Friday, February 22, 2019

Two Forms of Justice in the World: Jewish Justice and Palestinian Justice — Jewish Power divided the World into Jews & Meta-Jews versus Palestinians & Meta-Palestinians; Jews regard Whites as Meta-Palestinians, not Meta-Jews

Jewish Justice
Palestinian Justice

There are two kinds of justice in the world, metaphorically speaking.
Jewish Justice and Palestinian Justice.

Notice that Jews & Israel can do just about anything. Build nukes, pass nuke technology to apartheid South Africa, aid ISIS fighters, shoot missiles into Syria, mow down Palestinian protesters, occupy Palestinian territory(and Israel itself was stolen in Nakba) & grab more land, use neo-apartheid against Palestinians, exploit Slavic women for white slavery, drug an entire nation on opioids, use the US and EU to wage Wars for Israel, rob Russia of its wealth, spread paranoia about Iran & Russia, and etc. Even get Jonathan Pollard out of prison even though his espionage led to the deaths of hundreds. And yet, all we hear from US politicians is WE LOVE JEWS, WE ARE ALL GUILTY OF THE HOLOCAUST, GIVE MORE BILLIONS TO ISRAEL, HATE IRAN, HATE RUSSIA, HATE WHATEVER JEWS HATE. That is how Jewish Justice works.

As for the Palestinians? They were destroyed by massive Jewish immigration-invasion with the backing of Jewish bankers and the empires of UK, US, & USSR. Palestinians had no chance as the great empires all gave cover and protection to Jewish takeover of Palestine. Palestinians were provoked into war because the division of their homeland was imposed by foreigners. If China or Iran today were to send in tons of their peoples into Israel and then call for dividing the nation in two -- one for Jews, one for newcomers --, how would Jews react? They would rise up and resist. Palestinians understandably rose up in 1948, but they were crushed, and the war was used as pretext to ethnically expel the bulk of the Arab population by means of terror. And then, under more bogus pretext Zionists also seized West Bank in 1967, setting off endless Jewish migration-invasions that have drastically reduced Palestinian territory. But does anyone talk of Nakba in the US? Is there Nakba day or Nakba memorial? Nakba week or Palestinian Tragedy Month? Does any politician, Democratic or Republican, mention the utter injustice experienced by Palestinians? Has there been a single movie or TV show about Nakba or the Occupation? No. That is how Palestinian Justice works.

So, metaphorically speaking, which one are you? A Meta-Jew or a Meta-Palestinian? So many stupid whites thought that if they support Jews, praise Jews, hug Jews, indulge Jews, and worship Jews, Jews would treat whites as meta-Jews. But if Jews treated whites as equals, then whites would have the same rights and privileges as the Jews. Jews couldn't tolerate that because Jewish Supremacist Power -- Current Jews are addicted to supremacism like Japanese were addicted to Pan-Asian supremacism and Germans to Pan-European supremacism in WWII -- depends on white submission and subservience to Jews, just like Jewish possession and domination of Israel-West-Bank depends on Palestinian subordination to Jewish Might. Then, it was hardly surprising that Jewish power treated whites a Meta-Palestinians.
Now, which groups did Jews promote as Meta-Jews? Blacks and Homos. Blacks could be used to paralyze white moral pride -- the stuff about slavery and endless remembrance of Emmitt Till -- and undermine white manhood pride(as black men can kick white male butt and win the respect of white women with jungle fever). Reduced to wussy cucks, white race has been made to feel a need for redemption and benediction from morally superior groups. Knowing this, Jews pulled a bait-and-switch. Bait White Americans mainly with guilt about blacks, but then steer white desire for redemption toward serving Jews and Israel, which is ironically doing to Palestinians what whites once did to blacks long ago under Segregation. Same with the manipulation of white guilt about American Indians. Tell whites that they must atone for the 'genocide' of Indians by letting in more immigration-invasion. Total Bait-and-Switch. If mass immigration destroyed the American Indians, why should there be MORE immigration? Well, it's good for Jews in their game of divide-and-rule.

As for Homos as Meta-Jews, they are useful in boosting minority-elite power/privilege as the New Normal of social, cultural, and political affairs Jewish minority-elites and homo minority-elites see eye-to-eye. Jews boost homo power, and all those homos in Deep State -- Washington DC is 10% homo -- serve the agenda of Zionist hegemony all over the world. Also, globo-homo craziness has been effective in replacing Christianity and traditional-natural-normal values that empower the normal goy populace. If all those straights have been led to believe that the highest value is 'rainbow' homos who indulge in fecal penetration and trannies who cut off penises(and beat up women in sports), then it means the great majority of normal people, de-normalized and devoid of moral confidence in themselves, must SUBMIT to the 'values' of the 'special' minority.

