Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Beware of the J-Ray or the Jew-Ray of the Mass Electronic Media — J-Ray enables the Gay-Ray — The Need for White Light and Right Light — The Jewish Hustle in the Takeover of Goy Mass Media and Monopolization of High-Tech

God and Light
Prometheus and Fire
Since the beginning of time, mankind has been fascinated with the Light. Egyptians worshiped the Sun god. The Sun is central to Japanese mythology. Indeed, it’s difficult to think of a people or culture, ancient-medieval-modern, that hasn’t been profoundly inspired by the Sun in art, mythology, and science. Before there was a division of astronomy and astrology, two were one and the same. Astronomy moved from geocentrism to heliocentrism. And astrology has strange relationship with the Sun. Without the Sun, there would be no life on earth, no humans to gaze at the sky and read the stars. But then, the stars are visible only to the side of the Earth turned away from the Sun. The effect of the Sun from dawn to dusk is not unlike the effect of monotheism. The Sun is so bright and dominant that every last vestige of the starry sky vanishes soon after sunrise. The impact of the rise of universal-monotheism(derived from Judaism), especially of Christianity and Islam, has had a similar effect on the spiritual imagination of humanity around the world. Across Europe and Middle East(as well as what became ‘Latin America’), so much of pagan cultures and gods has been wiped out. But just as stars always return in the night to the side of the Earth that is asleep, perhaps there was something to what Carl Jung said about how the pagan gods and spirits are still within our buried psyches. Though vanquished from the conscious mind by the coming of the One God, they lingered in the hidden corners of the mind, re-emerging at times to inspire creativity and vision, as during the Renaissance and the Romantic Era. It’s like what Merlin says in EXCALIBUR: "The days of our kind are numberèd. The one God comes to drive out the many gods. The spirits of wood and stream grow silent. It's the way of things. Yes... it's a time for men, and their ways." And then later... "You(Arthur) brought me back... Back to where you are now. In the land of dreams."

Just like there will always be nights brimming with stars, there will always be an unconscious realm independent of conscious will & knowledge; and in this world of dreams, the dead, exiled, or forsaken gods whisper in our ears once again. Some people partake of prayer, meditation, or, exorcism to purge this deeper realm of the mind as a kind of ‘hell’ inhabited with demon spirits, i.e. apparently, it wasn’t enough to slay the pagan gods and hurl them into the dark pits of one's soul; the dark areas of one's soul must be scoured of the every last trace of paganism or ‘demonism’, not unlike what a doctor does with radiation and chemotherapy to destroy as many cancer cells as possible. But what may be deemed as cancerous or wicked by some is the very stuff of creativity, vision, poetry, and imagination to others. Indeed, is it an accident that the three great creative eras of the West since the Fall of Rome had to do with either the re-emergence of paganism and/or the fading of monotheism’s grip on the culture? Renaissance, Romanticism, and Modernism. Monotheism has done wonders for prophets, but polytheism or paganism has been more friendly to poets. And yet, oddly enough, the rise of Modernism, though seemingly most at odds with Monotheism, eventually led to a kind of neo-monotheism or secular-monotheism. One reason is Judeo-Christo-Islam and Science/Math have one thing in common in seeking the one-and-only truth. Monotheism requires one to believe that God is the only True God. If other gods are also valid, then Monotheism has no legitimacy. Likewise, science seeks the one truth. Unless there is a single set of universal laws of nature that governs the cosmos, science becomes pointless. While there have been many competing scientific hypotheses, they have all sought to discover which one is true, thereby proving all others false. For example, the Lamarckian hypothesis lost out to the Darwinian one, and certain elements of Darwinism have been discarded over the years by theories backed with more advanced experimentation. Because science has gained such prestige, even non-scientific fields have sought to imitate scientific methodology and terminology, resulting in an intellectual phenomenon called ‘scientism’, which isn’t really science but has its outward appearance. (The most dangerous quacks speak the language of medicine.) Then, it is not surprising that everyone from Karl Marx to Josef Stalin to Sigmund Freud to Carl Jung to Herbert Spencer to Adolf Hitler all claimed to speak in 'scientific' terms. Since science is about rejecting all false assumptions and hypotheses in search of the one true theory, such mental habit also came to define the rationalist scientism of ‘social sciences’ and modern ideologies. Then, it is no wonder that Modernism was both liberating and limiting. Initially, it led to the explosion of freedoms unthinkable earlier. But in its imitation of science, so much in the arts, architecture, music, literature, and social commentary came to insist that a certain form, method, or narrative was THE true one. Even though such attitudes emerged in opposition to the old dominant Idea or Narrative, the New Way was less about freedom than about the replacement of the old dogma with the new doctrine, even at the expense of eradicating future freedom to think differently and independently. Then, it’s hardly surprising that so much of the humanities is now more about technical jargon and 'correct' consensus than about personal and individualistic thinking on various matters. Even in discussion of popular entertainment, consider that so many critics now have a box-mentality that obliges them to praise certain works because of their subject matter and ideology. They might as well all be programmed NPC's. Possibly, the counter-appeal of Nietzsche and Heidegger owes to their rejection of quasi-objectivism that took hold of so much since the advent of science and technology. Objectivity, so essential to science, contracts, legal justice, and journalism, is easily corrupted in areas that are inherently subjective. When English Department that largely deals with fiction & poetry adopts an all-knowing ideology of PC, it creates the illusion that literature must be neatly divided into ‘correct’ and ‘incorrect’, i.e. those in line with the official PC ideology is ‘good’ while those outside it are ‘bad’. Over time, this ideological ‘objectivization’ leads academics to favor bad literature that is ‘good’ over good literature that is ‘bad’.
Even as the humanities came to reject traditional standards and ‘conventional’ criteria of what is good or bad, it came to adopt ideological standards(as a form of new objectivism) of what is approved as opposed to what is ‘unacceptable’. This has affected general discussion as well, which is why anyone who speaks the truth about black crime or racial differences between blacks and non-blacks — just ask James D. Watson — is relegated to pariah-status, whereas total fantasies such as Wakanda(of BLACK PANTHER), BLM hysteria(that evil white cops are gunning down random blacks), and Hate Hoaxes(usually as acts of anti-white defamation carried out mostly by Jews and blacks) are approved, promoted, and even ‘sacralized’. But then, we live in a world where we are to believe that homo fecal-penetration is just as biologically legit as real sex between man and woman involving proper interaction of relevant organs; we are also to believe that if a man puts on a wig and says he’s a ‘woman’, then he is indeed a ‘woman’, but if few months later, he changes his mind and says he’s a man again, he’s a man.
It was bad enough when objectivism affected fields that are, by and large, subjective. While art cannot thrive without standards and some degree of consensus, there is no objective scientific law that can prove that Beatles REVOLVER is better than Rolling Stones’ AFTERMATH. Now, most people with good sense would know the Beatles were better than Herman’s Hermits, but their reasoning must still be made from a subjectivist viewpoint because so much of art appreciation has to do with one’s personal and emotional responses. Also, even though we know that a well-trained classical violinist is a better musician than some high-school violinist, art is more than about technical skills. Indeed, a less conventionally good singer may do more for a song. Maybe Celine Dion could have sung "Landslide" in a ‘better’ way, but Stevie Nicks, with a voice so uniquely bewitching, owns that song as composer and performer.

