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Identity-over-Ideology(esp if masked with pseudo-universalist-values) beats Ideology-over-Identity — Why did Jewish Ashkenazim prevail over Anglo-Episcopalians despite Comparable IQ? — Why Jews beat Whites on the Issue of South Africa

One of the biggest truths of modern history is that those who favor ideology-over-identity will lose to those who favor identity-over-ideology. Those who choose blood over ink will prevail over those who choose ink over blood. Now, everyone has some identity and some ideology. The question is a matter of which goes on top. Among whites, it used to be identity first, ideology second. Now, it is ideology first, identity second. Or it's idolatry first, ideology second, and identity last? Idolatry of worshiping the Holy Three of Jews, Homos, and Negroes. The ideology of DIOS or 'diversity is our strength' and 'white guilt'. And last and also the least, white identity. In contrast, Jews and blacks put identity before ideology. Also, they celebrate the idolatry of worshiping themselves over the Other. Jews elevate and disseminate the image of Jews as Holy Holocaust People and Happy Humor People. Negroes elevate and lionize themselves as the superior badass people who win in sports, pop music, fighting, and sex. Blood is stronger than ink, seed is stronger than creed.

Indeed, we can see the results of identity-over-ideology vs ideology-over-identity in recent US history(as well as in South Africa or any other part of the world). Two highly intelligent and talented groups have been Ashkenazi Jews and Anglo-Episcopalians. Studies show that both groups have equal intelligence, generally one standard deviation above the American average. Some estimates even suggest Anglo-Episcopalians may have slightly higher IQ than the Ashkenazi Jews. So, given parity in intelligence and talent, the two groups should have been neck-and-neck. Or the Anglo-Episcopalians should have had the advantage since they are Christian and share race and religion with the white majority population, among whom Anglo or Northern European stock has been prominent. But since the end of World War II, Jews kept gaining while Anglo-Episcopalians kept losing ground. Now, one reason could be personality. Maybe Jews have more a dogged, aggressive, and insistent personalities, the chutzpah thing. Or, maybe Jews were more adept at navigating through modernity due to greater(and more shameless) familiarity with strangeness, and indeed, the 20th century was a very strange era with so many upheavals and transformations. Due to their long history as a nomadic people who developed Zelig-ish and Houdini-like means to adapt to different nations and cultures, all the while maintaining a strong and resilient sense of tribal continuity and identity, Jews were perhaps more 'creative' in the way they played the game of modernity. After all, if there are two boxers of equal speed and ability but one is rather stiff while other is fluid, the latter will have the advantage. Shamelessness was part of the fluidity that allowed Jews to take control of vice industries that, though disreputable(at least initially), made Jews a lot of money in stuff like gambling and pornography. Also, this strange fluidity served Jewish Identity well because hostile identity had to be camouflaged with hopeful ideology. Jews couldn't have won over goyim if they'd insisted on their identity alone. Imagine if Jews said, "We are so proud to be Jewish and want you goyim to do the bidding of us Jews." Even the biggest Philo-Semites would have been offended by such presumption and arrogance. So, Jews cleverly sought power by spouting ideological talking points about 'justice', 'equality', 'progress', 'universal values', 'human rights', 'proposition nation', 'fighting hate', 'diversity', 'tolerance', and etc. By pushing such ideological themes, Jews created the impression that human progress depends on peoples all over the world suppressing their particular identities to welcome the one-and-only universal ideology. After all, identity is rooted and tangible whereas ideology is rootless and abstract. You can't immediately transform someone to another national identity(nor would you want to, that is if you want to maintain the integrity of identity), but you can quickly convert anyone to your beliefs and values.
Now, if Jewish Power led the charge with identity, goyim would have countered with their own identities. If Jews say, "We are Jewish, we are proud, and we work for Jewish power!", then goyim such as Poles would have countered with "We are Polish, we are Catholic, we are proud, and we work for Polish power!" Therefore, Jews decided to charge with ideology than identity. Jews said, "We are for justice and progress based on 'western values' and universal human rights, and if you oppose us, you're a bunch of 'racists', 'supremacists', 'xenophobes', and probably 'anti-Semites' too." This had a disarming effect on the goyim. After all, if Jews claim such noble neo-Christo-visions of bringing all of humanity under one umbrella of justice, tolerance, and understanding, why should any people say NO?
In truth, however, Jews weren't charging with ideology to serve ideology above all else. They were charging with ideology to smash goy identity so that Jewish identity could squeeze through the barriers and score the touchdown to win the game. In football, the offensive linemen do not smash into defensive linemen to score touchdowns. The offensive linemen rarely get to handle the ball. Their only role is to defend the quarterback and/or open up holes for the running back to slip through. And this is the game that Jews have been playing. They used the force of ideology as offensive linemen so that the ball of Jewish identity handled by the quarterback/runningback would slip through and score the touchdown. So, in the end, the elite competition in the US after WWII was not about Jewish commitment to ideology vs Anglo-Episcopalian commitment to ideology. It was Jewish commitment to ideology masked with ideology vs Anglo-Episcopalian commitment to ideology over identity. Well, guess who won that game? Increasingly, Anglo-elites lost their sense of identity. They even came to regard it as evil and wicked. This spread not only among Anglo-elites in the US but spread to the UK where the elites now celebrate the fact that UK will be overrun with Africans and Muslims. (To be sure, white elites seek to preserve their own status and privilege, so they don't really practice the ideology they preach. But unlike Jews, they are not using ideology as cover for identity. Rather, they use ideology to have immunity. Sticking with PC talking points buys them some protection from criticism.) Anglo-elites have chosen ideology(and immunity) over identity... without realizing that Jews pushed the toxic ideology that is now poisoning the West in order to favor Jewish identity above all else. Jews didn't push ideology over all identities. They pushed ideology only against goy identities to make space for Jewish identity(that got passover rights). So, while Anglo-American elites in US and Anglo-British elites in UK have been pissing away their land, legacy, and lineage, Jewish elites the world over have been doing everything to reinforce and strengthen Israel as a Jewish State and to turn Holocaustianity as the reigning neo-religion all around the world.

