Monday, January 15, 2018

Rejection of the Biological Basis of Life is Stupid

So often in political discourse there are those who deny the biological basis of power and relations. It’s as if some people believe that humanity can be governed by ideas and icons alone. They pretend as if nations and communities are organizations formed on the basis of abstract principles. And it is as if everyone is just an individual defined by ideas & imagination in his or her head. It’s as if everyone materialized out of the thin air with total autonomy without ancestry, history, and heritage. So, parents exist only to produce self-centered individuals whose meaning-of-life is to be determined by ideologies, fashions, and entertainments. We can certainly understand the appeal of individualism. Who wants to be told by one’s grandparents and parents what to feel, think, and do? Each person wants freedom as an individual. That said, no individual, no matter how fiercely independent in will & determination, made himself. He was biologically made by his parents who were made by their parents and so on. Also, every individual, no matter how creative or visionary, was born into a ready-made world with history and heritage. Even the great Beethoven was born into a culture of music that he inherited and advanced further. Great individuals expand upon a rich heritage. Einstein built upon pre-existing scientific tradition. Richard Wagner advanced the language of opera. While some individuals have the spark of visionary genius that can achieve more in a single lifetime than most peoples in many lifetimes, they are nevertheless inheritors of pre-existing realities. Stanley Kubrick didn’t invent the cinema nor establish the basic grammar of cinema, but he could make his masterpieces only because others had been there before him.

Consider a soccer ball. It moves around in all directions, but it has meaning only because purpose animates its movement. If a soccer ball were to be randomly moved by wind or animals, it would have no purpose. If the soccer ball could move on its own, it would still have no meaning unless it’s part of a game. It has meaning only when animated for the purpose of making a goal. The purpose of a soccer ball is to be kicked into a goal at either end of the field. So, Team A will try to kick it into the goal of Team B, and Team B will try to kick it into the goal of Team A. Every individual is like a ball-animated-by-larger-intention. Without purpose, a ball is meaningless. A soccer ball or football has meaning in the game. Games are played to score points and win.
The world is always in a state of play and gamesmanship among all kinds of powers, purposes, and agendas. These forces try to either use individuals for their own purposes OR accept some individuals as ‘us’ or ‘good’ while rejecting other individuals as ‘them’ or ‘bad’. In the US, Jewish Power tries to use all individuals, Jewish and gentile, to serve Jewish supremacism. In Israel-West-Bank, the Power favors Jews as ‘us’ individuals(who are to be gathered into a unified force) while rejecting Palestinians as ‘them’ individuals(who are to be kept at the margins of society).

Given the way the game is played in reality, every individual must consider his or her ball-purpose. Every individual can be played by any side. There is no way anyone can opt out of the game. After all, even if one doesn’t care about politics and power, others do and their agenda will affect even the apathetic. For example, even if you don’t pay attention of power/politics, you work and pay taxes, and those taxes will go to serve some agenda. Even if you ignore politics, those who are power-obsessed with use government to favor their interests. Jews are obsessed about power and make sure that American power and wealth go to serving Israel and Jewish interests uber alles.

Suppose you join the military for non-political reasons. You only want to serve for a few yrs to pay for college and develop some skills. You see yourself as a free individual who’s just minding your own business. But just because you don’t care about politics doesn’t mean that others don’t care. Many American soldiers are apolitical(and signed up only for career purposes), but power-obsessed Jews are totally political, and their main agenda is to steer US power and wealth toward serving Israel and Jewish interests. So, an apolitical American soldier who joined just for career opportunity could find himself 5,000 miles away from home killing Arabs and Muslims or getting killed himself. In the end, his ball-purpose gets kicked by those who have a bigger vision of the game. Just like a soccer ball will be kicked back and forth by the two teams, an individual can never be independent in society. Even if one has no interest in politics, his or her taxes will be used to serve the interests of a group that is obsessed with power. Or his consumer habits, along with those of others like him, will enrich certain companies that have a certain bias. For example, even if you purchase Starbucks products only for the coffee, you end up doing far more since Starbucks uses its profits to fund globalism and homomania all over the world. And if you go gambling in Las Vegas, you are making power-hungry Zionists even richer. The likes of Sheldon Adelson have billions more to spend on favoring Israeli interests.

