Sunday, April 29, 2018

Jewish Supremacists Declare War on Free Speech, Free Assembly, and Richard Spencer

Richard Spencer and others involved with Unite the Right congregated at Charlottesville to defend the Robert E. Lee Memorial and to speak out in favor of white identity and unity. Their right assemble and speak was defended even by the ACLU.
However, the Jewish mayor and black police chief violated the Constitutional Rights of Spencer and others. They cooked up bogus excuses to shut down the event. Worse, the police was ordered to pushed Unite-the-Right patriots into gangs of Antifa thugs who were allowed to run riot, randomly attack people, and tear the city apart.
And yet, the Jewish-run media and Jew-bought Congress praised Antifa Janissary thugs as akin to US soldiers who fought in WWII. And now, Jew-run oligarchic law firms are pushing through ludicrous law suits to silence and suppress courageous voices that champion White National Liberation from Judeo-Nazi power that supports Israel's mass murder of Palestinians, endless Wars for Israel, and the unconstitutional criminalization of BDS that pleads for justice for Palestinians still living under Occupation and Terror seventy years after the Nakba Pogroms of the 1948.(Thus far, no media outlet has remarked that 2018 is the 70th anniversary of Nakba Pogroms that wiped Palestine off the map.)

The case against Spencer is obviously a shameful miscarriage of justice, but US legal institutions and industry are run by Jews, cuck-collaborator shabbos goyim, and Asian yellow dogs who shill out for PC and Jewish supremacism. JKK or Jew Klux Klan now abuse power with such contempt and arrogance that we might as well be living under Jim Crowicz.

Richard Spencer, despite is flaws, is one of the most courageous voices speaking up for white people, culture, and heritage. This is a time for Unite the Right 2 in support of Spencer and others who are being persecuted by Judeo-Nazis. Whether you agree or disagree with the Unite the Right event at Charlottesville, this lawsuit affect us all as it will set the template as to whether Judeo-Nazi power can treat white people like Zionists treat Palestinians. This lawsuit will decide if the West is just one big West Bank, occupied territory dominated by Jewish gangsters.

Jewish way of war is 'offense is best defense'. Jews know that they violated the Constitutional Rights of white patriots of Unite the Right. Jews know they set the police and antifa thugs on the Unite the Right. If anything, the Unite the Right should be suing the city, its police department, and antifa thugs. But because most law firms are run by Jews or afraid of Jewish power, they dare not represent white patriots.
Now, we know what it means to be a Palestinian. If Jews can help it, all the West will be one West Bank. Occupied by Jewish power and denying basic rights of survival and dignity to the patriots.

*Judeo-Nazi is apt term.  In the generic sense, 'nazi' means combination of power + supremacism + warmongering + contempt + dehumanization of enemy + denial of racial & national right to survive for certain races + use of propaganda to promote rabid obedience against freedom.  And no force in the world acts more 'nazi' than EOJ or the Empire of Judea.

Never Give An Inch. This is a Howard-Roark moment for the Alt Right. We need to expose this lawsuit and lawfare as an example of Judeo-nazism in action.

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