Now, who knows how the world might turn out IF all groups sincerely and conscientiously committed themselves to ideology over identity. Whatever the result may be, at the very least one could say all groups acted in good faith. But reality is never one where all sides behave with utmost honesty and highest principles. After all, why does every nation have an intelligence agency that specializes in spying, stealing secrets, planting disinformation, subverting other nations though covert means, and etc? So much for mutual trust and fair play. Or look how corporations operate. Why do they get sued? Why do they have to pay fines? Because they are often caught cheating or doing stuff to gain an edge. It's always been like that and always will be. If anything, most big corporations seek monopoly power so that they won't have to deal with competition. It's the nature of power. Then, it's the same with tribes, peoples, and nations. The idea that all peoples will be equally committed to ideology-over-identity is a pipe-dream. Furthermore, even if MOST peoples do somehow manage to favor ideology-over-identity, it only takes ONE violator to mess up everything. Suppose there are 100 people, and 99 of them act fair and honest while ONE guy exploits the 'naivete' of others to steal the entire loot for himself. Just like one bad apple can spread its mold and mess up the whole barrel, one transgressor can mess up everything. This is why libertarianism never works. It assumes that all of humanity could be persuaded to behave as principled individuals who are sincerely committed to liberty and personal responsibility, but that is fairyland. Consider how all those guys on Wall Street were preaching about 'free markets' and against government regulation, but the minute their fortunes were threatened by the crash of 2008, they were the first to run to government for bailouts and protection. And notice how they used their muscle to ensure that none of them would go to jail. Talk about professional(and tribal) courtesy. Indeed, the reason why the US is so corrupt is because it came under the domination of Jews who rose in power by pushing ideology only to favor their own identity above all else. Indeed, Jews favor Jewish identity not only above goy identities but above the ideology that they pretend to espouse. What applies to other groups doesn't apply to Jews. So, the US must sanction Iran, Russia, Syria, and any nation hated by Jews, but if any conscientious people want to sanction Israel for its Occupation of West Bank and brutality in Gaza, the hell with free speech, freedom of conscience, and universal justice: Criminalize BDS. Its Juden Uber Alles. Current Israel is more further right(often in dark ways) than any European nation, but notice the Jewish-dominated media never call it 'far right' while the label is used so often to denigrate even moderate nationalist movements in Europe. So, even the slightest sign of white/European identity or Christian consciousness(the real kind as opposed to globo-homo-infected cucktianity) is 'far right'(implying connection to Nazism) while even the most hardline Zionist extremism and supremacism is merely described as 'right-wing'.
The main reason why Jews get so triggered about white goyim in EU, US, Russia, and etc. expressing the slightest concern for whites in South Africa is because such sentiments suggest at the stirrings of white identity, i.e., whites coming to realize that they must choose identity-over-ideology for the survival and well-being of their race. Jews want identity-over-ideology only for themselves. Indeed, Jewish-dominated media even try to suppress it among black Africans. While the globohomo media have no problem with Jews doing everything possible to keep Israel predominantly Jewish, they have lambasted black South Africans for trying to stem the tide of migration-invasion from neighboring African nations like Zimbabwe(with economy worse than South Africa's due to total black rule or misrule). Jews fear that if whites favor identity-over-ideology, whites will come to favor their own identity over any other. And that means whites will put their own racial pride and racial interests above those of Jews. If that happens, Jewish Supremacism and globohomo hegemony could well end sooner than later. The utter hypocrisy of Jews is most evident in their reaction to white favoring of Jewish identity over goyim, white or otherwise. If Jews are indeed disdainful of identity(as tribal , dangerous, and obsolete), why are they so happy to see so many white people pledging their support to Jews and Israel? Isn't Jewishness an identity and isn't Israel an identitarian-state? For whites to favor Jews means favoring one identity over another. e.g. Zionists over Palestinians. If the politics of identity is so toxic and if Jews insist that whites must forsake their own racial identity, why do they also insist that whites must extol Jewish/Zionist identity and do everything in the world to serve and defend it? Why should whites favor Jews over Palestinians? Why should whites favor Israel over Syria or Iran? Why should whites favor economic sanctions on any people, nation, or group hated by Jews -- consider the sanctions on Russia, Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Palestinians, Christians who won't bend over to Homomania, white identitarians like Jared Taylor who are denied Twitter and Paypal, and etc. -- while showering Israel with billions in 'aid' every year? Why should whites get all worked up over non-existent nukes in Iran while overlooking the nukes in Israel built with uranium stolen from the US? But then, Jewish logic would have us believe that actual Jewish communist spies and subversives in the 40s and 50s were innocent victims of the McCarthyite 'witchhunt' whereas Trump and his associates are guilty of 'Russia Collusion' even though there isn't a shred of evidence and the 'evidence', as such exists, was fabricate by goons hired by the Hillary Campaign and the Deep State. Jews often deflect criticism by invoking the concept of Protected Groups. Because Jews have defined themselves as the Holy Holocaust people, they insist on Protected Status. Perversely, such protection has led to Jews becoming the New Nazis or Judeo-Nazis. It's one thing to offer special protection to weak and helpless groups. After all, it makes sense to offer protection to few remaining tigers in their natural habitat. But if tigers were plentiful and prowling the streets to devour people, should they be protected? Maybe it made sense to offer protection to the badly wounded Jewish tiger after WWII, but today, the Jewish Tiger is the apex predator, and protected status for such power is dangerous for all of humanity. Just ask the Palestinians, Russians, Syrians, Iranians, white Christians, Libyans, white Europeans, Arabs, Muslims, etc. Or, consider the twisted logic when it comes to Jews and Muslims. Jews say Muslims need to be protected in the West due to 'Islamophobia', but it was Jewish Hollywood that made all those movies that portrayed Arabs and Muslims as subhuman scum terrorists. Furthermore, the biggest tragedies that befell the Muslim World since the End of the Cold War have been due to Wars for Israel steered by Jewish Neocons and Neolibs. So, Jewish Power has done tremendous harm to Arabs and Muslims. And yet, Jewish idea of Protected Status for Muslims and Arabs has NOTHING to do with what Jewish Power is doing to those people. Rather, it's about protecting Muslims from Donald Trump and his supporters who, if anything, are more likely to oppose further Wars for Israel and want to bring US troops from the Middle East. The concept of Protected Groups has rendered justice meaningless when it comes to Jewish-and-Arab relations. If, as Jews insist, Jews and Arabs/Muslims both deserve special protection, what are we to do when Arabs/Muslims need protection from Jewish Power? After all, isn't BDS a movement that calls for special protection for the much beleaguered Palestinians from Zionist-imperialist-supremacism? But, because Jews are also protected or more-protected-than-others, Jewish greed takes precedence over Palestinian needs. The end result is the Protected Supremacism of the Jews who, posing as Eternal Holy Holocaust People, get to justify all their nasty deeds by pretending to be a 'victim group' in this day and age. Imagine Nazi Germany invading Poland and then trying to silence all international opposition by claiming Protected Status for Germany. Nazi Germany and Judeo-Nazis both demonstrate how the Cult of Victimhood can blind so many to their victimization of Others. Because so many Germans felt that their nation got a raw deal at Versailles and suffered so much during the interwar period, they regarded themselves as righteous victims righting wrongs even though they were doing wrongs to other people. And because Jews rationalize everything through the prism of 'Munich' and destroying 'new hitlers', they are blind to how they've become the new hitlers.

