Thursday, October 25, 2018

Afro-Colonization of White Wombs(ACOWW) has been facilitated by White Achievements and Power of Electricity and Electronica as Magnifiers and Amplifiers of Black Prowess

Many nationalists blame the rise of feminism as the main cause of West's downfall.

Feminism is a big problem, but it alone can't do much harm. After all, prior to mass immigration-invasion, feminism was just a headache in Sweden, not an 'existential' matter. Feminism or no feminism, the real threat to the white race is due to biological differences among the races, especially between whites and blacks.

After all, the white underclass is hardly intellectual/ideological or into stuff like 'feminist' Critical Theory. Most never came across academic tracts on anything. But we see more and more 'white trash' women breeding with black men than with white men... which only adds to white male depression and White Death, esp as white-have-nots have no leadership or guidance from white elites. If anything, they are condemned for 'white privilege' by the white elites who hog the real privilege(by cucking out to Jewish overlords). White elites ameliorate the burden of 'white guilt' by fancy displays of virtue-signaling. Look how far Tom Brokaw, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, and their ilk got by mixing privilege/success with self-serving displays of 'conscience' that dumps most of the burden of 'white privilege' on Joe Sixpack.

Even anti-white-ness per se may not be the main threat to the White Race. After all, white women are not attracted to American Indians -- legit 'victims' of US history -- despite the Narrative that morally advantages Indians over whites. So, even if white men are accused of 'genocide' against the Noble Red Man, the fact is most white women will not run into the arms of Red Man. And no matter how much we hear about the mistreatment of Chinese railroad workers, white women will not have 'yellow fever' for yellow gorks.

The real problem is electronica and Afro-funkery.

Paradoxically, the greatest achievement and strength of a people can end up serving the power of another people. It's like the roads built by Romans. They were meant to expand Roman power and domination. But in the end, it made the invasion of Rome much easier because the barbarians could use those very pathways to march toward Rome to sack it. So, what the Romans built to ensure their domination over others facilitated the domination by others over Romans. Rome ended up being 'host' to invaders. It's like a dog's mobility is a great advantage, but it also enables the spread of parasites much more effectively. Dog's speed allow dogs to hunt and run from danger. But it also means dogs will run all around and spread fleas and ticks to other dogs and mammals. Dogs unwittingly serve as the hosts and carriers of the very creatures that feed on them. It's like the Alien creature in Ridley Scott's movie uses humans as host-carriers of their eggs.

Prior to white development of mass travel, mass communication, and electronic media, blacks were nothing more than oogity-boogity primitives in their own world. Though physically powerful and aggressive, they lacked the intellect and temperament to develop the kind of technology necessary for world domination. They mostly chucked spears at hippos and then yelled "run like a mothafuc*a". They beat on bongo drums and shook their booties and told folktales about how someone's grandma was an antelope. So, no matter how physically powerful and wild they were, they were stuck in their own little worlds and meant nothing to the rest of The World.

So, how did Afromania spread(indeed, even before homomania)? It was due to white achievements in electricity and electronica. Electricity allows the development of electronica, the gadgets, especially of media and entertainment, that AMPLIFY and MAGNIFY human expression, showmanship, and prowess. Before electronica, it took an entire orchestra or a big chorus to make loud sounds. With electronica, a skinny Mexican like Carlos Santana or dufusy Briton like Jimmy Page could create thunder with a single guitar on par with Wagner's operas. Rock music wasn't possible without electricity. Prior to electronica, black music could be loud and raucous but its reach was limited to a saloon or hall. But when bluesmen went electric, they sounded 1000x more powerful.
Even without electronica, people could express themselves powerfully, but the impact was limited. Electronica amplified the power of expression 100x and transmitted images and sounds to millions and even billions of people, especially via satellite technology.

Now, blacks had NOTHING to do with modern science. White folks did it all, just about. Even non-white achievements by Japanese were micro-improvements on white macro-paradigms. So, the power of electricity and electronica developed as achievements of white power to serve white power.
The problem is the power of electricity and electronica came to favor the expressions of another people, even ones that posed harm to the very people who developed the technologies.
It's like Japanese companies like Sony and Toshiba made lots and lots of TV sets and sold them around the world. So, did Japanese TV's spread Japanese culture and prestige? No, for the most part, what people around the world watched on those Japanese-made TV sets were Hollywood and American culture. So, if Japan sold 100 million TV sets, they did little to spread Japanese racial or cultural prestige or enhance Japan's soft power. What really mattered was what was broadcast on TV, and it was mostly American sports and entertainment and movies and music. Japanese provided the hardware but not the idols for global consumption.

