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EFFENDI, a useful ‘meme’ to characterize how the Globo-Homo Judeo-Nazi Imperialists regard most of Mankind: Jews are the Master Race and Non-Jews are either comprador-cuck-collaborators or helot-servants who exist to obey and work for Jews. In other words, Welcome to Weasel Farm

Sitting like Effendis. It's Good to be the Effendi.
There was a certain famous rabbi in Israel. When he died, there was the largest funeral in Israeli history. His name was Ovadia Yosef, and his words were as follows:

"Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the People of Israel,” he said during a public discussion of what kind of work non-Jews are allowed to perform on Shabbat.

"Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat," he said to some laughter.

"With gentiles, it will be like any person: They need to die, but God will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant. That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew,” said the rabbi, who recently turned 90.

Imagine. Israel gave this man the biggest funeral ever. This man looked upon your goy self as a subhuman donkey-servant of Jews. He looked upon your parents and grandparents as donkey-servants of Jews. And your children and grandchildren are also to be donkey-servants of Jews. This was not just a fringe figure but a major spiritual leader of Israel, and so many Jews admired and revered him. He got a funeral in Israel comparable to the funeral Gandhi got in India.

So many Jews agree with the Rabbi’s statements, but we, as donkey-servants of Jews, are supposed to hail Israel, pour billions into Israel, fight Wars for Israel(in which tens of thousands of Americans got killed or wounded and where hundreds of thousands of Arabs/Muslims got killed while millions more got displaced as refugees), and repeat over and over, "Israel is our greatest ally". How about "Israel is our biggest master"? How about "The Empire of Judea(or EOJ) is our biggest boss"? US politicians praise Israel like prostitutes serve their pimps.

Recently, an Israeli politician said the following:

“You can’t fool the Jews, no matter what the media writes. The public in Israel is a public that belongs to the Jewish race, and the entire Jewish race is the highest human capital, the smartest, the most comprehending.”

Well, if it takes special smarts(preferably of the Jewish kind) not to be fooled by the news, then most people(being dumb goyim) must be duped by the news 24/7, not least because most of media is owned or operated by Jews who, being so smart, must be the best liars as well as the best lie-detectors.

Now, the problem isn’t Jewish identity, Jewish nationalism, or Jewish sense of interests. All people have them. Turks, Greeks, Bulgarians, Russians, Chinese, Mexicans, Persians, Kurds, and so on and on. Every group has its own thing. So, if Jews mainly care about Jewish power, Jewish interests, and Jewish narrative, that’s all well and good. The problem is in how Jews see OTHER peoples. While Greeks may be for Greeks-First, they don’t believe Greeks are BETTER than other peoples or that other peoples exist as donkeys to offer free rides to Greek masters. Greek view is "Greeks look out for Greek interests, Turks look out for Turkish interests, Italians look out for Italian interests, and etc." (Of course, we are talking of Greek patriots, not Greek-Cucks or Grucks who suck up to Judeo-Nazi Globo-Homo Nonsense.) But Jews aren’t content to have their own domain, do their own thing, and leave other peoples alone. Along with homos and blacks, Jews have this crazy idea that the whole world exists to serve, honor, revere, and put out to them. Homos believe all the world should worship Homomania, put on massive ‘pride’(more like poo-ride) parades, associate the rainbow with homo fecal penetration & tranny penis-cutting, and look upon homos as angels. Black megalomania judges worth by muscle, booty, dong, and hollering. Because blacks got most muscle to run fastest and hit hardest, got biggest dongs and bounciest booties, and loudest voices, blacks see themselves as the globo-master-race. They believe they are above-the-law and beyond-the-norms of any ‘lame’ and ‘faggoty-ass’ civilization. They believe that they, as cool badass mofos, have the right to invade any nation, take over, holler ‘Where the ____ women at?’, and loot & steal. They believe they have the right to sexually colonize wombs all over the world. The current African invasion of Europe is Simon-Mol-ism on a grand scale. Tragically, it is welcomed by the very elites of Europe whose demented vision is for their daughters and granddaughters to be humped by African Sea Peoples(or Sea Monkeys). And it’s spread to Japan too where lots of yellow women are going to Jamaica to have kids with Negroes and raise them in Japan to beat up inferior Japanese athletes. The Japanese intellectual and cultural elites now promote Jungaru Feebah. Polls show that 50% of Japanese men will die without ever having sex, and future Japanese women will have kids with foreigners, and Japan will eventually look like Venezuela. But homos and blacks are amateurs when compared with Jews. While homos are now very powerful, Homomania owes much to Jewish backing. Without Jewish control of media, finance, and deep state, homos could not have gotten so far. Blacks also depend on Jewish money and media for the spread of Afromania. After all, sports industry, music industry, pornography, and PC(that ‘iconizes’ Negroes as a holy race) are all owned by Jews. Also, even though the Negro threat(especially on the EU) is grave, Negro power exist at the most primitive level. It’s ‘muh dick’, ‘muh fist’, ‘muh booty’, and ‘muh holler’. It’s like those BLM protests where a lot of noise is made over little sense. It’s no wonder that some people call black women ‘sheboons’ and characterize black chaos as ‘chimp-outs’.

