Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Commentary on "Heart of Darkness Germany"(by Linh Dinh) -- Jewish Supremacist War on Germany and Goy Nations

After Muslim congresswoman Ilhan Omar made an obvious point about Jewish power influencing American foreign policies, she was forced, by that same Jewish power, to recant, thus confirming, to all those who can still think, the awful influence of Jewish power.

ROTFL. Same happened with Chuck Hagel hearing. It was as hilarious as it was humiliating.

Maybe Jewish Power figures, paradoxically enough, that it will be ‘noticed’ LESS if it is brazenly out in the open. After awhile, people may just get ‘used to it’, even endeared to it as the New Normal. Imagine you have a spacious room, but suppose a bomb drops from the sky, falls through the roof, and sits in the room without exploding. You are told there is nothing that can be done about it. Indeed, trying to remove the bomb may set it off and then kaboom! So, you must accept its presence and work around it. Day in and day out, you grow accustomed to it, and it becomes regarded as part of the room. You hardly notice it because it’s always there. After awhile, you get so used to it that you can’t imagine your room without it. Eventually, if someone says there is a nasty bomb in your room, you get all triggered and denounce him for casting negative aspersions toward something that is so essential to what makes the room so special.

Maybe when something is made so ubiquitous, people not only get used to it but inured and 'habitualized' to it, indeed to the point where the they cannot conceive of normality without it. It’s like the changes in a society's response to the building of a dam that profoundly transforms the environment. There is the initial shock and disgust, the sense that it is a crime against nature, what with the flooding destroying so many plants and animals. But over time, a new flora and fauna grow around the water, and people become accustomed to the new reality. The dam, which had been denounced, has become essential to the new reality. People now defend it and oppose destroying the dam to restore the original landscape.

Or consider the pre-modern Chinese who were forced to wear queues(aka pigtails) as a sign of submission to the Manchu invaders. The draconian policy was to humiliate and subjugate the Chinese. But over time, Chinese got so used to the queues as a part of their image and style that, when the moment finally arrived to cut them off in defiance to the waning Manchus, many Chinese felt hesitant. As queues had become a part of Chinese culture for generations, many felt trepidation about discarding the 'tradition'.

Well, it now seems like all these White Cucks of Zion in the US have become accustomed to wearing their Jew-queues or Jueues.

There are no scientific or even documentary proofs of the Holocaust, so the six million figure is just as much nonsense as the human skin lampshades and human fat soap.

There are lots of lies and fabrications and tall tales about the Holocaust. And 6 million figure is almost certainly false. But there are mountains of evidence that Germans committed mass killings, esp in the Eastern Front, and many victims were Jews(though most were killed by bullets than gas). David Cole is probably right that around 3 million Jews were killed. So, while Jewish Power has grown corrupt and crazy of late, there is no sense denying the reality. It’s like Chinese may yet grow arrogant and dangerous, but there is no sense belittling Japanese atrocities in China that were all-too-real(though often exaggerated in sensationalist accounts of the Nanking Massacre).

Linh Dinh should be careful about pushing in the other direction too far. After all, he’s Vietnamese, member of the Tribe that was butchered in millions by US war machine. If the US, which stood for democracy and freedom, could commit industrial slaughter on such a massive scale, imagine what the Nazi War Machine would have been capable of in the East. Nazis were brazenly ethno-supremacist and felt justified in expending countless Slavic and Jewish lives to fulfill their dream of empire. So, the mass killings of Jews and Slavs were no myth. If Holocaust is a total myth, then Slavocaust must be too. In fact, Nazis committed both on a massive scale in the East.

The great irony is that Jewish globalist imperialists have become a bunch of Judeo-Nazis. Their attitude is hardly distinguishable from that of historical Nazis. They believe any number of Arab, Muslim, Iranian, and white Christian lives should be sacrificed to actualize the dream of the 1000 yr Judeo-Reich. Just look at the state of Ukraine and Middle East because of the influence of Judeo-Nazism. Entire areas look like Poland during WWII. Or consider the white death by Opioids(peddled by the sinister Sackler Family), which is reminiscent of the impact of the Jewish monopoly of opium trade in China.