Identity-over-ideology will always beat ideology-over-identity. The recent history of Jews vs Anglo-Episcopalians bear this out. And it explains why Israel is proud and has healthy birthrates while Scandinavian nations are browbeaten and have low birthrates; it's because Israeli Jews put identity over ideology whereas the Scandies put ideology over identity.
Now, this doesn't mean that a people should be all about identity and no ideology. "My country right or wrong" is a terrible idea. There must be a constant effort toward shared principles of fair play, justice, and mutuality among nations, peoples, and cultures, just like individuals mustn't think in terms of 'myself uber alles'. If you did something, you need to pay the price. Even so, to an individual, his own survival and well-being come first(as long as he doesn't maliciously harm others). To a nation or people, their survival or well-being comes first. As long as a nation or people acknowledge the right of other nations and peoples to feel and act likewise, there should be no problem. The problem with Jewish Power is not universal nationalism, which is a sound idea. The problem is mono-nationalism whereby Jews and Only Jews get to enjoy the rights of nationalism while all other peoples must forsake their own nationalism mainly so that Jewish hegemonic power can systematically penetrate their nations and take control, especially with the aid of globo-homo 'gay' collaborators of every nation. (Homos around the world collaborate with Jewish Power because the spread of Jewish supremacism means homo-favoritism.) Even as Jews tell goyim to abandon their identity, Jews not only cling to theirs but practice what is essentially 'my country right or wrong'. Jewish mono-nationalism isn't a fair kind of nationalism but a gangster-nationalism where the politics of Jewish Identity is above the law and beyond reproach. Zionists occupying West Bank? Israel aiding terrorists in Syria? Wars for Israel turning millions of Arabs/Muslims into homeless nomads? Whatever happens, never blame Jews. Even though Israel is aggressor against Syria, the cuck-puppets in the media yammer about how ISRAEL needs to be protected from Syria. It's all so surreal, so very strange and Kafkaesque, but then, Jews are masters of strangeness. Ironically, Jews have become like the Nazis who were into 'my country right or wrong' mentality. Now, if Nazi Germans and Globo-Zionists were without power, it wouldn't matter what they think. But because Nazi Germany was a great power, its arrogance and supremacist lunacy brought the world to the brink. And now, Jewish globo-homo hegemonic power is doing much the same, spreading filth, hate, and lies all over. In some ways, Jewish globo-homo lunacy is more dangerous than Nazi lunacy because, at the very least, the Nazis were honest and forthright about their arrogance, contempt, and supremacism. Even those who admired certain aspects of National Socialism could see that it was led by real a**holes. Jewish supremacist are also monsters but notice how they pretend to be human-rightists, liberal-democracists, universal-valueists, diversitists, and etc. But boil down the Jewish stew to its essentials, and remaining salts in the pot taste like Kosher Supremacism.

