Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Of Needles and Balloons - Two Kinds of Ideologies & Two Kinds of Sensibilities

The Current Discourse can be characterized as a contest between needles and balloons. Guess which will win when needles meet balloons. Needles of course. Needles are steely and sharp. Balloons may be bigger, but they are full of hot air and soft on the outside. Truth is like a needle, and lie is like a balloon. Integrity and honesty are like a needle, and deception and falsehood are like a balloon. Needles do not fear balloons. If anything, they are eager to pop and expose them as mostly inflated rubber holding nothing but hot air. In contrast, balloons are deathly afraid of needles because even the slightest prick can expose their emptiness.

Granted, a discourse could be between needle and needle or between balloon and balloon. Certainly, the ideological debate between Democrats and Republicans is one of balloon vs balloon. It’s a contest of hot air of empty rhetoric pre-scripted and pre-packaged by the oligarchs, the network, and the handlers. It’s about paid politician as streetwalkers for globalist oligarchic pimps. But the contest could be between needle vs needle. After all, two opposing sides could be equal in intelligence, honesty, and integrity even if they see things differently. Or both sides may be sincere in their conviction that truth is really on their side. After all, we can never know the whole truth. We can only know some of the truth, and we are all affected by some degree of subjective bias or personal passion.

Also, virtue is no guarantee for verity. A person may have all the integrity, ability, and courage, but his knowledge of truth is limited to his access to education and information. Furthermore, human character is less about known facts than about one’s ethos and values. A person can be virtuous within the context of Hindu customs or within the framework of Islamic culture. All True Believers, even of false doctrines or dubious ideologies, can be men of integrity and character if they are sincere in their conviction and courageous in their principles.
This is why basic virtues aren't sufficient to make people strive for the truth. Every thought system makes demands on people to be serious, committed, and loyal. Through obedience and adherence to core values, people can be virtuous.
But a higher value can only be attained by an individual quest for truth. A person mustn’t only receive and revere the Truth handed down to him but question its assumptions, meaning, implications, and validity. This is a higher kind of integrity than sincere devotion to the Order.

It is that combination of curiosity and courage that makes for a needle. A ‘conservative’ or a ‘liberal’ who merely conforms to what he’s been told by the Authority or the Official Narrative cannot be a needle. Such people are filled with varying amounts of air or limp without air, but they are essentially passive in their submissiveness to the Order. They are dogs and teachers’ pets of the world. Or, being just plain lazy, all their ideas come from Pop Culture that is controlled by Jews, homos, and cucky-wucks.
To be a needle, one needs to step outside the box. The truth is not in being ‘left’ or ‘hard left’ or ‘right’ or ‘hard right’ but in the individual will to ask questions and understand the deeper layers of power.

Also necessary is a kind of personal sensibility that favors sobriety and probity over frivolity and insipidity. The Power knows this all too well. It fears the Needles, and that is why the 2 PC’s — Political Correctness and Pop Culture — are geared toward making us shallow, immature, infantile, delusional, escapist, and stupid. When one’s primary ideology revolves around LGBTQ fantasies of 50 genders, Afromania of BLM & Rap, mindless mantras about Diversity, porny version of feminism with pussy-costumes, tattoos-piercings-hair-color, and etc., you can never be a serious person asking serious questions and seeking serious truths. Style has value but only as an accent on substance. Style cannot substitute substance, especially if it happens to be demented and stupid, as so many styles are today.

The needles are serious people who are not afraid to ask the essential questions about the Power and the Way of the World. Needles are not afraid to connect the dots in ways that deviate from the official dictates of the Power. Needles have something of the Greek Hero in them. Something inside them want to challenge the gods and know of their secret. They want to discover the truth behind the Wizard in the World of Oz. And this is why the Power fears and hates the needles the most.

And yet, the System needs needles because only needles can probe for the truth. Yet, needles are dangerous because they can pop the Official Balloon at the center of any system, left and right. So, the System tries to allow the freedom of needles in most areas EXCEPT against the Core Balloon that holds the hot air of Dogma. The Catholic Church, for instance, allowed and encouraged needles in many scientific endeavors but wanted to protect the balloon of the Geo-centric Universe that was deemed to be essential to the spiritual premise of Church and Faith. Every system seeks to maximize the power of truth because truth is more useful than falsehoods. Try building a rocket with false calculations or assumptions. Every scientific discovery or mathematic solution is a needle. They can be used to further the power of the system. But what about the political justification for the system? For communism to survive, Marxism-Leninism could not be doubted or questioned. Though it began as a sharp instrument aimed at the hot balloon of the Tsarist and then Social-Democratic system, it turned into a big balloon once the New Order was firmly ensconced with its own myths, symbols, and slogans. Communism became a big balloon with hammer & sickle painted on it. But despite its grandiose size, it could easily be busted with a prick of a needle. And this is why the balloon had to be protected from critical/skeptical/analytical needles by a vast apparatus of brass knuckles. The balloon needed a safe space from needles. Since balloon can’t stand up to the pricks of needles, it had to rely on the power of fists. It’s like the game of scissors-paper-and-hammer. Papers can’t stand up to sharp scissors, but the blunt hammer can bash the scissors.

