Sunday, January 21, 2018

Politically Correct Powers-that-be Project their own Cultism on the Anti-Cultist Jordan Peterson

Whatever one thinks of Jordan Peterson, whether one agrees with him or not, he came to prominence by speaking out as a genuine liberal(as opposed to the Liberal Dogmatist) against the various cults of Political Correctness that have gripped the college campuses and media. Much of modern academia operates not by open discourse, honest debate, and free speech but by dogmas, taboos, slogans(chanted with mantra-like fervor), pseudo-intellectual concepts(like micro-aggressions and triggering), and demotions-firings-and-blacklisting.
Current PC insists it has all the answers and is on the side of angels. There is no need for discussion or disagreement since the latest New Normal is always correct. Skepticism for the New Normal must be denounced as a bad thought or ‘hate speech’. And humor must be discouraged, even banned, when it comes to the sanctimony of the New Normal, such as the notion that Bruce Jenner is now ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner and deserving to be celebrated as ‘Woman of the Year’.

A true democracy is one where people are free to disagree based on honest differences of interests, values, and opinions. It is through free and open discourse that better ideas gain more traction and influence over inferior ones. If some ideas and values are deemed sacrosanct and protected & propagandized above all others, they didn't win their prestige and influence by honest means but through the ideological corruption of Political Correctness.

A truly worthy academia is one where ideas are constantly open to civil discussion and honest debate based on facts, logic, and admittance of competing interests. Even if biases are ineradicable, people must be honest about their existence among all groups. (If white power/privilege exists, then so can other forms of power/privilege, such as that of Jews, but notice that Jews are averse to honest discussion of their immense power and privilege. Indeed, PC has become essentially a tool of Jews to distract gentiles into blaming mostly whites so that whites will be burdened with guilt that nullifies their sense of pride. Without pride, whites will be morally paralyzed and seek redemption by serving other peoples. But then, devious Jews want whites to serve Jews than serve all of humanity equally, which is why Jews insist that all American politicians support Zionist Israel over Palestinians and pass laws to criminalize BDS.)

In the hard sciences, it is honest and open methodology that replaces flawed theories and practices with truer ones. In the humanities and social sciences where there is no single truth, openness of debate and discussion IS the key to the curriculum. After all, the many great philosophers of the West and the Rest all came to different conclusions. And yet, each also arrived at some kind of truth from his own angle of experience, awareness, and imagination. If we apply the logic of PC to philosophy, only one theory should be chosen above all others that should either be banned or suppressed. The reason why Jordan Peterson dislikes Marxism-Leninism has less to do with its flaws & misconceptions that its insistence that it was the one-and-only truth with the historical right to banish all other competing ideas. Such monomania makes it impossible to fix the flaws of a system when those flaws must be hailed as essential and inviolable. It’s no wonder that communist nations were marked by totalitarian conformity, repression, and stagnation. People were not allowed to speak freely about the false premises and systemic problems of the system.
Likewise, the 'strange death of Europe', as examined by Douglas Murray, owes to PC that has forbidden generations of Europeans to sound the alarm about the dangers of Jewish power, American Neo-imperialism, Pop culture degeneracy, Mania for Diversity, and pathological white-self-loathing. The equivalent would be a doctor who cannot tell the patient that the latter is dying from cancer. Or a doctor who can diagnose the cancer but only provide useless or harmful treatments for the disease. If the doctor isn't allowed to identify the cancer, how can it be treated? It's hardly better if the doctor is coerced by the Medical Authority to offer carcinogens as the cure for cancer. Europe is dying from Diversity and white self-loathing, but PC pushes those as the cure. As the vile Jewish supremacist Barbra Specter has said, "Europe cannot survive without multiculturalism." That's like saying a cage of gerbils cannot survive without the invasion by rats.
Of course, the problem isn't only Orwellian PC virulence that employs 'two minutes of hate' & ideological conformity but Huxleyean Pop Culture 'vibrancy' that associates Diversity and Blacks with thrills and ecstasy. Either whites are poisoned with hatred for their own race OR drugged with love for the Other, especially black thuggery, whose jungle-jive is pushed onto whites like meth. The West advanced most in technology but, along the way, lost its sense of culture and heritage that seemed like hindrances to instant gratification via TV, music, and self-indulgence. So, even though Western technology is the product of thousands of years of civilization, it is now mainly used to celebrate and sensationalize the savage prowess and exploits of the most savage race, the Negro.

