Saturday, December 8, 2018

If Jewish People were your Next-Door Neighbor and then House-Guest, what would likely happen to you and your family? An Allegory of Power as Ethnic Strategy.

Gregor Gysi, the vile 'German' Jew who calls on the Genocide of Germans


Imagine you have a house, and your ancestors built it up to be very nice. This is House A. Imagine there is another house that is also rather nice. This is House B. Suppose there is another house that hasn’t been well-maintained. It’s rather dilapidated and falling apart. This is House C. Finally, there is another house someways off. This is House D.

Now, suppose you have it pretty good in House A. But, you hear of some commotion in House B. Even though House B is also nice, it has a problem with its boarder. The boarder is Jewish and doesn’t get along well with the landlord. The property owner blames the Jew and vice versa. But, you figure it’s the problem of House B. It is not your problem. As for people in dilapidated House C, you don’t much care as long as you and your family in House A remain separate from them(not least because they keep having more kids who are barely fed). As for people in House D, it is outside your radar of interest, and you don’t much care.

Now, imagine if the Jewish boarder in House B comes to your door and pleads with you to take him in. He says the owner & family of House B are a bunch of a**holes. They don’t take kindly to him, just an innocent and well-meaning Jew who only needs a roof over his head. Even though your family in House A and the people in House B aren’t enemies, there is nevertheless some tension between the your house and their house. Also, the Jew flatters you by saying your family in House A must be so much nicer and kinder than the vile people in House B. He massages your ego as a most generous and magnanimous man. He states his wish that House A would take him in as a boarder. He’ll be very mindful, and there won’t be any trouble, honest and truly. You’re hesitant at first, but you decide to take him in out of kindness and mercy(and egotism of moral vanity). So, you offer him room and board. Then, is it happily ever after with the Jew? Do donkeys fly?

As time passes, you notice that the Jew acts less and less like a boarder and more and more like the owner. He begins to consume excessive food from the fridge. Your money and property begin to disappear. Worse, your wife says he grabbed her in the ass, and your daughter tell you that he tried to molest her. He peddles drugs to your son and teaches him cards to rob him of his allowance money. You get angry and confront him, but he accuses you of paranoia, ‘antisemitism’, and prejudice. He says the ONLY reason you’re grilling him is because he is Jewish. He then shows you a photo(fake or real, you aren’t sure) of his murdered mother and pulls on your heartstrings. So, you let it pass... even though his behavior around the house grows ever more nasty, vulgar, obnoxious, and offensive. He pisses all over the toilet. He throws his dirty laundry everywhere. He sometimes walks around the house naked in front of your wife and daughter. He even suggests that maybe your son is into incest and wants to have sex with his mother, your wife. Next, he suggests that your boy may be a ‘girl’ and should have his penis and testicles cut off to get a fake ‘vagina’. And when you and your wife are not around, he tells your daughter that white men are inferior wusses and that she should jump over the fence and go to the Negro quarter and have sex with Negroes and have black babies... and if she doesn’t feel like it, she is a dirty ‘racist whore’. Meanwhile, she should suck his dick on the sofa.

And then, the Jew begins to question your ownership of the house. You say it is private property that has long remained in the family, but the Jew argues that the house was really founded on a proposition that it belongs to anyone who wants to come and stay. You ask him where he got that idea, and he reads from your great-great-grandfather’s letter that he filched in the attic that the area was once used as a shelter for pioneering folks. So, before there was a proper house, there was something like a shack in the area that had been used as shelter for various settlers on the move. On that basis, House A was, is, and must be a proposition shelter for all who wants to come. Never mind that your ancestors put down the foundations and built the roof & walls. You tell him that, but he says when the house was built long ago, it used some slave labor, and therefore, it is a house of sin. Also, the land was taken from indigenous people, so people in House A can’t lay moral claim to it. Since it was taken from indigenous people, it should be open to more guests from all over. If your people took from others, it's only right that others should take from your people. And if they want to stay indefinitely, they have a 'right' to.

The Jew toys with your mind and guilt-baits you, and you relent somewhat and let him bring over his Jewish relatives. You hope that these other Jews would be nicer than him, but they are just as obnoxious, vicious, vulgar, and nasty as the first Jew. When you’re not watching, they are trying to hump your wife, molesting your daughter, and trying to cut off your son’s wee-wee and substitute them with a plastic vagina. And the Jews call on Negroes to come over and do the wife and daughter. They say the house should have orgies and that they should film it and share it with the world.

The Jew hassles you so much about your house that you hope that he will leave you alone IF you hand over the House Deed to him. You think that if the Jew is made owner of the house and your family is turned into boarders, the Jew will be grateful and will take it easy on you and your family, i.e. because you acted so generously, he will show new-found appreciation by being nice to you and your family as the nicest bunch of philo-semitic people.

But instead, the Jew feels contempt for you like Dark Helmet felt for Lone Star when he fell for the ring-trick in Mel Brooks' SPACEBALLS. The Jew can’t believe that you are so naive and dumb to have fallen for the oldest trick in the Jewish Book. Deep down inside, the Jew knows he acted like a foul louse out of greed and nastiness. He knows that any people with sense and honor would expel such an intruder and would-be-usurper. Even Jews learned to be mindful of fellow parasitic Jews who play prophet to make a profit... which is why the Jewish wife in the prologue of Coen Brothers' SERIOUS MAN takes no chances with the ghostly(or ghastly) Jewish guest.

