Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Response to Gregory Hood's Commentary on Jay Nordlinger's Cuckservatism: National Review’s Wishful Thinking About Race


That is a truism, but Mr. Nordlinger’s larger point is that
conservatives should not succumb to defeatist thinking about
demographics or tribalism, and should keep trying to pitch conservatism
to blacks, Mexicans, Hmong, and everyone else. “Do we have so little
faith in our ideas and their power?” he asks.

American Conservatism is a state of Epic Fail because it confuses words with reality.

The CORE FEATURE of true conservatism-rightism is tribalism, ethno-centrism, us-versus-them, and self-preservation of a people and culture.

It's a special kind of American idiocy that pretends that 'individualism', 'low taxes', and 'free markets' are the main features of conservatism. In truth, those values can serve or hurt conservatism. People can use individualism to support conservative values or radical trends. Just because George Soros' taxes are lowered won't make him favor white conservatism. And free markets can operate in accordance to nationalist Rule of Law or globalist trade agreements that undermine national sovereignty and favor rootless globo-oligarchs.

So, those 'values' do not constitute the CORE essence of conservatism. The CORE is sense of tribe, nation, us(as opposed to them), a sense of blood and soil, and sense of OUR heritage.

It's about putting OUR interests before those of others. Humans are organisms, and all organisms are competitive. While humans can come together to form larger units of mutual cooperation, history has shown that the nationalist model is preferable to the imperialist model for the sake world peace.

So, it is ridiculous for Jay Nordlinger to preach 'conservatism' to non-whites because they are already conservative in the most primal way. They are tribalist, ethno-centric, and always ask 'Is it good for our side?'

If anything, white 'conservatives' at the National Review should learn some Real Conservatism from blacks and browns. Blacks are into black power and browns are into La Raza, the race.

The great American Irony is that white conservatives have no idea what Real Conservatism is. And blacks and browns, though ostensibly 'anti-conservative', practice Real Conservative politics by putting their Tribe and Kind above others.

National Review should learn Real Conservatism from blacks and browns.

Or from Zionists who are for Israel First and Jewish Interest First. Nordlinger is all for National Review supporting Jewish identity and Israel, so why does he shy away from doing same for whites?

The fool has as much sense in his head as hair on his head.

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