So, we are all part of something bigger and at the mercy of bigger powers all around us that can hire us, fire us, reward us, or destroy us. Because there is a price to pay for what we say and do, even an individual in a Free Society isn’t very free. See what happens to you if you freely denounce Zionism. If you exercise such freedom, you will be shut out of so many institutions and industries. For that reason, we must be mindful of the powers and forces all around us be they political, economic, ideological, cultural, criminal, spiritual-religious, and etc.
And we must be mindful to take sides. The notion of being above all sides is about as delusional as a soccer ball or football ‘thinking’ it has agency independent of two teams that kick or pass it around. If there is a difference between a ball and an individual, it is that a ball is totally at the mercy of the players whereas an individual, despite being played by both or more sides, can choose one side over others. For example, there are many sides in America that try to win over individuals as adherents, devotees, consumers, voters, activists, dupes, or etc. But individuals can cultivate a sense of what they are really about and take sides accordingly. Jews, for instance, are very conscious of Jewishness. Thus, Jewish 'balls' favor the athletic intentions of Jewish players. Jewish balls roll with Jewish kickers and try to score goals for Jewish Power. In contrast, white balls lack white consciousness and easily get kicked by Jews, blacks, and non-whites against white goals.
Jewish balls/individuals have gained Jewish consciousness, and that lends a sense of tribal agency to their motions on the field. Even if non-Jews try to kick Jewish balls in the anti-Jewish direction, Jewish balls favor Jewish kickers and work with them. In contrast, white balls either favor no side and get kicked by all sides OR they favor the anti-white side because PC has instilled white individuals with loathing for White Goals as ‘racist’. Too many white balls are like loaded dice. Loaded against their own kind.

Ironically, Jews hate gentiles who act most like Jews. The advice, "Do as the Jews do. Disobey what Jews say" will likely drive Jews crazy. Jews know that what they practice among themselves maximizes their power. Jews are into blood-and-soil in Israel. Jews are into tribal networking. Jews are into Jewish heritage and history. Jews are into feeling special, even superior, as a group.
Now, imagine if white gentiles thought and acted the same way. They would become very powerful and could challenge Jewish power. So, even as Jewish balls have tribal agency and favor the legs of Jewish kickers, white balls are either haplessly kicked around by all sides OR work with non-white kickers against White Goals.

For this reason, whites must be conscious of their racial, ethnic, and evolutionary roots. Long long ago, there was a small band of proto-humans. Over time, this group splintered and branched off into separate groups that became different from one another in appearance, temperament, size, strength, stamina, and/or intelligence. And Europeans developed certain traits that were especially common among them or unique to them. Just like every family has blood ties, memories, and stories that are unique, each race and every ethnic group have their special lore and legends.

Life would be dull if we only received tradition and heritage from our forebears. We want to be active and creative in our own right as individuals with unique hopes and dreams. Just as every ethnic group has its own story, every individual has his personal memories and private dreams.
The answer to life is the balance between what we receive and what we create. We want to be free, but the fact is we are born into a game of power whether we want to play or not. Just as the natural world is one of contest among drives, appetites, and wills among animals and plants, the human world is also driven by contesting wills in the ceaseless game of power. Those who understand this and act accordingly will gain in power. They will act in symphony with certain forces with which they identify with. Jews are powerful because Jewish individuals act in concert with Jewish Power and Purpose. Jewish balls roll with Jewish feet that kick in them in the right direction to score points for Zion.

It’s like an orchestra or any band makes music by having the players work in unison in service of the composition. If everyone does his own thing on the stage, the result will be noise and cacophony, not music and harmony. Jewish Agenda is a powerful symphony where most Jewish players act in concert with Jewish Prophecy.
In contrast, white individuals make a mess of things in their music-making since too many whites play contrasting melodies and work against structure.

