Tuesday, August 7, 2018

It’s Time to Name the Real Culprit in the Banning of Alex Jones and Infowars from the Major Platforms — It is Time to Name You-Know-Who, or Yonuhu’s — Yes, JEWS are behind the Great Purge of Patriotism

On the Ethno-Gentrification of the Media. Those who ethnically cleansed the Palestinians, looted the Russian economy, destroyed Western borders, and laid waste to Iraq-Libya-Syria are now INFO-CLEANSING the Internet. Should the 2% be gatekeepers of news and info for 98% of Americans who are goy? Tribal Oligarchs as corrupt referees calling foul on anyone who warns of the rigged system owned by the Deep State. We need to expose how the 2% control 95% of media in the US. Expose Jewish supremacist power and privilege.

If the Tribe treats White People this way, is there any reason why white folks should support Israel? When Jews treat you like Palestinians, have the decency to side with Palestinians and join with BDS. After all, what do Palestinians and Hungarians(or Poles or any white majority population) have in common? Both are targeted for destruction by the Globalists.

As all of you surely heard, Alex Jones and Inforwars have been simultaneously banned by Youtube, Facebook, Apple, Spotify, Pinterest, and few other monopolistic platforms. According to these firms, Alex Jones’s channel had to go because of ‘hate speech’, something vaguely decided by the Powers-That-Be. ‘Hate Speech’, like ‘Obscenity’, can be stretched to mean just about anything. Also, the Powers-that-be protect and even promote certain kinds of hatred while suppressing other kinds. Worse, they defame speech they don’t like as ‘hate’ just to shut it down. Censorship of Alex Jones is pushed by the Corporate Media, but it’s in concert with the State and institutions such as academia and law firms. And if there is any connective thread linking all these private and public entities, it is the not-so-hidden-hand of Jewish supremacist Power. People don’t like to Name the Jew either out of fear or slavish devotion to anything Jewish(as the result of indoctrination since childhood of how Jews are so wonderful, wise, holy, and lovable, with the corollary that anyone who is critical of Jews or Israel must be a ‘rabid and virulent antisemitic Nazi’). So perhaps, it’s useful to refer to Jews as You-Know-Who’s or Yunohu’s.

After all, due to the sheer immensity of Jewish Power, even slavish philo-semites must know, on some level, that Jews as the unnameable you-know-who’s are pulling the strings from behind the scenes. At this point, it’s no secret that George Soros and his ilk have been behind many agendas so harmful to whites and other non-Jews around the world. But it’s taboo to Name the Jew that the critics of Soros feel obligated to emphasize that he must be an ‘anti-Semite’ because, as a boy, he collaborated with the Nazis who rounded up Jews. But as a boy, Soros was only trying to survive, and he wasn’t the ONLY Jew who acted thus to save his own skin. People collaborate in a climate of fear. Indeed, look at white Americans who collaborate with Jewish supremacists even though the latter is waging war on White America and White Europe because they don’t want to be destroyed in career and livelihood. If white Americans who are not threatened at gunpoint so cravenly collaborate with Jewish globo-homo supremacists, we can understand why the young Soros collaborated with Nazis to save his own skin. People are not angels or saints. They are all-too-human, for better or worse. The problem of Soros is not that he once served the Nazis. Rather, he is all too typical of others of his tribe on both the ‘left’ and ‘right’. Notice that Neocon Jews hardly ever attack Soros. If anything, their agenda is closer to Soros-ism than American Nationalism. Jews of all stripes are generally supportive of Jewish globalist hegemony, and nearly all of them are virulently hostile to any sign of non-Jewish identity and national interests. They see goy national identity-interests as obstacles to Globo-Homo Pax Judeana.

