Thursday, April 12, 2018

Psycho-Tribal Primer on the Escalating Syrian Crisis - EOJ or Empire or Judea - Judeo-Nazis - ‘Russia’, ‘Syria’, and ‘Trump’ as Metaphors - ‘Progressivism’ as Political Putty of Jews and Homos - Deep State of Affairs

Sometimes, to best understand a phenomenon, one must look beneath the labels and layers of official narrative. One must also observe and analyze individuals and groups by what they do than what they claim. For instance, if a person claims to be Christian but leads a life of crass hedonism, he is a crass hedonist, not a Christian. If a person claims to be communist but is a super-rich oligarch, he is first and foremost a capitalist tycoon. If a person claims to be a universalist but mainly serves the interest of his tribe, he is really a particularist. His universalism is in name-only or merely a ruse to veil his tribalist strategy.
Granted, a person can do one thing to gain power to serve another interest. This is true of spies. Someone may work for the US department but to steal secrets for another nation. Or, like Friedrich Engels the rich capitalist, one may gain power in one area to serve another cause, even one that is opposed to the system one has thrived in. Or a Jew or a Homo may enter the Catholic Church and carry out all the Catholic duties only to gain influence and power to undermine the core code of the Church from within.
But more often than not, people are not what they claim to be. In terms of what they really do, they are very often the opposite of what they claim. Indeed, consider Jews and blacks. Jews see blacks in two ways: Prop and Problem. Blacks-as-Prop is used to milk ‘white guilt’ and undermine white pride. Via the Slavery-Jim-Crow-MLK narrative, Jews ‘sacralize’ blacks to make whites feel eternally guilty and shamed for the ‘original sin of America’(that now applies to Europe as well because Hollywood and American PC via domination of English as World Language affects everyone; ‘American white guilt’ has been universalized via Cultural Imperialism engineered by the Empire of Judea). Jews also use blacks as props of superior manhood and badassness to deflate white male pride. Jewish supremacism relies on White Submissivism, and one sure way to destroy the pride of white manhood forever is to promote blacks as the True Hero of the West. So, white women should reject white boys(who should embrace their role as cucky-wucks) and go for ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs. Since the Jewish use of black as prop is so over-the-top, you’d think Jews just love and adore blacks. But despite what the Jewish media say, what Jews actually do in relation to blacks indicates that Jews mainly see blacks as a Problem. Blacks are useful(and profitable) as Props but to be avoided as a Problem. So, Jews use gated communities, immigrants-as-buffers, Section 8 relocation, Gentrification, ramped-up policing & stop-and-frisk, and mass incarceration to keep certain Jewish-dominated cities relatively safe from black crime and pathologies.

Anyway, to understand what is happening in Syria, we need to look behind the labels and beneath the layers of what is being said by the Hate News Media controlled by EOJ or the Empire of Judea. (Jews use the media to make us hate what they hate. If Jews hate Palestinians, we must hate them too. If Jews hate Russians, Iranians, Hungarians, Syrians, and etc., we must hate them too. Perversely, Jews claim to support military intervention in nations they hate in the name of saving the people from tyranny. Imagine Adolf Hitler claiming to invade Russia and Eastern Europe in the name of saving Jews. LOL.)

There is a film by Akira Kurosawa called BAD SLEEP WELL. It is a bleak and damning portrait of the elite business class of postwar Japan embroiled in graft and corruption. According to the film, the men of greed as SO BAD that they exploit Japanese honor code to have underlings commit suicide to save the company’s reputation. So, if there is a scandal, someone lower on the totem pole leaves a confession in writing and commits suicide, thus clearing the men at the top who were most responsible for the crime. Kurosawa regarded this as doubly wrong. Not only were the men-of-power greedy and corrupt but they cynically appealed to the sense of honor in underlings who were asked(indeed pressured) to bear the brunt of the scandal, even to the point of suicide. In a way, it was a kind of murder.
Now, one might look upon the characterization of evil in the film as a bit extreme and simplistic, but given the state of the world today, the villains of BAD SLEEP WELL seem downright angelic compared to the sociopaths and psychopaths who rule EOJ or the Empire of Judea. Anyway, what Kurosawa’s film teaches us is that the powerful have ways and means of masking what they do via a complex network of connections in a Deep State. Those who seek the truth are not just up against bad individuals but against a system that is held together by the carrots-and-sticks of money and threats, honor-among-thieves, and, wherever possible, the bond of blood. Crime tends to pit person against person, group against group. Betrayal is intrinsic to the criminal mentality. So, criminals, in order to organize and work together, must create a hierarchy of ruthless carrots-and-sticks(like the one that killed Paulie for betraying the ‘old man’ in THE GODFATHER and maybe Seth Rich met the same fate) or appeal to the bond of blood, e.g. only those who are 100% Italian can be ‘made men’ in GOODFELLAS. Given the amount of greed, vanity, and egotism among Jews, they would not be able to work together without their ‘Sicilian’ bond of Jewishness. In BAD SLEEP WELL, the corrupt system perpetuates itself by appealing to the ancient code of samurai honor. Thus, instead of dealing with corruption in an open and honest way, many underlings cover up the crime, even by killing themselves, in the name of being loyal to the honor code that is supposed to be essence of Japanese-ness. The reason why Yukio Mishima’s ritual suicide stood out was that he did it the Old Way and for reasons that were personal and nationalist than to serve the corrupt whims of vain men. He died for a shining ideal of Japan whereas men who committed suicide to clear their greedy bosses died for a corrupted and diseased form of Japanese honor.

Now, what must we know to really understand what is happening in Syria and why? How do we remove the labels and see the real reality? What lies beneath the layers of deception and propaganda? What is really going on and who are the top dogs who are calling the shots? To understand the truth, we need to consider the following themes:

1. Russia-as-metaphor or ‘Russia’. Everything is both what it is(as a particular object) and what it represents(as a sample of a larger phenomenon). So, there is Russia as a particular nation with particular people and culture. There is Russia(as particular entity) and there is ‘Russia’(as metaphor). There is little to fear from Russia itself. Though vast, it is seriously underpopulated. Its entire economy is smaller than that of South Korea or Apple company. The old Russian empire and Soviet Union are gone forever. Of course, Jews salivate at the prospect of gaining control over Russia. With its vast resources and land mass, Russia is a gold mine for those with the ambition to expropriate and exploit the resources. Jews naturally want to gain control of Russia. Still, Jews can get on just fine without Russia. After all, Jews have the ultimate prize, the US, which is now the Jewel in the Crown of EOJ. Though small minorities in Europe, Jews control many banks and media companies there. Also, as Holocaust has become the neo-religion of Europe, Jews are worshiped and venerated by Europeans. (If there is violence against Jews, it comes mostly from Muslims who were, ironically, welcomed by Jews-in-Europe to be used against white Europeans.) Jews also have lots of wealth in Latin America and South Africa. Also, even though only 0.2% of the Russian population, 20% of the richest people in Russia are Jewish. But the point is Jewish Power would be #1 in the world even without having any stake in Russia. So, why are Jews so angry with Russia? Why are Jews so filled with hate? Is it historical, the memory of pogroms and all that? If so, it’s certainly selective memory because Jews, as Bolsheviks, carried out far greater violence against Russians. Furthermore, if not for Russian fighting spirit, the Nazis would have won and might have wiped out most Jews. And in the 1990s, Jews financially raped Russia. So, if Jews are really obsessed about historical wrongs, they must surely know that they’ve evened the score and then some when it came to Russia. But Russia or no Russia, Jewish Power is dominant around the world. So, why should Jews worry so much about Russia? It’s because of Russia as a metaphor, or ‘Russia’.

What is Russia as a metaphor today? Granted, ‘Russia’ today isn’t what ‘Russia’ was yesterday. Prior to the fall of the Tsarist order, ‘Russia’ was the metaphor of reactionary imperialism. During the first stages of the communist era, ‘Russia’ was the metaphor of World Revolution and the Rise of the New Man. This was when Jews were mostly favorable to Russia, not least because so many Bolshevik bigshots were Jews. After WWII, ‘Russia’ was the metaphor of the Other Superpower that dared to challenge US hegemony. With the fall of communism, ‘Russia’ was the metaphor of End-of-History and the spread of liberal democracy and capitalism. But as the 1990s progressed, ‘Russia’ became the metaphor of World-on-Fire and delusions of End-of-History-ians(though one suspects the experiment might have worked IF NOT for the vile greed of Jewish globalists whose main priority was how to loot as much as possible than work for the common good of Russia; after all, if the Chinese reforms were carried out by Chinese leaders who felt an affinity with the Chinese people, Russian ‘reforms’ — more like ‘deforms’ — were carried out by Jews who feel nothing but contempt for Russians as a race of cattle). But then, there was the Age of Putin, and ‘Russia’ became the metaphor for resurgent nationalism, Christian power and prestige, obstacle to total hegemony by EOJ, and an inspiration for white majority nations all around the world. Even though Russian nationalism isn’t same as ‘white nationalism’, the fact remains that Russia is a white majority nation where whites aren’t infected with ‘white guilt’ or the cult of cuckery. Why should this make Jews worry? Because this ‘Russia’ as metaphor can inspire other nations in Europe and even whites in the New World. Indeed, Russia itself doesn’t even have to meddle in other nations. Just the fact that Russians regained their own autonomy and sovereignty can be inspiring to so many Europeans who now live under EU tyranny. After all, most Poles and Hungarians still hate historical Russia, but ‘Russia’ has been an inspiration to them whether they want to admit it or not. When the Jewish-controlled EU is pressing upon Poland and Hungary to open up to massive Muslim and African invasion, celebrate Homomania above Christianity, instill ‘white guilt’ in everyone, and idealize ACOWW as the sexual ideal for the future, many Poles and Hungarians have been saying NO. Ironically, the reason for this resistance on their part derives to some extent from their experience of Soviet occupation and tyranny. Because Polish and Hungarian national sovereignty and independence were quashed under Soviet tanks, Poles and Hungarians don’t want to surrender their newfound nationalism. Just like there is Russia and ‘Russia’, there was the Soviet Union as particular nation and there is the ‘Soviet Union’ as metaphor. To many Poles and Hungarians, EU is the new ‘Soviet Union’ ordering decrees and making threats. If the Soviets nullified Polish and Hungarian nationalist aspirations with invasion by tanks, the EU seeks to destroy Eastern European nationalism with invasion by Muslims and Africans. EU wants Poles and Hungarians to ‘welcome’ the foreign mass invaders as ‘New Poles’ and ‘New Hungarians’ and prize them above ‘Old Poles’ and ‘Old Hungarians’ whose ‘progressive’ role is to surrender their national property and posterity to the newcomers who leech off white wealth and demand, "Where the white women at?" Invasion by Jihad and Jungle and addiction to the Junk(of Pop Culture) are the template concocted by EOJ against Europe.