So, the realm of humanities should never have been infected with ideological objectivism, especially one as confused as PC that, on the one hand, claims to be committed to multiple perspectives against the Mono-Narrative, but then, on the other hand, insists that all perspectives must be converge on globo-homo-ism and be ‘intersectonal’, which really means that all groups must express themselves in ways that lionize Jews, homos, and/or Negroes while blaming all the bad stuff on ‘cis-gender white males’.
But something even stranger happened following the ‘objectivization’ of the humanities and English Department. Because Movies and TV do so much to convey an impression of shared reality and because so many journalists start out as English Majors, subjectivism(the stuff of art and fiction) has also seeped into what should be the objectivity of journalism and the law. Just consider: Today, Arts & Entertainment must conform to the mono-objectivism of PC. This goes from the haute Art World down to comic books for kids. So, we have Art Galleries selling million-dollar piles of junk about ‘patriarchy’ or ‘my liberated vagina’, and we have Archies comic book where the hero sacrifices his life to save a saintly homo from a deranged ‘homophobe’. Once the subjective humanities were turned ‘objective’ via PC ideology, they became a socio-political tool. Since journalism is about objective coverage of world events and trends, it began to take cues from the humanities that now claimed to have an objective grasp on society, justice, politics, and truth. Subjective was made ‘objective’, and in turn, objective was made ‘subjective’. It’s on wonder that so much of what passes for journalism today is about ‘muh feels’ that are now baked into the hearts and minds of anyone who attends college. Just consider: Obama as ‘the one’, Homomania as new faith, ‘gay marriage’ as legitimate, a man with wig is a ‘woman’, Russian Collusion Hoax, Trump is ‘literally Hitler’, Wakanda is truth, New STAR WARS is better than ever because ‘diversity’, ‘hate speech’ is not free speech, and etc. It’s gotten so ludicrous that even some on the Political Left are beginning to dump on the Lunacy:

