Sunday, March 7, 2021

Steven Spielberg's WAR OF THE WORLDS offers a Glimpse into the Jewish War Strategy, whereby Jewish Power both Pushes Globalism and Makes Americans Blame the Other for Globalism's Woes

If you want to understand the Jewish War Strategy, look no further than Steven Spielberg's WAR OF THE WORLDS. It is tremendous entertainment made with pop genius but also offers a glimpse into the Jewish Strategy of War. The movie begins at a shipping dock where one of the workers says "half of Korea" is coming in. That alone pretty sums up the entire Jewish Strategy. Jews are totally for 'free trade' and globalism; and yet, they are also keen to mention the Alien Other as the scapegoat for the problems wrought by globalism. It's like how Jews at once push for 'free trade' with China and use media control to spread Yellow Peril fears. And Jews hardly denounced Donald Trump when he dumped on China. Jewish Way is to push for more 'free trade' with Asia to undermine the US working class and also to drive a wedge between US companies and US labor, while, at the same time, using China as the bogeyman for America's problems. Is it a brilliant strategy? Maybe, maybe not, but one thing for sure, Jews can get away with it because they control the mass media and whore politicians that do the 'thinking' for most people. Even Trump was little more than a dog of the Jews. After all, if Donald Trump and his MAGA crowd were truly for America First and anti-'free trade', they would blame the forces WITHIN the US that conceived of the globalist system in the first place. China didn't create it but only participated and indeed was welcomed into the club because mega-trillions in profits would flow into the pockets of the US corporate class that no longer needed to bother with Big Labor in the US.

Jews push globalism, but they also know it leads to much anxiety, insecurity, and bitterness among the US working class and lower-middle class. Ray(Tom Cruise), the main character of WAR OF THE WORLDS is a working class guy who operates a crane at a dock where foreign goods are 'invading' American shores. We soon learn his ex-wife has married some yuppie who apparently does fine by globalism. Ray needs the permission of the court to see his children, son and daughter. He's an emasculated figure, not unlike Liam Neeson's character in TAKEN(who takes out his fury at foreign Muslim kidnappers). Furthermore, his ex-wife is pregnant with the yuppie's child. He's the type of guy who might support the MAGA movement, an object of denigration by the globalist elites.
And of course, Spielberg the billionaire Jew sees eye-to-eye with the globalists. But he also makes movies for the masses, people such as the 'deplorables' to whom his movies must pander. So, what can he offer them as compensation for all that they've lost under globalism? The fantasy of war and heroism. Also, war hysteria is a good way to deflect attention from the true source of globalism and its woes: Jewish Power.

So, even as WAR OF THE WORLDS acknowledges the increasingly precarious situation of the American Working Class in the Era of Globalism, what it offers is the fantasy of heroism, sacrifice, and unity within the context of world-war-mentality. So, Ray, a sullen nobody disrespected by his ex-wife, condescended to by her new yuppie husband, and barely tolerated by his own kids, is transformed into a 'noble' somebody by doing what he does best: Act physical to protect his children, thereby finally earning the respect of his ex-wife at the end. (But again, notice his final reward isn't so much self-respect as the approval of his ex-wife who will remain married to another man and have his children. Even as a 'hero', he serves something 'higher than himself', the globalist yuppie class.) And what does his son want to do? He wants to join the US military in the fight against the Aliens. The hardships have finally made him respect his father, but he wants to go further. He wants to be a soldier, not unlike individuals such as Pat Tillman who joined the military after 9/11. War turns Ray into a man once again and bestows manhood on his son. It's all so rah-rah.

Then, we can see why Jews are, at once, so fervently pushing globalism(that makes the US even more interwoven with the rest of the world) and war hysteria(that directs American rage on the Foreign Other). It seems contradictory, but it's one of those Jewish Paradoxes that tries to kill two birds with one stone. Jews want globalism but knows it causes anxiety; so, why not direct America's anxiety and rage at foreign entities(that are said to profit at America's expense; never mind the globalist uber-class in the US that profited at the expense of everyone else)? Otherwise, Americans might actually become sensible and blame the people INSIDE America that formulated and implemented the Globalist Plan all over the world. Jewish figure, Make the World join the American Way but then Blame the World so that Angry Americans will hate foreigners than their own elites. In a nutshell, it's the The Jewish Strategy in WAR OF THE WORLDS. In that sense, Spielberg's movie, like 300(by Zack Synder), is really a kind of War Porn.

