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On Amazon's 'Europhobic' Book Banning — White Liberation/Emancipation from Jewish Supremacist Tyranny is possible only by way of Identification with Palestinian Plight in West Bank — Just like Trump flipped ‘Fake News’ on his enemies, Whites must do the same with ‘Hate Speech’, e.g. accuse Jewish Supremacism of the ultimate Hate Speech and Hate Acts

The internet giant’s new wave of censorship.
White Identity by Jared Taylor has just been delisted by Amazon. Like most cases of this kind, the digital book burning was in response to a hit piece. An article from Quartz called “There’s a disturbing amount of neo-Nazi and white supremacist material on Amazon” frothed about White Identity and other titles. The piece was headlined by a picture of a flaming swastika and a group of people performing the stiff-armed salute.

The article recycles the usual silliness, claiming Mr. Taylor is a “white supremacist who has earned a place in the Southern Poverty Law Center’s ‘Extremist Files.’” But the most “extreme” quote Quartz could find from the book was a warning to whites: “If they do not defend their interests they will be marginalized by groups that do not hesitate to assert themselves, numerically and culturally.” The fact that White Identity has been banned while books championing “black power” are still on sale suggests Mr. Taylor is correct.

Another book targeted by the article—and banned by Amazon—was the The White Nationalist Manifesto by Dr. Greg Johnson, in which he “argues for ‘the right of all white peoples to self-determination.’” There is no explanation as to why this is bad or even controversial. Meanwhile, black nationalist flags and books promoting Aztlán continue to be sold.

Why did Amazon do this? ADL and SPLC are the Kosher Nostra of American Thought Police. ADL took over thought-control on Twitter and kicked off Jared Taylor. Jeff Bezos is all about money. He has no interest in anything else. So, he takes orders from ADL and SPLC(playing role of PC rabbi) to sniff out what isn't kosher. And just like Twitter, Amazon went after Taylor.

Jewish Power was behind this. Taylorism has failed. He thought that by suppressing criticism of Jewish influence, the Power would go easy on him. Nope. He was targeted even above David Duke who still has Twitter acct.

Ironically, American Renaissance has censored or deleted many comments critical of Jewish Power, perhaps in the hope that it will go easy on Taylor and Amren. It was wishful thinking. While Amren attracted some Jewish thinkers, they are utterly without influence among powerful Jews. No matter how much Taylor suppresses or discourages criticism of Jewish Power, Jewish Power will hate him because he stands for resurgence of white consciousness. Jews are now in supremacist mode, and their power depends on whites rejecting white identity and cucking to Jewish identity and interest. So, even if Taylor isn't anti-Jewish, Jews see him as a threat because he stands for whites people having their own identity and interests. That is deeply threatening to Jewish supremacist power that is nothing without white submission.

Now, this doesn't mean we should embrace crazy neo-nazi talk or KKK nonsense. I've long denounced such views and associations. But we should be vocal in calling out Jewish power, but Amren has suppressed much legitimate criticism of Jewish Power. I never spouted Neo-Nazi nonsense, but many of my comments have been deleted by Amren because they were critical of Jewish Power and Zionist hypocrisy.

Taylor suggested we use the term 'white advocacy', which sounds less confrontational than 'white nationalism' or 'white power'. It's a good term, but it misses the crucial point. In order for whites to advocate for white identity and interests, they must first liberate and emancipate themselves from tyranny. What is the nature of this tyranny? Taylor should know from his Twitter ban and difficulty in organizing conferences. ADL got him kicked off Twitter with the full backing of Jewish-controlled media and academia. And the judge threw out the case. So, mere advocacy for white interests isn't enough. Whites need something stronger. Whites need to begin with the call for White LIBERATION and White EMANCIPATION. Whites need to call for White AUTONOMY. Such terminology ennobles white politics because it implies white people, far from being masters of America, are actually indentured servants to a bigger power. Liberation and Emancipation from what? We must speak frankly. It is Jewish Power. It's not Eskimos who control the media. It's not Hawaiians who control law schools, law firms, and the courts. It's not Mexicans who control the media. It's not Muslims who control Paypal. It's not blacks who control Twitter or Amazon. Most of the Power in the US is with Jews or with white cucks who've been allowed to get rich by conforming to the Narrative. Trump slightly deviated from the Narrative, and just look at the Jewish rage directed towards him even though he's done nothing but praise Israel and Jews.