(Jimmy Dore’s denunciation of the Russia Hysteria or Russysteria is most welcome and necessary, but he runs the same tired narrative on Joe McCarthy. While McCarthy was reckless and reached too far, a vast Soviet Network had sprung up in the US in government and cultural spheres during the FDR years. That was no joke, no fantasy. Even big shots like Harry Dexter White and Alger Hiss were communist spies. Rosenbergs and Morton Sobell funneled atom bomb blueprints — the most carefully guarded secrets in the US — to Stalin’s empire, the destroyer of millions of lives and occupier of Eastern Europe. And there were real communists and Soviet spies in media, entertainment, and academia. So, why have so many influential Jews, especially in academia and media, attacked McCarthy and the ‘Red Scare’ over the yrs ? Because many of the radicals and Soviet spies were Jews. That is why even non-communist Jews circled the wagon for the sake of Tribal Solidarity and spread the counter-hysteria that the ‘Red Scare’ had all been paranoid ‘hysteria’ when, in fact, there had been an extensive communist cabal in the US that funneled tons of secrets to Stalin’s government. Today, Jews are doing the opposite. If Jews of yesteryear denounced anti-communism as mostly paranoia, they now concoct and spread utterly bogus hysteria about Russia. Why? Even though the tactics have changed, they both serve the same core objective: Tribal Jewish Power. In the past, Wasps controlled the US, and Jews even sided with communists to discredit the Establishment. Jews worked with subversives to decry the Establishment’s anti-radical measures as ‘rabid and virulent’. Today, Jews are the Establishment and fear any dissent against or subversion of their power. Jews work with the Deep State to silence, shut down, and blacklist any courageous dissenting voice as ‘hateful’, ‘divisive’, or ‘Russian’. Funny that these Jewish elites who show zero solidarity with the Nationalist Folks of America insist that the latter must stand in solidarity with the former. "You suck our dick while we cut off your balls." Why do Jews now hate Russia so much? In the 1990s, Jewish globalists economically looted Russia and nearly owned that country. But Vladimir Putin restored some national sovereignty and locked up a handful of super oligarchs who happened to be Jewish. THAT is why Jews hate Putin and Russia. It’s not about ‘liberal democracy’ but Tribal Supremacism. Jews think they should own and rule Russia like they’ve come to own and rule US, UK, and Canada. Also, Russia, along with Iran and China, is one of the few nations on Earth that remains somewhat independent of US that is controlled by EOJ or Empire of Judea. And so, Jews fear Russia as a model of goy Nationalist Resistance against Jewish globo-homo Hegemonism. That is why the Jew-run Media have cooked up this nonsense about Russia Hysteria. Indeed, isn’t it funny that the very Jew-run Media that berate Donald Trump as a puppet of Russia, a foreign nation, have no problem with his truly servile attitude toward Israel, another foreign nation? What does that tell you? It means Jews demand that white Americans prioritize Jewish interests above all else. And yet, there is a paradox. Even as Jews increasingly dump on white conservatives as the unifying object of hatred for Jews and People of Color, they also increasingly rely on white conservatives to support Jews and Israel because Grievance Politics among POC often turn against Jewish privilege and Zionist tyranny. With there being less support for Israel and growing criticism of white-Jewish privilege among the growing non-white base among Democrats, Jews will have to depend more on support for Israel among white conservatives. Jews will have to increasingly rely on the very people they denigrate most in the media. But can Jews expect continued support among white conservatives when the latter is beginning to wake up to the fact that most virulent forms of anti-white-ism originates from Jews?)

