Saturday, February 13, 2021

Empire vs Alliance: The World Significance of Jewish-controlled US Empire at odds with the Alliance of Sovereign Nations, especially Russia, China, and Iran — Why Europe became more servile to an America taken over by Jewish Supremacist Power

The key difference in the current global affairs is it comes down to Empire vs Alliance.

On one side, there is the US empire and the countries under its iron wing. Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan are mere puppets of this empire in the East. And EU is the puppet in the West. The empire has only one power center. The advantage of this arrangement is the concentration of power and easily understood command structure. US and its 'partners' are like Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact nations during the Cold War. There is a clear chain of command. US gives the orders, the rest follows.
If the rest was less willing to follow Donald Trump, it was because the Deep State had the real power and Trump was regarded as a nuisance(soon to be gotten rid of by means fair and foul). Of great significance is that American power isn't only military, monetary, material, 'mammonic', and market-oriented but moral(and spiritual), especially because Jews control the gods. All of the empire are united in worship of the same gods: The icons, idols, & narratives of the Jews, blacks, homos, and 'diversity/inclusivity'(as defined by Jews, of course, as Israel is allowed to be ultra-nationalist and even supremacist).
Western Europe was less reverential to the US when the latter was ruled by Anglo-Americans, aka Wasps. While Wasps had pride, power, and prestige, they didn't go around making themselves out to be holy saint-victims innately possessed of sanctity. They represented earthly power and could be challenged and expected to be. So, even though Europeans were subordinate to Anglo-American Power for military, monetary, and material reasons, they didn't feel morally(or spiritually) inferior to White Americans; indeed, the Ugly American(which usually meant White Christian American) tropes were common in Europe among all classes.
Sure, America bailed out Europe after WWII and defended it from the USSR, but it was seen as morally marred by the history of 'genocide'(of the American Indians), slavery, 'racism', and neo-imperialism. Indeed, Anti-Americanism was vogue among Europeans during the Vietnam War when the US was lambasted as the New Nazi-like power. Anglo-Americans were giants but not gods; they were supremely powerful but not sacred. Sanctity was bestowed upon the seemingly pitiable Jews.

During the Cold War, Europeans didn't think too much of the sacralization of Jews. After all, WWII & the Shoah and exodus to Israel(and America) had greatly reduced the number of Jews in Europe. Thus, special sympathy for Jews seemed mostly a matter of sentiment, a luxury that Europeans could afford. And besides, the two great empires, US and USSR, following WWII were ruled by white goyim, and no one thought Jews would come to control either. Western Europe spearheaded the sacralization of Jews at a time when the Jewish Community seemed an object of pity. And White Americans also shared in this sacralization without foreseeing the future of Jewish Power in America.
When a powerless people are sacralized, it may be indulgent and naive, but it can't do much harm if they remain powerless. Sucking down to the powerless, as opposed to sucking up to the powerful, can't do much harm. After all, American Indians were sort-of-sacralized in the 60s, but it was inconsequential as Indians lacked to means to gain power. We could sacralize Eskimos or Australian Aborigines, but it'd come to nothing as those people will never amass power.

But, when whites in Europe and US sacralized Jews at their moment of weakness, they utterly lacked foresight as to future consequences. If you take pity on a little baby bunny, at most it will grow into a harmless rabbit. But if you dote on a tiger cub, it will grow into a giant predator. Jews with their higher IQ, pushy personality, vengeful memory, and covenant-based supremacism, had the potential of (re)gaining tremendous power and taking control of the West. When Europeans sacralized Jews as helpless Holocaust Survivors. And they thought the US, the master over Europe for the foreseeable future, would be ruled by Anglo-Americans or White-Christian Americans. As long as the US-as-lone-superpower was ruled by white Christians, Europeans could hold their own in terms of moral discourse and argument. While Europeans felt a certain degree of gratitude toward White Americans, they felt zero guilt toward them.
But because Europeans had sacralized Jews as a race of saint-victims(premised on heavy European guilt as mass-murderers or collaborators in the mass murder), they were poorly position to say NO to American Power were Jews to becoming the ruling elites of the US. Wasps were giants but not gods, but Jews came to control the gods. As Europeans chose to worship Jews as an eternally tragic and holy people, they felt compelled to cave to whatever gods controlled by the Jews. Saying NO to Jewish demands was a no-no, tantamount to heresy. If Jews said 'You celebrate Diversity', Europeans said 'We celebrate Diversity'. If Jews said 'You Cuck to Negroes', Europeans said 'We Cuck to Negroes'. If Jews said, 'You bend over to globo-homo', Europeans said 'We bend over to globo-homo'.

Plans for Holocaust memorial next to UK parliament

Jewish-controlled US has infinitely more power over the EU than Anglo-America ever did during the Cold War. Jews are deemed holy whereas Anglo-Americans never were. Europe in the Cold War had to shine Anglo-America's shoes, but EU today has to kiss the Jewish-America's toes, just like cucky whites grovel at the feet of blacks and wash them. In this sense, the so-called 'free world' is really like a theocracy. The US empire of old ruled by White Christians was admired and feared for its money and military, or earthly matters. But US empire ruled by Jews is obeyed as the new Vatican. "Oh holy Jews, please tell us what gods to worship next." If Jews say, "Men with wigs are women", the cucks in US and EU fall all over themselves to recite the catechism of "Men are women". There is a kind of quasi-spiritual unity in the empire as all are expected to worship the same gods. They got homo parades in Japan, BLM marches in S. Korea, and pro-empire Poles are totally into globo-homo and Great Replacement for Poland. Winning plaudits and approval from divine Jews, holy homos, and noble Negroes is their highest sense of good.