So, there is Jewish Justice for Jews, black Meta-Jews, and homo Meta-Jews. Whites sucked up to Jews in the hope of being considered as fellow Meta-Jews, but Jews said "No, you can't be our equal. You exist to serve us." Whites could have woken up and told Jewish power to go to hell, but they just cucked and keep their heads bowed. Uppity whites were denounced as 'white supremacist' and 'nazi'. But then, why shouldn't white elites debase themselves this way? They've lost all pride but do get fat paychecks from Jewish Power. Paul Ryan will make some serious money. The Bush Die-Nasty got a second chance with George W. Bush because it totally cucked to Neocons with Dick Cheney as middleman. The white elites are worthless cucks, but they get paid well for being such good dogs. The John McCain farewell was the biggest Good Dog pet funeral of all time.

Anyway, there is no Jewish Justice for whites. As Meta-Palestinians in the eyes of Jews, Whites only get Palestinian Justice. SPLC and ADL spread lies, but they are showered with tons of cash from Jews, favored by media, and get to defame anyone. Meanwhile, Jared Taylor has struggle and scrape to secure a place for a conference(despite the fact that among white advocates, he usually cucks to Jews). Antifa scum get to bash heads, but their violence is not denounced by the Jewish-run Media. They are indulged with favorable Jewish Justice. There are Jewish lawyers to represent them if they get caught, which is rarely the case as cops have been ordered to go easy on them. These scum can bash skulls with padlocks but get off scot-free. Meanwhile, people who push back and fight back are denied banking service, deplatformed, railroaded, and locked up behind bars. They get Palestinian Justice. And Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions have done NOTHING for white patriots. Despite the bogus rhetoric, Trump has gone along with the arrangement of Jewish Justice for Jews, blacks, homos, illegals, antifa scum AND Palestinian Justice for whites, even those who supported him despite getting attacked in the streets by globohomo thugs.

White people need to wake up to the fact that they will never be anything but Meta-Palestinians in the eyes of Jews. Sure, some whites will do okay if they collaborate, but then Palestinians who collaborate in West Bank are rewarded too. Just like there are two forms of justice in Israel-West-Bank -- one for Jews, one for Palestinians -- , there are two forms of justice in the US and the world as devised by hegemonic globohomo Jewish Power. As far as Jews are concerned, white patriots in US and EU, Russians, Iranians, Syrians, and Christian Conservatives are Meta-Palestinians who deserve Palestinian Justice. Even when Jews wrong Russia, Russia gets blamed. Even when Jewish-controlled US is the aggressor against Russia, Russia is the guilty party. Why would hypocritical Jews who treat Palestinians like shi* treat the rest of the world any differently? Why did whites ever think that if they support Jews treating Palestinians like subhumans, Jews are somehow going to treat whites any better? After all, aren't both Palestinians and whites a bunch of 'dirty goyim' in Jewish eyes? Don't Jews think in terms of "Is it good for the Jews?" wherever they are and whomever they're with? The West looked the other way and even aided Israel's invasion of West Bank, but did this lead to Jewish gratitude to the West? No, Jewish policy toward EU and US follows the same dynamics as Zionist policy toward Palestinians in the West Bank. It is population replacement and destruction of goy nationalism on the arrogant Mono-Nationalist premise that ONLY JEWS are deserving of proud identity and nationalism.

The current formula is as follows:

Jewish Justice or JJ for Jews, Negro Meta-Jews, and Homo Meta-Jews.

Palestinian Justice or PJ for whites, Russia, Syria, Iran.

And then, there's the tricky part. If Muslims are OVER THERE, they deserve Palestinian Justice. Sanction them, destroy their economy, invade them, rain bombs on them, turn them into refugees. In their home nations, all these Arabs and Muslims are Meta-Palestinians. (There are exceptions. Saudis are Meta-Jews because they are such total cuck-dogs of the Zionist-US empire. Saudis can get away with anything: Murder, Torture, aiding terrorists.)
But if Muslims are OVER HERE, they suddenly favored with Jewish Justice. Protect them, promote them, and coddle them as akin to New Jews, a vulnerable minority group that needs to be protected from MAGA-monsters. But then, if like Ilhan Omar, a Muslim in America talks about Jewish Money and Power, he or she is back to being treated with Palestinian Justice.

No matter what whites do for Jews, Jews will always regard whites as Meta-Palestinians. It's about time whites realized this. Only then can whites work toward equal justice for all peoples, one that will recognize the right of nationalism and sovereignty for all peoples(than just for Jews). What Jews mean by 'liberal democracy' is Jewish supremacism and privilege. Real justice would not favor Jews over whites or whites over Jews or Jews over Palestinians or Palestinians over Jews. It would say that Palestinians and whites are deserving of nations and national security, just like Israel as a Jewish state.
It's utterly disingenuous for whites to complain about how Jewish power is undermining nationhood for white people when white people have supported the Zionist denial of nationhood to Palestinians. By assenting to Zionism's perversion of justice into a matter of Jewish Justice for Jews and Palestinian Justice for Palestinians, whites have encouraged Jewish Power to see the entire world as a macro-version of West Bank: One rule for Jews, another for goyim.
White liberation/emancipation from Jewish supremacism begins with saying NO MORE to Zionist colonization of the West Bank. Any white person who supports this has NO RIGHT to complain about Jewish power doing the SAME THING to his own nation. If Bob supports Bill's attack on innocent Paul, why should Bob complain when Bill turns around and attacks Bob too?

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