Now, there is a better kind of nationalism. A tempered and moderate one where a nation, people, and culture prioritize their survival, preservation, and well-being all the while rejecting the arrogant mentality of 'my country right or wrong'. Thus, if that nation or people are known to have done something wrong, they fess up and make amends. It's like if your son commits a crime, it is only right that he should pay a fine or do time in jail. But that doesn't mean he's not your son. After serving time, you still favor him and try to help him because he's part of the family. It was this kind of nationalism that prevailed for a time after WWII. Germany and Japan were made to admit their wrongs and paid a heavy price. But they were allowed to survive and take care of their own interests. Their nationalism was okay as long as it respected the nationalisms of other peoples. Back then, the US and Europe were ruled by genuine nationalist leaders who felt a strong bond with their own folks, culture, and history.
But ever since Jews gained supremacist power in the US(that controls so much of the world through money, hard power, and soft power), the ideological coding of the West has been altered so that its goy elites would not only favor ideology over identity but abort even the mere thought of white identity within the white womb. And yet, this ideology was bogus because it wasn't molded out of good will and reciprocity but to dupe goyim into dropping their own identities so that Jewish identity could slip through the weakened cracks to make the touchdown and win the superbowl of Global Power. It's like Jews want whites to surrender their guns so that Jewish-controlled institutions will monopolize all the firepower. At this point, trusting Jewish Power is like trusting a fox in a henhouse. Tails I win, heads you lose. Maybe, it needn't have been this way IF Jews, as the new elites, favored 'what is good for American people' over 'what is good for Jewish supremacism'? It need not have been a zero-sum game. But as the new elites, Jews never felt much fondness or connection with the non-Jewish majority and just focused on increasing diversity to make goyim-fight-goyim while they grab more of the loot.

People need ideology because identity alone isn't enough. But ideology must serve or revolve around identity. Just like Earth revolves around the Sun, ideology must revolve around identity. A people must be identocentric than ideocentric, just like true astronomy is Helio-centric than Geo-centric. Those who choose to be ideo-centrists will surely lose to those who choose to be idento-centrists(while feigning as ideo-centrists). That is the history of Ashkenazi Jews vs Anglo-Episcopalians since the end of World War II. So... which side won and why? Just do the political math.
And in South Africa, why are things getting worse for white Afrikaners while it's looking so up and up for Jewish super-capitalists? Jews all over the world, in the spirit of identitarianism, stick up for Monopoly-Capitalist Jews in South Africa. In contrast, whites all over the world have been made to feel that it's 'racist' and 'white supremacist' to care about white women being raped and white children being beaten to a pulp by blacks in South Africa.

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