Imperialists generally hate all nationalisms except their own. The British Imperialists guarded their own racial identity and national interests BUT suppressed the nationalist aspirations of their subject peoples for independence and autonomy. Today, the Jewish-Power-Network rules the world via connections from LA to Chicago to NY to Boston to London to Paris to Berlin to Warsaw to Moscow. Yes, Jews are so powerful that even Russia, the main target of Jewish hostility, must praise and protect Jews. Jews suffer no consequences for spewing hatred against others. Even their victims feel compelled to praise and honor Jews because the World Economy is so dominated by Jewish Power. Jews not only want to maintain the current hegemony but expand it further. Jews do this by using ‘free trade’ to suck all the world into the US-dominated trade zone. Jews do it by promoting Homomania and Afromania. Via Homomania, Jews recruit homos in every nation to do the bidding of Jews. Also, by making all the world revere and serve the homo minority, Jews encourage an attitude among all goyim that minority must be favored over the majority. As Jews are minorities in all nations except in Israel, you can see how this is good for Jews. Also, Homomania isn’t just a cause for ‘gay rights’ but a proselytization of Gay Rites as the new globo-faith. It is supposed to supplant Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and etc. If Jews can’t exactly get rid of those religions, they seek to associate them with homo symbols. In the Old Soviet Union, Jewish Bolsheviks physically destroyed churches. In the 21st century, Jewish Corporate Trotskyites seek the desecrate and destroy the souls of every religion by associating them with Homo-Worship. When Christians are led to believe that Jesus died for the glory of men doing fecal penetration on each other or going to a doctor to have his penis and balls removed for a fake ‘vagina’, you know it’s a soul-sick or dead religion. Or imagine Buddhists being convinced that, after a long meditation, Siddhartha’s great revelation is that a penis in the anus is holy. Or imagine Muslims being led to believe that Muhammad, the last and greatest prophet(according to the faithful), had a message for all mankind, and it is ‘Bruce Jenner is really a woman’. When religions are homomaniacked, they wilt and die. They turn into a farce, and Faith cannot survive as a joke.
Jews also spread Afromania to undermine national cultures. Why are blacks so effective in this? It’s because they easily beat other races in sports, make funky music, and have bouncier butts and bigger dongs. So, when a nation takes in just a few blacks, they take over the sports and become revered as the new idols of national heroism. Blacks are 5% of the French population but dominate sports, and so, the white French now look to blacks as the face of French manhood and glory. French manhood is finished and cucked. Also, black music, being so sexual and wild, turn kids around the world into jungle junkies who main cultural obsession is imitating rappers. And because black booty is at the center of this, all cultures are ‘twerkized’. Civilizations rose by suppressing the energies of the groins and buttocks and by emphasizing the hands(makers of things), heart(empathy and depth), and brains(reason and logic). But with the spread of Afromania, all the world is turned onto jungle jivery that is controlled by Jewish music industry moguls, sports franchise oligarchs, and porn-meisters. Also, with the spread of Afromania, women around the world are turned onto jungle fever, and they come to lose respect for their own men as inferior. We see this with the rise of cuckery especially in the West. Cuck-culture is about white males accepting their submissive role as weak and wussy ‘white boys’ vis-a-vis the Real Manhood of black men who are now deemed to be most deserving of ‘white pussy’. That is our culture, like it or not, and Jews spread this template all around the world. (Granted, Afromania may destroy Jewish power also because too many Jewish girls, especially half-Jewish ones born of ‘shikse’ mothers, also have jungle fever now and reject Jewish men as dorks and wimps.)

Anyway, Jews have the Real Power in America and that means around the world as well because the US is the lone superpower. Or, to be more accurate, there is a power even greater than that of America, and it is the Empire of Judea, or EOJ. The Jewish globo-power-network is the most powerful force in the world, and the US is a part of that empire. However, the US is prized by Jews because it is their Jewel in the Crown. The US is the only sound foundation of Jewish Power. Even though Jewish power is extensive in some European nations, it is nothing like the Jewish stranglehold on America. Also, even if Jewish power dominated ONLY America, it would still be the greatest power in the world because the US, even on its own, is the lone superpower.
In the end, imperial power is always precarious because it’s about minority rule over much of the world. The Romans were powerful as long as they could instill fear in their non-Roman subjects. But once the fear dissipated, the empire was bound to fall almost overnight. The British Empire was gigantic and mighty, but it was about small numbers of Brits lording over vast numbers of non-whites around the world. If the latter were to rouse up with a sense of nationalist identity and interests, British Empire found itself skating on thin ice. As powerful as the US is around the world with its military and financial power, its hegemony is not a sure or permanent thing. The US must constantly use a combination of carrots and sticks to make the world comply with US demands, which have become synonymous with Jewish supremacist and Zionist agendas. This is why Jews prize their hold over the US above all things. If Jewish hegemony fails around the world, the Jews can always say, "Well, we got the US" and retreat to their primary power center. And having the US as lone superpower, it can always exert pressure on other nations, even ones that resent and hate the US.

Jews must suppress American Nationalism because it prioritizes what is good for All Americans than what is good for Jews around the world. American Jews don’t primarily identify with fellow Americans. They feel far closer to other Jews around the world than with goyim in the US. Just like the British in India felt closer to the British in Africa and vice versa than with Indians or Africans, Jews in the US feel closer to Jews in UK, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Israel, and etc. than with non-Jewish Americans. As far as Jews are concerned, goyim exist mainly to listen to Jews, obey Jews, revere Jews, and serve Jews. When a bunch of people on horseback gather together, do they feel closer to one another as fellow humans or do they feel closer to the horses they are sitting on? Of course, the real connection is human-to-human, with the humans regarding horses merely as creatures that exist to serve humans. Likewise, Jews all over the world see non-Jews as horses to ride. Jews in the US ride the biggest and strongest horse, and American Jewish riders help Jews in other nations to ride the goyim there like horses too.
Riders and Horses. It's like Jewish globo-masters and their Goy cuck-collaborators.
American Jewish advisers in Russia of the 1990s aided Russian Jews on how to saddle the Russian goy horse and ride it ragged. Jews abused the Russian horse so badly that Putin reversed the Jewish rough-riding somewhat and unhorsed the worst of the Jewish oligarchs, and he’s been appreciated by the Russian people for restoring some measure of nationalism. But even Russia is not fully independent because of so much of Russian economy is dependent on foreign commerce controlled by the US that is controlled by Jews.