Against this, there is Russia as power and ‘Russia’ as metaphor. Even though Poles and Hungarians dislike and distrust Russians, it is to their advantage that Russia exists. After all, there is a chance, even if unlikely, that they can shift alliances IF the EU demands become unbearable. EU and US, as vassals of EOJ, know this. If Russia didn’t exist, they could apply far greater pressure on Eastern Europe. But too much pressure could lead to shift of alliances whereupon Hungarians and Poles bite the bullet and side with Russia. Hungarians and Poles wanted to join with Western Europe as the truly white and advanced part of Europe in contrast to ‘Asiatic’ Russia. But if things continue as they are, Western Europe could become Arabized, Indo-Pakistanized, and Africanized. Then, Russia and Eastern Europe will be the only remaining white civilizations of Europe. Poles are now fighting a two-front war. On the one hand, they work with US and EU to support Ukraine against Russia. But they also resist EU demands for Broken Borders and welcoming-of-mass-invasion. Polish political culture is closer to that of Russia even as Poland allies with EOJ against Russia, its historical enemy and oppressor. Also, Poland feels national justification as a victim nation. Poles feel victimized by the Old Russian Empire, Nazi Germany, and Soviet Union. They feel that they got it as nearly as bad as the Jews in WWII, and this upsets Jews because the Shoah Narrative says that all white Christians everywhere are guilty for the Jewish genocide in WWII as the culmination of the Eternal Antisemitism among rabid and virulent whites. Jews say Poles collaborated in the Shoah, but they ignore the fact that Jews collaborated with the Soviets in rounding up Poles for slaughter. Also, while some Poles collaborated with Nazis, most didn’t and millions of Poles died in WWII.
It’s instructive that Jews tend to hate more the whites who weren’t culpable for Shoah and could compete with Jews in the victim-hood sweepstakes. Because Germans were responsible for Shoah and because the French collaborated with the Germans, Jews could easily browbeat both peoples morally. In contrast, Poles continued to resist heroically all throughout the German Occupation. Millions died in the battlefield, of starvation, or by execution. As for Soviets, more of them died than the Jews in WWII, and it was Soviet sacrifices that did most to defeat Nazi Germany(though Soviet record is also stained because of Stalin’s alliance with Hitler against Poland). As Poles were invaded and ravaged by two nations and then, after the war, had to live under Soviet tyranny for several decades, they feel a sense of pride of historical victim-hood. Now, given that Jews suffered a lot too, one might think Jews would sympathize with Poles. But Jews have strong egomaniacal personalities. They are a people who invented a religion with a jealous God who can’t tolerate other gods, all of whom are to be destroyed as ‘false idols’. Modern Jews have the same kind of emotional content. Only Shoah is the true tragedy. Nothing else matters. So, the idea that Poles suffered greatly, especially on the soil in which much of Shoah took place, is an affront to Jews. Jews want to be seen as the REAL victims whereas Poles and Russians, despite their losses of millions, are to be regarded as peripheral victims or mere details-of-history. Jewish supremacists are hideous, nasty, and greedy not only in money but in morality. Indeed, Jewish morality is essentially immoral because it’s about self-righteousness and hubris. So, Jews say the IDF is the ‘most moral’ military in the world even though Zionism has utterly destroyed the Palestinian people. Jews say Jewish culture is about ‘justice’ and that is why Jews are so devoted to saving ‘Muslim refugees’. Jews conveniently overlook the fact that the refugee crisis was unleashed by Wars for Israel insisted upon by EOJ that controls the US that controls EU and NATO. Jews are so egotistical and megalomaniacal that they are blind to their own evil. Whatever they do, they claim to be doing it for some uber-moral cause.

Anyway, we need to understand ‘Russia’ as a metaphor in order to decode the Jewish hysteria and mania. Jews fear what ‘Russia’ represents to peoples(especially whites) around the world. ‘Russia’ isn’t just Russia per se but any sign of white national consciousness in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Sweden, UK, Greece, and etc. This is why Russia is vilified and why anything that resembles national pride & self-preservation is associated with Russia. ‘Russia’ is seen as a phantom in the souls of white people that is beginning to break free and assert itself from the octopus grip of the Empire of Judea. Jews even go so far as to project their own megalomania on Putin and Russia. Of course, people may not be aware that Jews are behind it because most European journalists and TV news personalities are not Jewish. But even seemingly non-Jewish journals are owned by Jewish oligarchs who hire cucks and hacks. Your average journalist isn’t much different from your average politician. Most people in news industry are streetwalkers who serve their pimps. Also, as most European intellectuals and writers were indoctrinated with PC propaganda(much of it devised by Jews) and infected with Jewish-controlled American Pop Culture of Afromania, Homomania, Jew-worship and Diversity, they sincerely believe in the moral and quasi-spiritual necessity of white peoples in white nations being replaced by mass invaders who bring something like vibranium to the staid White Order.

Russia went from communism to globalism to nationalism very fast. One massive power was replaced by another and then another massive power. At one time, the Soviet Union seemed formidable and impenetrable. But it collapsed almost overnight. And then, Russian globalism dominated by Jewish oligarchs seemed to be the wave of the future. But that went away really fast, to be replaced by Putinist nationalism, a moderate form of nationalism but a nationalism just the same that was independent of the cult of ‘white guilt’, not least because Russian Narrative emphasizes the Russian sacrifices in WWII in the defeat of Nazi Germany. Given the role of Russia in WWII, you’d think Jews would appreciate Russia. Indeed after WWII, many Jews did appreciate Russia’s role, even to the point of becoming communists and spying for the USSR. But Jews realized that the most potent weapon against whites is ‘white guilt’, especially in relation to Holocaust and black slavery. But Russians had no part in Shoah. If anything, more of them died in the war with Nazis. Also, Russians took no part in the Atlantic slave trade. If anything, the term ‘slave’ derives from ‘Slav’ because so many Slavs were captured and sold as slaves in ancient times and Middle Ages. Also, Jews played a huge role in this trade of white slavery. Jews love to tag Russia with pogroms, but Jews themselves were supportive of the pogroms against American Indians that made the US possible. Emma Lazarus certainly wanted more whites and Jews to come to the New World and pogromize remaining Indians off their land. And Israel was created by a massive pogrom called Nakba. Another problem for Jews is that, if they go after Soviet tyranny and mass-killings as proof of Russian wickedness, there is no way to get around the fact that Jewish Bolsheviks played a very big role in this. There were more than collaborators but cohorts and co-leaders. Jews may denounce Russia as having oppressed various other peoples, but Jews aren’t too keen on this because many of Russia’s victims were Poles and other Eastern Europeans. Victimized-by-Russia mentality among Eastern Europeans only boost their moral pride, and then, it’s more difficult for Jews to instill them with ‘white guilt’. So, Jews hate Russia as an example of a nation free of ‘white guilt’. And Jews hate the fact that Eastern European nations, in seeing themselves as victims of both Germany and Russia, also tend to lack in something like ‘white guilt’. Perhaps, if Eastern Europe had come under NATO domination soon after WWII, things might have been different. But they came under Soviet Power that instilled Jewish communist henchmen in seats of power. So, Eastern Europeans came to associate Jewishness with communist tyranny than with Shoah. Given Russia’s great sacrifice in WWII, you’d think Jews would have pressured US and EU leaders to attend the celebration of Russian-Soviet victory in 2015. But EOJ ordered its puppets not to attend because Russia stands for gentile national pride and lack of ‘white guilt’.

So, when Jews say ‘Russia’, it’s not just about Russia the nation. It’s ‘Russia’ the metaphor of gentile national pride, white consciousness without guilt, white/gentile defiance and challenge to EOJ’s hegemony, and white/gentile autonomy in forging its own narrative and mythos than relying on the Iron PC Handbook passed out by Jews that says, "White people exist to offer their everything to OTHER peoples." Jews really want to say, "Whites should offer their everything to Jews", but that would sound too greedy. So, Jews make it sound ‘universal’ by saying whites must ‘include’ and ‘welcome’ the whole world. But Jews know that they will grab most of the loot from whites since most gentile groups are amateurs when it comes to grabbing wealth and power. After all, there are many more Mexicans than Jews in the US, but Jews beat Mexicans in the game of taking over white wealth. Mexicans work under whites whereas Jews lord over whites.

For Jews, ‘Russia’ as metaphor means any white American who reject Jewish-controlled Hate News as ‘fake news’. So, to be ‘Russian’ in the metaphoric sense means to have a certain state-of-mind. You may know nothing of Russian history, Russian Orthodox Church, Russian culture, Russian geography, Russian economy, and Russian people. But if you reject the cult of ‘white guilt’, refuse to worship Jews, refuse to celebrate Homomania or Queertianity(as a replacement neo-religion concocted by Jews), and etc., then you are metaphorically ‘Russian’. You are infected with the ‘Russian’ virus that inspires you to break free of the mind control of EOJ.

And this is why Jews are so desperate to vilify Russia and associate everything bad with Russia, Russia, Russia. Jews, in their hysterical projection, accuse Russia of doing what EOJ does all the time. It is World Jewry that has taken over all Western nations and their vassal states like Japan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Colombia, Egypt, etc. It is World Jewry that denies national autonomy and sovereignty to white nations. It is EOJ that props up cucky-wucks like Justin Trudeau as the ideal globalized representative of the ‘Free World’. World Jewry is so powerful and has such grip on world media, academia, and pop culture that it has convinced even the masses of whites in EU, US, Canada, and Australia that the noblest thing is to welcome and celebrate mass invasion and replacement by foreigners. It’s... goo-goo ‘incluuuuuusion’. So, all these ‘incluless’ morons vote for idiots like Justin Trudeau. But then, the ‘conservatives’, also in the pocket of EOJ, are hardly better.

