire world is being Puerto-Ricanized while all white nations, even in Europe, are being 'Americanized'.
If leftism is about equality, diversity, and proportionality of power/influence, why doesn't anyone in these firms complain that Jews are vastly over-represented in the upper echelons of power, wealth, and connection? What happened to Disparate Impact? If these elites really care about diversity and fair representation, then their main ire should be directed at the over-representation of Jews who are only 2% of US population but have near or outright monopoly in many sectors of the economy and are favored over other groups such as Palestinians, Russians, Syrians, and Iranians. AirBnB, Google, and Facebook are owned by Jews, and they are tied closely with Jew-dominated Wall Street that that colludes with Media owned by yet more Tribesmen. And they fund operations like SPLC and ADL that pull every trick in the book to lend moral sheen to Jewish-centrism. Both organizations push Jewish/Zionist interests in the name of fighting 'hate', all the while ensuring that US foreign policy will go on hating any nation/people targeted by Jewish globalists and Zionist imperialists. The mere resolve NOT to serve hateful Jewish supremacism is denounced as 'hate' in the Current Year. And all these corporations work with the Deep State that colludes with politicians whose strings are pulled by Jews. And even GOP cuck-Congressmen are funded by the likes of Sheldon Adelson.
Dialectics of Left vs Right in Current American Politics? That's total BS, as ludicrous as the Russia Collusion Hoax and Jussie Smollett 'hate hoax'(meant as anti-white defamation with full backing of venal Jews and homos). The real Power Game in the West is about the 'Trialectics' of Jewish Power as the Third Force manipulating bogus 'left' and bogus 'right' to make both sides serve Jewish supremacism.
This is why class politics, once a venerable theme among progressives, is dead on the Left. The new globo-homo 'left' is a decadent freakshow about 50 genders and babytalk about 'inclusion'(a formula that is guaranteed to destroy ANY civilization as no nation can long survive without an identity, history, and territory to define and defend... which is why Jews push 'inclusion'-invasion on goy nations but never on Israel that only includes Jewish immigrants and excludes everyone else; indeed, what would have been the point of founding Israel as a Jewish State IF tons of non-Jews could arrive and settle?). Jews push gentile diversity because it means disunity among gentiles. Also, homomania-as-the-core-of-new-'leftism' is a huge boon to the rich since homos are vain and cater to the privileged, especially Jews. So, such 'leftisms' are merely tools of Jewish Supremacism.
The general rule is that Jews will support any 'universalist' agenda for as long as it's useful to their power and hegemony. For Jews, universalism, like everything else, is a handy prop than a holy principle. Indeed, Jews even fashioned their God that way. Though YAHWEH is said to be the one and only God, the universal cosmic principle for all times and places, His purpose seems to consist mainly of serving Jews. So much of the chaos and confusion of our times stems from the fact that Jewish 'Liberals' mold universalism to serve their Tribalism, whereas white liberals make an effort to surrender every last vestige of their tribalism in service to Universalism. If indeed universal truths do exist, they should be eternal, consistent, and logical than flippant, random, and contradictory. Do Jews believe in Free Speech or Not? It all depends on "Is it good for Jews?" Jews don't want to follow in the footsteps of Wasp Principles and lose their power like Anglo-American suckers did by trusting the weasly Jews. As things stand, Whites seek to earnestly serve a universalism that is utterly at the whims of Jewish ethnocentrism. It's no wonder so many white liberals have been driven half-crazy, not unlike Job before God whose sense of justice seems to defy moral sense. While white liberals prostrate themselves before the said Universal Truth, Jews rig the game to alter the Universal Code yet again, all according to their whims of God Complex. Jewish 'liberals' and white liberals are like adults and children. To get what they want, crafty adults will often alter and reinterpret the rules without much in the way of scruples. In contrast, children, in their eagerness to win the affection and approval of adults, will make an earnest effort to live up to the Golden Rule as laid down by adults... except that the rules keep changing. (In time, children will begin to wonder, "If the rules are so 'golden', how can they be changed so readily?") Of course, children eventually grow up and realize how the jaded adult world really operates, but incredibly enough, it seems white liberals remain childlike forever in their sincere devotion to Jewish Liberal Wisdom despite the fact that Jews change the goalposts ever so often to serve their newest set of tribal-supremacist agendas.
As for the 'new right', ever since the Jewish Neocon takeover of American Conservatism Inc. it's been all about lowering tax rates for the rich and praising Israel, Israel, and Israel while cursing any hope of white consciousness that longs for emancipation from the madness of Jewish Supremacism. White conservatives may be less childlike than white liberals in that they're acting more out of fear and opportunism than naivete and misplaced idealism, but it also means they are more craven and cowardly.