In contrast, Jews have the ultimate power because they control finance(money is the water of the world economy), legal firms and institutions, the elite academia(that pretty much controls all other academia via trickle-down-effect), mass media, vice industries(like gambling that pour tens of billions into Jewish coffers), real estate, intelligence services, and Deep State. Now, that is power. Therefore, while there are limits to the reach of Homomania and Afromania, Jewish megalomania can really turn the world upside down. It is the king of kings when it comes to world power. So, if Jews want to turn the world economy into a speculative bubble in which Jews rake in most profits, it’s a done deal. If Jews want to destroy a nation with economic sanctions and harm millions(and even kill 100,000s), it’s a done deal too. If Jews want to foment wars, they can use whore-politicians of both parties. Clinton served Jews in destroying Iraq and Serbia. Bush served Jews in invading Iraq. Obama demolished Libya, used terror to destroy Syria, and worked with Neo-Nazis in Ukraine to mess up that country. Why? Obama owed his presidency to the Jews who funded him and gave him good press in the Jew-run Media. Out of office, Obama was offered a $60 million book deal by the Jews. Because Jews control the US and because the economies of so many nations are interdependent on the US, Jews can threaten them with economic ruin UNLESS they sign onto certain agreements, conform to US sanctions on Iran, mute their criticism of Israeli Judeo-Nazism, and open their cities to massive homo ‘pride’ parades. Also, because all elite universities in the US are controlled by Jews, students from all over the world who attend Harvard, Yale, and such institutions totally come under the influence of Jewish globo-homo overlords. This is why so many Hindu and Mexican elites sound just like Harvard Jewish elites. And of course, due to the Cult of Shoah, several generations of Europeans grew up with the idea that Jews are a wise, holy, noble, and tragic people. Therefore, European elites swallow Jewish ideas and agenda whole hog without skepticism and criticism. This is why so many Swedes took advice from vile and venal Jewish bitches like Barbara Specter who pretends to care for what is good for Europe but is really pushing ‘multi-culturalism’ into Europe so that Jews can use divide-and-rule to take over and rule.
Only idiots trust Jews who claim to have the best interests of goyim in mind. Just look at the history of Jews. Or JATE or Just Ask the Palestinians. When have Jews acted in favor of goyim?
Now, Jews will sometimes do things that are good for some goyim at the expense of other goyim, but it is only to serve the ultimate Jewish-supremacist strategy. Jews have a prophetic vision of history. They look far and wide, then ask themselves, "Who is our biggest enemy?" Once that main enemy or rival is identified, Jews will do anything possible to harm and destroy that Goy Enemy. The problem is Jews cannot do it alone. After all, Jews make up only a small percentage of the world population. So, Jews need goy allies to join in the Jewish Agenda of destroying the #1 Enemy. Now, this is Political Strategy 101(practiced by all peoples), but Jews use it on the grandest scale possible to gain total hegemony over the world. Jews see the whole world like a chessboard in which they and only they must win in the end. For this reason, Jews never wage war on ALL goyim even though the Jewish Agenda will, in the end, harm and subjugate all goyim. Jews work step-by-step, benefiting one bunch of goyim while hurting other goyim, namely the Big Bad Goy, the main enemy. This is why Jews have so many goy allies even though the Jewish Way is ultimately anti-all-goy. In order for Jews to weaken and bring down White Power(currently regarded by Jews as the Main Rival to Jewish Power), Jews need the support of non-white goyim. And non-white goyim often take the bait because siding with Jews comes with irresistible short-term rewards. After all, non-whites have much to gain in the short-term by gaining access to the West. By working with Jews to push mass-multi-colonization of the White World, so many non-whites in Africa, India, China, Mexico, Central America, Muslim world, and etc. get to enjoy insta-improvement in material conditions in the White-made World.