Anyway, here we are in the 21st Century following the tumultuous 20th Century, the most notable developments of which was (1) Rise of USA as the premier world power and (2) Jewish takeover as the premier elites of the US. So, the 21st Century began with the legacy of the 20th that Jews on top of the world. It began with Jews controlling the US that controls the world. And one key feature of that control is the Mono-media-ism or Mono-mediantics of the Jews. Jews control the media like the Sun itself. Especially in the age of electronic media, most people get the news, info, ideas, data, entertainment, and messaging through rays from movie screens, TV screens, smart-phone screens, computer screens, and etc. We are constantly exposed to these rays. There are over 330 million people in America — many more if we include illegals — , and everyone has one or more TV’s, PC computers, laptops, smart-phones, and other such devices. And Hollywood still rakes in billions every year because so many young people flock to theaters with its giant electronic screens. And cities are increasingly covered with electronic advertisement.
Now, because we purchase and possess our own devices, there is a sense of autonomy and independence. After all, you watch your program on your TV, and I watch my program on my TV. You look for your news on your computer, and I look for my news on my computer. And yet, all these devices are useless on their own. They are merely hardware designed to relay or play something made by someone else. And for most of us for most of the time in most places, everything we are watching is made by a handful of people in NY, LA, and few other key centers. A handful of corporations controlled by oligarchs of a Certain Tribe get to decide who gets hired, what gets written, what gets made and who makes them, and how they are marketed. So, paradoxically, the fact that we own our devices has turned all of us into mental-sensual-and-emotional slaves of a handful of corporations controlled by World Jewry and their Homo agents. (Tootkins have gained much because they are experts of subtle finger-work in an economy that is increasingly less dependent on brawny arm-and-leg work of the working class. Appreciation of finger-work is in inverse proportion to depreciation in arm-and-leg work. There is still, however, some use of handiwork.) We own the devices, but Jews control the light that comes through them. Thus, we are all exposed to the Jew-Ray or J-Ray. Jewish Power owes much to their control of the Light of Modernity. Prior to electricity and rise of modern mass media, most goyim relied on local community for values, ideas, and information. Also, as there was far less centralization of society and nation, there were many media outlets, and often, local news and affairs took precedence over the Grand Narrative. Furthermore, news and ideas didn’t travel instantly and uniformly. But with the rise of electronic media, everything began to change. Those who controlled the signals could reach millions upon millions, then tens of millions upon tens of millions, then hundreds of millions upon hundreds of million, then billions upon billions... and uniformly and instantly. It began with sound with the advent of radio. Cinema emerged before radio, but one had to actually go to the movies. It didn’t follow one home. Also, even though cinema depended on electricity, film reels had to be physically transported from theater to theater. In contrast, the radio was in the house, possibly in every room. And then came the TV that combined sound & image and soon found its way into every home, then just about every room. Everyone owned his or her own TV but had NO control over what he or she saw. He or she became spellbound with the rays emanating from the screen. Through those rays, he or she found much entertainment and joy. He or she received much essential information and news. Through documentaries, he or she learned about other parts of the world. So much was for the good. But he or she came under the spell of those who monopolized the Light and turned them into rays that would alter minds and transform(or deform) souls all across the world. In DIE NIBELUNGEN, the Jewish-like dwarfs gain control of the Rhine Gold and then fashion a Ring of Power out of it to control the world.
Jews have gained supremacy with money, gold, and diamonds. But their power over us has to do with their control of Light. Prior to the rise of electricity, Light belonged to the Sun, the stars, and man's control of fire. Nighttime was lit by torches, firewood, or candles. For a time, city streets were lit with gas lamps. And then, with the coming of electricity and the light-bulb, nighttime became universally lit for everyone, at least in the First World. Humanity no longer depended on the Sun or on unreliable & often dangerous fire for radiance. With a flick of the switch, nighttime could be as bright or even brighter than the day. But, electricity didn’t merely light up the night or run machinery. It could be processed into signals to transmit enticing semblances of sound and image. And with the radio(and later with TV), these signals could travel through the air without wire. There was no longer the need for cumbersome infrastructure, as with telephones prior to the advent of the Cell Phone. A media center with powerful antennae could transmit its signals to millions upon millions of people. And with satellite technology, a single media center could reach the entire world. Beatles’ performance of "All You Need is Love" was the first globally transmitted TV broadcast via satellite, but its real lesson was All You Need Is Light. Beatles sang the song, but Jews came to control the light, the rays emanating from the screens of countless TV screens all around the world.

It didn’t matter if your TV was made in US, Germany, or Japan. On its own, a TV set is nothing. It exists only to relay the Light transmitted via signals, and the power to create that Light for all the world came to be controlled by Jews. Jews understood that control of Light was more powerful than control of Gold.
In Greek mythology, Prometheus steals fire from the gods and gifts it to mankind. In Judeo-centric Historiography, St. Paul ‘stole’ the spirituality light of the Jews and passed it onto goyim. Zeus was angry with Prometheus and punished him forever(though the story of Heracles says he freed Prometheus from the torment). And we know that Jews never forgave Jesus and St. Paul for passing the Jewish God to the Gentiles. Likewise, as with Zeus and religious Jews, modern secular Jews are determined to maintain monopoly ownership of the Light. Jews want all of us to remain spellbound by the J-Ray. Jews also use Gay-Ray, or Propaganda of Homomania, to serve the J-Ray. Not only are homos the most loyal and zealous servant-partners of Jewish Power but Homomania complements Jewish Supremacism as both are predicated on Minority Elite Supremacism. If Jewish Light is the Sun of the Mass Media, Homo Light is its ‘rainbow’. Like the Sun vanquishes all the stars in the sky, Jewish Media Power works tirelessly to blot out and silence all alternative and counter-narratives. And the Jewish Sun seeds the clouds to produce cultural conditions conducive for the 'gay rainbow’, which has been associated with men who do homo fecal-penetration or tranny penis-cutting.
In a way, each of us is living in a TRUMAN SHOW. Our Jewish Master uses the power of Light to control our beliefs, values, and perimeters of what-is-permissible. We are trapped in two ways, like people in Peter Weir’s movie. Truman is trapped because he’s been duped into believing that his bubble-world is real. But then, people who are addicted to watching Truman are also trapped because, even though on the outside, their lives revolve around the life shaped and manipulated by Media Central. They are as addicted to Truman as Truman is anchored to his fake world. And even as they root for Truman’s escape, it all takes place within the bubble, and even after Truman's liberation, the viewers demand yet another show. It’s like they’ve been robbed of the inner light and inner life because they’ve become so accustomed to artificial worlds beamed to them on their TVs. Again, they own the TV’s but not what comes through them. Of course, as the movie was made by Hollywood, the villainous media mogul who would be god is a goy, but in the real world, we know that such figures are Jews.