Most people around the world are hacks, dupes, dogs, sheep, or cattle. George Orwell’s ANIMAL FARM was more than an allegory using animals. In a way, people are really animals among whom the cleverer and stronger-willed gain power over the dumber and weaker. Also, humanity is divided between those who believe in defending the national homeland and those who strive to create imperial domains. In the modern Age of Empire, nations like Great Britain and Japan sought to do both: Maintain homeland for the ‘volk’ while creating empires abroad. And then, following WWII, there was the Golden Age of Nationalism when the ideal was for non-whites to have their own nations and independence and for white imperialists to return to their own nations and reconnect with their roots. Blood and Soil for each people. After all, the international body is called United Nations, not United Empires. The Age of Nationalism held until the end of the Cold War when the world seemed to welcome the national liberation of Eastern European nations and former Soviet republics. But then, Jews took over the West and undermined nationalism because Jewish Power is essentially imperialist. Jews, as elite minorities in gentile majority nations, don’t feel an affinity with the masses. A Jew in London feels closer to a Jew in Paris who feels closer to a Jew in Israel who feels closer to a Jew in Germany who feels closer to a Jew in Russia who feels closer to a Jew in Canada who feels closer to a Jew in the US, and etc. So, in a world where nationalism is the main mode of politics, Jews feel hemmed in. If the US were nationalist, Jewish-Americans would be compelled to work for the good of All Americans. But Jews don’t give a shit about most Americans. Jews care more about Jews in Europe or Jews in Israel. So, Jews have been undermining nationalism everywhere EXCEPT IN ISRAEL where Jews are the solid majority. Also, if Classic Imperialism sought empire abroad but still maintained the integrity of the homeland — neither imperial Britain nor imperial Japan was hell-bent on allowing mass invasion of their motherland with foreigners — , globalist neo-imperialism not only seeks military, financial, ideological, and cultural invasion abroad but welcomes mass invasion of the First World by the Third World in order to undermine nationalism in both realms. If the First World is overrun with non-whites, then there goes nationalism. And if Third World nations are degraded by US military intervention or US pop-cultural invasion, they will lose their national-cultural essence. Also, as Third Worlders come to the First World, they turn into servitors of the empire like Fareed Zakaria, Nikki Haley, and Amy Chua who are enamored of being part of the Hyper-Power or ‘Supergroup’. If the US, at the behest of EOJ, were to bomb Pakistan and kill Muslims, you bet Zakaria will be a toady chanting for war. And if the US were to wage war on China and kill bushels of yellows, you bet Chua will be cheering for the US military machine to mow down her co-ethnics. She’s mainly about having Jewish-Zionist babies and serving the EOJ. While both men and women are prone to serving the Great Power, even by betraying their own kind, this tendency is greater among women because women are genetically programmed to favor Power over Identity. This is why any civilization that hands over power to women will surely die. Men and women are not equal. While there are plenty of cuck-collaborator men, every woman has a whore-gene that puts out to the biggest pimp. Men and women are not the same in their political psychology. When a group of men are threatened by another group of more powerful men, half will want to serve the New Master but the other half will want to resist by any means necessary. In contrast, if women are given a choice between sticking with their own men in inferior position of power or going with the other men with superior position of power, 80% of women will go with the other men. Look at all the Wasp women marrying Jewish men. One thing Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump have in common is they are both whores of Zion whose main fealty is to serving the Empire of Judea.

2. If we understand Russia-as-metaphor or ‘Russia’, it become clear why the Deep State, as the arm of EOJ, has been freaking out about Donald Trump and Russia. Because a silent ethnic coup took place, many Americans have no idea that the US is no longer a sovereign nation. We tend to see the late 80s and early 90s as a time of the mighty US prevailing over the Soviet Union. "We won the Cold War", Americans felt. But a transformation took place in the US that was no less momentous than the changes in Russia. The change was more obvious in Russia due to the fall of the official ideology and the breakup of the Soviet Union. Also, a communist economy was trying to adjust to new realities. In contrast, nothing as traumatic happened in the US. But the shift of power from Wasps to Jews was momentous because Jewish worldview is far more radical than any white worldview(apart from Nazism that was destroyed in WWII). Also, under Billy Boy Clinton, the US economy made a total shift from National Economy to Global Economy. This had been in the works for a long time, but the decisive transformation took place under Clinton because the Democratic Party had been the bastion of Big Labor. When the Democrats dropped that potato in favor of the New Economy — like Sal in THE GODFATHER goes over to Barzini — , the economic underpinning of nationalism was lost. This was when Pat Buchanan moved away from ‘free trade’ that put corporate profits above American workers. Also, with Jewish capitalists and oligarchs as the new lords of the West, there was no more need for class politics that was deemed pesky and troublesome to the elites. Thus, year after year, Classic or True Leftism was chiseled away and replaced with Prosperity Progressivism that mainly obsessed about celebrity, homo vanity, tranny delusions, haute feminist kvetching & vagina-obsession, pornification of mainstream culture as ‘empowerment’, rappers as thug-prophets, jungle fever & cuck fetishes, and endless robotized chants about ‘diversity’ and goo-goo-incluuuusion. Even Bernie Sanders isn’t about real leftism but about spoiled upper-middle class brats demanding FREE stuff as a ‘human right’.

After the 1990s and 2000s, the US is no longer the nation it used to be. There was a Jew D’Etat in terms of elite power. Christianity was replaced by Homomania or Queertianity. God was replaced by Michael King, aka MLK who talked of morality and peace but was a vulgar and violent thug in private. Free Speech gave way to ‘hate speech’, always to be defined by Jews and their cuck-dogs of course. So, Zionist venom against Palestinians and white gentiles is not ‘hate speech’, but assertion of Palestinian nationalism or white identity is ‘hate speech’. In the US under control of EOJ, "It’s Okay to be White" is ‘hate speech’, but non-stop Jewish-run media’s fulminations against Iran, China, Russia, Christians(who won’t bake ‘gay wedding’ cakes), and Palestinians is not ‘hate speech’. Also, the US was still solid white majority in the 80s. After the Clinton Era, especially with the aid of Jewish judges, the US is on the verge of becoming a white-minority nation to the delight of Hyper-power-supergroup enthusiasts like Fareed Zakaria and Amy Chua who love to serve EOJ.

This was a silent coup. Jews have always been careful to hide their power by using shabbos goy fronts among TV news anchormen, US politicians, hack academics or hackademics, and toy soldiers in the Pentagon. The movie BROADCAST NEWS is fundamentally disingenuous in showing how a dishonest Wasp wins out over a smarter and worthier Jew by means of better looks and likable style. What it overlooks is the fact that JEWS have favored such photogenic dummies to carry the message of Jewish supremacism. Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings, Diane Sawyer, Brian Williams, and etc. did not represent gentile power over Jewish power. They were just pretty-boy or pretty-girl sockpuppets of the Jewish Narrative. And even when Jewish newsmen take the helm in front of the camera, they pretend to be non-Jewish. Take Katie Couric with her fake blonde hair or Jon Lebovich who became Jon Stewart. Or Jewish supremacists like Bill Maher will pretend to be ‘libertarian’.

The great transformation took place. The last vestiges of America as a Nation with Sovereignty was lost in the years after the Cold War. Billy Boy Clinton totally rejigged the Democratic Party. And when George W. Bush became president, his main agenda was Wars for Israel and more favors for Wall Street and substituting real economy with the bubble economy of Real Estate speculation that was engineered by a collusion of Wall Street, Ivy League, and Big Government.
Given America’s vast riches due to bountiful land, Anglo legacy, and almighty dollar, the US has been able to weather the crisis better than Russia in the 1990s, but something truly terrible has happened in America as it became merely a vassal state of the Empire of Judea. The US may be the Jewel in the Jewish Imperial Crown, but it is no longer a free nation. It is the top dog that orders other dogs(in EU, Asia, and Latin America), but it serves the master. It’s like the gentile studio executive in HAIL CAESAR! whose main loyalty is to some unseen Jewish mogul. In the Coen Brothers’ movie, gentiles are so childish compared to the Jews with big brains, big ideas, and big visions. Jews lay down the ‘laws’. Jews also know the art of blackmail, which is one reason why so many politicians in Congress are servile to Jews who got the dirt on everyone due to their deep state connections. Even though the transformation was completed in the 1990s, the template had already been laid down in the 1950s.

If we understand that the West is now essentially a big version of West Bank, a Jewish-occupied territory, it becomes clear why the election of Donald Trump was so triggering to Jews. Jews were sure that they neutered both political parties. As Jewish money and brains came to dominate the Democratic Party, every Democratic politician became a shill of Jews. They rely on Jewish money as 50% of donations to the Democrats come from Jews. If we include Homos, it’s fair to say 60 to 70% of donations to the Democrats come from Jews and Homos who comprise less than 5% of the population.
Granted, Jews are having trouble with some segments of the Democratic Party. As ‘diversity’ has become such a catchword among Progs, many non-whites in the Party see Jews as essentially rich privileged whites. More worrying is the fact that increasing number of Progs sense the hypocrisy of ‘liberal’ Jews who call for erasure of national identity and ‘racism-nationalism’ among gentile nations but give full support to Zionist racial-nationalism in Israel. As Democratic Party becomes more black, brown, and Asian, there may be less enthusiasms for Israel.
Still, a party is less likely to get rid of its cash cow than its ‘trash’ cow. Even if increasing number of Democratic hoi polloi aren’t crazy about Israel or Jews, the fact is the Democrats would be lost without Jewish money and media support. It was one thing for Democrats to drop the white working class as a drag, drain, and dead weight. By betraying Big Labor, Democrats had much more to gain from Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Las Vegas, Real Estate, and ‘free trade’. But losing Jewish money and influence would be devastating to the Democrats. So, Democratic Party continues to be totally controlled by Jews. Besides, because the GOP has also been taken over by Jews, the Democratic Jews can always threaten to abandon ship and go with the GOP if the Democratic Party decides to stop supporting Israel and gets cozy with BDS. Because Jews are a ‘sacralized’ group thanks to the Shoah Narrative, the GOP is desperate to have Jews on its side. Even Kevin MacDonald is willing to kick dirt in the face of long-suffering Palestinians IF Jews would just come over to the White Nationalist side. Because Jews can play both parties and both official ideologies — after all, if Democrats and Republicans are agreed on one thing, it is "Muh Israel" — , both sides must bid higher for Jewish support.

Therefore, Jews thought they had total control of the US and, by extension, the West. All the Democratic hopefuls were dogs of Jews, and all the Republican hopefuls were cucks of Jews. I mean, what was the difference between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush(or Marco Rubio the bubble-faced boy)? Political elections became like a Dog Show for the Jews. But then, Donald Trump entered the election and made noise about populism, working class, walls and borders, ‘America First’(that harks back to Charles Lindbergh, a man Jews hate), patriotism, end of imperial wars, good relations with Russia, and not taking Jewish money. Trump energized white voters, especially white working class voters abandoned by Democrats and left to die of opioids in their own vomit.

Donald Trump the man has been a hustler, huckster, vulgarian, liar, blowhard, narcissist, two-bit punk, sensationalist, and etc. But Donald Trump as a metaphor, or ‘Donald Trump’, was something else. He was threatening to pull off in the US what Putin pulled off in Russia against the Jewish oligarchs. Thus, ‘Donald Trump’ as metaphor was ‘Russia’. The themes he put on the table spoke of national sovereignty. It implied that US has lost its independence to globalist empire that doesn’t care about the interests of the American people, especially white Americans. Trump denounced Angela Merkel for welcoming the invasion of Europe by non-white hordes. And then, Brexit happened, and Trump was all for the seemingly nationalist breakaway from EU imperial authority. Trump also denounced the neo-imperial wars in Libya and Syria. This was not supposed to happen. Trump went off the official script and shot from the hip. Also, he refused to get apologetic about David Duke endorsing him. And he didn’t disavow the Alt Right but flirted with it. To EOJ, this was unacceptable. They thought they tamed the gentile white horse. They thought the white horse would obey Jews. White horse would dutifully fight more Wars for Israel. Also, white horse of America would side with Diversity and attack white horses of Poland, Hungary, and Russia. But Trump as white horse got wild and threatened to toss off the Jewish rider like Russian white horse unseated the Jew.

