Sunday, November 14, 2021

Ann Coulter's Flawed Logic on Diversity: The Real Problem is DAW(Diversity against Whites), which need be countered with DAZ(Diversity against Zion) — Explicit Politics uber Implicit Politics

Ann Coulter says the Demmies are determined to bring in MORE IMMIGRANTS to win back Virginia because, after all, peoples from Latin America and Asia overwhelmingly lean Democratic(for reasons of immigration policies and Jewish anti-white influence in media & academia).

But she’s missing the larger point. Why is ‘diversity’ damaging to whites and conservatives? It is because Jews control the US and use nonwhites against whites. Via media and academia, Jews encourage anti-white animus among whites — even among aspiring whites anxious for status, being pro-white is an instant disqualifier, as is being anti-Zionist; no wonder then that even whites with deep southern roots do nothing to defend Confederate legacy as their priority amounts to seeking the approval of their 'betters', mostly Jews, cuck white elites, and Noble Negroes(and even homos); never mind that both political parties are totally supportive of the Jewish 'genocide' of Palestinians and the various apartheid-like policies that make life miserable for Arabs in the West Bank.

All things considered, Diversity is most problematic because Jews have weaponized it against whites. Whatever goes wrong, Jews blame whites or even the essentialism of whiteness. When blacks attack Asians, Jewish-dominated media and politics blame ‘white supremacism’, and yellows, being turdy craven dogs eager for approval from authority, go with the bogus narrative. And even most 'conservative' whites don't decry this utter nonsense. And Jews encourage browns to be anti-white. Even though Latin Conquistador-whites did more than their share in the destruction of native peoples and the Atlantic Slave Trade(often in partnership with Jewish slavers), the current Jewish Power bloc allows Latino Whites to pose as 'people of color' to keep them as allies in the anti-white side of the political aisle. Such is the nature of the Jewish Mitzvah(holy race war) against whites.

The only solution to DAW(Diversity Against Whites) is DAZ(Diversity Against Zion). It’s only natural that if Jews use Diversity against whites, whites should use Diversity against Jews. Whites should spread the message that Jews rule America, Jews control the wealth, Jews control the Deep State, Jews use US power to murder tons of non-whites Arabs & Muslims. And Jews fan black rage and violence against whites and non-blacks(or Jews allow blacks to 'roll' other peoples in pogroms while the Jewish-run media and legal system look the other way). Whites should also remind the world with historical narratives of Jews exploiting blacks.

Thus weaponized against Jews, DAZ(Diversity Against Zion) can be advantageous to whites as Jewish Power poses the gravest threat to white survival. The reason why Jews themselves don't worry about Diversity is because they weaponize it against whites but, heretofore, whites haven't dared to return the favor. But if whites weaponized it against Jews, Jews will begin to shit.

But what is the state of affairs in the US? Jews employ DAW(Diversity Against Whites), but whites vow to protect Jews from 'antisemitic' elements within Diversity. It's like Jews explicitly promote anti-white rage and violence among blacks, but whites never call out the Jews on this and, instead, thump their chests about how something must be done about festering 'antisemitism' in the black community. When blacks kick whites in the ass, Jews cheer, laugh, and call for more. When blacks beat on Jews, whites stand in between and take the blows meant for Jews while giggling Jews kicks them from behind. How pathetic.

So, Ann Coulter should worry less about Diversity than how it’s turned against whites by Jews. She should urge whites to change course and start weaponizing Diversity against Jews. Begin by supporting BDS.

But fat chance of that ever happening at least in the foreseeable future. When even race-realist Jared Taylor sucks up to Jews despite persecution at their hands, it’s utterly hopeless with milquetoast conzos. Jews kick Taylor in the ass, and what does he do? He goes into bitchy hysterics about the Muslim threat, to whites and Jews alike, in the hope that Jews won’t whip him so badly.

Jews are not about siding with whites or with Muslims. Jews are about making goy fight goy. Jews use whites to invade Muslim lands and kill bushels of Arabs. And then, Jews welcome Arabs as ‘refugees’ and allies against ‘xenophobic’ white Christo-conzos. Jews use whites to support Zionist erasure of Palestine but then reach out to Arab-Americans to denounce ‘Islamophobic’ white conzos.

It’s as simple as A-B-C. Jews use Diversity against whites. When will whites use Diversity against Jews? If whites won’t, they are finished and deserve to lose because they’re too dumb or craven to stare truth in the face and do what they must.

Jews shouldn’t be regarded as just another ethnicity. They don’t see themselves that way. Greasy Italians and Dumb Poles are generic ethnics in America. In contrast, Jews regard themselves as a Chosenicity. They are Choseniks, which puts them above mere ethnic groups and races.

The assumption among many on the ‘right’ is Diversity is necessarily bad for GOP and whites. While it’s true that Too-Many-Nonwhites will lead to the erasure of white societies, Diversity in and of itself need not be anti-white or anti-GOP in the hostile or hateful sense.

It all depends on how Diversity is used and by whom. Most nonwhite goyim are like white goyim: Sheeple, easily manipulated. In the West, they are manipulated to be anti-white by Jews... just like whites are manipulated to be pro-Jewish no matter what Jews do to them.

Iran is only 50% Persian and other ethnicities make up the rest of the population. But, despite ethnic tensions within Iran, most minority groups don’t work with Jews against Persians. Why not? Because Persian nationalists control Iran. Russia has many minority ethnic groups, but Russia’s Diversity doesn't work with Jews against Russia. Why not? Russians dominate Russia. (If any group is most willing to collaborate with World Jewry against Russia, it is the white cuck population there... just like the biggest shills of Jewish Supremacist power in US and UK are white cuckeroos.) If anything, during the Cold War when USSR backed key Arab nations against Zionism, all groups within the Soviet/Russian Empire were steered to support Arabs against Zion.