We are bombarded with J-Ray, not the White Light. In all the religions and mythologies, God or gods own and control the light. Mankind could only hope to harness some of that light. Or it had to contend with unstable and dangerous fire that produced smoke or burned out of control... or was difficult to reignite in wind and rain. Just as mankind enviously eyed the magical flight of birds, it was filled with fear and awe of the power of God or gods over the Light. Indeed, consider the cultures that sacrificed so many innocents to appease the Sun god. Just like God or gods held tremendous sway over mankind that believed in Light as a divine source, Jews now have godlike power over us as they control the electronic light that transfixes virtually all of humanity. Even in nations where Jews don’t directly own and control the media, so many people demand more J-Ray from Hollywood and US mass media. After all, however vile and wicked Jewish Power may be, the fact remains that Jews are talented in creativity and, with their vast financial resources, scoop up talents from around the world. Jewish Hollywood makes a lot of crap, but it’s expensive good-looking crap, and that sure beats cheap-looking crap made by the rest of the world. The New STAR WARS is crap, but with a budget over $100 million, it looks better than space fantasy movies made for few millions, which is what the rest of the world can barely afford. With control of the Electronic Media, it’s as if Jews control the Sun of Modernity. Media might as well be called Sunstein.
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Close Encounters - Mothership
Compared to the J-Ray of Sunstein media, dissident voices are like stars in the night. There are so many of them but disconnected from one another. Though there have always been dissident voices in a controlled democracy like the US, most remained invisible and unheard. Those that garnered some degree of attention did something outlandish, like anarchists who threw bombs at the police, individuals who assassinated politicians, extremist groups that either rioted or practiced strange rituals, and radicals-of-convenience selectively & momentarily exploited by the power. (Jew-run Mass media promoted the Westboro Church to defame anti-homo-agenda people as a bunch of deranged lunatics.) Obviously, if ‘fringe groups’ or extremist individuals do something really far-out or outlandish, they will get attention. But the Power will sometimes use certain radical individuals or groups as subversive or corrosive agents against rival Powers. A famous case of this was the Right-Wing German government use of Lenin and Bolsheviks to undermine the nationalist government in Russia. Germans, in their short-term interests, figured communist takeover of Russia was worth it if it assured German victory on the Eastern Front. Generally, the Power seeks to maintain respectability and avoids appearing extreme, unseemly, or dirty. So, it will use the shadow government — CIA, FBI, NSA, etc — to do the dirty work under the cover of ‘official business’. Or, esp in Third World nations(but also in first ones), the Power will use its ties with the underworld to carry out certain deeds. CIA had ties with the Mafia, and Zionists worked with gangsters like Meyer Lansky to pull strings. Or, the Power will selectively favor certain radicals to do its bidding while claiming plausible deniability. We see this in how Jewish Power uses Antifa to shut down dissident voices on the Right. Even as the Power denies direct links between itself and Antifa thugs, it pulls strings to ensure that the police and courts will go lightly on Antifa gangs. Thus, Antifa has essentially become the para-military force of the globo-homo power.
Jewish Power also works like the mafia in this regard: It runs an Extortion Racket as a Protection Program. But of course, you must pay off the Jews and/or serve them in order to have protection from none other than them. Jews make you an offer you can’t refuse. Jews use para-gangster organizations like SPLC, ADL, and AIPAC as moral covers to do their bidding. These groups veil their activities in the guise of Moral Crusade to pressure politicians, social critics, artists, entertainers, and businessmen into sucking up to Jews and supporting Israel. If anyone refuses to go along, the groups work in tandem with the Jew-run media to smear the American Refusenik as a ‘hater’, ‘extremist’, ‘white supremacist’, ‘anti-Semite’, and etc. Jewish Power has been so effective in this that cucking to Jews has become almost second-nature among prominent whites. Just look at Mitt Romney, the worthless dog of the Jews. Donald Trump pumped himself as a proud and tough white man, but look at him recently. He has Zionist cum drooling down the side of his lips. He looks like he’s been rammed in the ass by Chuck the Buttfuc* Schumer.
Anyway, whereas Jewish Media Power is like the powerful Sun whose rays cover all the world and own all the sky(as stars and the Moon are rendered invisible), dissident voices are like the dispersed stars in the sky. There are so many stars in the night, but the sky remains dark because there is no unity among the stars. Due to the internet, there are now more stars than ever. Unlike in the past when few corporations controlled all the media, anyone has the chance to become an known entity via the internet. As such, he or she can disseminate ideas disapproved by the Power. Indeed, this is the crucial difference between Established Electronica and New Electronica. With TV, the flow of images and sounds was only in one direction. It was from Media Central to all of us. We received but never returned information(except through ‘letters to the editor’). Also, there were limited means by which people could communicate with one another and form their own networks. Mostly, people talked to friends and family on the phone or sent letters. It was just person-to-person. But with the rise of the internet, a single voice on the internet can win over numerous fans. And there are eccentrics like PewDiePie who has tens of millions of followers on Youtube. Thus, in some ways, the stars in the sky are getting brighter and brighter. Meanwhile, the Sunstein seems to be dimming as more and more people, especially young ones, tend to rely more on peers and personalities on the internet for information than on official sources or establishment figures that, especially for people on the Right, have lost so much credibility, mainly because being so subservient to Jewish Power and addled with PC dogma has rendered most journalists into mere tools of the Power. One would have to be dumb, dishonest, demented, or deranged with worship of power-for-power’s-sake to take anything by the so-called mainstream media seriously. It’s just more Jewish globo-homo propaganda. In contrast, despite their limited resources and access to sources, many dissident, eccentric, or unique people on the internet can speak their minds and offer frank assessments of what may be REALLY going on.