Now, Jews despise non-white goyim too, and non-white goyim don’t particularly care for Jews. But they work together because both want something from whites. Jews want permanent White Submissivism because if White Identity and Interests were to reassert themselves as a consciousness and movement, they can challenge Jewish Globalist Supremacism. And non-whites want to live in richer, nicer, cleaner, and better-run white nations than in their own nations overrun with corruption, violence, incivility, pollution, and/or ugliness. And all those black Africans come to EU yelling, "Where da white women at?" Back in Africa, they’ve seen all these movies, TV shows, music videos, sports, and pornography that shows cuckish white men and jungle-fevered white women hankering for more sex with Negroes. Even black homos head off to EU because white homos like Andrew Sullivan and Milo have told the world, "My homo anus prefers Negro dongs." Imagine you’re a Negro in some African ‘shithole’, and your computer or smartphone device tells you white folks in the West worship MLK & Mandela, made Obama the president, worship Negroes as holy, and are crazy about jungle fever. Would your black ass, straight or homo, want to head off to Paris or London as fast as possible to get some action? Hell yeah. Joe Buck was just one Midnight Cowboy. Now, we have millions of Midnight Spearchuckers heading to Europe. Europe used to be blessed vis-a-vis the US because it didn’t have blacks. Whatever problems European nations had, they didn’t have black crime and pathologies, the worst things in the world. But because Europeans got infected with both ‘white guilt’ and jungle fever for blacks, they decided to turn Europe into Eurafrica.

But it’s not just black goyim who ally with Jews. Chinese, Hindus, Mexicans, and even freaking Muslims are allied with Jews because they want one thing: Access to white world. Now, Jews don’t love these goyim any more than they love white goyim. In many ways, Jews prefer whites to non-whites. After all, Jewish immigration patterns have always shown preference for white nations. Even in Africa, most Jews settled in white-ruled South Africa. Inside the US, Jews prefer to live in white neighborhoods and generally avoid communities with too much color, especially black(though Jewish women, now seriously infected with Jungle Fever, look for black men to have sex with, and THAT may bring down Jewish Power more than anything... which is why Israel is most nervous about arrival of more blacks; Jewish men know the spastic & vulgar nature of Jewish women, and that means ‘too many’ blacks in Israel will mean ACOJW or Afro-Colonization-of-Jewish-Wombs). So, there is no special love that Jews have for non-whites. Jews just need them as political allies. Even though Jews prefer white nations, they want to destroy white majority power so that whites won’t be able to unite to challenge Jewish power. After Trump won, Jews even made a big fuss about how much they care about Muslims. Imagine that. Jews, whose foreign policy has destroyed millions of Muslim lives, claimed to protect poor Muslims from Nazi Trump. Even as Jews were pressing on Trump to be more aggressive in the Middle East and destroy yet more Muslim lives for the sake of Israel, they were shedding crocodile tears over Muslims in America. Jews were moaning, "Boo hoo, we care sooooo much about Muslim refugees" while totally overlooking the fact that all those refugees are the result of Wars for Israel promoted by Jews. What a vile and venal people.
But the truly perverse thing is many Muslims formed an alliance with Jews because their #1 priority was gaining access to the West for material improvement. It just goes to show that most people will take the thirty pieces of silver than stick with truth or principle. But we must keep in mind that Jews do NOT like people-of-color even though they pretend to in the name of 'muh Diversity'. Ultimately, non-white goyim too are a bunch of filthy goyim who should ideally function as donkey-servants of Jews. So, despite the sham Jewish alliance with non-whites against whites, once white power is brought low Jews will maneuver to crush OTHER goy powers and interests. It’s like Jewish Power was supportive of using Saddam Hussein’s Iraq against Iran. But after Iran lost the war to Iraq, Jews then baited Hussein into invading Kuwait and used that as pretext for destroying Iraq. Currently, Jews are allied with Saudis against Iran, but Jews hate both peoples. In the West, Jews simultaneously support Muslims against whites and support white Christians against Muslims. It’s divide-and-rule. What the non-white goyim don’t understand is that their short-term gain will be a long-term loss. While non-whites certainly gain materially in the short-term by coming to the West and colonizing white or white-made towns and cities, their children become cucky-wucked by Globo-Homo propaganda and PC. They end up losing their identities and cultures just like white people have lost theirs. They end up in a limbo between their own faded identity and ‘Western’ identity that is, of late, all about the Holy Three of Jews, Homos, & Negroes and precious little else. As such, non-white kids in the US end up with idiotic PC and infantile Pop Culture as their own ‘identity’ and value system. And this globo-homo junk is shipped back to their home countries as the Universal Values. Why is it that so many Iranian-Americans who return to Iran have nothing on their minds but ‘muh gay marriage’ and ‘muh feminism’? Why is it that so many Hindus sound just like Western SJW idiots? Why is it that so many Muslims in the West have no culture except rap music and imitating trashy blacks?
In the end, non-whites lose out in the West as well because they end up assimilating to mindless PC and brainless Pop Culture. Worse, this garbage gets sent back to the homeland that is also McDonaldized with Globo-Homo-Negro nonsense. That stuff is so poisonous that even many Jews are now getting high on their own supply, and it’s having a deleterious effect on Jewish culture and values. Degeneracy and Excess bring down all communities. Just like poison gas used by Germans sometimes drifted back to the German side, Poison Culture used by Jews sometimes blow right back in their faces: Consider self-destructing Jews like Anthony Weiner and Eric Schneiderman, both of whom ended up with non-white women because too many crass Jewish women are now in the sack with Negroes.