White Advocacy is all well and good, but it must follow White Liberation and White Emancipation first. First,there must be liberation from Jewish oligarchy, Jewish tyranny, Jewish ethno-monopoly of media, academia, law and courts, and deep state. And finance. Whites must boldly speak the truth that they are under the occupation of globo-homo tyranny mainly funded and led by Jewish oligarchs and commissars. Before anything is possible, a people must seek liberation and emancipation. A dog isn't going to run freely unless it breaks loose of the leash. White Liberation or Emancipation movement must name Jewish Supremacism as the main culprit. Jewish-supremacism is mono-nationalist and says only Jews and Israel are deserving of nationalism, identity, and ethnic interest. All other people, the filthy goyim, must welcome diversity and ethnic demise via endless immigration-invasion and race-mixing. Jewish power says we must all support Israel's right to be a Jewish state, but then it pressures all goy nations, Hungary or Japan, to become like Brazil.

By calling for White Liberation/Emancipation, white people will gain the moral advantage vis-a-vis Jews who can be outed as the real supremacist power in the equation. After all, so-called white privilege is NOTHING compared to Jewish privilege. Jews are 2% of the US but rule this nation, the lone superpower. Proof of Jewish-supremacism: Whereas the media tirelessly bitch about 'too many whites', they never discuss the problem of 'too many Jews' in elite institutions and industries. The implication is Jews are above criticism and can accumulate all the power and influence in the world. Meanwhile, whites must be berated endlessly for their diminishing power and wealth. Next, consider US foreign policy. It is totally geared to serve Jewish Supremacism. Israel has 300 nukes made of uranium stolen from the US, but no problem. Iran has no nukes and passed all international inspections, but it's seen as a huge problem. Israel that has illegal nukes gets billions in aid. Iran that has no nukes gets sanctioned. Also, Israel was created from mass immigration-invasion. Palestinians were pushed off their own land by waves of Jewish immigrant-invaders. And now, Jewish caravans continue to pour into West Bank to take the remaining territory. Just like Jewish power forbids Americans from protecting their borders against illegal invaders, Zionist power makes it impossible for Palestinians in West Bank to stop the endless streams of Jewish invader-settlers. A mere coincidence? Or is it because both Palestinians in West Bank and whites in the US are under the occupation of the Same Tribe?

Do we see a pattern? A double-standard? Israel can have illegal nukes but is showered with praise and billions. Iran has no nukes but is hit with sanctions. Israel continues to steal land from Palestinians, but it is rewarded with accolades and money. Palestinians lament over the loss of remaining territories in West Bank, but they are neglected or insulted by the US state and media. Even so-called 'liberal' New York Times sides with right-wing Israel over Palestinians.
Indeed, the power in the West is no longer about left vs right. After all, why does the supposedly 'leftist' Democratic Party wholly support the far-right Israel while denouncing leftist Venezuela? What the power dynamics is really about boils down to "Is it good for Jewish supremacism?" Jews hate leftist Venezuela because it is allied with Iran and Russia, and therefore the Democratic Party attacks Venezuela even though both are supposedly 'leftist'. And Democratic Party is full of praise of right-wing Israel because it's good for Jews. For Jews, it's identity over ideology, and that is why they win over whites for whom it's ideology over identity(esp due to Jewish influence in media and academia).

Jewish Power treats white Americans like it treats Iran and Palestinians. It cries out in pain as it strikes them. It's like the Crown Heights Incident in which a Jewish car ran over a black kid, but the ambulance treated the passenger than the kid. Double standard.
As things stand, it's as if Jews can never do wrong. Jews can make all the money, form monopolies, spy on the US, spread cultural degeneracy, promote racial hatred(against Muslims in Hollywood movies and against whites in TV and advertising), turn Disney into a kiddie porn factory, shut down BDS(even criminalize the movement for justice for Palestinians), and steer US toward fighting Wars for Israel that killed 100,000s of Arabs and Muslims. No problem. Jews are above the law. They can have endless AIPAC conferences that are like Nuremberg rallies. They can promote Jewish pride and make politicians pledge that US mainly exists to serve Israel uber alles.
In contrast, if white people say something as innocuous as "It's Okay to be White", lo and behold, Jewish Power has SPLC and ADL alert all the media(run by Jews) about a great 'hate crime'. Hollywood gave us 'kill whitey' movies like DJANGO UNCHAINED. Jewish-controlled Media promote endless interracist propaganda to spread jungle fever and afro-colonization-of-white-wombs. Jewish-run media sensationalize endless hate hoaxes about 'white racism' but overlook tons of real black-on-white violence. Jewish power looks upon whites as slaves. Whites better not be 'uppity'.