Thus, Sunstein is dimming while the stars are burning ever more brightly. Still, the balance of power is with Sunstein. Also, the internet, like big media, has fallen into the hands of Jewish globo-homo supremacists. How did Jews manage to take over the internet? They used the Old Hustle Trick. You know how the hustle works. Some guy pretends to be not so good at billiards and loses a few games. The other guy gains confidence and plays for higher stakes. And then, the hustler shows his true colors and cleans up.
Jews used the same trick with takeover of the internet. But then, Jews pulled the same stunt in their takeover of mass media. If Jews, prior to media takeover, had revealed their true intentions — that, with media power, they intend to promote anti-white hatred and infect whites with ‘white guilt’ and ‘white self-loathing’ — , would they have been allowed to take over? Of course not. So, what did Jews do? They pretended to be Good Americans who love to compose Christmas songs and make patriotic war movies & all those Western movies that pay tribute to white menfolk and womenfolk who conquered and settled the West. So, most whites came to see Jews as Good Patriotic Decent Americans and didn’t oppose Jewish takeover of the media. But when Jews finally had monopoly control of the media, they showed their true face and pushed one anti-white agenda after another.
Jews did much the same to take over the internet. Platforms, Search Engines, and Social Networks controlled by Jews gained dominance by claiming to be neutral. Remember Google’s motto used to be "Don’t Be Evil". It created the impression that Google would be fair to all and not rig things to favor certain groups or agendas over others. Indeed, if Google and Facebook had stated at the very outset what their ultimate agenda would be — favor globo-homo progs over conservatives, effectively censor search results(or ‘censearch’), use monopoly power to smear certain individuals and groups while protecting others with far more power and record of evil, etc. — , at least half of America would NEVER have signed up to use their services. But Google, Facebook, and other such platforms hustled us and sucked us all in with promise of neutrality and fairness. But once they gained monopoly control, they went about favoring certain figures, ideas, and agendas over others. Also, while Jew-run Google and Facebook shut down or shadow-ban any courageous white voice who speaks truth to power, certain groups are ‘protected’ from the same standards.