Anyway, there is no doubt that World Jewry look upon themselves as the ‘effendi’ who shall lord over donkey-goys or donkoys. It’s like what the good Rabbi Ovada Yosef said: "Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat."

Yes, Jews will ‘sit like EFFENDI and eat’. Goyim are obviously necessary to Jews like horses and cattle are necessary to mankind... or to the Pigs in ANIMAL FARM who become the new masters or the ‘new humans’. And none other than Bibi Netanyahu has remarked to fellow Jews about how US goy dogs are on the Zionist leash. Jews in Israel tend to speak more candidly about how they really think because they feel more secure as they’re surrounded by their own kind.

Now, many Jews will publicly denounce people like Rabbi Ovada Yosef and be critical of Netanyahu and his right-wing Likud government. Many Jews, especially in the US and EU, wish that Jews in Israel would restrain their chutzpah a bit in boasting about Jewish power and greatness. After all, despite immense Jewish power in the US and EU, the fact remains that minority Jews there don’t have the security of majority demographics that Jews in Israel have. So, despite their dominant elite power, Jews in the West tend to be far less exuberant about Jewish power-lust and grand ambition. They try to persuade the masses of goyim that Jewishness is all about wisdom, conscience, concern for the little guy(because Jews have been ‘little guys’ throughout history), tolerance, and progress. After all, even if Jews in Israel come out of the closet and reveal their true intentions — mastery over ‘subhuman’ Arab Palestinians — , there is NOTHING that the Pallies can do about it because Jews got all the power. Not only financial, media, and academic but in sheer numbers. Jews outnumber Arabs and have a high-birthrate. But if Jewish Power-lust were to come out of the closet in the West and act really arrogant and say stuff like "You work for us like donkeys so that we can eat like Effendi", even the most cuckish Christian Zionist will begin to think twice about Jews and then go for his pitchfork.

So naturally, most Jews in the West will claim to denounce men like Rabbi Ovada Yosef and ultra-right-wing types in Likud. They will also claim that it’s the overly religious Jews who are causing all the problems whereas secular liberal Jews, in both Israel and the West, are committed to peace, justice, and tolerance. But action speaks louder than words. While it’s true that ultra-religious Jews are the ones spewing the most offensive and arrogant crap about goyim, the fact remains that the most-power-hungry, most ambitious, most aggressive, and most destructive Jews are the secular ones. Most Neocons who pushed for Wars for Israel are NOT religious zealots. They are ethno-supremacists. The Jews who cooked up Homomania as Satanic-Jewish-christianity are secular Jews, not religious ones. Indeed, so much of ‘secular’ culture is neo-religious with its own holy icons, sacramental chants, taboos, and rituals. So-called ‘secular Jews’ turned ‘gay rights’ into Gay Rites and even push that stuff into Churches. If indeed most Jews are secular, why are they so obsessed in altering the altars of Christianity? Also, look at Jews who run Harvard, Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, and etc., and of course, they act like Effendi who should rake in most of the profits while rest of us are reduced to donkey helots. Therefore, it is not only useful but necessary to refer to the Current Globo-Homo Jewish elites as the EFFENDI.. It sure is good to be the Effendi.

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