Anyway, it is time that we admitted the facts as to why Alex Jones got banned from the major platforms. We must name the you-know-who or yonuhu. It’s the Jews. Come on, it’s the Jews. Who owns Youtube? Who owns Facebook? Who owns the biggest firms on Silicon Valley? It’s been reported that CNN and other news networks requested Facebook and Youtube to purge Infowars. Who owns CNN and Big Media? Hawaiians? Eskimos? Dumb ‘Polacks’? Japanese-Americans? Mormons? West Virginia Hillbillies? Blacks?
While it’s true that big corporations moved against the competitor-corporation of Infowars, there was an ethnic, or more precisely an ethno-monopolistic, aspect to the move against Alex Jones. This wasn’t just corporatism. It was Corporate Trotskyism. Long ago, many Jewish elites and radicals took up Marxism, and their great hero was the full-bloodied Jew Leon Trotsky, indeed even more so than Lenin(who was only 1/4 Jewish). Even when Jews soured of communism and came to see it as one big folly, they still honored Trotsky as the kind of tireless, ruthless, and relentless Jewish ball-of-fire inflamed with the Will to Power to change the entire world. To this day, Neocons revere Trotsky as a great Jewish Prophet. Jews no longer believe in communism, but they still believe in a kind of permanent revolution. It is no longer in the service of ideology but identity. To Jews, the End of History means the Beginning of the Permanent Revolution for Jewish Identity as the supreme hegemonic power around the world.

So, it’s not enough to say Big Corporations did this to Alex Jones. We must ask WHO owns and controls those corporations. Some argue that Facebook and Youtube were pressured to ban people like Alex Jones by Advertisers and it’s all about money. That is nonsense. After all, so many consumers in the US are white and Trump-supporters, so why isn’t there pressure on Youtube and Facebook from Advertisers to shut down anti-white, anti-Trump, anti-Christian, and anti-patriotic speech? No, the fact is Jews at Youtube and Facebook want to shut down the free speech of goy patriots, and they use the Advertising Issue as an excuse. Advertising, like Youtube and Facebook, is mostly controlled by Jews in the US, and what all these Jews have in common is ruthless ambition for Jewish supremacist hegemony and fear of nationalist resistance against Globalism. So, this isn’t just about corporations. It’s about the hostile ethnic supremacism of Jews in the top industries working in concert to shut down voices that challenge the Narrative pushed by guys like George Soros, Paul Singer, Michael Bloomberg, and the rest of the Tribe. We cannot understand what is really going on UNLESS we take the element of Jewish hostility into account. Youtube banned Alex Jones for the same reason Google bans any doodle for Easter. Jews feel hostility toward Christianity, and they fear the stirrings of White Independence that may eventually break free of Jewish domination like the American Revolutionaries broke free from the British Empire.
The same ethnic logic was behind the Iraq War. So many tried to explain it in terms of ‘No Blood for Oil’. But if the US really wanted to steal oil, why not invade Saudi Arabia and take its oil? Besides, Hussein was all-too-willing to do business with the West. It wasn't him who said NO to Western investment in Iraq. Rather, it was the Jewish-controlled US that forced sanctions on Iraq and made it difficult for Iraq to export oil, even to buy basic items like foodstuff and medicine. Also, even with sanctions on Iraq, the world was awash in oil, and it’s not like any nation was desperate for oil like Japan during WWII. No, the main reason for the invasion was Jews feared a united Iraq as a rival of Israel. Via invasion, Jews hoped that Iraq would become another pliable client state like Saudi Arabia, a loyal dog of the US and Israel. The protest signs should have read NO BLOOD FOR JUDEO-NAZIS.

Indeed, this is where classic Marxist theory fails. By emphasizing economic interests over ethnic identity, it believes that history is animated by mere materialist greed. Now, Marxists weren’t entirely wrong. A people can become deracinated and emotionally severed from their ethnic kin and be concerned mostly about class or moneyed interests. This can be said about many white elites who feel no sense of racial identity, pride, and solidarity with the white masses. All they care about is status, wealth, and privilege on the individual level. But even that isn’t entirely true. Because tribalism is a part of human nature, a people who reject their own identity invariably latch onto the identity of others who still maintain the pride of identity. It's like those who have no cause fill the vacuum by latching onto those who do have a cause. So, even though whites are deracinated in their whiteness, they are fervently racial in their devotion to Afromania, Jewish pride, and pro-Zionism. Hillary Clinton and Paul Ryan may have no use for whiteness, but they sure are totally gaga in their enthusiasm for all things Jewish or Zionist.