For several years, I’ve posted reports from a German friend, describing his country in crisis, so below is his latest. Burdened by Holocaust guilts, Germans are shamed into accepting millions of refugees, many of whom are Muslims fleeing from wars triggered by Jewish power.

Germany was reasonably sane until the end of the Cold War. For example, it still had blood-based citizenship. And there was moderate pride in having overcome its dark past. Also, West Germany was much praised as a model for all of Europe, not least for East Germany that lagged under Soviet rule.

As long as the Soviet Union remained a threat, there was a limit to guilt-baiting Germany and spreading the ‘poz’ to weaken Europe in general. Europe had to remain moderately stable and secure to keep the Soviets at bay. But once the Soviet Empire collapsed, a new set of priorities came into play(as devised by New World Order).
At the same time, a most profound shift in the reins-of-power was finalized in the US, the boss over Europe. The US went from Anglo-elite rule to Jewish-elite rule. Why was this significant? Even though Anglo-America and Germany had fought bitterly in World War II, white Christian-Americans and white Christian-Germans were willing to bury the hatchet and work together for a better future for both sides. A movie like ENEMY BELOW(where Germans are portrayed as men than monsters) would be unthinkable today(when hysterical Jews label ANYTHING as 'nazi' or 'far right').

Vengeful Jews resented the rapprochement between White America and Germany following the war, but they couldn’t do anything about it because the top power back then was with the Wasps. In those days, even Liberal Wasps were more conservative than Conservatives today(who embrace ‘gay marriage’ and all forms of sappy cuckery). Indeed, nationalism was seen generally as a good thing during most of the Cold War. Both the new right and new left defended nationalism against imperialism. Soviets and the Left supported Cuban and Vietnamese nationalism against the US empire, and in turn the US supported Polish and Hungarian nationalism against Soviet Empire. And both the US and USSR sought to win hearts and minds in the Third World by supporting nationalism against fading European imperialism. Also, following WWII, much of Europe, both West and East, was reordered along nationalist lines, sometimes involving mass relocation of peoples, such as expulsion of Ost-Germans from Poland and other places. Such policies led to greater homogeneity and national consciousness. As for Imperial European nations like France, Great Britain, and Netherlands, the loss of empire left them with nothing but nationalism.

Even if there developed a school of thought that saw nationalism as deeply problematic, the fact is both US and USSR were fine with moderate nationalism around the world. But with the fall of the Soviet Union and with the triumph of the US as the sole superpower, mindsets began to change. The change owed especially to the Jewish takeover of the US. Perhaps if Wasps had retained power and kept Jews at bay, the US would have been more accommodating of other nations and systems. But with Jews at the helm, the lone superpower went into hyperdrive against all nationalisms(except that of Israel of course). Granted, Jewish-ruled US cynically supported particular nationalisms for political opportunism: Stoking ethnic hatreds in Yugoslavia, inciting anti-Russian animus in Georgia and Ukraine.

The reason for Jewish eagerness to weaken goy nationalism had to do with the nature of Jewish Power. Jews have very little national power. Their power is essentially globo-hegemonic: More about Jewish networking around the world than about unity of national elites and national masses. People say Israel is so powerful, but its influence depends utterly on the far greater power and wealth of Jews in US, EU, Russia, Latin America, and etc. It is globo-Jewish networking and coordination of power that favors Israel for special treatment.

Now, if Jews had a gigantic nation of their own, they might be more tolerant of nationalism as a general principle. Suppose Israel or some Jewish-majority nation were the size of Russia, China, or India. Or even Iran. Jews might feel secure in their impressive national power of great land mass, abundant natural resources, and large population. But the only national power that Jews have is Israel. Israel is an advanced affluent nation but ain’t much on its own. It’s like Britain as a GREAT POWER depended on its imperial expanse. Without the empire, Great Britain could be well-off and a nice nation but NOT a great WORLD power. In contrast, the US, China, or Russia can be great powers even without control of foreign territory. They have land, population, and resources all on their own. Because Jewish World Power depends on networking and maintaining control of key goy-majority nations and peoples, it must declaw and neuter them of nationalism(that may well awaken goy identity and interests against those of Jews). Now, Jews, as a Normal People, could have it pretty good without imperialist hegemony over other nations, BUT Jews are now addicted to supremacism(just like Brits got and Japanese were once addicted to empire). It’s like the ring in LORD OF THE RINGS. Once one tastes power, it’s hard to let go. Just like Germany-as-normal-nation was too humdrum for the Nazis, Jews-as-normal-people is too boring for Jewish globo-supremacists who must have it all.