When Jewish Power in the US treats white people like how Zionists treat Palestinians in West Bank, isn't it time for whites to wake up and identify & empathize with Palestinians? After all, no matter how much white people praise and flatter Jews, Jews will not see whites as Honorary Fellow Jews but as White Palestinians who need to be tamed, beaten, and exploited. Sackler family made its billions by addicting whites to opioids, just like the Sassoon family(also Jewish) sold opium to the Chinese and destroyed millions of lives.

Jared Taylor can try to win the graces of Jewish Power all he wants. The fact is Jewish Power will treat him as a White Palestinian. Jewish Power is in supremacist mode and demands that white people cuck to Jews. Any mention of white identity and interests is denounced as uppity defiance against Jewish Supremacism. No matter how cordial Taylor is to Jews, Jews will see him as an 'waker' of White consciousness that may lead to white independence from Jewish supremacist control. Jewish power sees whites as a horse. The horse must obey and submit to the rider. If the horse gains independence and runs off, the rider loses a lot of advantage.

Taylor respects power and success, and Jews are powerful and successful. In contrast, Palestinians are poor, grubby, a bunch of 'losers'. But the fact is Jews don't regard whites as honorary fellow Jews but as the Other Palestinians, more dirty goyim to tame and control bu eviction and dehumanization. Whites have been rendered homeless in their own homeland. Globalism says white nations are no longer theirs. Gavin McInnes has been praising Jews, Jews, Jews, Israel, Israel, Israel forever just like Taylor. But he organized the Proud Boys that stood up to Antifa, the paramilitary thug force of Jewish power; and so, he was destroyed, and he's been deplatformed by everything.

Whites need to reject neo-nazi and KKK garbage -- Taylor deserves praise in having pushed that crowd away --, but they must candidly discuss Jewish power and its ultimate agenda. Twitter and Amazon's policies against Taylor will hopefully make scales fall from his eyes. His graciousness to Jews has been utterly useless. He has gained NOTHING. He has fared worse than Richard Spencer and David Duke who are still on Twitter.

Maybe Palestinians are a poor and grubby people, but it's about time whites understood their plight. Not because Palestinians are saints or glowing with nobility but because they've been denied the most basic right of humanity: Right of nationhood, territory, autonomy, the very things that Jewish Power is now denying to whites in white nations. Even in the fragments of remaining territory in West Bank, Palestinians are denied a nation-state of their own. Jewish caravans keep coming to take more land, to use up the water supply, to destroy Arab farms.
How is this any different from how Jewish Power in the US treats people like Taylor and other s who care about their own race and identity? Just like Zionists divert most of the water to Jewish settlers while making Palestinian farms go dry, Jewish Power in the US funnels most money and support to the Jewish Supremacism of AIPAC, ADL, and globo-homo agenda. While Jewish supremacists can rake in billions and be showered with billions more by US government, White Advocates can barely book a hotel for a conference, barely raise funds, and barely sell books online.
Amazon sells all the Neocon books by Jewish Supremacists responsible for 21st century wars that killed so many people. These neocons also recruited Neo-Nazis for a coup in Ukraine. Madeline Albright the Zionist Jewess said it was worth it to kill 500,000 Iraqi kids. Hillary and Obama are war criminals who destroyed Libya and used terrorists in Syria. Israel provided medical treatment to ISIS fighters and sent them back into Syria to wreck the place. There us so much evidence of Jewish supremacism, but Jews get everything because they are above criticism. But whites like Taylor get nothing. They are treated as pariahs or non-persons, just like Palestinians in West Bank.