At any rate, mere economic theories don’t explain what is happening in the world. In a way, Marx and other Jews pushed an economic theory of history to mask the power of Jewish identity. After all, Jewish capitalists weren’t merely out for profits per se but for profits to bolster Jewish Power. Jewish profits were meant to serve Jewish prophecy. Jewish capitalists favored Zionism. Jewish capitalists also funded the Bolsheviks out of ethnic interests. They wanted fellow Jews, even if communist, to topple the Old Order in Russia and take over. Tribal solidarity trumped ideology or mere material interest. And when we re-examine Russia of the 90s, it wasn’t just economic forces at play. It was capitalism + Jewish identity working in tandem. So, we need a theory of Ethno-Capitalism. It is simply not true that capitalism is always about color-blind or apolitical supply-and-demand of goods and services for profits.
Now, there is much in capitalism that prioritizes profits and individual self-interest above all else. Even enemies will trade with one another for profits and mutual interest. If two nations are enemies but if one produces oil but no iron while the other produces iron but no oil, they may have to trade with one another out of sheer need. But, capitalism isn’t just about profits. Sometimes, prophecy(of ethnic ambition or national vision) trumps profits. Or, short-term profits may be sacrificed in favor of long-term profits, a kind of economic prophecy. For example, the US could have made lots of money by continuing to sell iron and oil to Japan that was then invading and occupying China. It would have been great for short-term profits. But if Japan were to dominate all Asia, it might grow into a great power and pose a threat to US ambitions for world hegemony. So, Japan was hit with the embargo. Jews feel the same way. Sure, Jews will often trade with just about anyone to make more money. But when Jews must choose between profits and prophecy, they often go with the latter because Jews believe profits must serve prophecy than vice versa. This prophecy is Jewish supremacist hegemony over the world. Sanctions against Iraq and Iran prevented many Jews from doing business there. They cut into Jewish economic opportunities. But they were deemed worthwhile because the Main Interest of Jews is to ensure Israel’s position as the only superpower in the Middle East. So, Jews were willing to choose Zionist prophecy over profits. Same goes with Russia. If sanctions against Russia were lifted, Jews in US and EU could make lots more money by doing business. But Jews regard that as short-term profit that may undermine long-term Jewish prophecy and even greater profits. A Russia that is open to business may boom economically, and that will be good for Putin. With more money, Russians will be able to fund more nationalist projects. So, Jews figure short-term profits must be sacrificed to undermine and destroy Russia with heavy sanctions. Once Russia is brought to heel, it can be taken over by Jews and their Globo-Homo cuck-collaborators. Then, not only will Jews come to own Russia like they own the US but they will be able to make even more profits.
At any rate, so much of capitalism was entwined with identity. This was no less true of Jews than with any other people. Because there was so much talk of Jews and Money, men like Marx and other Jewish communists may have favored a theory that convinced people believe that economic forces are impersonal and trans-national. And they wanted people to believe that the triumph of communism would also be impersonal and trans-national but for the sake of proletarian justice than exploitation. Indeed, it’s interesting that in their theories of both capital and labor, these Jewish radicals de-emphasized the element of identity, race, and nation. It’s possible they didn’t want us to think about Jewish role in capitalism and Jewish role in communism. Behind the ruse of universalism of greed or justice, Jews were seeking supremacist and hegemonic power.