So, all those Japanese TV's were really serving the American Sound and Image.
In the end, who prints books is less significant than who provides the ideas and images conveyed on the pages of books and magazines.
I mean a person in some part of the world with a Sony TV does NOT think when watching a movie, "I'm watching a TV set made by Sony. Gee, those Japanese make good TV's. Good workmanship. Nice technology." No, he ignores all that and just gets excited about what is coming through the Tube, which is far more likely a Hollywood product than a Japanese movie or TV show. If Jews were to make all the TV sets but if Palestinians were to make all the TV shows, which side would gain the advantage? Will people show more appreciation to the fact that Jews made the TV sets OR will they show more appreciation to the programs created by Palestinians?

So, when white folks feel assured of their power because so much of Human Achievement was the result of white genius, white brilliance, and white innovation, they are not seeing the bigger picture. Much of white achievements in technology is merely useful and convenient. People don't pay attention to the technology itself but what it can deliver or convey. How many people know what really goes into a TV, smartphone, computer, internet, or video game in terms of technology and programming? They just like the sight-and-sound, the fun stuff relayed by such technologies. Thus, so much of white genius and white-human-achievement goes undetected and remains invisible. When people flush the toilet, they don't think of the important historical figure who came up with modern plumbing and sewage system.
People are still organisms, and most organismic needs are basic and functional. People do them because they must. It's like taking a urine, taking a dump, drinking water, getting some sleep, cleaning and bathing, and etc. People do them not because they want to but because they must. They're about bodily functions.
What people fixate most on are things of pleasure. Not just any food but sugary-creamy food. Music and dance, related to sex culture, as music and sexuality light up same parts of the brain. And human organisms still have that warrior-hunter instinct, which is why people, esp men, still love sports and action movies and video games.

As for culture, elitist high art has no chance against pop culture. Elite culture had prestige when the world was ruled by aristocrats with fancy airs. They were patrons of high art. Also, the power of religion emphasized themes of grace, dignity, transcendence, and redemption over ones of wantonness, excess, vulgarity, and shamelessness. For most of human history, most people had humble folk culture and family lore. Elites had high culture. But in the democratized world of mass consumption, pop culture is the only dominant culture, and it is driven by profits derived from catering to 'base' animalistic drives of masses of human organisms.

White people developed the power of electricity and invented electronica on a massive scale. Today, even tribesmen in Africa have smartphones that connect with all the world. Since white folks developed the technology and since East Asian nations make a lot of these gadgets, one would think the power of electricity/electronica would favor whites above all and Asians second. But, the controllers of much of globalist media and entertainment are Jews who generally happen to have their own ethno-organismic interests that tend to be hostile especially toward white gentiles(but also against Muslims and Asians). So, movies like GET OUT, DJANGO UNCHAINED, and 12 YEARS A SLAVE are financed by them(but nothing about the Nakba Pogroms that wiped Palestine off the map).

Also, in our culture of shameless thuggery and lasciviousness, blacks have a decisive advantage in entertainments with greatest reach for masses around the world: Pop music, sports, vulgar comedy, pornography, increasingly sexualized dance forms, and art of hollering(like in rap battles, though when used well, it can lead to impressive oratory, as with MLK).
Blacks always had these traits, but they were contained in Africa. Someone in Mexico, India, China, Turkey, Iran, or Hungary wouldn't have known about black volume or virility prior to mass electronic communication. But with the spread of electronic networks all around the world, blackness in sports, music, dance, sex, and hollering has spread all over. And this is leading to a kind of Afro-mono-culture. Now, global electronic networks can, theoretically or ideally, spread all sorts of cultures and expressions around the world. And this spirit does exist in the Art Film Community where people still show interest in different works from around the world. But these films make minuscule amount of money. Look at any Variety box office charts, and it's rare for a foreign or indie film to make more than $100,000 at box office in the US, no matter how good the film is. Most indie or foreign films make much less than even that.
Especially in a world culture that is increasingly shameless, infantile, savage, and vulgar, people don't have patience or interest in anything except that which gives them a quick fix or high, like crack or smack. Also, sports is a zero-sum game. People only care about top winners and no one else. Blacks dominate sports because they got more fast-twitch muscles, making them quicker and more explosive. Also, blacks have tougher bones and faster reflexes. Evolution made for racial differences in physical advantages. Since blacks are most wild and dominant in the culture of mass thrills -- even coming up with a dance called 'twerking' -- , World Culture is going Afromaniacal. Long ago, French pop music was unique. While it borrowed elements from other musical styles, it maintained a distinctive Frenchness. But go on youtube and check the top 10 hits of France last year, and it's just French version of Afro-funkery and rap. And look at the French soccer team. Almost all black.