This is what the ‘Russia Collusion’ hysteria has been all about. NO ONE with any sense believed Trump ever colluded with Russia. NO ONE really believed that Russia hacked the US elections. EOJ went ballistic about Russia because it fears ‘Russia’ as metaphor. And even though it knew that Trump the actual man was showman and clown, it feared ‘Trump’ as the metaphor of revival of white identity, gentile nationalism, and defiance of PC.

So, since Trump’s election, the EOJ has been working on every level and every capacity to wage war on Whiteness. Unsurprisingly, there are more TV ads, shows, and movies about ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs. Jews want whites to feel that white lands belong to the world, white minds belong to Jewish controllers, white souls belong to homomaniacs, and white wombs belong to blacks. Whites have no claim to anything white... in the way that Jews have claim to their Narrative, Israel, and Sacrailzed place in the West. Jews are now pulling all the stops to enforce White Submissvism, without which Jewish Supremacism, the underlying root of EOJ, is not possible. Richard Spencer, in what may be the best piece on Trump, made a distinction between Trump the actual man and Trump the phenomenon, or ‘Trump’ the metaphor. For many white Americans abandoned and lost in the morass of globalism, Trump was the ‘Napoleon of the Current Year’, a man who appealed to their passions and anxieties overlooked and even spat upon by the globalist elites with their Prosperity Progressivist fusion of grabbing all the wealth and privilege while, at the same time, hogging all the prestige as paragons of ‘social justice’. Has there ever been a time in human history when people who have so much — Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, George Soros, Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg, Google oligarchs, Jeff Bezos, Starbucks guys, Las Vegas tycoons, Goldman Sachs, and etc. — hogged so much limelight as the faces of ‘social justice’, which nowadays comes down mostly to waving the homo flag and calling for more mass invasion via immigration to replace the native folks with scab-folks who will vote for globalism for the simple reason that it gives them easy access to the goodies and freebies of the West?

But fear and loathing of ‘Trump’ as metaphor — sign of nascent white identity — and ‘Russia’ as metaphor — a nation freed of the grip of EOJ — is essentially a Jewish affair. While plenty of non-Jews hate Trump, their hatreds have been manufactured and manipulated whereas Jewish hatred is deep and tribal. Jews hate ‘Russia’ and ‘Trump’ because they threaten the template of the Empire of Judea that uses globalism to dissolve and destroy gentile nationalism. The most obvious version of globalism is George Soros. Jews hate ‘Trump’ and ‘Russia’ for one reason only. Power. Jews want to maintain supremacist power in the world. As for shabbos goyim and cucks who know what it’s all about, they join in the Jewish Hatred of ‘Trump’ and ‘Russia’ because their privilege relies on serving Jewish supremacist power. Even though they are mere servitors of Jewish supremacist power, they get something out of the arrangement. They are company men who root for their CEO and corporation because their salaries and benefits depend on the survival of the firm. As drones and subordinates, they pretend to go along with the Narrative. People like Fareed Zakaria know the score. They know Jews control the world, and they know they must serve the Jews to be part of the Club. But if Jewish Power were to vanish overnight and if another Globo-Tribe ruled the world, the Zakarias everywhere would be sucking up to that power.

If Jews and their cuck-collaborators know what it’s all about, the masses of anti-Trump people have no clue. They hate Trump for reasons manufactured by the Jew-run media. So, they get hysterical because Trump is a ‘Islamophobe’, ‘homophobe’, ‘transphobe’, ‘xenophobe’, ‘pussy-grabber’, ‘the leader of white supremacists and racists’, or whatever. These Trump-haters didn’t voice any concern when Obama was destroying Libya or aiding terrorists in Syria. Or when he used Neo-Nazi elements to pull a coup in Ukraine. At most times, these dummies only care about pop culture, celebrities, and narcissism. Their main activity is taking selfies and watching trash on TV. Their ideology consists of pat slogans about ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ that’s been crammed down their throats and rammed up their ass in school since kindergarten. They have no idea who really controls the US. They are more likely to get their news from comedy shows like the one that used to feature Jon Stewart Lebovitch. Their idea of truth-teller is Michael Moore. They are the ‘liberal’ counterpart of ‘conservative’ dummies who rely on Jewish-controlled Talk Radio for news and ideas. In their silly little minds, the world is divided between good guys of Diversity & ‘good white people’ who hate ‘bad white people’ AND the bad guys who say NO to their replacement, humiliation, and extinction. Homos are holy, and Negroes are sacred. Anything tagged with ‘racism’ or ‘hate’ is the worst thing in the world. They are like mentally trained dogs. So, if the Jew-run media tell them, "Russia is homophobic, and Putin is Hitler", these morons bark like crazy. Their idea of good morals is Pussy Riot acting like scum like Russia and other nations. They grew up watching Lena Dunham and Miley Cyrus. Their idea of an artist is Emma Sulkowicz, and their idea of an intellectual is Amanda Marcotte. They are too shallow and insipid to ever ask big questions or look behind the veil to see the real person behind the Wizard of Oz. Also, they are incapable of asking bigger questions because they’ve been instilled with ‘triggers’ from a young age. Young minds are most easy to manipulate, and from a very young age, many of these progs have been conditioned to think of Jews as wise, blacks as sacred, homos as holy, and Diversity as wonderful. And of course, white identity and interests as Eeeeeevil. In their worlds, whites are allowed to succeed but ONLY AS individuals who must always profusely praise the holy three of Jews, blacks, and Homos(and some token stuff about Diversity too). Given the essentially irrational and easily-triggered minds of these idiots, ANY ENCOUNTER with inconvenient or incorrect ideas or theories make them fly off the handle. They flip out over the silliest ‘micro-aggression’. Consider the lunatics at Middlebury College who went rabid & virulent and wouldn’t let Charles Murray speak. They are triggered not only by daring and ‘dangerous’ Alt Right but even by the likes of Ben Shapiro, Heather MacDonald, Christina Hoff Sommers, and Milo the homo Jew who takes Negro dongs up his bung.

Triggerites are the darlings of Jewish supremacists. Because they are easily ‘triggered’ by anything that upsets what they’ve been taught by the globalist media and academia, they are dependable dogs of the EOJ. So, any view that is critical of Afro-sanctimony drives these idiots crazy. They prefer the fantasy of Wakanda in BLACK PANTHER and BLM than the true reality of race in America and why things are the way they are. They prefer the fantasy of feminist diatribes about ‘gender’ over the actual facts about sexual differences. They prefer to believe ‘diversity is our strength’ against all evidence to the contrary because that slogan has been instilled in their minds from childhood. Even though they are not morally relativistic to the extent that they passionately believe whatever happens to be Correct in the Current Year, their values are relatively fluid in accordance to the diktat of the Power. So, even though few of their ilk believed in ‘gay marriage’ few decades ago or cared much for it, they are now totally passionate about it as if it is an eternal value. So, even though they were passionately anti-war during the George W. Bush era, they are okay with war in the Obama and Trump era. Even though they were likely to be Free Speech absolutists in the 70s and early 80s, they are now proponents of ‘hate speech’ legislation. So, despite their passion and commitment, there is nothing consistent about their base assumptions. Consider feminism. It used to be anti-pornography at one time. But then, it was totally okay with it. In both cases, it was very impassioned. There was a time when most feminists would have been passionately opposed to the idea that a man with dick & balls with wig & dress is a ‘woman’, but now, most feminists are passionately convinced that trannies are indeed ‘women’. So, proggy values are relative to the Narrative put forth by the Power. Basically, Central Command of EOJ cooks up some new theme, truism, or agenda and then spreads it far and wide via media, academia, and pop culture. And then, all these progs who never even cared about the matter become most impassioned about it. Lacking genuine moral fiber and spiritual center, they are addicted to hits of virtue vanity. So, their concept of truth and morality is like a fashion drug. The latest SJW-themed hysteria is the new glue to sniff or crack to smoke. Consider the brouhaha about Trump’s Muslim Ban. These Progs felt no sympathy for Muslims who were being massacred in Libya and Syria as the result of wars instigated by the US. These progs failed to notice the obvious fact that the refugees were the product of Wars for Israel pushed not only by George W. Bush but by Obama. But all of a sudden, they were up in arms about the ‘inhumanity’ of not allowing Muslim ‘refugees’ to flood the US. Such morons are just putty in the hands of EOJ. They can be made to believe in 50 genders or that Bruce Jenner is a ‘woman’ named Caitlyn. They can be made to believe that BLACK PANTHER is a profound statement about black future. Their brains are like the New STAR WARS universe that is molded by devious globalist Jews.

The dummies may be fiercely anti-Trump and anti-Russia, but their positions can be changed almost overnight. Having no agency or compass of their own, their sense of right-or-wrong comes purely from the fashion of the Current Year. So, they can go from Slut Pride and 50 SHADES OF GREY mentality directly to #MeToo hysteria. They are like dogs and sheep. Notice how the very people who hated, hated, and hated George W. Bush or Bushitler are now full of praise for that moron ex-president because he’s part of the Current Year attack on Trump. Because the dummies love or hate based on what they get from the Power, we need to focus on the Power that is the Empire of Judea. After all, if EOJ were to use the media to declare that Russia-Collusion theory has no merit and that walls are good for America, most of the dummies would just calm down and go along. When we look at sheep, we must remind ourselves that the sheep don’t get to decide. The sheep dogs don’t get to decide either. The shepherd gets to decide. Dogs take orders from the shepherd, and sheep are controlled and directed by the dogs. It’s an Animal Farm world. If people like John McCain and Lindsey Graham(the dogs) hate Russia and Iran, it’s because Jews(the shepherd) orders them to. If tomorrow the EOJ were to decide that good relations with Russia and Iran are in order, McCain and Graham would fall in line instantly. And most of the sheep will go along too. It is trickle-down hatred or love. It all depends on the feelings of EOJ.
EOJ chooses whom to hate and for how long. It’s like Hitler got to choose whom the Germans should like or hate. If Hitler said USSR is an ally and friend, Germans felt no animus against Russia. But if Hitler suddenly changed his mind and said Russia must be destroyed, the Nazi German dogs and sheeple changed their tune immediately. The power converges at the top. In Nazi Germany, the power was with Hitler. In the Current West, the power is with the Empire of Judea.