Capitalism is not merely about profits. After all, Jews could have invested heavily in Infowars and made Jones a business partner. The fact is one can make money off just about anything. If Jews really feel that there are too many ‘deplorable white racists’ out there, Hollywood can make a killing with movies that cater to the ‘prejudices’ of ‘white rednecks’. But Hollywood doesn’t. It forgoes profiteering from such a market because their long-term prophecy of Tribal Supremacism over goyim trumps any short-term profits. In order for Jews to maintain their own supremacism, they must convince and compel whites to serve Jewish interests than their own. And the ONLY way to do this is to by paralyzing white identity and pride with the cult of ‘white guilt’. Whites must be convinced that any sign of white identity or white desire for independence from Jewish Power is ‘white supremacist’, ‘nazi’, and ‘hate’. This is why the most effective way to combat Jewish Supremacism is to state that (1) Jewish supremacism is the reigning power in the US and the world and (2) that you and your people no longer want to support this satanic Jewish-Zionist neo-Trotskyist supremacism that promotes Hate for Iran and Russia, crushes Palestinians, demeans people of European ancestry and Christians, promotes near-genocidal wars for Israel, aids & abets Wall Street and Las Vegas’ fleecing of humanity, and pushes mass migration-invasion into ALL nations except Israel in order to use Diversity as a tool for Divide-and-Rule by Jews.
Even though the prophetic end-game of Jews is to convert and enslave white goyim into permanent collaborator-and-helot race of the Jews(what the Nazis envisioned for Slavic populations upon Nazi victory), there are so many foolish whites who think a partnership of equals is possible between Jews and whites. They think, "If we scratch Jews’ back and stoke their egos, they will scratch ours and be kind to us." But while whites scratch the Jews’ back and kiss the Jews’ ass, Jews stab whites in the back and kick whites in the ass. Whites say, "We will suck your Jewish cock and swallow", and the Jews says, "Oh yeah? You do just that while we castrate your balls, cut off your dick, and replace your manhood with a fake ‘vagina’." But then, why should Jews respect whites? Whites outnumber Jews by a huge margin, BUT whites are willing to accord Jews the status of equal partnership in the Alliance? Can you imagine a society where Jews outnumber non-Jews by a huge margin but offer equal partnership between the two communities? Jews would laugh at such an idea. Imagine Jews in Israel according equal partnership to Palestinians. ROTFL.
So, Jews see the white offer of equal partnership as weakness and stupidity. Jews feel nothing but contempt for sappy white cucks. Also, precisely because Jews are outnumbered by whites, they know that an equal partnership could easily be tip in favor of the far more numerous whites as time passes. So, if Jewish power is to be assured vis-a-vis whites, they must hold the whip hand. They must have power over whites, not parity with whites. And this whip hand isn’t merely about control of money and privilege. After all, having lots of money doesn’t guarantee moral justification. The Shah of Iran was obscenely rich, but most Iranians just saw him as a greedy pig. Even now, white people have more wealth than blacks and browns, but they are only accused of ‘white privilege’, which morally invalidates white success.
In the past, Jews were generally richer than white Christians in Europe, but this only led to white accusations of Jewish greed and parasitism. So, socio-economic might alone can come under moral attack. The might has to seem righteous in order to be shielded from criticism. Without the element of the righteous, the might can only rule by bribery or fear. This is why Jews have used the double whammy of Holocaustianity and Slave Narrative to paralyze whites with ‘white guilt’ while elevating themselves to the status of The People of Six Million Messiahs Who Were Crucified in the Holocaust. This Narrative is getting more perverse by the day because there is such a naked and stark discrepancy between the venal character of most powerful Jews and the 'sacralized' image of Holy Jewish Victims of Shoah. Granted, there are some morally impressive Jews like Norman Finkelstein. Whatever one thinks of Finkelstein's overall ideology, one can't help but admire his conviction that the true lesson of the Holocaust is that Jews must act as moral exemplars, not cynical exploiters of past tragedy to further Jewish supremacist interests. Finkelstein finds it appalling that Jews invoke WWII and Shoah to justify what they’ve done to Palestinians and to wage Wars in the Middle East instigated mostly by Neocons and other power-mad Zionists.
But as it happens, Power Prophets outnumber Principle Prophets in the Jewish community. Flush with unlimited cash, power, privilege, and success, Jews are now addicted to supremacist power. According to Jewish logic, Jewish domination is as natural and necessary as the Sun rising in the East. That means anyone who opposes or rejects Jewish supremacism is ‘unpatriotic’, ‘treasonous’, and ‘hateful’. Yes, in the Current US, a white person who says that he doesn’t want to serve Jewish globo-homo supremacism and would rather serve what is good for America is a ‘hater’, ‘traitor’, and ‘white supremacist’, whereas any white American who hates his own race, calls for dissolution of borders, and champions Jewish globo-homo supremacism is the True American(or True Conservative). In short, Jews think they own the US and the world. They think humanity should obey and serve Jews. Such is the ONLY LOYALTY and ‘patriotism’ that Jews can tolerate. All goyim must be primarily ‘patriotic’ and ‘loyal’ to Jewish power. The reason why Jews hate Russia is that Russians chose Russian identity and interests over Jewish globo-homo power. According to Jewish logic, Russians who chose Russian-ness are ‘traitors’. How dare Russians favor their own kind over Jews(and Homos)! Similarly, Jews have redefined Americanism so that nothing is more ‘patriotic’ and ‘loyal’ than serving Jews, homos, Israel, and Diversity. By Diversity and Inclusion(euphemism for Invasion), Jews mean that white Americans must reject their own kind in favor of Jewish supremacism and non-white mass-colonizers. This is great for Jewish supremacism because the increasing number of non-whites allows Jewish elites to play divide-and-rule among the goy races. It’s like Jewish NYT hired Sarah Jeong the Yellow Dog to bark at whitey. And by using that yellow dog as the Face of Anti-Whiteness, Jews mask the fact that THEY are the main ones pushing anti-white vitriol. Jews do the same with Muslims. Jews promote fears of Muslim Terrorism in movies and TV shows. They encourage white Christians to join the military and fight in Wars for Israel that leads to death and destruction of 100,000s of Muslims and Arabs. But then, Jews encourage Muslim Mass-Migration to the West, coddle Muslims as part of Diversity, and indoctrinate them to hate Whitey as the enemy. These Jews are truly a bunch of a**holes.

