Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Democracy. From People-Replacing-Bad-Elites to Elites-Replacing-'Bad'-People.

The new 'vibrant' Paris
Most Western democracies are now oligarchies controlled by Jewish globalists and their cuck-collaborators.

If American Democracy had truly been responsive to the people, it wouldn't have allowed massive invasions from the Third World. To be sure, if white Americans in the 60s had been more mindful of elite agendas than so resigned to complacency and leisure, they might have read the writings on the wall and taken steps to prevent their ethno-demographic demise.

As it happens, politicians rely on money from big donors. So, even though they’re elected by votes of many little fishes, they do the bidding of few globalist whales. Furthermore, the little fishes can only choose from candidates handpicked by the whales.

When leaders and elites are bad, they should be removed by democratic process. That’s how true democracy should work.
But in the Current West, the opposite has been happening under the New Democracy.
Whore-politicians and entrenched deep state managerial class, in coordination with media and academia run by shills of globalism, work to replace the masses with New People, the invasive immigrant-colonizers. Replacism is the name of the game. As whiteness has been associated with evil and wickedness, white majority in European and white-made nations are seen as 'bad' or 'deplorable'. The only good white people are those who welcome replacement by non-whites. White people who want to keep white nations white are 'bad'. Anti-white whites are 'good', pro-white whites are 'bad'. So, if in the past, American democracy was about white people replacing bad leaders with good ones, today it's about 'good' globalist 'progressives' working to replace 'bad' white people with good non-whites.

Just ponder the full implication of this madness. Democracy is supposed to be about the people replacing bad leaders, but now it's about the entrenched elites replacing entire peoples. In a sane world, the people should replace elites than elites replace people. After all, the former is so much easier and more elegant to pull off. In contrast, replacing entire populations with new ones is a massive undertaking that turns the world upside down.
Wouldn't it be better(and so much easier) for Germans to replace Merkel & her ilk than for the latter to replace Germans with masses of 'New Germans'?
'Demo' in 'democracy' means the people. So, Democracy means rule by the people. But New Democracy is a demo-clashy where the existing people are made to clash with new ones who eventually take over. Jewish globalist elites use the demo-dialectics to bring about the synthesis of 'New Americans' who, having no clear identity and roots in America, can easily be manipulated and controlled by fashions of the Current Year. Diversity will turn whites into cucks indoctrinated with 'white guilt'. They will regard most of White History as tainted and redeemable only by Diversity and cuckery. And non-white hordes as 'New Americans' will feel no allegiance or appreciation of White American Heritage.

As inequality grows and more power/wealth amasses at the top, the elites now have the power to replace the people than the people have the power to replace the elites.

Worst of all, because virtually everyone is educated and entertained by media and schools controlled by globalist agenda, even the white masses have come to welcome their replacement as the greatest goal of freedom, democracy, and 'western values'. Consider all those white people who voted for globalism with sincere conviction that the Great Replacement is a moral imperative of the white race.

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  1. These notions are sadly self-evident but of course they are never aired in mainstream media.