What is especially demented about current PC is its sheer amnesia. It is so totally sure that the latest 'new normal' is the absolute truth that all people most obey, BUT the goal posts are changed ever so often. It is totally fanatical but also totally amnesiac. It is so rabidly committed to the latest fashion in dogma that it totally ignores the fact that its positions not long ago were very different, even opposite.
PC is insipid and vapid because it's the collective cultism of nitwits who are emotionally shallow and intellectually dishonest. Consider an idiot like Emma Sulkowicz who wallows in trashy whore-behavior but then plays poor helpless victim of ‘sexism’. Such people cannot connect the dots or add 2 + 2 of the social or moral equation. They are utterly without hope of self-realization. After all, if the powers-that-be insist that position A is totally sacrosanct but then, after some time, insist that position B, which is at odds with position A, is totally sacrosanct, you should question the twisted logic of this game, that is if you can think for yourself. After all, how can A be totally correct and then its opposite B be totally correct? If the powers-that-be that once told you that A is totally correct are now telling you that B is totally correct, maybe neither is totally correct. Maybe A and B are partially correct or not correct at all. And maybe C, the next great ‘truth’, will also turn out to be wrong and be superseded by something else. The problem of PC isn’t that its current formulation isn’t totally correct. No ideology or position can be totally correct on anything as humanity is a very complex phenomena. The real problem of PC is the emotional stupidity that demands virulent fanaticism and rabid hysteria of the moment, one that is utterly amnesiac about earlier hysteria and bouts of fanaticism around markedly different ‘truths’ of the then ‘current year’. PC idiots, aka SJW’s, are like dogs who can easily be swayed to bark at C or D or E or F. They are as unthinking as the countless dupes of National Socialist Germany or Maoist China. When Hitler said communists are eternal enemies, his minions agreed 100%. But when Stalinist Russia became an ally of Nazi Germany, the Soviets were suddenly the good guys. But when Hitler decided to invade Russia, the Soviets were suddenly evil again. During the height of the Cultural Revolution, Maoist China had everyone believing that Lin Biao, Mao’s then heir-apparent, was the most wonderful person after Mao and that the US was the eternal enemy with which Red China could never see eye-to-eye on anything. But then, the Chinese were told that Lin was the worst scumbag traitor, and few years later, the Chinese were told the US wasn’t so bad after Mao met with Nixon. One of the lessons the Chinese learned from the fanatical political correctness and madness of the Cultural Revolution and thereafter is that the powers-that-be manipulate the masses like dogs. And it is no different with PC in the West. The power of PC rests on rabid hysteria of the Current Year, amnesia, and the lack of emotional maturity & intellectual honesty to think for oneself. (Mass Cult is easy with control of mass media. Look how the entire nation of North Korea is nuts about the Kim the Great. Why? Kim controls the mass media. Look how a man as crazy as Hitler or Mao could become 'mainstream' rulers over entire nations and be revered by so many. Cult + Media Control = the New Normal. Look at the mindless celebrity worship in the West. Why are moronic rappers revered as gods and heroes by so many people? Pop Culture is their reality and religion.)

What is PC really? Do the powers-that-be really believe in the nonsense? Most of them don’t. The rich and privileged feign allegiance to PC because they want the Left off their backs. Also, they’ve spent a lot of money to change the nature of Leftism to make it less threatening and challenging to the capitalist class. Notice that leftism went from class-based concerns about workers to adoration of vain elitist homosexuals and narcissistic trannies. Such decadent frivolity doesn’t threaten the rich class since homos and trannies love wealth & privilege and go out of their way to work with the elites to indulge their fantasies and whimsies.

If the powers-that-be don’t really believe in PC, where does it come from? Most PC comes from hack academics or cranky intellectuals who seek to compensate for their material and intellectual inferiority by seeking influence and clout via pseudo-prophetic theorizing and vapid radical gesticulating. Humanities and social sciences will never be as prestigious as hard sciences and technological fields. Hard scientists can prove their theories, and scientific laws can be applied to technology that can lead to products and services that earn billions of dollars for innovators and investors. As for great artists and genuine intellectuals, they thrive in a world of inspiration and freedom. Hack academics in second-rate colleges and cranky egotists in first-rate colleges feel envy and resentment, and the inner-Mao in them goes batty with rage. They naturally target the young with their ideas since impressionable students can be made to believe in anything, all the easier because our public education and mass media inculcate PC into young minds from cradle. Supported by ever-replenished supply of naive suckers every year, colleges can sustain PC for almost indefinitely(until the cycle is broken). Just when seniors are beginning to realize that maybe they’ve been fed nonsensical crap by professors, they are set to graduate and a new crop of naive freshmen arrive on campus to serve as new ‘Red Tards’, even though it’s more like Pink Tards since Homomania is the neo-religion of demented America.