Now, Alex Jones hasn’t been anti-Jewish or anti-Zionist. At times, he has said Israel is going too far in Gaza or West Bank. But overall, he’s been pro-Zionist and pro-Jewish. If anything, like Rush Limbaugh, he’s been scapegoating ‘Chicoms’ and Yellow Peril. He’s been raising alarms about Muslims and Terrorism. He has rarely said anything that is blatantly critical of Jewish power. Indeed, he once said SAUDI ARABIA controls Hollywood. LOL. Joel Stein would beg to differ. And even after the Jews of Google and Facebook banned Jones, he blames the Chinese, indeed as if Jew-run US corporations take orders from Beijing.
Now, US companies must comply with Chinese demands when they do business IN China. But China has NO SAY whatsoever with what Jew-run companies do IN the US. So, if Alex Jones has been so careful not to tread on the Jewish Tiger’s tail, why has he been BANNED BY JEWS or BBJ? Because he’s popular as not just a journalist but showman and entertainer. He has a large following for his antics as cantankerous maverick(and even some leftists tuned to his show because most of MSM is Deep State propaganda run by a handful of Jewish oligarchs). Also, even though he doesn’t directly go after Jews, his positions on many matters and issues go against their Agenda. This is true of Donald Trump as well. Despite Trump’s constant praise of Jews and Israel, his preference for nationalist sovereignty over globalist hegemony ticks off a lot of Jews who love to use the US to spread permanent Globo-Homo hegemony over the world. Also, Jews want to use the US as a battering-ram against any nation Jews don’t like. So, when Trump wants to de-escalate the war in Syria and bring US troops back home, Jews freak out. When Trump wants better relations with Russia now that the Cold War has passed into the dustbin of history, Jews get all triggered because Jews want to use US power to destroy Russia and make it bow down to Jewish globalist supremacism. Since it’s difficult for Jews to get most Americans riled up about Russia, they made Homomania the central moral-spiritual issue for most proggies. There was a time when most American didn’t worship Homos. If anything, most Americans thought fecal penetration among men was pretty gross. But ever since Jewish media and academia(with funding of Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Las Vegas, and Hollywood) made Homomania the secular religion of the West, so many proggies get triggered over the fact that Russia won’t allow massive globo-homo parades on the Red Square or allow globo-homo propaganda in elementary schools. Proggies are outraged that Russia won’t accept Homomania, rather like how Christian Americans in the past were offended that some heathen population didn't take kindly to Christian missionaries. Remember how US imperialism used to rationalize its incursions and invasions of other nations in the name of spreading the Gospel and the American Way? Today, the neo-missionary zeal is to Globo-Homo-genize the world with Gay Rites. And this was how Jews managed to make so many neo-spiritual Americans hostile to Russia. Evil Russia doesn’t bend over to Homos and Trannies and take it up the ass like the US, UK, Canada, France, and Germany did before their Jewish masters. All those nations exist only to obey and serve the Jewish Agenda. If Jews say they must convert to Homomania as the new faith, they grovel and comply. Indeed, so-called ‘conservatives’ in the UK say ‘gay marriage is a conservative value’. Whatever Jews want, they get. According to Jewish definition of ‘patriotism’, it means non-Jews must be loyal to Jews and whatever Jews like. To a Jew, a Frenchman who is patriotic to France is not a ‘patriot’ but a ‘far rightist’. But if a Frenchman sucks up to Jews, supports Israel, waves the Homo flag, and pledges to inundate France with millions of Africans as New Frenchmen, then such a Frenchman is ‘patriotic’ since he loyally serves the globalist agenda of Jews.

Anyway, even though Alex Jones isn’t directly hostile to Jews and Zionism, he is very critical of the broad globalist agenda favored by Jews to cemented Jewish Supremacist Hegemony over the world. And that is enough for Jews to attack Alex Jones. Indeed, that’s why Jews also attack Russia despite its pro-Jewish stance. Putin has been very accommodating to Jews and has maintained close relations with Israel. But his Russian nationalism stands in opposition to Jewish Globo-Homo Hegemony, and THAT is enough for Jews to see him as the enemy who must be destroyed. So, it’s not enough for goyim to be nice to Jews. Jews will still hate you if you support agendas and policies disfavored by them. So, it doesn’t matter how much you praise Jews or Israel. If you oppose ‘gay marriage’, Jews hate you because Homomania is their baby, their missionary-proxy of world control. It doesn’t matter if you sing hosannas to Israel 24/7. If you oppose Mass Immigration-Invasion, Jews will see you as a ‘Nazi’ because you stand in opposition to the Jewish strategy of increasing Goy Diversity in order to play divide-and-rule among the gentiles.
By now, it should be obvious that Jews are rather like Hitler and Mao. Impossible to appease. No matter how many favors you do for Jews, it’s never enough because Jews want everything. Also, your niceness is seen by Jews as weakness and stupidity. So, they only feel contempt and more greed and press upon you for further concessions.
This is why it is time for whites to make a clean break with Jewish Power. Now, if there are individual Jews who want to join with white patriots, that’s all fine and well. But, give up all hope that white people can come to any meaningful understanding with the Current Jewish Power. Jews think, ‘We win, you lose’. Jews think, 'we are the horseman, you are the horse'. To Jews, whites will always be whores and horses, or whorses. Also, when Jews are so blatant in hiring anti-white activists like Sarah Jeong for the NYT, it is time to name the Jew. It’s not enough to say the NYT did it. NYT is run by whom? Just say it. As long as Jews are explicitly demeaning whites and bitching all the time that there are ‘too many whites’ in positions of power and privilege, it is time for whites to shout back and say it’s the JEWS who are most disproportionately represented in positions of power and privilege and also that Jews invoke ‘white privilege’ as misdirection to distract the gullible fools from noticing the Real Power concentrated in the hands of globo-homo Jewish Supremacists. We must name the Jew. Indeed, it is downright pathetic that even when Jews are the #1 bashers of Trump and white people, Trump and white people drone on and on about how they love Jews and Israel. Enough already. It’s sickening to see that even after Jews took Alex Jones off the platforms, Jones is being mealymouthed and yapping about ‘China’. It’d be like Stalin bitching about UK after Germany invaded USSR in 1941. You cannot win any war UNLESS you name the enemy and fix upon it as your main target. If someone is shooting at you, you must identify where the bullets are coming from and shoot back at the source. If you willfully refuse to pinpoint the target and shoot at everything but the person shooting at you, you will not only leave your enemy unharmed but get shot and die. We need to wake up and say it like it is. Jews did this. Jews have the real power. Jews are behind the censorship. Jews have monopolistic and oligarchic control over media and platforms. The current situation is obscene in a nation where Jews are only 2% of the population. It is time white people said NO MORE SUPPORT FOR ISRAEL. It’s time they said, WE WILL TREAT JEWS LIKE THEY TREAT US WHITES. WE WILL SEE JEWS LIKE THEY SEE US WHITES. Fight fire with fire. Why does Margaret Dumont always lose in Marx Brothers movies? Because even as the Jewish pranksters mock her and abuse her, she treats them as her dear friends. With the Jewish move on Alex Jones, it’s really over. If whites, patriots, and conservatives don’t name the Jew now, they have no one to blame but themselves.