Unlike dummies, dogs, and sheep, Jews decide on their own whom to hate or not hate. Jews don’t take cues or orders from others. Jews decide on their own as to "who are good for Jews?" and "who are bad for Jews?" Not only do Jews decide on their own their likes and dislikes but they use their monopoly of Media, Academia, whore politicians, and Deep State to impose their likes or dislikes on the rest of us. So, Jews don’t want us to dislike Saudi Arabia and what it is doing in Yemen. Jews certainly don’t want us to think about what the IDF is doing to Palestinians in Gaza. But Jews want us to hate, hate, and hate Russia, Iran, and Syria. Unfortunately, most Americans are stupid sheeple of the Jews. The only people who know the true nature of Jewish Power are those in the Alt Right and some in the Alt Left.

To Jews, ‘Trump’ as metaphor is an affront and challenge to the underlying premises of EOJ. Jewish supremacism can thrive only in imperial mode because all nations that Jews reside in except Israel is gentile majority. Jewish power comes from global networking because Jews don’t have much in common with most goyim. Even when so many goyim in the US have been made to revere Jews and support Israel, there is no natural connection between Jews and goyim. Such is sustained only because Jews have so much media power, so much institutional monopoly, and so much money with which to buy up politicians. If Jews didn’t push their narrative so incessantly around the clock and if the natural tendencies of goyim were to allow to play out, the servility to Jews would eventually fade because there is nothing natural or normal about the 98% supporting the supremacist vanity and culture of contempt of the devious 2%. It’s like, if a gardener left the garden alone, the preferred design of the gardener will be overwhelmed by natural growth. For several decades, Jews have been clipping, pruning, neutering, castrating, and lobotomizing the West. Over the years, all the Democratic and Republican politicians came to resemble pruned hedges. Then, how shocking for Jews to see Trump blare like a burning bush.

If we look behind the labels, ‘Russia’ as metaphor and ‘Trump’ as metaphor mean the same thing: The Rise of gentile liberation from the Empire of Judea. EOJ matters not only to Jews but to plenty of cuck-collaborators like James Comey and Robert Mueller whose power and privilege were invested in playing the globalist game. Power is addictive, and those who crave power prefer imperialism over nationalism. Why limit one’s focus to what’s happening within the nation when it’s so much more fun to play the game of Imperialist Globe Trekker? Also, it’s more fun to play the global game because there’s more elbow space for ‘bad behavior’ abroad than at home. You can’t drop bombs on people in the US, but you can drop tons of bombs on foreign nations. It’s risky to spy on American citizens but you can spy on anyone overseas. There could be serious consequences for assassinating someone in the US or for rigging elections in the US. But CIA can mess with any nation and meddle in their affairs(with the exception of Israel, of course). The kind of people who are attracted to agencies like CIA, NSA, and FBI love to play the game, and bigger the game, the better. So, they love serving the EOJ.

Also, Trump’s candidacy was deeply threatening to their own sense of pride and prestige. Here was this blowhard loudmouth from the NY Real Estate industry speaking freely about the real problems facing America. In contrast, all the well-educated and pedigreed agents of the Deep State were nothing but servile dogs, puppets, and whores of the EOJ. It’s humiliating to be exposed as well-educated phonies, but it’s doubly humiliating to be exposed by a boorish vulgarian like Trump. During the campaign, Trump attacked the Deep State for its wars, aid to terrorists, needless escalation with Russia, and subversion of other nations. At times, you’d think Donald Trump was channeling not only Ron Paul but Abbie Hoffman the anti-war activist. Trump blew their cover and mocked them as agents of the Swamp. Their pride was deeply hurt, and they were determined to work with EOJ to bring Trump down or to suck him into the Swampy quicksand. So, the Powers-that-be have been playing Stretch-Armstrong with Trump. A ceaseless mental torture to drive Trump crazy or to break him like Paul Newman character in COOL HAND LUKE. Queen Elizabeth enjoyed a blood sport called bear-baiting. Deep State decided to play Trump-baiting.

Jews are now addicted to supremacist power. They will do anything to keep it. As for cuck-collaborators like Mueller, Comey, McCain, Graham, Hillary, and etc., their only hope of remaining in the game is to serve the Jews. They don’t have the spine or guts to come together to take on Jewish Power. They were never seekers of truth or justice but of status. And they know that Jews are too powerful because Jews got media, finance, real estate, gambling, Hollywood, elite colleges, and the Jew Taboo based on Shoah Narrative. The safest path to power for the cuck-collaborators is to be the dogs of the Jewish shepherd. Being a dog isn’t as prestigious as being the master or shepherd, but it’s better than nothing. As servitors of EOJ, they have something to do, and that fills them with a sense of achievement and power.

In the end, it’s not about Russia per se or Trump per se. It’s about what the metaphor of ‘Russia’ stands for. It’s about what the metaphor of ‘Trump’ stands for. They stand for gentile-nationalist liberation from the supremacist trap of EOJ. Jews have cleverly manipulated words so that Jewish Supremacism is regarded as ‘progressivism’ whereas desire for White National Liberation from Jewish supremacism has been labeled as ‘Neo-Nazi’ or ‘white supremacist’. Imagine that. If white people say they don’t want the US to be an imperial power bullying other nations and just mind its own business, THAT is ‘supremacist’. If white people say, "We don’t want to hate Iranians and Palestinians just because Jews say we must hate them", that is ‘Neo-Nazi’. If white people say, "We have no beef with Russia and want peace and good relations" or "We don’t want to see Syria destroyed for the sake of Zionist supremacism", that too is ‘white supremacist’ or ‘Neo-Nazi’. Jews don’t want (1) national sovereignty among gentile nations and (2) good relations among sovereign gentile nations. Jews want gentile nations to come under the power of EOJ. The only kind of peace and good relations that Jews tolerate is one between vassal-states of the Empire of Judea. So, UK, France, Germany, Canada, US, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, and Japan should have good relations because they all lack national sovereignty and are mere vassals of EOJ. But the US or any Western nation is NOT allowed to have good relations with a truly sovereign nation like Russia, Iran, or China. Poland and Hungary are discovering how difficult it is for a nation to maintain autonomy and sovereignty. As Jews control globalist institutions, any nation can be destroyed financially if not militarily. Also, the vast fortunes of Jewish globalists tempt many elites around the world to betray national sovereignty in favor of bribes, prizes, and favors.

To Jews, the example of ‘Russia’ is deeply threatening. Jews saw the sign on the wall when Russia said Nyet to Homomania that Jews have been promoting worldwide as a neo-religion. In every Western nation, homomania is bigger than Christianity. It even made inroads into Turkey until Erdogan said "No more of that". Russia decided to favor Russian Church over Homomania and Pussy Riot, and Jews got so triggered because, if we look past labels, it came down to Russia saying NO to a Jewish globalist proxy of infiltration and control. Even though Russia said No to Homomania, Jews read it correctly as saying No to Jewish supremacist infiltration. Jews sought to use Homomania to weaken and degrade Russian sense of roots, bond, culture, and values. Of course, Jews did it in the name of ‘tolerance’ and ‘gay rights’, but Russia saw through the trick. Russia understood that ‘gay rights’ would soon morph into Gay Rites, a neo-religion that says straight normal people must worship the Holy Homo just like gentiles majorities in the US, EU, and Canada must worship the Jewish elite minority.

Jews can get away with so many lies and filth in the West because most people in the US, EU, and Canada have been dumbed down by Pop Culture and infected with PC that ‘icon-izes’ certain groups — mainly Jews, blacks, and LGBTQ — , thus implanting a mechanism that instantly and automatically vilifies any group or nation that won’t bow down before the Holy Three. Since homos are holy, the mere fact that Russia won’t allow mass homo parades in the Red Square and homo propaganda in schools makes it an Evil Empire in the eyes of so many dumbed down and trigger-hysterical morons in the West.
This is essentially a Jewish War on Russia, indeed the third one. The first one was Bolshevism. Second was the Rape of Russia in the 1990s. And now, it’s EOJ’s determination to destroy Russia because ‘Russia’ as metaphor is sending signals to other nations that it is possible to gain sovereignty from Jewish globalist supremacist power. But if the EOJ-run West is utterly hostile to Russia, Russians have been trying to be accommodating. It’s like a bear trying to be friends with a weasel that calls on other beasts to attack Russia. Perhaps, Russia is afraid to totally spill the beans on Jewish Hideousness as so much of the World Economy is controlled by Jews. Or maybe Russia fails to understand the true nature of Jewish psychology and how utterly depraved and demented it has grown.
3. Now we come to the issue of Syria. Why does it matter so much? One reason is EOJ is about favoring Israel in the Middle East. Just like Greek gods favored certain heroes over others, EOJ naturally plays favorites. Being a Jewish supremacist power, it favors Israel over all other nations in the Middle East. And as US is its Jewel in the Crown, EOJ uses American Power to do Israel’s bidding in the Middle East. As far as EOJ is concerned, the US is one big aircraft carrier and fueling station for Zionist supremacism. Still, why should Syria matter so much? Russia reluctantly entered the war to prop up Assad’s regime after it noticed EOJ was trying to pull another Libya there.
Once the war ends, Russia is likely to leave. Some Jews fear that Syria, as an ally of Iran, poses a threat to Israel. But Syria has been so broken and fractured that it will take decades for the nation to rebuild. So, the idea that Syria poses any kind of credible threat to Israel is a joke.

So, why does Syria matter so much. As with ‘Russia’ and ‘Trump’, there is ‘Syria’ as metaphor. Unless the conflagration continues, Syria will be the first real defeat for EOJ and a victory for Russia and Iran. While Iraq turned out to be a mess, it was not a defeat for EOJ. After all, the government that the US installed is still in power. As for Libya, it too is a mess. But it was totally broken and ‘owned’ by the EOJ. Jews don’t mind there being broken or utterly shattered Arab nations. Syria was on the verge of becoming like Libya. It says something about EOJ that, even as it claims to represent ‘liberal’ and ‘secular’ values around the world, it has favored extreme Muslim Jihadis in the Syrian War against the Assad regime that is secular, modern, and even Westernized to a good degree. It goes to show that Jews fear Arab modernity more than Arab medievalism. Better to have nations like Iraq, Libya, and Syria be overrun by warring clans or Jihadis than be united under a modernizing regime.