And the world we live in is very much one of balloons, needles, and iron fists. Jews used to represent the needles of America when they spoke truth(or clever lies) to power. Jews were like a skillful acupuncturist probing into all parts of Wasp America to find how the system works. Its strengths and weaknesses. Its reactions to the needles. Even though Anglos were called Wasps, all the stinging was done by Jews. Some Jews needled the power for the truth or justice. But others just wanted to deflate the Wasp balloon so that they could take over as the new masters of America.

But a system cannot be sustained with search for truth alone. It has to be filled with a Narrative with the stuff of myth, vision, and holiness. There has to be a quasi-spiritual faith in the system as something more than a realm of facts. It had promote itself as a realm of sanctity. So, Jews created a new balloon with the Narrative air of Shoah, Afromania, Diversity(via Lazarus-ian mass immigration), and etc.

It wasn’t enough that Jews won by meritocracy in intellect and drive. After all, superiority in intelligence and wealth doesn’t necessarily mean justification for power and control. A people can be intelligent and influential but vile and wicked. Talent means more ability, not more morality. After all, Jews had gained lots of financial success in Europe and were regarded as smart/clever, but that didn’t make the gentiles love the Jews any better. In order for Jewish Power to be protected, it needed to be inflated and shrouded with a Narrative. And Jews found the Shoah Narrative highly effective in making Jews out to be the greatest victims of all time and in instilling ‘guilt’ among white goyim.
Some may regard the ‘holocaust deniers’ as courageous needles, but they are more like idiots cutting their own flesh. While there can be serious and probing revision of Shoah, most of what goes by ‘Holocaust Denial’ is truly moronic stuff. Incidentally, the real danger of the Shoah Narrative isn't in the suppression of free speech but in the ‘sacralization’ of Jews into a holy race. Such deification of a group of humanity can be dangerous IF the people become very powerful. If we all deified Eskimos, it can’t do us much harm because Eskimos have little power. But if, as the result of Shoah Narrative, we were to regard Jews as wise, wonderful, perfect, and noble, it means we won’t be properly alert to the nature of Jewish power. Also, because of the ‘sacralization’ via the Shoah Narrative, we’ve effectively been banned from taking a cold hard look at Jewish history and learn of Jewish perfidy, abuses, corruptions, and ‘historical crimes’. So, while we regard most peoples’ histories as a mix of good and bad, noble and ignoble, we tend to see all of Jewish history as one of wise, wonderful, and blameless Jews having been set upon by wicked gentiles who never had a rational reason for feeling animus toward the Jews.
Indeed, what Jews fear most is not ‘Holocaust Denial’ but serious discussion and criticism of Jewish history and power. The main purpose of the Shoah Narrative isn’t to suppress the ‘denial of Holocaust’ but to keep alive the aura of Jewish sanctity that maintains the Jew Taboo that forbids honest discussion of Jewish history and power.

In a way, both Jews and blacks triumphed and won in the West due to meritocracy though in different fields. When faced with a superior rival, only social race-ism will protect a people. We understand this in mankind's relation to animals. If we struggled with animals on the meritocratic basis of brute strength, animals would crush us. So, we ‘cheat’ via social species-ism that says species exist, species are different, and we-as-humans need to be conscious of our species and do whatever is necessary to secure our survival and advantage over animals. If humans were to compete with animals on the basis of natural species-ism, many animals would gain advantage over humans because, in the contest of tooth and claw, humans cannot win against bears, wolves, buffaloes, elephants, hippos, etc. Humans could only win via social species-ism that allowed for ‘cheating’ with spears, arrows, barriers, and shelters. So, we’ve created an artificial world that keeps animals out.
Likewise, white people could only maintain a secure place for themselves against Jews and blacks only through social race-ism. As Jews are smarter than whites and as blacks are more muscular than whites, there was no way whites could win against Jews in a contest of natural race-ist contest of wits. And there was no way whites could win against blacks in a contest of natural race-ist contest of fists.
The Natural is race-ist in that it created different races with different abilities. So, natural race-ism made Jews smarter than blacks, and it made blacks stronger than Jews. And it made Jews smarter than whites, and it made blacks tougher than whites.
Whites understood the ramifications of natural race-ism via-a-via Jews and blacks. So, whites instituted quotas against Jews in elite colleges and barred Jews from certain clubs. It was the ONLY way to maintain the order of white power. Natural-meritocratic competition with Jews would not lead to equality or parity but to Jewish supremacism over whites. Now, this might not have been so bad IF whites could speak truth to Jewish Power once Jews became King of the Hill, but Jews cleverly denied this possibility by pushing the Shoah Narrative that sanctified Jews into a quasi-holy race. So, Jews not only won with meritocracy but were protected from criticism by sanctimonious taboos. And much of the problems of America and the World can be traced to the sanctification of Jews.
It allowed leeway for Jewish power to become especially corrupt and megalomaniacal. Too many Jews are now intoxicated not only with power and hubris but with moral and pseudo-spiritual vanity. They are full of themselves. This is dangerous because Jews, as the masters of the Empire of Judea(or EOJ), are now the most powerful people on Earth with too much hatreds for too many peoples: Russians, Iranians, Syrians, Palestinians, White gentiles, etc.
Anyway, the lesson from the rise of Jewish supremacist power is that natural race-ism leads to hierarchy and domination, not equality. Meritocracy for Jews led not to Jewish equality with gentiles but Jewish supremacist domination over gentiles who are seen as cattle and dogs by Jews.