Now, some will say it’s not only Jews. Apple is run by Tim Cook, an Anglo-Homo. But being homo, he’s part of the Globo-Homo World Order pushed by Jews. Also, in any society, most people fall in line with the Dominant Narrative. In the Soviet Union, everyone had to praise Marx and Lenin to get ahead. There was NO WAY one could ascend the ladder without pledging to the gods of communism. It’s like the Jews who converted to Christianity in the 19th century to get a leg up in society. Back then, Europe was profoundly Christian, and it was unthinkable in many European nations that a non-Christian should enter respectable society or work in government. So, even Jews who really despised Christianity converted to it and gained the credentials to make more money, be admitted to high society, and gain employment in the state.
It’s no different today. With Jew-worship, Homo-worship, and Afro-worship as the Neo-Religion of the West, one must prove one’s credentials as a slavish and servile toady of Jews and their favored icons to make it in society. If not, you aren't allowed in. Also, if you have already gained power and wealth but get exposed as a ‘racist’, ‘anti-Semite’, or ‘homophobe’, the full force of the Jew-run media will come after you to turn you into a non-person. ('Racism' never means what Zionist killers are doing to Palestinians and Arab nations. It doesn't mean Victoria Nuland the Neocon recruiting real neo-Nazis in Ukraine. It's always about Jews accusing OTHERS with their monopoly of media.) And then, all institutions and industries will be pressured to treat you as a non-person as well. We are told we live in a secular liberal democracy, but ours is a neo-religious order with new sacraments and taboos. This is why, even after Jews and their cuck-collaborators deplatformed him, Alex Jones says NOTHING critical about Jews and only mumbles about ‘Chicoms’ and Yellow Peril. But people like Jones must ask at this juncture... "What is there to lose?" When he’s been attacked and removed from so much of the internet, he might as go for the Samson Option and call out on the Jews. If they take you down, go down screaming. Go down spilling the beans on WHO was really behind your downfall. Don’t go your death cowering in fear and pleading for mercy like the victims of Stalin. Go with a loud voice yelling WHO is really behind all the shit. Go out like Tony Montana.

Now, the Jew-run media and Jew-run platforms are saying Alex Jones was removed for ‘hate speech’ and ‘fake news’. But what this really means is that the Power gets to defame anything as ‘hate’ or ‘fake’ in order to justify shutting it down. Of course, these standards don’t apply to the Jew-run media. Never mind all the lies told by Deep State and Media about WMD's that led to the US invasion of Iraq. Never mind all the lies told about Russia and Ukraine. Even now, Jew-run MSM says Russia invaded Georgia when, in fact, Russia retaliated against Georgia's invasion of South Ossetia with the encouragement of Neocon Jews. (And there's no outcry in MSM about IDF death squads killing Palestinians. Nothing about Zionist occupation of Golan Heights that belong to Syria. Nothing about 2018 being the 70th anniversary of Nakba Pogroms that destroyed Palestine.) Never mind that Obama used Neocon Victoria Nuland to recruit Neo-Nazis to pull off a coup to bring down a democratically government in Ukraine. Never mind the US told lies to intervene in Libya that was reduced to a failed state. (And we thought Pearl Harbor was bad stuff.  Did Japan do to the US what the US did to Iraq and Libya? By the way, the US still illegally occupies parts of Syria, and Jews are most triggered when Trump wants to pull out the troops. Jews want Trump as globo-imperialist than American nationalist because it is globo-imperialism that does the bidding of Jewish Supremacism.) Never mind all the lies about Syria to cover up American, Saudi, and Israeli support for terrorists who tore that nation apart. Never mind the lies that Diversity is working out just swell for the EU.