But, by golly, people of House A rewarded the Jew for bad behavior. So, instead of appreciation, the Jew expresses even more contempt for the family. As the new master of the house, he invites blacks over to beat up the man and the son while other blacks rape his wife and daughter. Jews watch your humiliation and giggle with hideous glee. Jews take pride in owning you, your family, and your ancestral property.
Deep down inside, you feel sick and nauseous for having been taken in by the Jew, but you can’t face the shame of having been such a dumbass, so you double-down on the moral justification that you did the right thing. You tell yourself that it was only right for the noble Jews to have your property that your kind doesn’t deserve due to ‘historical sin’. And you tell yourself that all the nasty and obnoxious Jewish behavior are actually so ‘progressive’ and liberating. And you tell yourself that it’s good for your wife and daughter to have orgies with Negroes and be raped by them because it’s all about sexual liberation and racial justice. It’s sexual reparation for the Negroes, and you, as a white ‘racist patriarch’ scum deserve to be a cucky-wuck.
And when your son finally confronts you and accuses you of being a gullible and weak-willed idiot, you strike him and denounce him as a ‘racist’ because there is NO ROOM FOR HATE in his house(which is now really the Jew’s house). Now, even though Jews have effective ownership of the house, they still order you to pretend that it is your house. So, YOU must pay the property taxes. And if there’s any trouble related to the house, YOU must be liable. You sheepishly nod along like John McCain and Mitt Romney, two worthless cucky-wucks.

So, are the nasty Jews finally content in your house? No. They tell you that they have this sentimental longing for their long lost house, which is none other than House D. Your family never had anything to do with House D and, in your guts, you feel it’s none of your business. People in House D never did your family wrong and vice versa, so there is no need for antipathy between your family and people of House D. Whatever bad blood may exist between Jews and people in House D, it’s their problem, not yours. But the Jews say YOU BETTER make it your business and your problem. They tell you that it’s a moral obligation for you and your son to go beat up and evict the people in House D and hand it over to Jews. Otherwise, you are a bad bad person because you don’t care about Jews. You don’t hate what Jews hate. You don’t attack and kill what Jews want attacked and killed. You must be some kind of ‘anti-Semite’ who doesn't care about the feelings of oh-so-noble Jews.
Browbeaten again, you and your son take up arms and attack the people of House D. You kill half of them and evict the other half. During the attack, your son got shot in the spine and became paralyzed from chest down. While you and your son are doing all this, Jews invite Negroes & Homos over to House A and have a massive orgy with themselves, Negroes, and your wife and daughter. And when you return dragging your paralyzed son to the porch, the Jew opens the door and shows you the orgy and tells you that this is the ‘freedom’ you are fighting for. To honor you, he puts a dog collar around your neck as your ‘medal’ and a flea collar around your son’s neck as his medal.

Now, because you cleared House D for the Jews, you think that maybe the Jews will move over there and finally leave you and your family alone in House A. But nope. A few Jews do move to House D but most Jews remain in House A. Also, Jews in House D demand constant money and supplies from House A. But Jews in House A don’t just give their own stuff to Jews in House D. Jews filch your stuff and send it to Jews in House D also. And whenever there’s a problem in House D and its neighbors, you and your son are ordered by Jews to go over there and kill more ‘enemies of Jews’. It doesn’t matter that your son is in a wheelchair. If he refuses to support Jews in House D, he is denounced as an ‘Anti-Semite’. And every time you and your son return from battle, the door is opened to the sight of a massive orgy of Jews, Homos, and Negroes getting in on with your wife and daughter. And Jews hang another dog collar around your neck and another flea collar around your son’s neck... as medals, of course, for which you are supposed to feel so grateful and honored. And both of you are made to watch the orgy and read a prepared script that says, "This is the freedom we are fighting for."

Still, you believe it’s not a total loss. After all, even though Jews now own the house and abuse you & your family and even though Negroes are invited to do nasty things, you and your family still feel as having a place called ‘home’. After all, apart from nasty Jewish behavior, awful visits by Negroes, and periodic battles you must fight around House D, it’s still a kind of ‘living’. You have arrived at some kind of stability and status quo.

But then, Jews worry that you and your family will finally wake up and get real angry. You will grab baseball bats, pitchforks, and guns in the basement and come after the Jews. So, the Jew takes the guns and locks them away. And the Jew gives the baseball bats to the Negroes. But as coup de grace, Jews figure Diversity is the key. Jews decide they will hog the upper floor of the house while the lower floors will be filled with Diversity. That way, you and your family will be so busy bickering with diverse cast of invaders that you won’t have any energy left to take revenge on the Jew.

So, Jews use their bullhorn to call on the big family in House C. Jews also put up a sculpture in your front yard with a plaque that says, "All you freeloaders in House C, come to House A and get lots of stuff." People in House C hear the message and see the sign and come storming to House A like a caravan. So, you and your family now have your hands full trying to deal with this mass inflow of bums from House C. Meanwhile, Jews in the upper floor cackle with hideous glee.

Yes, if Jewish People were a guest allowed into your house, such will be the fate of you and your people.

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