Anyway, if Iraq was totally occupied by the US and continues to be ruled by the government installed by the US and if Libya is so broken that it can barely come together again, Syria still stands as one nation even after several years of the most horrifying war. Not only that but the Assad regime survived with the aid of nations Jews hate the most: Russia and Iran. So, ‘Syria’ as a metaphor means the survival and triumph of a nation that weathered all the hellfire thrown at it by EOJ that, in collusion with Saudis, Qatar, and Turkey, armed and funded foreign infiltrators and terrorists to tear that nation into thousand pieces. The weasels of EOJ were rubbing their hands and cackling with hideous glee as they anticipated Syria becoming another Libya. But slowly and steadily, with Russian and Iranian help, Assad’s regime was able to turn the tide, defeat ISIS, and gradually consolidate the nation. As such, despite all the horror that engulfed Syria in the last several years, this can be chalked up as a victory of Syria, Russia, and Iran. Or, worse for EOJ, the success of ‘Syria’ as metaphor, ‘Russia’ as metaphor, and ‘Iran’ as metaphor. ‘Syria’ as metaphor represents a proxy war between Russia and EOJ. If the war ends now, it means ‘Russia’, the defiant sovereign gentile nation, won over EOJ and its main vassal the US. ‘Iran’ as metaphor means an independent Muslim-Middle-East nation that simply won’t cave to the pressure of US as the top attack dog of EOJ. The prospect of ‘Russia’, ‘Iran’, and ‘Syria’ weathering the great crisis of war and emerging victorious against the proxies of EOJ is a great morale booster to all the nations around the world that would dare to stand up to EOJ. Even though the war in Syria was limited affair, the metaphor of ‘Syria’ is huge, indeed much bigger than Israel’s eventual failure in Lebanon.

Jews, with their ‘propheticist’ mind, don’t regard the Syrian War as merely a local conflict in the Middle East. They see it as a bellwether of the receding of American Power, and that is bad for EOJ because the US is its main bully, bouncer, henchman, and hitman. Also, Jews are an extremely vengeful people who hold grudges forever. And this grudge isn’t just about wrongs done to Jews but about hurt egos of not getting what they want. So, if you do something wrong to a Jew, he will hate your forever. But even if you don’t do anything wrong to a Jew and merely rebuff his demand, he will hate you forever because the supremacist mentality of Jews believes that goyim exist to serve Jews. Consider how Harvey Weinstein was so insistent on women putting out to him sexually. They didn’t do anything bad to him, and if anything, he did something bad to them. But in his sick Jewish mind, they did him ‘wrong’ but not caving to his sexual demands. So, even if you don’t insult or harm Jews, Jews can still hate you IF you don’t put out to them or refuse to obey their commands. In the sick mind of Jews, they believe we exist to do as they tell us. So, if Jews say we must fight in the Middle East, we better... or they will hate us and hold a grudge against us forever. These are a vile and hideous people. Granted, not all Jews are like this, but too many elite Jews are now infected with the supremacist mentality of EOJ. To Jews, we are mere animals to be trained to follow their orders. So, if Jews order us dogs to bark or bite, we better do it... or else Jews will fume at us. Just look at Max Boot the noxious, odious, toxic, vile, hideous, and wicked Jew who seems to think that gentile nations and armies exist to serve the ethno-maniacal bloodlust of Jewish globalist supremacists.

This is why Trump finds it impossible to disentangle from Syria. To Jews, it’s not just a particular nation but a metaphor of ‘Syria’, the proxy battleground between Russia & Iran and EOJ(that includes US, EU, Israel, and even a craven nation like Saudi Arabia). End of the war in Syria would mean Syrians rebuilding. It would mean Russians and Iranians going back home. It would mean return of order and stability in the Middle East. All nice things. But to Jews, it means ‘Syria’, the metaphor of how a modern Arab nation, with backing of Russia and Iran, defeated and overcame the proxies funded by EOJ. Jews simply cannot accept this. Just like Hitler was adamant about taking Stalingrad for its symbolic value, EOJ is determined to destroy Syria and turn it into another Libya. Jewish supremacists are this vile and disgusting, but they are the ruling elites of the so-called ‘liberal democratic’ West. Calling the West ‘liberal democratic’ is like calling East Germany ‘German Democratic Republic’. It’s name only. The West is neither liberal nor democratic. It is oligarchic and Judeo-supremacist. Also, Western nations are not sovereign or independent. They are all vassals of the Empire of Judea. Is it any wonder that every Western nation worships Homomania, chants the same slogans about ‘Diversity’ and ‘Inclusion’, promotes ACOWW, and calls for Replacism of natives with foreign folks the New Nationals? How did the exact same script become the template for just about every Western nation? Ireland and UK used to disagree on lots of things, but they are now both for Replacism, Homomania, ACOWW, Shoah-Worship, and pussy-obsessed-feminism. Distinctions are fading among most Western nations under the same ideological and ‘idolic’ spell. What you get in France is the same you get in Canada, which is the same you get in Germany, which is the same you get in Sweden, and etc. It is the result of the ethno-monopolization of Western finance, media, academia, and entertainment in the hands of Jews.

At this point, who knows what Trump was really thinking during the campaign. Let’s suppose Trump really thought it’d be a good idea for the US to get along with Russia. Let’s suppose he really did see the Syrian War as a pointless adventure for the US to get involved in.
So, why the sudden change of tune? It is likely the result of nearly two years of torture and torment meted out to him by Jew-run media, Jew-run academia, Jew-run Hollywood, Jew-run Deep State, Jew-run Wall Street, and Jew-run everything. Jews know there was no Russia Collusion, but they push that Narrative forever simply to drive a wedge between ‘Trump’ and ‘Russia’. By creating the false impression of a collusion, Jews make it nearly impossible for Trump to approach the Russians as the media and deep state can just scream, "Look, Trump as puppet of Putin."
Of course, the real sad fact is US politicians are all puppets of Jews. People in US media are either Jews or whores of Zion. People in Academia are either Jews or hack-academics indoctrinated by Jewish supremacist professors. Sadder yet is that US military has been involved in all these Wars for Israel that not only led to deaths of thousands of Americans but deaths of hundreds of thousands or even millions of people in the Middle East and North Africa. The real shame of America is that so many people in elite institutions and industries are spineless and gutless puppets of the Empire of Judea.

Jews are the puppet-masters of the US and EU, but Jews, as usual, project their dirty deeds on Russia and have so many American morons believing that, gee whiz, maybe Trump really is a puppet of Putin. So, this is the End of History that Francis Fukuyama failed to discuss. He said ‘liberal democracy’ but, in fact, it is Judeo-Nazism.
4. It is now useful to consider ‘Nazi’ as metaphor. In the particular, Nazism or National Socialism is the radical fascist movement that ruled Germany from 1933 to 1945. It culminated in imperialist aggression, world war, and genocide. As such, it pertains to a movement and events in a specific time and place. But, the term ‘Nazi’ has other meanings as well. ‘Neo-Nazism’ refers to those who want to follow in the footsteps of Adolf Hitler or reignite the movement. They have no power and influence anywhere in the world with exception of Ukraine where Neo-Nazis were able to muster just enough power to pull off a coup for EOJ. How ironic that Jewish supremacists will work with even Neo-Nazis to harm Russian interests. There is also the generic use of the term ‘Nazi’ to label anyone as repressive, violent, aggressive, hateful, or extreme. It is almost useless in terms of meaning, and it can even have semi-positive connotations. After all, a ‘grammar nazi’, while not a complimentary term, implies that the person really cares about proper grammar, which can’t be entirely bad.

But what if we draw a more specific meaning out of the particular movement of Nazism and use it as metaphor for a certain kind of world view and power strategy? Now, what was the essence of Nazism? There was the element of ethno-racial supremacism. There was the element of imperialist aggression against sovereign nations. There was the will to create a world empire. There was the element of a forceful and pathological personality, namely that of Hitler but some others as well. There was the total disregard for the lives of others. To fulfill the dream of Germanic-‘Aryan’ supremacy, Hitler and his henchmen were willing to sacrifice any number of lives. Nazism was characterized by hubris, contempt, megalomania, and paranoia. And also narrow victimology, as if ONLY Germans were wronged in WWI and the post-war peace.

Now, if Nazism as a particular movement was about Hitler and Germans feeling and acting this way, then ‘Nazism’ as a metaphor applies to any People of Power with similar mindset, worldview, self-regard, and disregard for others. Indeed, the element of power is important because attitude alone can’t do much. If Hitler had ruled a backward, poor, and weak nation, his ideology or pathology wouldn’t have done much harm. Nazism was dangerous because it became the ideology of one of the most powerful nations on Earth.

Today, which people have immense power, a culture of contempt, an arrogant attitude, an identity of supremacism, a near-genocidal disregard of others, insatiable greed, megalomania, imperialist ambition to rule the world, lust for ever more power verging on hysteria, narrow self-serving victimology that ignores the suffering of others, and paranoia about anyone who dares to say NO to its grotesquely grand ambition? Of course, it’s the Jews. For total disregard for the lives of others, consider what Jews have done to Palestinians. Consider Madeline Albright and Zionist unconcern for the 100,000s of women and children who died as the result of sanctions. Consider the total Jewish disregard for the millions of Russians who suffered horribly as the result of Jewish oligarchic looting of Russia in the 1990s. Consider Jewish indifference to the suffering of Iraqis as the result of the Iraq War. Or the Jewish shrug of shoulders over the unholy mess in Libya. Or consider how Jews don’t care about the horrors in Syria and keep goading the US and its allies to mess up Syria even more for the simple reason that it’d be good for Israel. Consider Jewish sadism over the war in Ukraine in which a nation was torn apart. Or consider Jewish disregard for the future of Europe as it’s being invaded and colonized by Muslims and Africans unleashed by broken borders resulting from EOJ’s neo-imperialist wars.
Now, men like Saddam Hussein were murderous and disgusting too, but their ambition was strictly local. At most, Hussein tried to grab some territory from Iran(with the full blessing of the US) and then tried to take Kuwait. Hussein, like Frederick the Great, had very limited ambitions. In contrast, Hitler didn’t know when to stop. Even when he had most of Europe on his side against the UK, he had to do a crazy thing like turn around and attack the Soviet Union. He had to have it all. Is EOJ more like Hussein with limited ambitions or like Hitler with boundless ambitions? Of course, the latter. Indeed, Hitler was a total amateur compared to the Jewish Supremacists whose empire is the biggest ever created. Jews got the US, Canada, and EU. And that means Jews indirectly also control all the vassal states of the US like Japan, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and much of Latin America.

So, it is apt to call Jewish Supremacists ‘Judeo-Nazis’. This sounds ironic, even perverse, because Nazis were the biggest enemies of Jews and killed millions of Jews. But a people can become just like their enemy. History is full of the oppressed becoming just like their former oppressors or even worse. Consider how Idi Amin became worse than any British imperialist overlord. And the Khmer Rouge acted far worse than French imperialists. And Mao turned into a monster despite the fact that he led a movement in the name of restoring human dignity against the monstrous oppression and exploitation of man. So, why should it be surprising that Jews could be like Nazis? Furthermore, it’s not as if Jews are newcomers to power. Indeed, Jewish power around the world in the early 20th century already constituted one of the great world powers. Jewish networks from London, Paris, New York, Atlanta, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, and many other cities around the world constituted a formidable force in finance, business, and ideas. Even gentile powers often depended on Jewish financiers. The Bolshevik Revolution was largely funded by International Jewry. Still, back in the days, Jewish power was one of the great powers and hardly a sole super-power.

