Sunday, January 14, 2018

Journalist as Courageous Teller of Truth Is More Myth than Reality

Judith Miller, whore journalist of the War State
A healthy democracy depends on honest journalism, but most journalists are not free voices or inquiring minds. They are less likely to speak truth to power than speak power to truth. They are propagandists and agents for the tiny cabal that owns over 90% of the media. The reality is ethno-corporate ownership of big media, and most journalists are products of colleges funded by globalist & Zionist-imperialists who push Political Correctness to suppress free speech and the speaking of truth to power.

The big media colluded with George W. Bush to invade Iraq over false claims of WMD.
The big media looked the other way while Obama told lies to destroy Libya. The Media failed to expose CIA's aid to terrorists in Syria against the secular government of Assad. The media worked with Neo-Nazis in Ukraine to overthrow its democratically elected government. 95% of US media are owned by Zionist-globalists, and all journalists must serve the supremacism of the Tribe.

Consider. Iran has no nukes and allow international inspections. Meanwhile, Israel has 300 illegal nukes and allows no inspections. Yet, Iran was hit with sanctions while Israel has been showered with billions in aid every year. How is this absurdity possible? Because Western Journalism serves the supremacist ambitions of Israel against any nation that guards its sovereignty and integrity.

The media also told lies about City of Ferguson and Michael Brown. Thorough investigation ordered by Eric Holder showed(contrary to his wishes) that the white police officer had been in the right in the altercation with Michael Brown. But the fake news media fanned the flames with the help of George Soros, and the result was the Ferguson Effect and thousands more dead in cities all across America. Journalists were mostly responsible for this. Will journalists do a mea culpa for all those dead lives?

We all grieve the deaths of courageous journalists around the world, and there are surely many noble individuals in the profession.
But do journalists ever ask how many lives were destroyed as the result of their misreporting and willful falsehoods? Lies and propaganda kill. Journalists, by serving as presstitutes of the Deep State, have furthered the interests of US globalist-imperialism well in helping spread wars all over the globe. Journalists, by failing to sound the alarm about Obama’s ventures in Libya-Syria-and-Ukraine, helped create conditions that destroyed countless lives. Worse, some brazenly worked as propagandists of the Zionist-American Imperium.
And consider the Fake News hysteria of ‘Russia Hacking’. This rabid lunacy(cooked up by powerful Jews) has prevented good relations between US and Russia, and millions of lives could be destroyed if war breaks out between the two great powers. Do journalists care? Or are they so swept up with Homomania as their neo-religion that they gladly shill for globalism to justify a 'new cold war' with Russia?

Journalists pose as courageous pursuers of truth, and some are indeed that. Kudos to Seymour Hersh and others like him. But most journalists are either craven opportunists who spread falsehood to further their careers or mindless PC commissars indoctrinated to serve globalism and the Deep State.
Consider how Washington Post is filled with second-rate propagandists whose families are tied in with Deep State, CIA, FBI, State Department, and etc. And who owns the Post? Bezos the oligarch who uses his employees like worker bees. And who is the big man at NYT? The gangster oligarch Lebanese-'Mexican' Carlos Slim.

Given the dominance of US media and its relations to Deep State, we must accuse globalist journalists for the death of at least a million people since 2000. Instead of fulfilling their calling as speakers of truth to power, most journalists have been little more than shills and running dogs of the Deep State, War Machine, and Wall Street Tribe that got away with the financial crime of the century.

Just like most Chinese journalists do the bidding of the corrupt Chinese regime, most Western journalists are little more than fellow travelers of the CIA and Pentagon. Their profession is a career than a calling. They are to journalism what televangelists are to Christianity.

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