This means that the most advanced part of the world, the West, has done most to promote and disseminate the attitudes and (lack of)manners of the most primitive, aggressive, and troublesome race on earth, the blacks, whose racial nature has made a total mess of Africa, Haiti, Detroit, parts of Baltimore, and etc. Whites built computers and the internet. Blacks had nothing to do with it. But black expressions are spread to all corners of the world via the internet.

Afromania may be sold as 'diversity', 'feminism', 'progress', or 'tolerance', but it is really Afro-colonization of the world via the CARRIER of white technology. Even though technology was created by high intellect, great discipline, and much learning, their purpose is to make things easier and simpler for most people. Initially, technology was to ensure better survival and production of basic goods like automobiles and laundry machines. They were not about pleasure but necessity and convenience. But once people's basic needs were met, they relied on technology more and more for pleasure, especially with the rise of youth culture in the 50s and 60s when hedonism became the main mode, even to the point of infecting leftism, whereby May 68 in France was ignited by French male students being angry for lack of easy sexual access to coeds.

The masses find most pleasure in sports as form of neo-tribalism, pop music, dance as horny expression, comedy & culture of vulgarity, pornography & other forms of sex culture, and narcissism & celebrity(to the point that even fat homely Lena Dunham imposes herself on us as 'hot stuff), and etc. And blacks have gained dominance in many of those. And because US media have global reach and because internet interconnects all the world, it means Euro-power in electricity and electronica have come to serve as midwife to and carrier of savage Afromania. And this may be a destructive force, not least because modern technology not only allows mass communication but mass travel. In the 50s and 60s, white Britons may have listened to black music and drawn inspiration, but most black Africans had little chance of making it to UK. Also, there were far fewer blacks back then in Africa. But modern medicine and food vastly increased black population in Africa. Also, air travel is now cheap enough that any well-off African can fly to any part of the world. Also, the breakdown of borders and loopy redefinition of 'western values' mean that Africans can willfully endanger themselves at sea to be dragged into Europe, whereupon they can trek from Italy or Spain to northern parts of Europe. And since the 80s, European women have been dosed on madonna-ism, the ideal of white ho having orgy with the entire NBA. This leads to the Afro-Colonization of White Wombs or ACOWW. And if you have trepidation about any of that, all of EU, from top to bottom, have been mentally-colonized to condemn you as 'racist'. A people who are only territorially conquered can still survive as a race. Poles and Kurds had been conquered this way, but as most of their women had children for their own men, the people and culture survived. But when the women of a race are womb-colonized by another people, it leads to something like mestizo-ization. The Hispanic colonization of native wombs in Latin America forever destroyed the identity and pride of Meso-Americans who still linger as strangers in their own land, or strangers in a familiar land.

At the current rate, the white race is going from boomers to doomers. Not only do more and more white women invite their wombs to be colonized by black men but white men, as sappy cucks, have embraced their own inferiority and fitfully virtue-signal their 'anti-racism' of having accepted the black man as the 'better man' who's more deserving of possessing and enjoying white female beauty. Paradoxically, white 'progressives' who rhetorically reject the notion of racial differences actively behave in ways that are premised on racial differences. After all, why would white women go with black men unless they believed black men are superior as savage-warrior-hunter-studs over sappy white loser males? And why would white males seek comfort and compensation in Asian women? It's because they are losing white women to black men.


  1. Feminism is 100% the reason why white men are unable and unwilling to resist the negro migration. If women were at home with babies with their husbands without the vote, what would be happening to these arabs and negroes?

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