But after WWII, Jewish power was on the way to becoming the sole superpower, especially because Jews took over America, the richest and most powerful nation on Earth. Because Jews gained immense media and academic power, they would come to influence not only American ideas but world ideas. Also, the Jewish spinning of the Shoah Narrative sacralized the Tribe, and it became Taboo for anyone to be critical of Jewish power and influence. Thus protected, Jewish power could grow at exponential rate. Even as Jews could call out on the foulness of others, others couldn’t call out on the foulness of Jews. Not only that but non-Jews in the West were expected to praise, revere, and hail Jews to high heaven. Indeed, Jews came to be seen as the New Jesuses who died for the sin of white goyim.
In time, Western Europe became a cultural and ideological colony of the US. But what about the Soviet Union? It collapsed, and in the end, there was only one superpower standing. It was the US that soon came under the control of Jews. So, in the end, EOJ was the only superpower in the world.

In contrast, the first half of the 20th century had witnessed the contest of many independent powers. Not only the power of Judea but British Empire, French empire, Japanese empire, American empire, Germany, and the Soviet Union. Today, there is only EOJ. China might develop into a great power, but there is no sign that China has worldwide ambitions. Chinese seem to be interested in business opportunities. Or they will try to take advantage of the Anglo-stupidity of Australians and Canadians who seem willing to piss away their racial, cultural, and territorial legacy.

As for Russia, all this ‘new cold war’ talk is nonsense. How can Russia, with an economy smaller than South Korea's, be any kind of world power? Russian power is very limited in scope. It is essentially defensive. It got sucked into Syria only because EOJ was hellbent on destroying it. And it took back Crimea only because EOJ pulled off a nasty coup in Ukraine.
The only power that poses a long-term threat to EOJ may be demographic in nature. It could be that India would love to dump hundreds of millions of its excess population on any nation that will take them. If West fully embraces Broken Borders, they can expect tons of Hindus who are ruthless and cunning in business. The other and potentially greater demographic threat is black Africa. If black Africans take over Europe, they will not only destroy white civilization but bring down Jewish wealth as well. If blacks were to go ballistic in South Africa and begin attacking all whites, Jews will fall alongside whites. Neither India nor black Africa constitutes a world power in terms of technology, science, economics, and etc. But they have lots and lots of people aggressive in either business or thuggery. As long as the West and other advanced parts of the world drink the Diversity or Afromaniacal Kook Aid and put up a ‘welcome’ sign to limitless black or Hindu invasion, they can easily be flooded and taken over by dotkins or chuckins(spear-chuckers). But that is a big maybe. What is a certainty is that EOJ is the only superpower in the world. And its ambition is so insatiable, its contempt so pathological, its supremacism so radical, its bloodlust so unquenchable, and its mendacity so despicable that is only appropriate to characterize the Jewish supremacist movers-and-shakers of EOJ as Judeo-Nazis.

The term ‘Judeo-Nazi’ holds up a mirror to Jewish hypocrisy and perfidy. Jews love to disparage and discredit anyone they don’t like as ‘Nazi’, ‘Neo-Nazi’, or ‘New Hitler’. But look at the financial looting around the world. Who are most responsible for such mass theft? It’s Jews. Look at the biggest international wars since the end of the Cold War. Jewish fingerprints are all over the mess in Yugoslavia, Gulf War, Iraq War, Libyan War, Syrian War, Ukraine War. And just like Hitler, Jews don’t know when to stop. Just when Syrian War is about cool down, we have EOJ goading the US and EU to attack Syria. After so many years of bloodbath and suffering, you’d think Jews would have some pity for Syrians and let the war end. But no, Jews are pitiless, soulless, and heartless. They play the role of cruel and merciless god in messing up Syria even more to serve the interests of Israel and to ensure that EOJ will come out on top.

There is no doubt about it. Jews are the New Nazis. EOJ is run by Judeo-Nazis. Even in Israel-Palestine, Jews have gone from Jewish nationalism to outright Jewish supremacism. Arabs are seen not merely as rivals or enemies but as subhumans and animals that should be culled. If Jews feel this way about Palestinians, a people from whom they stole the land, imagine how Jews feel about Syrians, Libyans, and Iraqis. Jews feel NOTHING. Jewish morality is ONLY about Jews serving Jewish interests. Granted, there are exceptions like Norman Finkelstein, Max Blumenthal, Naomi Wolf, and Philip Weiss who have expressed concern for Palestinians, but then, their anti-nationalism will only make things worse. The only solution is nationalism for each people. The problem of Israel is it won’t allow any nationalism for Palestinians. The proposed solution of Jewish critics of Israel is, more often than not, Open Borders, but that will just lead to demographic imperialism and more headaches. After all, the whole Israel-Palestine mess is the result of massive Jewish demographic migration to the Holy Land.

In some ways, Judeo-Nazis are more dangerous than German-Nazis. German Nazis made no bones about what they were about. They openly expressed contempt and supremacist bloodlust. In contrast, Jews try to hide their Judeo-Nazi evilness by claiming to be humanitarians who care about Muslim refugees. But none of them mentions the fact that the many of those Muslims were forced to become refugees because EOJ interfered in the affairs of Middle East and North Africa to destroy or undermine Arab regimes. Jews either support or remain silent about Jewish supremacist Wars for Israel that turn millions into refugees, but then they make all the noise about how they care so much about those poor refugees. But even as Jews hog the credit for compassion, they dump the responsibility for taking care of those refugees on Europe, Australia, Canada, the US, and even Japan. Jews still have Golan Heights stolen from Syria but won’t use it as haven for Syrian refugees. Jewish supremacists are utterly vile and disgusting. No people in history have been so morally narcissistic, pontificating about how ‘Jewish values’ are about compassion for the downtrodden, while rigging all the world so that most of the fortunes fall at the feet of Jews while countless gentiles are caught up in wars and mayhem that are exploited by Jews to further Jewish supremacist power.
5. Many people are surely wondering why the so-called ‘progressive’ community is no longer anti-war. Hasn’t the hallmark of ‘progressivism’ been anti-war, at least since the Vietnam War era? Actually, it’s far more complicated. In the 19th century, European Liberals were more supportive of imperialism. American Progressivism in the late 19th century and early 20th century often espoused imperial ambitions. They wanted America to become a great world power and use its leverage to spread American values all over the world. Also, most Liberals were supportive of the Vietnam War and turned against it only when it began to seem unwinnable. Also, there was always a racial or ethnic element to Progressivism. Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson were very Anglocentric and into White Power. And radical leftist Trotskyites were, beneath the ideological surface, often Jewish identitarians. Just like Chinese, Vietnamese, and Cuban communisms had a strong racial or national element, it was no different with Progressivism in the US.

As an underdog group rising up the ladder, Jews were understandably associated with the Progressive movement. They made common cause with other groups to challenge the power of Wasps. But this never meant Jews abandoning Jewishness in favor of some universal notion of brotherhood. No, Jewish Progressivism was essentially tribal-strategic. It was about making alliances with other groups to bring down Wasp power. The ultimate dream of Jews was to attain power for Jewish identity and interests. But of course, Jews couldn’t admit to this. It would have sounded arrogant and contemptuous for Jews to say, "We only used you white working class, blacks, Catholics, and other groups to gain supreme power for ourselves. Now that we have it, screw you." So, Jews kept the label of ‘Progressivism’ but then altered the themes and meanings so that the New Progressivism would be useful to Jews with elite globalist power. Naturally, class politics had to go. Diversity was useful for Jewish elites as increasing diversity among goyim means less of a chance for gentiles to come together in solidarity against Jewish Power. Because blacks are so nasty and vocal, Jews knew they couldn’t dump blacks like they dumped the more passive white working class. Jews did three things to deal with the black problem. Jews ramped up the talk of black sacredness to distract blacks from what was going on. With the Democrats showering endless praise on blacks, blacks were blind to how the Jewish and yuppie elites were plotting to deal with the Black problem. Billy Boy Clinton was especially adept at this, acting so easy and chummy with the Negroes while locking up record numbers of them. Also, because Jews conflated blackness with Diversity and Democratic Party, blacks were led to believe that more immigrants would mean more diversity and more power for Democrats, which would in turn be good for blacks. What blacks failed to understand was that Jews were welcoming immigrants because they were preferable to troublesome blacks. And Jews also used gentrification and Section 8 to push urban blacks to suburbs and small towns so that urban Jews didn’t have to deal with the Black Problem. Jews are truly a devious bunch.

Anyway, the point is that Progressivism, like any other -ism, can be molded in many ways in accordance to the whim of the Power. Even though every ideology comes with core tenets, those meanings can always be stretched and twisted to serve the power. Indeed, consider how Marxism was changed to suit the conditions of Russia and China, two nations that Marx never expected would become communist until they reached the stage of late capitalism. Under both Mao and Deng, China claimed to be communist, yet Maoism and Dengism were utterly different. Stalinism and Trotskyism both claimed to be Marxist. Cuban communism essentially became whatever Castro said. Ideologies are not brittle but flexible. They are like Gumby. They like dough that can be molded into various shapes. This goes for Christianity too. Consider how it spawned Orthodox, Catholicism, Protestantism, Mormonism, and etc. Is Prosperity Gospel really Christian? The flock say it is. And how did homomania make inroads into certain christian churches? In the end, the power decides, so there is no guarantee that Progressivism will be anti-war. In some ways, the activist and missionary aspect of Progressivism makes it more aggressive and imperialistic. After all, unlike conservatives who tend to stick to their own kind, progressives are filled with self-righteous fanaticism and think they have the correct answer for all of mankind.