The triumph of Jewish Supremacist power is why the world really began to change after the Cold War. With control of media, finance, academia, law, and deep state, Jews pushed the New Globalist Narrative on all the world. (Globalism differed from internationalism, which was about sovereign nations respecting and cooperating with one another. Globalism demanded the surrender of national sovereignty for all nations except Israel.)
We know about the fall of the Soviet Union but no less monumental was the fall of Wasp rule in the US around the same time. Ethic Coups took place in both US and Russia in the 90s. Because of the Rule of Law in the more stable US, Jews were able to manage the takeover more smoothly and efficiently over here. In contrast, the relative lack of Rule of Law in Russia was both a great boon and bane for Jews. It made for a great opportunity to steal and rob over thereas fast as possible in the decade of Shock Doctrine or Shylock Doctrine. Jews could steal more and faster in Russia of 90s than anywhere else in the world. But precisely because Russia was without Rule of Law, Vladimir Putin and FSB national-gangsters could move against Jewish globo-gangsters in the style of THE GODFATHER. Just like Adolf Hitler chewed more than he could swallow in the invasion of Russia, overeager Jews tried to swallow all of Russia in one big gulp but ended up puking all over(just like Cronus in his plan to devour his children).

Still, Jews checkmated for total power in the US and its puppet EU. As most white people lack prophetic will, they rely on the Official Power for permission on what is what. Jews are like adults and big-thinkers. Whites are like children and students. (Whites are to Jews what Asians are to whites. Mental Dogs.) Also, because the West had elevated Shoah into a secular faith, white people came to look upon Jews as sages, saints, and wisemen. For most of post-war period, such philosemitic sentimentality was less harmful because Jews didn’t have dominance over US and EU. It’s like we can be sentimental about American Indians as ‘noble savages’ without negative consequences because Indians do not and will never have control over us. But by the time the Cold War ended, Jews had amassed immense power and grown arrogant & megalomaniacal. They were the new supremacist-imperialists. But because whites had been indoctrinated with Holocaust Cult for couple of decades, they absorbed every Jewish word as the holiest wisdom or most brilliant insight. Of course, devious Jews were only too happy to oblige goy expectations(though originally concocted by the Jew-run media) and role-play as wisemen and sages and tragic victims. But in fact, George Soros and others of his kind weren’t trying to spread human rights and progress. They were trying to mentally, politically, and financially enslave goyim so that the globo-homo supremacists could rule over them-as-sheeple. But because whites had become enamored of Jews as the Holy Holocaust people, they earnestly lent their ear to every Jewish advice, no matter how ridiculous.
And Jews didn’t just direct agenda this at Germany but at ALL goy nations. Consider how the UK(the proud victor in WWII) is just as far gone as Germany and for similar reasons. London is now majority non-white, and its upcoming ‘conservative’ candidate for mayor is a black guy running against the current Muslim, the Pakistani Sadiq Khan. There is no greater sin in the UK than 'racism' and 'antisemitism'. Sweden and Norway had NOTHING to do with WWII -- if anything, Norway was occupied by Germany -- , but they are just as far as suicidal and self-loathing as Germany. Or, if there is pride, it is about demonstrating virtue via national/racial suicide. Indeed, Jews rigged the Narrative so that all of Europe is deemed more-or-less equally responsible of WWII and Shoah. If Germans must lose their nation to atone for WWII, others must lose their nations to demonstrate they are morally superior to Germans. In any case, both Germans and other Europeans must prove that they are oh-so-good in the eyes of Jews. Moral logic and values flow from the main premise, and the current premise is, "Holocaust is the greatest crime of all time, Holocaust = 'racism', and 'racism' = 'xenophobia'. So, if you oppose mass migration-invasion, you are 'xenophobic' = 'racist' = Nazi = pro-Holocaust." Unless Europeans reject this insane premise, they are a cooked goose in the Jewish pot.