Whites suffered the same fate with blacks, albeit in the realm of physicality. Natural race-ist competition between whites and blacks could only lead to black supremacism than racial equality. Having more fast-twitch muscles, stronger bones, and faster reflexes, blacks were bound to dominate sports if whites and blacks were made to compete on an equal footing. Therefore, whites needed social race-ism to create a secure space for white manhood and pride. Whites, especially white men, were totally justified in fearing the stronger, tougher, and meaner Negro. If whites dropped social race-ism, the future wasn’t racial equality or parity but black physical domination, black destruction of white manhood, and black colonization of white wombs(and pathetic cucky-wuckery for white men). So, why didn’t whites speak out on this? D.W. Griffith did try with THE BIRTH OF A NATION, but even he failed because the Wasp character was into either white pride or gentlemanly ideal. White pride led many whites into denial. They continued to believe in the Great White Hope or pretend that whites were tougher and could beat up blacks. Such pride was hollowed out when blacks totally came to dominate sports and conquer millions of white wombs. Now, white males are cuck-dorks who kneel before blacks. If the white priders were too full of themselves to admit to their fear of the Negro and sound the racial alarm, the gentlemanly types felt it was beneath contempt to speak of vulgar biological realities. They preferred the world of rules and agreements. Since ‘may the best man win’ is a gentlemanly value, they eventually decided the fair and honorable thing was to let the Negro compete equally in sports with the white man. The result was predictable. Blacks totally crushed whites. Worse, even the gentlemanly hope that the dignity of sportsmanship would rub off on the ‘groids’ didn’t come to pass. Black nature being wilder and funkier, blacks intoxicated with pride of sports domination just acted like jungle warrior and showered whitey with nothing but contempt and derision. White gentlemanly delusions about blacks didn’t pan out. Blacks soon reverted to their jungleman ways. (Whites would have been better off if more of them spoke of racial matters like Howard Stern or Tom Buchanan of THE GREAT GATSBY. Buchanan is uber-wasp but oddly fully of grubby chutzpah when it comes to matters of race. His talk isn't gentlemanly but more blunt and candid.)

But as with Jews, it was worse than that. Just as Jews were ‘sacralized’ by the Shoah Narrative, blacks were ‘sacralized’ with slavery-Jim-Crow-and-MLK narrative. So, blacks not only physically kicked white butt but were seen as black jesuses and even black god. Now, if blacks had won athletically and physically(especially through crime and thuggery) and if whites could call out on black abuses and bad behavior, there would be some push-back against the threatening and destructive power of blacks. But because of the sacralization of blacks, whites not only got clobbered by blacks in the stadiums and streets but they couldn’t even honestly voice criticism of bad black behavior. Indeed, the Official Narrative of America now says whites must praise, admire, and worship the very people who rob them of manhood and/or property. So, if a black guy whups a white guy and humps white women, the proper thing for the white guy is to be a white boy like CucKen Burns and praise the Negro to high heaven as the sacred master race. This is why a people cannot survive and secure their existence without an intelligent use of social race-ism. As the first true race-ist, Aristotle said so himself.