The disadvantage of the current Empire is that the puppet states, while servile and pliable, lack any real sense of innate pride and purpose. They are like mercenaries or puppets always taking orders or looking over their shoulders with no internal sense of worth. They are parrots than patriots. And even though Jews control the gods, the current idols are more of fashion and fancy than substance and meaning. Indeed, if Jew-run US were to vanish overnight, so many minions in the Empire would be completely lost as they utterly lack agency as individuals and pride as sovereign nationals. They would be like TV sets that no longer receive the signals. Instead of pulling up moisture from the roots, they grab vibes from the air.

On the other side, there is the Alliance. Russia and China are independent and sovereign. Russia doesn't own China, China doesn't own Russia. They are allies out of common interests and mutual understanding. Far weaker is Iran, but it too is no puppet. It has an independent government with its own course of action. Iran chooses to work with Russia and China out of shared interests, not out of servility. Russia doesn't tell China what to do, China doesn't tell Russia what to do, Russia doesn't tell Iran what to do, China doesn't tell Iran what to do, Iran doesn't tell Russia what to do, Iran doesn't tell China what to do. Rather, they understand they face similar challenges and coordinate efforts. There is real strength in this as each nation has its pride and sovereignty. The weakness, however, is the three nations can never be as united as the empire with its single command center.

Not only are Russia, China, and Iran(and nations like Venezuela) independent in government, military, and monetary policy but they control their own gods. Russian government has its own gods centered on Russian history & culture, China has its own gods rooted in Chinese history & CCP mythos, Iran has its own gods based on Islam & Persian history. Venezuela has its own narrative of the Bolivarian Revolution. They are truly diverse in the proper meaning of the word. Not only diverse as different races but in values and narratives, and they respect the right of others to have their own gods. China doesn't tell Russia to revere Confucius and Mao, and Russia doesn't tell China to build Orthodox Churches or monuments to Alexander Nevsky.

In contrast, the US empire requires all its puppets to bow down to Globo-Jewgromo, or globalist worship of Jews, Negroes, and Homos. Indeed, all countries within the empire must elevate Jews, Negroes, Homos, and Foreigners/Immigrants above their own people, culture, and history. Whether it's France, Germany, Sweden, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, Australia, or whatever, the Globo-Shlomo Empire demands that they suppress nativism(in favor of invasivism), national pride, & unity-heritage-memory, and instead favor foreigners/immigrants, celebrate the minority homos, adulate the Negro, and remember the Holocaust. In a broad sense, the Alliance is 'polytheist' as each nation has control over its own gods, whereas the Empire is 'monotheist' as all within the empire are required to worship the gods controlled by Jews.

Janus-like India is the big outlier in this. On the one hand, it plays along with the US empire, especially in its stance against China. But when push comes to shove, it often chooses an independent path that is unthinkable for Japan or Germany, even for France and UK. Another outlier is nations like Hungary. Though part of EU, it insists on nationalism and its own cultural values.

Nations that side with the Alliance are accepted as sovereign nations. In contrast, nations that join the empire(or have been forced into it) must cuck to Jews, wave the homo flag, hail the Negro, and welcome the Great Replacement.

The biggest problem for the empire is it's an empire-empire, which makes everything far more complicated. In the past, most of America was White Christian, and American Empire reflected White Christian power, pride, and values. White men were tough, hardy, proud, and ready to fight. Today, the US is controlled by Jews, i.e. white christians are totally cucked to Zion. On the one hand, Jews need whites to be hardy managers and soldiers for the Empire, but on the other, Jews need whites to be guilt-ridden toadies without white pride. Jews both weaken whiteness and expect it to carry the burden of empire. It's like castrating someone and then adding more load on his back.
Still, white christians are found at all levels of the US empire, and to a naive outsider it may still seem as if the US is a White Christian Power. After all, Joe Biden is said to be a catholic. But in truth, all these whites are hapless and sappy cucks to Jews.

Also, unlike White Christian American elites of old, Jews don't primarily identify as American but Jewish, i.e. they feel closer to World Jewry than to goy Americans. Thus, Jewish Power that rules the US isn't really American but Zionist and supra-nationalist. So, the American Empire serves a bigger empire, the Empire of Judea or EOJ.
And yet, because the US pretends to be a 'liberal democracy' and a protector of the 'free world', white cuck christians must pretend they are animated by 'human rights', 'democratic principles', and 'muh constitution' when, in fact, their only modus operandi is "Will it please the Jews and win me more pokemon points for being such a good cucky-wuck?" Also, as part of the so-called 'free world', the satellite nations in Asia and EU must also carry on with the pretense that they are free & independent and happily & willingly embracing globo-homo when, if anything, they are puppet-democracies where the elites have little choice but to follow the Washington Line(just like International Communism once obeyed the Moscow Line) and promote decadence, degeneracy, and 'diversity' on their own peoples. While the Jew-run US doesn't usually send in tanks like the Soviets did with Poland, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia, it has ways to destroy the reputation, stability, and marketability of any satellite nation by coordinated efforts of media and finance. Furthermore, as so many young ones in satellite nations were either educated in the US and/or brainwashed the 'Western Media', they are more than willing to collaborate with the Empire against their own nation and people.


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