Because smaller powers usually follow the lead of bigger ones, what happens in US and UK & Germany shapes what happens in smaller European nations as well. In some ways, Sweden is even more far gone than Germany.
The fact that Jews target all goy nations — victim nations along with villain nations of WWII — goes to show that the real Jewish motive is not about War Guilt or the Holocaust. It is about Jewish Supremacist takeover and control. Poland was invaded in WWII, and its resistance heroes were nationalist. So, one might think its national consciousness would be praised and be associated with anti-Nazism. But nope, Jews say even moderate nationalism in Poland and its desire to remain Polish are ‘neo-nazi’ and ‘far right’.
Also, Jewish globo-homo pressures on Japan and South Korea are the same even though Japan was aggressor nation and Korea was ‘aggressed’ nation. The same Globo-Homo propaganda is pushed on both nations, and the result is young peoples there now consider nationalism and homogeneity to be vile notions, which is one reason why Japan and South Korea are going the way of suicidal Ireland. When the US was Anglo-Christian-ruled, moderate nationalist feelings in Europe and Asia were tolerated and even encouraged. White American Christian elites thought, “We have America, Russians have Russia, Germans have Germany, Japanese have Japan, etc.” Each people have a base nation of their own. Such formula was deemed ideal for most of the world. But Jews think differently. Even though Jews rule the US, they don’t feel, “We have America” because, after all, 98% of Americans are goyim. Jews can’t really own America because they feel no connection to goyim. Jews can only rule as elites. In contrast, when the white elites ruled, they felt a bond with the white masses. So, the unity of white elites and white masses led to a sense of national ownership, and whites respected similar sentiments in other nations. But Jews in the US only see themselves as ruling over the filthy goyim. Jewish elites feel connection not with goy masses but with fellow Jewish elites around the world. Jews fear goy nationalism because it might reignite the idea that the goy elites of a nation are supposed to represent, defend, and serve their own people… like what the Jewish elites do in Israel and what Viktor Orban is calling for in Hungary. Now, Jews are totally on-board with such arrangement in Israel but revile it in Hungary. Why? Because if national goy elites primarily connect with national goy masses, they won’t serve the super-globo-elites(the Jews). It’s like the political dynamics of Vietnam under French rule. French imperialists suppressed the idea of Vietnamese elites bonding with Vietnamese masses. They demanded that the comprador Vietnamese serve the Franco-super-elites of the great French Empire. To drive a wedge between goy elites and goy masses, Jews push for Diversity. As the US and Germany turn more diverse, the white elites are pressured to care about ALL peoples than about white people. Thus, the bond between white elites and white masses is severed. (And since it is impossible for white elites to bond with ALL the masses, they just choose to serve the Jewish elites above them.)

With Jewish rule over the US, the New Message is all goy nations must forsake nationalism, promote diversity, welcome mass immigration, and etc, the kind of crazy stuff rejected by Israel. Look how globo-homo corporate Japan is celebrating its mulatto athletes born of black men and Japanese women. Japan is total Cuckpan now. Globo-Japan is a mere puppet of the US as puppet of the Empire of Judea or EOJ.

In the end, it’s not about the Holocaust because Jewish demands on all goy nations are the same regardless of whether the nations were villains or victims in WWII. Germans were villains and Poles were victims, but notice Jews pressure both peoples to comply to globo-homo national suicide. As for the Palestinians, they had NOTHING to do with World War II in any shape or form, but notice Jewish policy on them has been no better than on Germans; if anything, it's been worse. What does that tell you? Jewish Supremacist Power will destroy and sacrifice ANY people and nation to serve Jewish supremacist interests. It’s like how the Spanish behaved in the Americas. Or how Germans and Japanese acted during WWII. The radical supremacist sickness has now passed to Jews, and it has to be stopped.

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