Jews would have us believe that these groups need special protection because they are so vulnerable, but it’s all bogus. It’s really about Protected Supremacisms. What honest person can deny that the main supremacisms in the US are Jewish, black, and homo? Jews control just about all elite institutions and industries that matter. Blacks use their superior muscle power to dominate sports and beat up whites all over in streets and schools. And homos have been elevated to neo-angel status in America. Queertianity has become a defacto compulsory neo-religion for all those who want to succeed in life. Also, it’s hilarious when Jews claim to oppose anti-Muslim speech because it’s ‘hate speech’. It was Hollywood Jews who made all those movies with Muslims-as-Terrorists that convinced so many Americans that 'Muzzies' are subhuman psychos. It was Jewish groups that pressured Americans into supporting Israel that has terrorized and tyrannized so many Palestinian Muslim lives. It was Jewish Neocons and Liberal Zionists who used Deep State and Big Media to make the US wage Wars for Israel that has destroyed millions of Muslim lives in Middle East and North Africa. Jews pull all this shit, but they got the gall to pretend that they are protecting vulnerable Muslims from ‘haters’. These are the same Jews who used mega-money and media power to make Congress pass the unconstitutional anti-BDS laws. Jews are truly vile and hideous in their hyper-hypocrisy. Sometimes, I wonder if Jews are simply disgustingly dishonest... or are they so full of themselves as the smartest, wisest, richest, most successful, most tragic(‘muh holocuast’), and most ‘progressive’(always pushing some nuttery as the new moral panic of the year) that they’ve become blind to their own perfidy and venality. Consider a vile lowlife scum like Bari Weiss:

Via the Hustle, Jews gained monopoly control of the internet. Granted, not all platforms are owned by Jews, but as even Big Goyim in Big Tech rely on Jewish finance, Jewish lawyers & judges, Jewish academia, Jewish-controlled Deep State, and etc., they have no choice but to play along. Just look at Jack Dorsey’s dorky cuck-face. He always looks weak and wussy like Brad Pitt after he was castrated by Hollywood and Angelica Jolie. He’s always looking over his shoulders to see if anything he says has the approval of ADL, a Jewish ‘protection racket’ that is always "making an offer you can’t refuse".

Jack Dorsey the Dorky Horsey
Or consider the pussy-wussy goy-boy at Cloudflare who denied service to Daily Stormer in hope of obtaining more shekels from Jewish Finance. Now, Andrew Anglin and Daily Stormer are shit, BUT when we look at the state the world is in, WHO did all the damage? Anglin the clown who posts ridiculous headlines on his site or Zionist globo-homo scum and their goy cuck-puppets who used financial trickery to rob trillions and waged Wars for Israel to wreck entire nations? And who has promoted all the ugly gangsta rap music that encouraged urban violence? Andrew Anglin never killed anyone. Timothy McVeigh killed 150. Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright starved and killed 100,000s of Iraqi children in the 90s in service of Zionist Supremacism. And yet, the Jew-run media and their cuck-puppets would have us believe that the good citizens of Silicon Valley are working so tirelessly to shut down ‘hate’ that may destroy lives. This is funny coming from Google, a company that has major centers in Israel, a nation created via Nakba pogroms, a imperialist power that still occupies West Bank. Cuck-Duck Donald Trump says US troops will remain in Syria to protect Israel, but who is endangering whom? When was the last time Syria attacked Israel? In contrast, Israel has shot so many missiles and dropped so many bombs on Syria. Israel aided so many terrorists in Syria. Like the saying goes, "Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you."
If Trump wants to remain in Syria to protect it from Israel, that would make some sense. In fact, he keeps US soldiers in Syria to pin it down so that Israel can attack it more, but Trump and the Jew-run Sunstein media spin it as "US is protecting Israel from Syria and its allies." With Jews, you lose. I’m not the one to deny or disbelieve the core facts of Shoah or the Holocaust, but I’m beginning to see the need for Holocaust Realization. A Holocaust Realizer would be someone who finally realizes why something as horrific as Shoah befell Jews. Based on observations of Jewish supremacist behavior in the past 50 yrs, it isn’t difficult to understand why so many people were ‘antisemitic’ and hated Jews. While it’s possible that Jews of yesteryear were totally different from Jews of here-and-now, that is unlikely. Recent Jewish behavior strongly suggests why ‘antisemitism’ was so prevalent throughout European history. These Jews just don’t know when to quit. Pushy, deranged, contemptuous, and hateful, they are vicious and sadistic. Given them an inch, and they will go about totally destroying you and your people. Jews are essentially like Gypsies with higher intelligence. Also, the neuroticism arising from conflict between Jewish tribal supremacism and secular-universal moralism seems to have literally driven a third of them insane, a third of them cynical, and a third of them nihilistic.

Jews control the internet like they control the media, but there is, of course, one key difference. Given the nature of the internet, Jews cannot maintain total monopoly as with the Old Media. While Youtube can ban and censor many voices, it can’t suppress all voices. Also, the more that Big Tech companies censor or rig algorithms, word gets around that Jewish Geeks are up to no good, and this increases anti-Jewish animus and distrust among goyim. Also, the Jewish Monopoly’s censorship of elements of the Left that supports BDS is making more people(across the political spectrum) wake up to the hypocrisy of Jewish Power that claims to be ‘progressive’ and for the ‘little guy’ but is actually indistinguishable from the ugly Zionist supremacism of Sheldon Adelson and Thomas Friedman.
Also, because it’s less expensive to start an internet company than a traditional media company, even small players can enter the market and pose some degree of challenge to the big players. If Youtube censors too much, it will be a huge boost to a site like Bitchute that mostly eschews censorship. And despite all the Power’s effort to shut down as Free Speech alternative to Twitter, it’s still going and growing. And the reaction to Patreon’s banning of Sargon of Akkad goes to show that people have some power to push back against Big Tech in ways that readers and viewers didn’t have with Print and TV media.