White people must know that they are the product of a long evolutionary process that happened over tens of thousands of years. They are a people unlike any other, just like any other race is a people unlike any other. Even though whites have much to teach and learn from other peoples, all whites must racially and biologically see themselves as part of a unique people and culture. And their primary interests must to be preserve and serve whiteness... just like Jews feel that the main purpose of Jews is to serve Jewish interests and power.

How important is biology in all this? Everything is biology. Try holding your breath and shut off your lungs. How long will you last? You can claim to be about ideas & principles instead of biology, but the fact is you were born and live as a biological being. Without lungs taking in air constantly, you can’t live. Or, imagine your heart not pumping blood. What does it matter, you may ask? You don’t pay attention to biology and only to ideas. But if your heart, a biological organ, won’t do its job, you can’t live and then you can’t even think of ideas.
Why is murder so foul? Because it’s a biological deed. It stops a life from continuing. Why is rape so grievous, especially if it leads to pregnancy? Because it’s a biological attack on a person. Surely, the physical act of rape is far more serious than a mental fantasy of rape, just like real murder that takes a life is far graver than the fantasy of murder, like in Hitchcock movies.

Before anything else is possible, there is biology. We can’t escape biology. Someone may claim to live purely with ideas & dreams regardless of biological processes. Suppose he reads books but refuses to eat, drink, urinate, and defecate. But how long will he live without performing those biological processes? Without food and drink, he will grow weak. Without peeing, his bladder will explode. Without pooing, his intestines will rot. He will eventually grow sick and die because he didn’t address his biological reality. Yogis and ascetics have tried to transcend biological functions. Hindu gurus have meditated and disciplined their bodies to take in less oxygen and make do with less food, BUT even such extreme re-regulation of bodily functions didn’t rise above biology. In the end, even yogis and gurus have to eat and drink something; they have to pee and poo. Jesus fasted for 40 days, but even He had to finally eat and drink something.

Perhaps, we tend to ignore biology because so many of our basic needs for survival have been met. Without worries about food, roof over one’s head, plumbing that makes water easily accessible and sanitation readily available, and etc, we’ve come to become blind to biological functions. Hungry people know they must eat to survive. But in a world of excessive food, people think food exists mainly for pleasure. And in a world of plentiful water and drink, people don’t know the power of thirst. And since slaughterhouses are hidden from view, we think meat comes in neat plastic packages. We fail to realize that our lives are maintained through tremendous amount of violence meted out to cattle, pigs, chicken, fishes, and vegetation. Life is an endless struggle of biology, of creation through destruction.

People in the West, in their peace and prosperity, have failed to understand that their nice nations were made possible by great violence, struggles, and sacrifices. All lands were conquered, fought for, developed, defended, and maintained. Such could not have been possible without a guiding hand that directed one set of power against another. Take Israel. It may seem like a nice nation, but it was built by a biological struggle between Zionists and Palestinians. Jewish elites led the struggle and guided Jewish mass violence against Arabs so that Jews would come out on top. And Jews use border walls and pro-Jewish immigration policy to keep Jewish power at the center of Israeli affairs. Israel wasn’t created by some idle set of principles entertained in the minds of dreamers. It was created by biological Jews taking action and waging war on others who stood in their way. It was created by the triumph of Jewish organisms over Arab organisms.

Furthermore, even reading, writing, listening to music, and watching movies are biological processes. Thinking is a biological process. They all involve the mechanisms of biological organs. Without eyes, can we see? Without ears, can we hear? Without hands, can we hold a book? Without fingers, can we type on a computer or use a pen? Without neurons in the biological organ of the brains, can we think? So, even ideas and icons are all part of a biological process.

So, the most sensible ideas and icons are those that remind us of our biological existence, evolutionary roots, and cultural history. Ideas that deviate from truth of biology and history have little value compared to ideas that reconnect us to our biological truth and historical reality. It’s like drugs that address real illnesses and restore our health are far more valuable than the kind of drugs that promise false heaven of escapist fantasy while degrading our bodies, like meth and crack for example.

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