This War Hysteria doesn't have to lead to major wars, certainly not World War III. It only needs to exist as a mindset, such as the 'new cold war' with Russia and its 'tyrant' Putin as the 'new hitler'. Or, it could be how America's closest, dearest, and greatest ally Israel(with 300 nukes) is ever so threatened by IRAN(with no nukes), and so, the US has to DO SOMETHING, like totally mess up Syria and Yemen. Or, even as Jews work hand-in-glove with the Chinese against White America, they also use their control of the media to sensationalize the threat posed by the Yellow Dragon. And, Jews will mute their criticism of Trump's fulminations against China. Jews figure, "Let the Orange Man direct the rage of MAGA morons at the Chinese. Better that than have the people murmur that maybe Jewish Power has a lot to do with why US favored globalism over nationalism. Especially with so many Talk Radio 'conservatives' being hardcore Zionists(like Mark Levine or Michael Savage) or saphead cuckservatives, the discussion stemming from insecurity, anxiety, and anger has been directed outward than inward. So, the main problem with the Democrats is they aren't supportive of Israel enough(LOL). Or Democrats are 'too soft' on Iran(ROTFL). Or Democrats must go because GOP is more hardline against Russia(ROTFLMAO). Or when the domestic enemies are mentioned, it's always 'leftists', 'Democrats', 'communists'(in the guise of billionaire capitalists?), and etc. but never ever the Jews.

WAR OF THE WORLDS perfectly illustrates the Jewish War Strategy. Even as or especially because Jewish Power acknowledges the problems caused by globalism on the US working class, it suppresses the real issues and chooses to divert mass attention toward the FOREIGN ENEMY against whom all Americans must unite against. So, all you white males whose lives have been compromised by globalism and cultural decadence, there is a solution for you! Just go into war-footing and dream of regaining your manhood as a 'hero' at war with the Other. Never mind what Jews, homos, and Diversity are doing to the US. Just focus on Evil Russia, Big Bad China, Monster Iran, or those 'Muslim Terrorists'.

Of course, the US wasn't so crazy when the movie was released. It was still the Bush II era, a time when more people were concerned about the dawn of Christo-Fascist tyranny. Back then, the globalists weren't yet into denouncing half of America as 'deplorables' or 'domestic terrorists'. That Bush II, seemingly a devout Christian, could be re-elected suggested a conservative turn for the future, and something like 'gay marriage' seemed far from certain. But that was then, this is now.
Still, a detail in WAR OF THE WORLDS hinted as to the direction of the globalist discourse. In the movie, it turns out that the spaceships had been planted in the ground long ago. So, the space invaders don't attack from the skies but from the earth. They're like blood-and-soil invaders. The very spaceships(or earthships?) that crawl out of the soil are the Foreign Invaders. 

In our time, we are told white Americans with deep roots in American history and soil are 'un-American' or 'anti-American' for not being welcoming enough of the TRUE AMERICANS, the future-immigrants and even illegal-migrants. Indeed, Ray's working class neighborhood isn't exactly white ethnic. There are noticeable numbers of non-whites and mulattos. One of his next-door neighbors is a couple made of white male and dark female. And the other next-door neighbor is a white single-mother with an ugly mulatto kid. She represents ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs. Meanwhile, the alien invaders are apparently of one race. (Indeed, their racial homogeneity is said to be their undoing in its lack of immunity to Earth's germs. But this analogy makes no sense because, after all, it was the European invaders whose diseases decimated the native brown folks of the America's. As a general rule, the invaders, having been more venturesome, would likely have developed more immunities to diseases. If the invaders in WAR OF THE WORLDS have the technology to travel through space and invade other planetary systems, they must have developed lots of interstellar immunities, and it's the earthlings who should be dropping dead due to their lack of immunities to these cosmic diseases transmitted by the invaders.)

Today, Jews say that half of Americans are potential 'domestic terrorists'. When asked about their main concerns, Democrats' fear and loathing of Trump Supporters tops the list. In a surreal case of inversion, those white Americans who are least patriotic, most self-loathing of their identity & history, and most opposed to national interests have the audacity to regard the more patriotic Americans as the 'least American', a people so horrible as to be undeserving of banking services, gun ownership, and right of free speech. So, even as Jews tell right-leaning white Americans to focus their rage on the Foreign Enemy, especially Russia, China, Iran, and maybe Venezuela, they tell left-leaning white Americans to focus their hatred on the Domestic Enemy, the deplorable bunch of domestic terrorists, the MAGA crowd. In other words, never mind Jewish Power and its role in globalism that brought about so many problems for America. If you're 'conservative', hate on Russia-Iran-China as the anti-American Other, and if you're a 'liberal', hate on the 'conservatives' as the anti-American Other.

But what's truly sad(and funny) is that the great majority of Americans, 'left' or 'right', have fallen for this trick. What a bunch of dummies.

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