At any rate, Jordan Peterson is trying to persuade young people to think things through. Instead of screaming & foaming at the mouth in allegiance to PC fed to them by hack academics, crank-intellectuals, and bureaucratic commissars, each person should go on his own journey of discovery to find the truth. To do so, people must be willing to be challenged, consider contrasting opinions, question the reigning template, control their own emotions, cultivate a sense of courage, and understand that reality is too complex to be summed up with few slogans and chants.
Thus, Peterson is an anti-cultist. The people who flock around him don’t worship him, and his message to them is not ‘obey me’ or ‘do as I say’. Rather, he’s asking them to learn to think for themselves just as he thinks for himself. They don’t have to agree with him, but they must develop an autonomy of mind instead of being automatons of the powers-that-be that use PC in the most cynical way.

But, the powers-that-be, in their malice and mendacity, project their own use of cultism on Jordan Peterson. It is PC that is cultist. Worse, it is mass-cultist because through the powers of mass media and mass education, the powers-that-be have the means to spread their mania into every corner of society. Consider something like ‘gay marriage’, which is a cultish idea. How did something so insane spread like wildfire? Because people experience electronic media as their main reality. Who controls the flow of electricity and the shaping of digital information into images and sounds for billions of people around the world? The Jewish globalists. They are the ones who elevated and expanded the campy cultist homosexual self-reverence to a World Culture via their control of electronic highways. And how did someone like Bruce Jenner become ‘Woman of the Year’? How did that bit of cultism of tranny lunacy become mainstream? Because the powers-that-be have used their electronic media monopoly to beam images of Jenner as the icons of New Normal in Womanhood.

And there is, of course, the cultism of Jewish supremacism that says we must all bow down to Jews and worship the Shoah and support Zionists over Palestinians. It is cultist because it’s not normal for all the world to support Zionist oppression of Palestinians(who never invaded or hurt any people around the world), all the more so because it contradicts the Jewish Narrative that Jews are ‘progressives’ who work to spread tolerance and equality. If that’s true, why is Jewish power working to shut down BDS and force all Americans, Europeans, and Canadians to favor Zionists over Palestinians? Only mindless cultism can make us blind to the brazen hypocrisy.

The cultism of Jewish Supremacism is so powerful that even Jordan Peterson is under its spell and dare not question it.

Anyway, it’s a common tactic among PC commissars and globalist Jews to project their own lunacies onto others. Jews are the most supremacist people in the world but they accuse white gentiles of ‘supremacism’. Jews, who insist that all white people must honor, obey, and worship Jews, defame White National Liberationists(who simply want OUT of the Jewish Globalist Empire) as ‘supremacists’. Black thugs, who commit most racial violence, blame whites and other non-blacks of interracial violence. It's pure projection. Slut Pride feminists who indulge in all sorts of sexual hijinks and harlotry accuse men of ‘exploiting sex’ when they’ve done exactly the same. #MeToo should really stand for "Me a slut and me too use sex for self-interest and advantage." And then, there are homos who are now into self-worship projecting their own intolerance on those who refuse to bend over to Homomania. PC blinds us to the fact that ‘gay rights’ has morphed into Gay Rites, a ritualism whereby we just all bow down to homos and trannies as holy angels with rainbow wings.

Jordan Peterson, like him or not, agree or disagree with him, is a relatively courageous figure who is defending free speech, calling for open discussion, and appealing to young people to reject the cultist mono-culture of PC that has turned so many young people into mindless zombies chanting the same slogans or even using ‘antifa’ violence to shut down anyone or any side that brings different mental dishes to the table. If the Irish potato famine is any indication, mono-systems are vulnerable because everything or everyone works exactly alike regardless of what it or he is doing is good or bad. PC mental-farming has produced lots and lots of like-minded potatoheads in the biggest mass cult in history. But a single truth-fungus can threaten the entire crop and upend the entire harvest because PC minds are incapable of responding to reality in any way that is different from the mono-programming. So, the White Left(or ‘baizuo’ as the Chinese call it) will be destroyed either by Diversity that it welcomes or by honesty-and-truth(mostly found in Alt Right today) that will set their minds from the PC infection. Of course, the latter is preferable because the White Left, awakened into the White Right, will save Western Civilization and have stable communities. In contrast, if the White Left is destroyed by its own delusional enthusiasm for Diversity, there will be nothing good for them as it will be the permanent fall of advanced civilizations. Who really thinks Europe will be enriched by Africans and Muslims?

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