Saturday, April 7, 2018

The Fear of Fear by John Bruce Leonard

We feel no xenophobia, which means EXTREME IRRATIONAL fear of foreigners.

We have no ill will toward foreigners. We just don’t want Mass Invasion and Replacism by foreigners.

What really ails the West is Ethnophobia. Whites have been made to hate their own identity and ethnicity and history.


Why do Jews fear White National Liberation?

Why do non-white mass invaders fear their own nations and peoples? They appear to fear their own kind because they run from their own nations and seek refuge in white nations. Why are they white-preferist in their mass migrations? Why do they want to flee from their own kind and start a new life in nations created by whites?

Why do blacks fear separating from whites and having their own nations? Because they will make a mess of things on their own. Without handouts from whites, blacks are lost.

Why do Jews fear the end of White Submissivism? Because without white subservience to Jewish supremacism, Jews can't dominate the world. After all, if whites choose Racial Disobedience, there isn't much that Jews, as the 2%, can do.

Why do White Progs fear their own people and culture? Why do they fear the desire to preserve their own identity, culture, and history? Why are they so ALLERGIC to everything that makes them what they are?

Why are so many people so afraid of the term ‘racism’ when it’s so obvious that races exist and racial differences are real?

Why do Progs fear Free Speech? Why must they shut down the voices of White National Liberation? Because Jews hate those who who speak truth to Jewish power. And white cucks fear being outed as craven cowards who suck Jewish cock.

Why do Jews fear BDS? They fear Palestinian wish for national emancipation from Zionist tyranny.


Phobia is a clinical term. It doesn’t just mean natural or rational fear.

It means irrational, extreme, panicked fear of something harmless.

So, fear of a tiger in a jungle is not a phobia. It is legitimate fear because a tiger can tear you to shreds.

But fear of a tiny white mouse is a phobia. Some people are phobic of spiders or harmless snakes(without venom).

So, when a person is called a Xenophobe, it doesn’t mean he has legit fears. It means he is clinically messed up in the head. It means his fear is unwarranted.

To my knowledge, Alt Right doesn’t fear foreigners or other cultures. Many Alt Rightists are curious about other peoples and cultures. And they don’t mind some minorities.

What they fear and resent is mass invasion. What goes by the term ‘immigration’ is mass invasion and colonization of white nations by non-whites.
And so many whites welcome this or are afraid to say NO because Jews colonized their minds with PC and ‘white guilt’. They’ve been made to be ethnophobic and Europhobic. They feel that their whiteness has been stained by ‘guilt’.

Another problem is xenopathia and xenomania. It’s good to be curious about other peoples and cultures. But xenomaniacs are obsessed with fixating on the Other as colorful and more exciting. So, we are told it’s worth losing UK and Sweden because… more restaurants! It is a form of xenopathology or xenopathy.


Alt Right must make a case that US is ruled by Jewish globalist imperialist power.

Just like Gandhi used Civil Disobedience against the Brits, the Alt Right must lead a Racial Disobedience against Jewish power.

British were helpless in India without Indian cooperation. Unless Indians masses were willing to follow orders and do the bidding of the imperialists, the British power amounted to nothing because Brits were just a tiny segment of the overall population. If a master has a 1000 slaves and if the the slaves refuse to work for him, his master-status has been rendered hollow.

Same in the US. While it's true that Jews are immensely rich and well-connected, they are only 2% of the population. Without the obeisance and support of the white gentile majority, Jewish power is lost.

Alt Right must spread the idea that it's a moral duty for whites, left and right, to say NO to Jewish supremacist power. There must be Racial or Civil Disobedience against the Jews because Jewish power is behind financial-economic exploitation, Wars for Israel, the crazy New Cold War, the spread of Vice industries like gambling, drugs, sex industry, cultural filth, decadence and degeneracy, etc.
To serve the Jews means to further more wars and perversion.

And this notion of Disobedience is as American as apple pie. Thoreau expounded it.

Germans during WWII followed orders and brought ruin upon Europe. They should have said NO to mad dog Hitler.

Today, Jews are Judeo-Nazis. They are in racial supremacist mode and intoxicated with dream of hegemony over the whole world.
'Nazi' in the generic sense means 'anyone or any group that acts LIKE Nazis'. And Jews are most Nazi-like in the current world (dis)order. And they must not be appeased. Not any more.

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