Now, Taylor has supported the Zionist takeover of West Bank. Well, if Taylor supports Jewish illegal invasion of West Bank and scoffs at the plight of Palestinians who are denied basic nationhood, what moral legitimacy does he have in calling for national sovereignty of white nations? Also, if white people indulge and encourage bad Jewish behavior, who's to say Jews won't treat whites the same way? If you help Bob steal from Bill, will Bob be grateful and go easy on you? Or, having been emboldened by his criminality, will he come after your property next? Jews had the numbers to take over Palestine and remold it into a Jewish nation. Jews don't have the numbers to take over white nations, so they use non-white immigration-invasion to fill white nations with Diversity, allowing for Jewish divide-and-rule of fractured goyim. Also, massive race-mixing among goyim leads to loss of strong identity. All that race-mixing in Latin America robbed brown natives of a powerful sense of identity with which they could risen up against the white minority.

It is about time white people realized that "We are all Palestinians". As far as Jewish Power is concerned, white people are More Palestinians, and the West is just a huge West Bank. By realizing the truth, white people must, first and foremost, work towards White Liberation, White Emancipation, and White Independence. Only such will highlight the fact that the real supremacism in the US is Jewish and that white people are being denied the basic right of identity and interest. If Jews have a right to work for Jewish identity and interests, then European-Americans have every right to work for white identity and interests. How dare Jewish Tyranny deny this most basic right to whites. When Jews denounce identitarianism, it's not because they want ALL Peoples to give it up. Jews want whites to give up white identity so that they will serve Jewish identity instead. It's a case of 'heads I win, tails you lose'.

Whites must undermine Jewish Moral Narcissism and Megalomania. Jews gained advantage not only with the power of money but with the politics of morality. Via endless TV shows, books, movies, and etc, the Narrative made Jews out to be holy and blameless while whites were made to be the source of all evil in the world. To undermine Jewish Power, whites need to weaken its moralistic foundations. This doesn't mean whites should say the Shoah didn't happen or praise crazy Hitler. Rather, whites need to speak honestly and soberly of Jewish financial role in Western Imperialism, Jewish sales of opium to the Chinese, Jewish role in slave trade, Jewish role in communism, Jewish role in predatory capitalism in Germany of 20s and Russia of 90s, the Nakba pogroms that wiped Palestine off the map, the ongoing Occupation of West Bank, and IDF death squads mowing down Palestinians who are denied right of nationhood. Jews advantaged their own power at the expense of white well-being by pushing a moralistic anti-white narrative. Whites must return the favor. White Liberationist movement must begin as a sober assessment of Jewish Power and History. It must reject the notion of Jewish holiness or purity. While many Jews did great things, many Jews did terrible things. Unless Jewish moral narcissism is knocked down a few pegs, Jews will lord over whites like they are gods or angels.

Also, it is no longer sufficient for white patriots to be for Free Speech. Not when the Enemy attacks Free Speech as 'hate speech' with crusading fervor. Sometimes, the best defense is to play offense. So, even as White Patriots defend their own free speech, they must morally attack Jewish Supremacist speech as the ultimate hate speech. Fight fire with fire. Denounce Zionism as hate speech against Palestinians. Denounce Amazon for selling books by hateful and murderous Neocon Jewish supremacists, like Madeline Albright who said it was worth it to kill 500,000 Iraqi children. Denounce Amazon for selling books of the neo-imperialist Deep State. Denounce it for selling Hollywood movies that feature Muslims as subhuman terrorist-savages. Denounce it for selling movies that feature whites as neanderthal bigots and Christians as scum of the earth. Denounce Washington Post, Jeff Bezos' rag, as hate propaganda against Russia, Iran, Palestinians, white Americans, Christians, and patriots everywhere. Also, insist that Jews are undeserving of 'protected group' status since they are the ruling elites of the US, the lone superpower.

Just like Donald Trump took 'fake news' and threw it back at his enemies, whites must take the notion of 'hate speech', define it in their own way, and throw it back at Jewish supremacists and globohomo commissars. Whites need to support BDS as Justice Speech and denounce Zionism as 'hate speech'. Whites must condemn homomania as hateful speech against decency, health, and normality.

Granted, Jews are awful clever in how they SAY one thing but DO another. They will SAY they respect Islam and Arabs while DOING whatever necessary to wage more Wars for Israel that have laid waste to Muslim nations. They will SAY they stand for 'liberal democracy' while DOING everything to spread their hegemony of tribal oligarchy. Jews often practice Love Speech while carrying out Hate Acts. So, whites must expose this hypocrisy and judge reality by what is done than by what is said, and Jewish Power is the biggest hate-monger in the world today.

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