Thursday, April 12, 2018

A Response to "Cognitive Biases, Polarization, Social Media and White Identity" by Kevin MacDonald

Pinker’s hostility to identity politics—and White identity politics in particular as somehow irrational

Jews like Pinker say 'white identity' politics is irrational BUT they identify whiteness as preferable when it comes to immigration destination. After all, whenever Jews got a chance to migrate, they chose white nations above others.

So, Jews say it's irrational for whites to identify as white, but it's somehow rational for Jews to spot and identify whiteness as the most desirable destination places for migration and settlement.

Funny that Jews bitch about white identity and 'white supremacism', but their immigration preferences are always toward whiteness. Even in Africa, the favorite destination for Jews was white-supremacist ruled South Africa where they made the greatest fortunes thanks to white rule of law and well-managed society.. Jews didn't want to settle in African nations ruled by blacks. Even as Jews berate whites and white identity, they only want to live in white nations.

Jews had a chance to move to less white and more diverse Latin America or to North America that was more white and less diverse and mixed. Jews wanted to move to Anglo-Germanic-made nations.

If it's irrational for whites to notice their own race and identity, why is it rational for Jews to notice whiteness and prefer it as their ideal place of settlement?

If American Jews love immigration and diversity, they should all pack up and move to Africa or Latin America. Who's stopping them? I'm sure plenty of Latin and African nations will welcome Jews coming with all their money and riches.

The Jewish paradox makes perverse sense. Precisely because Jews want to enter and take over white societies(the best in the world), they must invalidate white identity and unity. After all, if whites had a powerful sense of identity and solidarity, they might value what they have, come together, defend it, and keep Jews out.
So, in order for Jews to enter and take over white worlds, they must convince whites that whiteness is irrational. So, whites must not 'see white' even as Jews 'see white' as favored immigration destination.

Now, all non-white groups have picked up the same trick. They are all white-preferist in their migration choices. Indeed, they prefer whiteness over their own kind. Asian-Indians prefer to live with whites than with their own kind. East Asian women would rather have half-white kids with white men than live in Asia with their own kind. African men would rather have mulatto babies with white women and live in white nations than live in black Africa. Latin Americans want to run excessive Diversity to white majority US.

They are all white preferist. They think whiteness is better economically, politically, ethically, aesthetically, and etc. They are closet 'white supremacists' and prefer to live in white world than in their own. But they are too ashamed to admit this because it would mean they have inferiority complex.

Also, in order to gain access to white nations, they must convince white people that Diversity is good and that whiteness is somehow 'racist' and only be redeemed by invasion by non-whites.
Ironically, they degrade and discredit whiteness in order to gain access to it.

It's like this. Suppose Kevin MacDonald had a big lump of gold while I got a a lump of lead.
Suppose I want to take his gold.
Now, if I told him that he got something precious while I got something crappy, he will hold onto his gold.

So, I must go for another tactic. I would try to convince him that his gold has little value, indeed is equal to my lead or even less precious. I would try to convince him that it's irrational for him to see his gold as precious. In the name of Metal Equality, all metals are equal in value, so maybe he should give me his gold for my lead.

Suppose Macdonald is dumb enough to fall of this. Then, he would be a total cucky-wuck.
I would have convinced him that his gold is worthless precisely because, deep down inside, I see it as worth a million.

Never trust Jews. Don't be like Indians who sold Manhattan for a bead necklace.

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