Thursday, April 19, 2018

Alt-Right must be Anti-Empire, not just Anti-War. A Response to 'Back To The Beginning. As an authentic anti-war movement, the Alt-Right is more relevant than ever' by Richard Spencer

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This has to be a principled stand.

Also, it's not enough to be anti-war. We have to go the source of these wars.
Wars are mere symptoms of a deeper disease. That disease is imperialism.
Does that mean American Power is an empire? I would actually go further than that and argue that the US has no national sovereignty. It is part of a larger empire called Empire of Judea or EOJ. Judeo-Nazis are the Darth Vaderian force in the world. Soros is a quite a Sorcerer, Palpatine gone mad. (By 'Judeo-Nazi', I'm using the term in a generic way meaning radical racism, imperialism, genocidal impulses, and supremacism backed by great force. Any people can be generically Nazi. Today, Jewish power is most nazi-like, thus Judeo-nazis).

Notice the US policy is geared toward hating certain nations or peoples. And in almost every case, the hatreds have one thing in common: Jews hate them, so we too must hate them. It's like a master hates something, so his dogs must all bark and growl at whatever the master hates.

Jewish masters hate Russia, so Hate News Media tell us dogs to hate Russia.
Jewish masters hate Iran, so Hate News Media tell us dogs to hate Iran.
Jewish masters hate Syria, so Hate News Media tell us dogs to hate Syria.
Jewish masters hate gentile nationalism, so Hate News Media tell us dogs hate homogeneity in nations like Japan and Hungary.
Jewish masters hate Palestinians, so Hate News Media tell us dogs to hate Palestinians.
Jewish masters hate Christianity, so Hate News Media tell us dogs to choose Homomania as the new official religion of the West. Christianity is tolerable ONLY IF it hangs homo flags.
Jewish masters hate white gentiles, so Hate News Media tell white women to go with black men, tell white men to be cucks, and tell white race to feel guilt and seek atonement only by serving OTHER peoples. And the main OTHER people whom whites must serve are of course the Jews. It certainly is lucrative to serve Jews. A shabbos goy who serves Jews like a dog will win lots of doggy biscuits and shekels... like Joe Biden, John Bolton, Clintons, Graham, etc. Not much shekels in serving loser OTHER groups like American Indians.

Among all these Jewish hatreds, the anti-white hatred is the most perverse because Jewish supremacist power depends on White Submissivism. Jews beat on the white horse because, minus its subservience, Jewish overlords have nothing to ride. Indeed, would Jews rule the world IF NOT for the white race and white world? Jews ride piggyback on white power and control the white head by injecting it with PC and holding a gun to it.
But the funny thing is that IF Jews really kill white power, they will kill themselves too. Jews are the like the dwarf attacked to the big strong guy in MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME. If Jews kill the white body or white war horse, they got nothing to ride to trample on the world with. It's be like a Jewish cowboy shooting his own horse. Jews beat on the white horse to tame it. But if they lame it, they got nothing to ride.

So, Jewish hatred of white is a complex affair. Jewish power doesn't rely on existence of Palestinians or Iranians. But if whites didn't exist in the world, Jewish power would also vanish. Also, Jewish men are addicted to white beauty above all.
Even as Jewish anti-white hatred is real enough, it is also confused and contradictory because Jewish power is helpless without white ability and support. Look at parts of Europe that have been overrun by Africans and Muslims. Jews are helpless there.
Jews are also helpless in Detroit. Their power is in big cities with sizable white population who are capable, productive, and subservient to Jews.
Also, Jewish immigration patterns have always chased after Anglos and Germanics. It's been white preferist. Because Jewish power depends so much on white people, Jews feel frustrated. To control whiteness, they must shame and punish white people. But if they attack too hard, there are two possibilities, both of which are bad for Jews.

1. White backlash. Whites figure they had enough and fight back. This will end Jewish power.

2. White demise. Whites totally give into PC and commit mass racial suicide. Then, Jews will be surrounded by browns, blacks, Hindus, and yellows who will see Jews as 'white privilege' and eat them alive.

Anyway, the source of all these wars is neo-imperialism and the fact that US is part of EOJ.
So, Alt Right position must be like that of the 1776 revolutionaries who wanted OUT of British Empire.
Today, we must call for American Re-Independence from the Empire of Judea, the global network of Jewish power from NY to LA to London to Paris to Tel Avis to Rio to Miami to etc. We want our Independence back.
The truth is Jews all over the world feel closer to fellow Jews in other nations than with gentile nationals. Jews in NY feel closer to Jews in Israel and London than with gentiles in the US. Thus, the elites of US are imperialist-minded than nationalist. Jews mainly work for the good of EOJ than for the good of any single gentile nation in which they are a minority elite.

Alt Right must renounce imperialism. This must be a principled stand. In the past, certain Alt Right figures have said they are for a new empire, about colonizing Africa again, and etc. This really must stop.

Imperialism was easy in the past because (1) whites believe in the rightness of spreading Christianity (2) had modern weapons whereas non-whites didn't (3) whites were willing to fight and die in endless wars (4) non-whites lacked national consciousness and unity. Most of the factors are gone for good.

Things are now profoundly different. Non-whites got modern weapons and they got national consciousness. We must be for Universal Nationalism, the right of each people to have national sovereignty and independence.

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