Hopefully, the dissident stars in the night will burn ever more brightly as the Sunstein media dims and becomes overcome with sunspots. Sure, it has solar flares now and then to get people like Alex Jones de-platformed from every major site. Jewish Monopolies have the ultimate kill-switch on much of the internet. Furthermore, Jews use their control of Payment Processing to effectively silence voices and destroy lives by cutting off funds. Just like Zionist conquerors in the West Bank cut off water-supplies to Palestinians, Jewish monopolists cut off money supply to goyim they hate.

Jews also use Narrative Tyranny to have people they hate fired. In the current US, if someone is labeled as ‘alt right’ or ‘white nationalist’, he can be fired from any job. But if someone is an open Zionist supremacist who supports Wars for Israel, hatred against Russia & Iran, defamation of white people, and oppression of Palestinians, he faces no job risk. If anything, his Jewish supremacism will do wonders for his resume in climbing the corporate ladder or working for the Deep State.
Indeed, the US government passed a law that not only supports Zionist tyranny but penalizes anyone who supports BDS and justice for Palestinians against Zionist-supremacist-imperialist tyranny. In the current US, a sicko like Sheldon Adelson who called for the nuking of Iran gets to rake in billions of dollars and buy off whore politicians. But if you’re a white person who says, "It’s Okay to be White", Jews, their Antifa goons, and Anti-Fact shills in Cuck-Media will harass, bully, and threaten your place of employment to get your fired. THAT is how Jews behave. Just ask the Palestinians. If Jews treat a people as powerless and blameless as the Palestinians as subhuman, why would they treat YOU any differently? Jews wanted Palestinian land, and so, they pulled off all sorts of dirty tricks to dispossess Palestinians and humiliate them. Dirty Jews use the smokescreen of 'progressivism' and 'compassion for the disenfranchised' to hide their supremacism. It's just another manifestation of "Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you." By making so much noise about protecting the powerless, Jews hope that we won't notice that they are the Powerful who oppress the powerless. Just ask the Palestinians. Jews want total supremacy over the US and want whites to be their cuck-dogs forever. So, why would Jews with their monopoly power treat whites with ANY fairness or decency? Since when does a master treat a slave as an equal? Again, just ask the Palestinians, and they will tell you what Jews do to you once they gain supremacist power over you and your kind.

Is there a way by which the dissident stars can pull their lights together to form a Counter-Sun to the Sunstein Media? The White Light against the J-Ray? It won’t be easy, and truth be told, too many people on the Alt Right and Dissident Right lack the kind of prophetic vision, inspiration, and theory of justice to create a movement that pools all the lights together. What Lawrence said of the Arabs may apply to the Alt Right and Dissident Right as well: " long as the Arabs fight tribe against tribe, so long will they be a little people, a silly people, greedy, barbarous, and cruel, as you are." To lead a great movement, there has to be men of drive and ambition, but it can’t just be about ME, ME, ME. For awhile, people thought Richard Spencer might be the one to lead, but his spiled-brat selfishness as a player made it impossible for him to recruit and keep men of quality around him. He just ended up with second-raters or far-right lunatics.
But then, no great movement can be led by gentlemen. Jared Taylor is a respectable persona to those who know him, but a man who dares not to get his feathers ruffled won’t have what is necessary to form an army of true-believing warriors. When the right man finally arrives on the scene, maybe all the disparate and dispersed white lights in the sky will come together to form a light so bright and powerful that it will illuminate a new path for the white race. One wonders what might have been possible if Adolf Hitler and National Socialists had served as a bridge between the West(mainly UK and France) and the East(mainly Russia and Slavic nations). He could have been one of the greatest man that ever lived. Instead, by picking on Poland, he drove a wedge between Germany and UK/France. But he had a second chance as Germany prevailed over France in an easy victory. Hitler could still have worked to serve as bridge between the West and Russia, then an ally. But he turned on Russia, and that was the end of the dream. No man had so much of world history in the palm of his hand and then lost everything. But then, Hitler was born with a pathological personality, and maybe there was nothing to stop the madness in the long run. Men of inspiration tend to be eccentric and extreme in some way... but they must be fundamentally sane and sound of mind and spirit if they're to make a positive mark on humanity.

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