Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Will Trans-Professionalism be the Next Big Craze after Trans-genderism?

Will we have trans-professionals?

I think I'm a lawyer, therefore I am one.

I think I'm a doctor, therefore I am one.

I think I'm a sign-language interpreter, therefore I am one.

(There was alarm about the potential security threat posed by the bogus interpreter at Nelson Mandela's funeral upon World Leaders, but aren't 'world leaders' themselves really just a bunch of fakers who do the bidding of their globalist masters? I mean, did Obama really want to destroy Libya? Was it really his personal decision? Or was he ordered to take out Gaddafi? Maybe it's time to call 'world leaders' by their proper name: Globalist Puppets.)

All identities are breaking down under globalism.

Who is a woman? A man with a wig.

Who is an American?  An illegal.

Who is a patriot?  A globalist.

Who is a moralist?  A homomaniac.

Who is a poet? A rapper.

Who is a doctor? A chiropractor.

Who is a lady? A slut.

Who is a parent? A homo pretending to have had the kid.

What is free speech? Shutting down 'hate speech'.

The real shame is that even professionals are acting fake.
If US journalism has genuinely high standards, I would support its concern over Fake News.  There are lots of fake stuff on the internet, and amateurism is no substitute for professionalism. But the 2016 election coverage revealed how low the standards of journalism have come in this country.  Too many, possibly even the majority, of professional journalists are shills, whores, propagandists, partisans, liars, and genuine kooks, like Kurt Eichenwald.

Anne Appleabaum's once wrote a sober piece about dangers of amateurism and wikipedia. I thought it was a good piece and a necessary one.

Especially with the rise of the internet, categories are breaking down. Prior to the internet, the term 'film critic' or literary critic' used to mean critics with professional pedigree and credentials. Now, it means just about anyone with an opinion and a blog, podcast, or youtube channel.  So, anyone gabbing endlessly about Hollywood blockbusters or anyone yammering about the latest teen fiction is a 'critic'. There are also tons of amateur historians, amateur philosophers, amateur everything muscling in on those with real professional credentials. The internet has made all these people possible.

But people like Applebaum haven't done their professions much credit by shilling for the Deep State, pushing US propaganda, favoring tribal interests, and pursuing political agendas at the expense of academic standards. Applebaum is clearly a Jewish supremacist not unlike Jennifer Rubin committed to doing her part to game the global system to favor Jewish interests over the national interests of gentiles. So, even though her cautionary piece on amateurism was valid in and of itself, her own behavior and violation of professional ethics have, in action and deed, been a disservice to her own thesis.

One advantage of amateurism, despite deficiency of professional training and production values, is the relative freedom and lack of restraint. This was the advantage of the French New Wave over the French film industry, French cultural scene(that was heavily slanted to the communist left), and Hollywood studio domination. French New Wave directors had less means but more freedom and room for personal expression. They made up with originality, creativity, and vision what they lacked in materials, craftsmanship, and funds.

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