And of course, Homos complete the Holy Three along with Jews and blacks. As such, the three groups have immense power in the West. And for that reason, it is incumbent upon honest critics and observers to be needles and prick the balloons of falsehood and sanctimony about the three powerful groups.
The truth is that Jews are indeed smarter, blacks are indeed tougher, and homos are more creative in certain areas. But the other truth is that these advantages also lead to lots of abuses. Jews use their domination of finance, law, and high-tech to pull all sorts of dirty tricks. Bernie Madoff was one of the worst but not alone. Now, Jews threaten to engulf the world with war just to further their ambition for global domination.
And too many blacks act like thugs and louts because they think "We can whup people’s ass". The blend of black vanity and thuggery has led to a very ugly culture in America. And homos have used their great power to elevate themselves as a race of angels even though the main distinction between normal straight people and homos is that the latter are into gross fecal penetration. Homos have done much to degrade moral norms and to impose degeneracy as the New Decency. Also, all the lies we’ve been forced to swallow about homos have led to a culture of lies where truth has become as murky as biological sex in a gender studies program. And so, the responsible thing is for us to speak truth to Jewish power, black power, and homo power. We need to bust their bubbles.
After all, they initially gained power by pricking the bubbles of white lies, hypocrisy, and betrayal of principles. White Americans said the US is about equality of man and rule of law. But slavery gave lie to such an ideal. And white gentiles said US is about opportunity based on merit. But there were quotas against Jews in elite colleges. And traditional society and even psychology used to insist that homosexuality is a mental disease when, in fact, some people are naturally born with such deviant orientation.

So, the needles that pricked the false balloons in the past had value in advancing the truth. But that was then, this is now. We now live in a world where Jews themselves use quotas to favor their own kind over others in elite colleges. Also, Jewish power isn’t only about merit but (1) tribal and race-ist networking a (2) use of Jew Taboo to silence dissent and (3) White Submissivism that has made whites feel that they must deny their own identity and interests in favor of Jewish identity and interests. And blacks are out of control as criminals and thugs in so many communities. Jim Crow is ancient history in an America where black thuggery is not only tolerated but worshiped as ‘cool’, especially in the Rap realm. And homos, with the backing of Jewish Power, replaced Christianity with Homomania or Queertianity as the neo-religion of the West.

In other words, Jewish power, black power, and homo power have now reached a point that exceeds the bounds of merit. Jews did gain much by meritocracy, but once they got the power, they used the Shoah Narrative to browbeat any prospective critic of Jewish Power and to implement any scheme, no matter how ugly and demented, to further Jewish supremacism. The sight of tiny little Israel creates the false impression that Jews are merely worried about the security and survival of that tiny little state. In fact, the main obsession of Jews isn’t Israel but the Empire of Judea, of which Israel is the Temple, NY is the bank, LA is the myth factory, Las Vegas is the cash cow, and Pentagon is the hammer. The Empire of Judea has tentacles all over the globe though, of course, Jews project their octopus-like nature on others, currently on Putin.

As for blacks, they are no longer in the age of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. Indeed, assigning school children with the book MANDINGO would be closer to the mark of where we are. Civil Rights Era is long gone. Blacks are in thug and beast mode. They feel arrogance and contempt toward other races. (But there is a GROUNDHOG DAY mentality that always resets the clock to the twilight of the Jim Crow. We are stuck in the conundrum of TO KILL A GROUNDHOG.)
And millions and millions of black Africans now believe that the West and white world exist only to serve and put out to blacks, not least because the world has become saturated with Hollywood images of noble blacks bestowing wisdom and coolness on the pale and vapid white race that can only be redeemed by Jewish genius, Negro cool, and homo radiance.

This is sheer cultishness and very dangerous because Jews, Negroes, and homos are now very powerful, albeit in different areas for different reasons. And this may prove to be even a bigger problem for EU. If whites everywhere are supposed to revere and worship blacks and if millions of black Africans wash ashore in Europe and cause so many troubles, are white people supposed to shut up and just keep praising blacks to high heaven? How is that any different from how Germans behaved during WWII? Instead of needling Hitler’s megalomania, too many Germans worshiped him and served him loyally to the end that saw the total ruination of Germany. Even though Diversity is sold as redemption for ‘white supremacism’ and ‘racism’, it has the same logic as the lunacy that engulfed Nazi Germany. It has Taboos and Sacraments that cannot be questioned despite all the facts to the contrary.
It’s a fact that blacks are tougher, more aggressive, and less intelligent. They are more psychopathic. Too many of them will destroy white manhood, and when white manhood goes, so does white womanhood as white women will become infected with jungle fever. And then, as Europe gets overtaken by wild black junglemen, it will be the fall of the West. But this truth cannot be spoken because it’s... uh... ‘racist’! We are supposed to tremble with fear before that bogus PC term that is meant to have the effect of ‘bad doggy’!

We need to speak the truth. It is time for needles. We need to prick the balloons of Jewish supremacism, black supremacism, and homo supremacism. These balloons are protected from the needles of truth by the iron fist of deep state, Jewish financial blackmail, the police that is controlled by ZOG, and Antifa Janissary(that is protected by the police).
The balloons are well-protected, but nothing can be completely protected. Just like Michael Corleone found a way to get Sollozzo and Captain McClusky in THE GODFATHER and Hyman Roth in THE GODFATHER PART 2, there are smart ways to use the needle against balloons. And then, it will be GOOOOAAAAAAL.

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