Never mind the media lies about Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, especially the editing of the phone call to make it seem like Zimmerman was looking for a black guy to hunt down and kill. Never mind the lies of BLM favored by the media. Michael Brown was no ‘gentle giant’, and he never said "Hands up, Don’t shoot". And it is a lie that the main threat to blacks in the US is white cops gunning down innocent blacks. Blacks kill blacks, along with people of other races. Never mind the lies about black crime, calling black thugs ‘youths’ and ‘teens’. Never mind the lies told by Chicago government and media about why the Oakstreet beach was closed. It was because blacks attacked whites, but the Narrative was ‘heat wave’ on a day when the temperature was only 80 degrees. Never mind the lies of Sabrina Rubin Erderly who made Stephen Glass seem like a honest reporter. Erderly’s lies about UVA led to an attack on the innocent fraternity and prompted a media-wide defamation of white fraternities. (By the way, try searching for UVA Rape Hoax and Mark Dice on Youtube. Jews at Youtube and Jews in MSM rigged the algorithms so that the Mark Dice video never shows up, and all you get are Jewish-dominated 'mainstream' News Sources in the search results. Never mind that it was independent internet journalists who cracked that case while MSM showered praise on Sabrina Rubin Erderly as a potential Pulitzer candidate. We are all Palestinians. The West is one big Information West Bank. Occupied territory.) Never mind the lies about Charlottesville. The Unite the Right guys came to make a speech, but the mayor and the police illegally shut down the event and instigated violence by pushing Unite the Right attendees into mobs of Antifa. But the media spin was a complete lie. A total Jewish lie. And then, there is the biggest conspiracy theory in US history, the bullshit about Trump colluding with Russia. It was pushed to prevent any rapprochement between the US and Russia because Jews and Globo-Homo lunatics seek total hegemony and hate Russia as an obstacle. Trump’s idea that the US, as a sovereign nation, should have good relations with Russia as a sovereign nation is an affront to Jews and the Deep State that wants the US to be in globo-imperialist footing to force all nations to submit to Jewish globo-homo hegemony. And of course, the Dotcom bubble and Real Estate bubble were the result of Jewish deregulation of banks and cooked books that fed on false optimism. And when the economy blew up, the very Jews who were most responsible for the mess got their boy Obama to bail out the banks, whereupon Wall Street grew even richer while the rest of the economy scraped by. Compared to all such abuses, it seems Alex Jones’ silly antics did hardly any harm. I know he said something about ‘gay frogs’ and raised alarms about junk food and such stuff. But nothing he said did the kind of damage done to the world by Jews and the Deep State. In fact, it was Alex Jones’ sometimes effective tirades against globalism, neo-imperialism, and the military-industrial complex that made him dangerous to the Establishment of both parties. After all, most GOP guys are cuck-collaborators and whores of monsters like Sheldon Adelson. Even though Jones didn’t have the courage to go all out and call it like it is, the fact is he said JUST ENOUGH to make millions of Americans wake up to the fact that the US is run by a globalist oligarchy with monopoly control of media, academia, finance, and internet. It wasn’t 100% true but at least 50% true. And 50% truth is threatening to those who push 100% fake news all the time.


When certain communities wanted to ban obscene or seditious material in the name of ‘community values’, Liberals and ACLU attacked the censorship as unconstitutional. Free speech must trump ‘community values’. Pornography must enter every community, they said.

But now, Jews and proggies invoke ‘community standards’ to shut down certain speech. But whose community are they talking about? If Alex Jones had more than 2 million followers on Youtube, that was quite a community, and the members of that community thought Jones was speaking for them. So, ‘community standards’, as used by Jewish tech-oligarchs, is a weasel term. Youtube and Facebook are banning Jones for the interests of Jewish Tribal Interests, not this thing called 'community standards'. After all, if these Jews really believe in all-around niceness, why do they allow all manner of Zionists who justify the ongoing occupation and land-theft in West Bank? Why is Google economically engaged with Israel that uses IDF death squads to gun down Palestinian women and children? Is Zionist Judeo-Nazism okay by the 'community standards' of Facebook and Youtube?

How is that Jews, who make up 2% of US population, get to decide what the COMMUNITY STANDARDS are for all of us? Google banned Jones for the same reason it bans any doodle for Easter. It’s not kosher enough. This is koshering of media and internet.

Now, some will say that Facebook and Youtube are private companies. But the fact is they function as public virtual communities, not least with support of the government. They are used by members to form communities centered around shared values, beliefs, and politics. These have become just as important as real communities. So, when the ‘community standards’ favor certain groups over others, it’s like a town invoking ‘community values’ to ban certain ideas or expressions.

At any rate, whites are beginning to realize what it’s like to be a Palestinian. Palestinians are arbitrarily censored or arrested. They cannot stop Jewish illegals pouring into West Bank. Sound familiar? White support of Zionism was the biggest mistake. Jews don’t show gratitude. Instead, they see what they did to Palestinians and use it as the template for what to do with other goyim.

The only way to fight back is by naming Jewish Power and siding with Palestinians. Jews do stuff like this because they know whites will praise Jews and defend Jews no matter what Jews do to whites. If you hit someone and if your victim still praises you, you will keep hitting him. It is only when he hits back that you will think twice about hitting him again.

Enough is enough. It is time to say WAAP or We Are All Palestinians.

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