In our time, there are reasons why so many Proggies are not anti-war. Over the years, the new religion of the Proglodytes has become Homomania. It is as dear to them as Christianity was to their forebears. For many Progs, homomania or Queertianity is the holiest thing in the world. They want to ass-ociate anything positive with homo colors. It is their crucifix or crescent. So, BLM was associated with homo colors. Immigrant groups wrap themselves with homo colors as if such expression bestows sacramental blessing on their cause or agenda. ‘Gay rights’ have turned into Gay Rites. It’s a quasi-religion. It isn’t only correct but holy.
Now, you may wonder how so many people could fall for such nonsense. It’s because of the erosion of church, community, family, tradition, identity, and heritage. Most boomers grew up around TV and mainly identified with rock stars and celebrities. And they raised their kids mainly to Pop Culture. Also, with the decline of community life, not least due to diversity, and rise in divorce rates, kids got all their cues from pop culture. And with the fading of religion and patriarchy(or respect for elders), young ones got all their sense of right and wrong from PC. So, the 2 PC’s hollowed out the soul in a crass materialistic culture. But even degraded souls hanker for meaning and holiness, and Jews used media and academia to fill up empty souls with Jew-worship, Afromania, and Homomania. But Jews found Homomania to be especially useful. Even as Jews demand that gentiles revere and serve Jews, they want to keep Jewishness for themselves. It is their sacred ark. Theirs and theirs alone. As for Afromania, Jews spread a lot of it through media, entertainment, and academia, BUT Jews don’t like to see TOO MANY BLACKS gathered in one place. So, when it came to mass celebration and festivity, Jews favored the Gay Day parades and spectacles. While homos act pretty wild and lewd at these events, they are not going to loot, shoot, and burn down the city like Too Many Blacks are prone to. So, homos got to own pageantry and spectacle and thus became the FACE of Progressivism, which was perfectly fine for Jews as homos are pro-privilege and will go to any length to gain foothold in the fancy pants world.

Anyway, Homomania became a new religion, and that meant anything associated with homomania suddenly became holy. The US military used to be seen as a bastion of right-wing fascism. But once it had to accept homos and even trannies, the military suddenly became a ‘progressive’ institution in the eyes of many. Just like Christians supported Christian Soldiers Marching Off to War, Progs came to love the Pro-Fairy Military Marching Off to War. I mean, how bad can the military be when it has holy homo soldiers who suck dicks and get rammed in the ass? How bad can the military be when it accepts guys who have their dicks lopped off to get fake pussies? And when the military even allowed women-in-combat, how bad can it be when it sends women around the world to get blown up or to kill bushels of Muslims? Once the military was made homo-tranny-and-feminist under Obama, the Progs were reluctant to say NO to any war because the US military has been PC-redeemed by presence of homos, trannies, and women. Also, if that is what the US military is about, maybe it’s not a bad thing to invade other nations because American Neo-Imperialism will spread all around the world the blessing of homo fecal penetration, tranny penis-cutting, and womenfolk killing and dying in wars.

Also, once Homomania was made the official neo-religion of the progs, the world came to be seen in terms of pro-homo and anti-homo. Pro-homo nations were good and holy. Anti-homo nations constituted the Evil Empire. Now, a nation didn’t even have to be brazenly anti-homo. In Russia, homosexuality is legal and homos even serve in the military. But it says NO to ‘gay pride’ parades, homo propaganda in schools, and no to ‘gay marriage’. To proggies, this means Russia is an Eeeeeevil nation. Indeed, Progs now see Russia as more evil than Conservatives did in the past and all because it doesn’t allow ‘gay pride’ parades. Because Progs moved from ‘gay rights’ to Gay Rites, they worship the Homo. Because Jews associated homosexuality with the rainbow color, so many proggies think homos are not only okay but holy and heavenly. So, in our degenerate age, we have homomaniacal progs seeing Russia as Evil because its national religion is Russian Orthodox instead of Homomania. In the US, homo-ness is now widely considered holier than God and Jesus. So, if in the past, Christians expected homos to repent and apologize before God to redeem their souls, many christians today want to bless their church by draping homo colors all over.

Jews control the media, and Jews have spread crazy lies about how homos are practically burned alive in Russia. Telling progs such things is like telling Christians long ago that some Evil nation is persecuting Christians. The moral outrage made Christians support and even demand that their nation go to war with the Evil nation. Today, many progs, for whom homomania is the holiest creed, have been driven to delirious hatred against Russia because it won’t bend over to Homomania. We are truly living in decrepit and degenerate age, but this is usually what happens when Jews take over societies.

Furthermore, Jews have spread the lie that Russia hacked US elections, Russia meddled in the democratic process, Russia did this, Russia did that, etc. Many smarter and better-informed progs don’t believe in any of this privately, but they find it useful in boosting the morale of the progs. Also, as members of EOJ, they are invested in spreading ANY fake news to increase hostility and hatred toward Russia. As for the prog dummies, they will believe in just about anything just like conzo dummies will believe anything they hear from Rush Limbaugh or Talk Radio loudmouth.
Too busy sticking piece of steel through their noses or dyeing their hair green or purple, the dumb proggies have no interest in finding out the real truth. They are shallow dolts who feel blessed through Homomania and Afromania, and so, they hate Russia because it’s supposedly this evil nation that murders Homos and doesn’t have lots of blacks like the US and now EU do.

Given that progs see Russia as an evil anti-homo nation and now see the US military as a force of ‘progress’ because it has homo, feminist, and tranny soldiers ready to drop bombs all over the place, it’s not surprising that proglodytes are now pro-war. When Trump ordered missiles to be shot into Syria last year, it was reported that a LESBIAN pushed some of the buttons. This delighted the ‘progressive’ community. Never mind that the US acted on false reports of chemical attack by Assad’s regime. Never mind the US has been aiding Alqaeda elements in Syria to destroy that nation. All that mattered to Proggies was "It’s so cool that a LESBIAN shot missiles into Syria."

For the longest time, Pentagon feared the most anti-war resistance coming from the Progressive community. And during Obama years, people worried that allowing open homos, trannies, and women-in-combat would undermine the military. But in a crucial way, such ‘progressive’ measures has been a great boon to the military and its imperialist ventures. The military having been associated with holy homos, trannies, and feminists, most in the proggy community now feel that it’s wrong to be anti-military and anti-war. And on top of that, pop-fascist militarism has been made cool to countless proggies through movies like New STAR WARS that associates females, homos, and Diversity with the awesomeness of war and destruction.

The fact is most Proggies are pretty shallow and useless. They are not about integrity, honesty, and truth but about virtue vanity, often defended with vulgar profanity. Proggies are mainly about status and belonging. They just love the RUSH of feeling that they are on the right-side-of-history. Because they have no real ideas or values of their own, the right-side-of-history is always determined by the Power who control media, academia, and etc. and cook up endless trivialities for the latest fad in self-righteous vanity. If Washington DC is ‘Hollywood for ugly people’, much of proggy culture is ‘Status for the non-elites’. So, if you’re a nobody with green hair and a piece of steel through your nose, you can feel as being part of the trendy ‘progressive’ community by bleating the same fashionable noises sounded by the megaphone in the Current Year.

Also, proggies are more about symbolism than reality. If proggies REALLY care about people, they would have denounced Obama as a warmonger and war criminal for his actions in Libya, Syria, and Ukraine. But all such matters were of secondary importance to proggies. Since Obama, as a black guy, was a ‘historic president’, the main duty of proggies was to make him look good. So, the symbolism of Obama mattered more than all those destroyed REAL lives in North Africa and the Middle East.

Because EOJ and their proggy minions hate 'Trump' and 'Russia', they want to see both destroy each other. It's like the Romans in SPARTACUS making gladiator fight gladiator. So, for the proggies, a war between Trump's administration and Russia is a great thing. Trump, who had proposed peace with Russia(as a model of gentile nationalism), has been reduced to fighting Russia(a nation that wants no beef with the US) because Jews left him no choice. Jews have gone after Trump like Toohey and co. went after Gail Wynand in THE FOUNTAINHEAD. In the end, Trump hasn't the steely integrity of Howard Roark to stick true to his principles. He folded. Gail Wynand pledged to fight for Roark to the end, but he simply couldn't handle the pressure. He turned against Roark to win back the approval of the Establishment. Also, he came to resent Roark's superior stamina and grit. This is why a man like McCain hates Putin. He's envious. And now, Trump is envious too. As a beaten cuck of Jews, he looks at Putin as a real man whose example makes Trump look like a sad sack of shit.

* * * * *

And so, when we ponder the current crisis in Syria, we need to consider the points stated above. There are many others to be sure, about oil pipelines, Sunnis vs Shias, the military industrial complex, and so on.

But there is no getting around the fact that the Empire of Judea is the main reason for the troubles that continue to haunt the world. For instance, some might argue that the problem isn’t so much Jewish power as the military-industrial complex that keeps cooking up new excuses for war. But if this is true, why are certain nations targeted while others are not? If indeed the Pentagon and military-related industries just want more wars for profits, then why not cook up a war with Saudi Arabia or Burma, which has lately been accused of ‘human rights’ abuses? Or why not start a war with Israel that can be charged with so many abuses.

Some say that a New Cold War with Russia was triggered just to put more money in military coffers, but I don’t believe it. Just consider the following scenario. Suppose the Jewish takeover of Russia in the 1990s had been totally successful and complete. Suppose 70% of Russian economy is owned by Jews. Suppose Russia has a Jewish or half-Jewish president. Suppose Russia allows massive homo parades and legalized ‘gay marriage’. Suppose Russia takes orders from Israel and applies pressure on Iran.
Does anyone think there would be a ‘new cold war’ with Russia simply because the US military-industrial complex wants an enemy? The US military is so powerless before Jewish power that it couldn’t even block homos serving openly in the military. Military is so weak before feminists that it couldn’t even say NO to women-in-combat. So much for the mighty military-industrial complex.
No, the real power is with EOJ. While there are surely plenty of sociopathic military men who relish any war and any excuse to blow up other nations, they don’t get to decide. The big decisions come from the Deep State that is controlled by Jews. Jews got the media. Jews got the academia that produces most people who serve in CIA, FBI, NSA, and etc. Jews bought up all the politicians in Congress. Most top donors to Hillary were Jews. Less Jewish money went to Trump, and the Jew-run media eviscerated him during and after the election, but Jewish Power is so worried about ‘Trump’ as metaphor that it’s been unrelenting in attacking, demeaning, and tormenting Trump from all angles: Political, legal, sensational, and etc. Every man has a breaking point, and Trump met his. He’s a broken man, and he now flexes his muscle against Syria to show that he’s still in charge and full of vigor. But the fact is he’s now just following the orders of EOJ. He is now just a clone of John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Because of the Jew Taboo, he cannot name the EOJ that whipped him and stung him 24/7 with blitz of media hornets, fake news hysteria, and cooked-up legal troubles. Thus, Trump became just like John McCain. Perhaps, it’s human, all too human. Can we blame John McCain for turning ‘traitor’ upon torture and making broadcasts for the North Vietnamese? Can we blame Trump for finally folding under ceaseless torture by EOJ that has all the big media, big lawyers, Deep State leakers, corrupt judges, and bureaucratic saboteurs who pretend to serve him but derail all his agenda?

We have to talk about the Jews.

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  1. This is an interesting writing, but why do you think that the jews aren't the rulers of Russia? Doesn't Putin himself say, "Jews rock"? Aren't all the billionaires in that country, jews?