If whites hadn’t ceded power to Jews in the US(and UK and the West), they could have put forth a more appropriately pro-white or white-friendly agenda and attitude for nonwhites or Diversity. As most nonwhites won't or don’t think for themselves, they tend to go with the prevailing wind. It is precisely because whites ceded power to Jews that the latter was able to make anti-whiteness the political glue among various nonwhite groups(and white cucks), especially as ideology faded in significance as the ‘End of History’ drew near. Anti-whiteness among nonwhites was NOT inevitable, especially as many nonwhite immigrants moved to the West out of preference for whites and white ways than for their own. Diversity was made anti-white by Jewish Power. In the Age of Idolatry, Jews made themselves gods and made whites the Devil in the equation.

Something similar happened in China. As communist ideology lost its luster, CCP figured it had to rely on something else to hold the people together as one big patriotic family. And it was anti-Japanese sentiments. History was dredged up to make Japan the Big Bad Wolf. (It was probably a stupid move as it alienated Japan and drew it closer to the US.) CCP figured Anti-Japanese Remembrance would be the glue holding post-ideological China together. Jews figure Anti-Whiteness will hold Diversity together. Blame whitey for everything. Even in areas where Jews dominate, the game is to blame whites, e.g. #HollywoodSoWhite. Even though Jewish mayors of blue cities pushed for tougher policing to control black crime, the rulebook is to blame ‘white racist cops’ when racial controversies flare up, as with the case of George Floyd.

Blaming Diversity is like blaming trannies as both have been weaponized by Jewish Power. Most nonwhites are clueless sheeple, and their anti-whiteness has been fed to them by Jews. Trannies on their own would have been nothing more than a marginal community of laughing stocks. They were empowered and ‘ennobled’ by Jews.
Conzo criticism amounts to harping at the puppets but never tracing the strings to the puppet master, which is Jewish Power. Diversity and Trannies are no different from Joe Biden. All puppets of Jewish Power.

There is something to be learned from Ukraine. Jews sought to use Ukraine against Russia, and in turn, Russia decided to use Ukraine against the Jews. Jews installed a puppet government that provokes Russia, but Russia took back Crimea and supports separatist elements in eastern Ukraine.

Diversity must be used like Ukraine is used by Russia. If Jews steer Diversity to be anti-white, whites must steer it to be anti-Jewish. Just tell nonwhites that Jews hog most of the power and privilege in the West. Detail the dark chapters of Jewish History and inform every group of how it is negatively affected by Jewish Power. For example, Jews and slavery in Brazil. Jewish domination of the opium trade in China. Jewish use of Pentagon to destroy Arab nations. The role of Jewish financiers in the rape of entire economies. When Jews use Diversity to attack whiteness, whites must fight back in kind. Sadly, whites are a bunch of cucky wuck pussies.

In the US, both political parties(or patsies) are about ethno-idolatry or ‘ethnodolatry’ of Jews. Demmies look to Jews as prophets and Repubbies look to Jews as gods. Suppose both parties were to vanish into the thin air. Jewish oligarchs will just create two more political fronts to create the illusion of ‘democracy’ and vet a new batch of puppet candidates like Macauliffe or Youngkin(of Virginia).

Simple Rule of History: People who weaken their own identities will end up serving people who strengthen their own identities. It’s only a matter of time. Look at whites and Jews. Whites into deracination have come to serve Jews into racial identity.

In the end, implicit politics loses to explicit politics. At most, a figure like governor Youngkin represents implicit white politics. In contrast, the other side dominated by Jews and energized by blacks(and homos) is explicit in its pride and passion, in its diatribes and demands.

What is the difference between ‘implicity’ and ‘explicity’? Implicit politics is ashamed to express and expound on what it is really about. It must conceal its identity and interests, even to itself, i.e. so many whites who vote for white interests convince themselves that they are voting for universal principles of color-blindness. So, even though implicit politics may win a few rounds, it loses in the long run without the fuel to proudly express and defend itself and go on the war path against enemies and rivals. Implicit = Timid.

In contrast, explicit politics is all about pride, confidence, and aggression. It is fired up. Even if outnumbered and disadvantaged(at the moment), it has the wind of history on its back because it has the moral and ‘spiritual’ imperative. It can preach loudly and condemn the other side that is too afraid to express itself loudly and make effective counter-arguments. Explicit = Brash. Jews are explicitly into Jewish Power, blacks are explicitly into Black Rage, and Homos are explicitly into 'Gay Pride', but even white conservatives squirm like a toad upon being reminded, "It's Okay to be White".

Implicit politics, even when victorious, is unsure of itself and dare not convey what it’s really about. If anything, it outwardly agrees, more or less, with the moral argument of the other side and claims to practice those ‘virtues’ better in moderation and caution — but, if the 'virtues' are so correct and on the right side of history, why opt for moderation than total commitment?

The implicit side doesn’t oppose the arguments and demands of the other side but merely says it is too radical… at least for the moment. So, when it comes to fundamentals, the implicitly political side hides its real interests and claims to, more or less, agree with the premise of the other side that beams with righteous rage and makes unapologetic demands. So, craven shitters like Youngkin don’t condemn CRT or call out the lie of BLM but merely mutter, “Oh gosh, you’re pushing the stuff too far too fast, and we need some time out, that’s all”, and his voters are too craven to express real outrage over what Jews and blacks have done to this country since 2020.

Jews are 2% of US whereas white Christian goyim outnumber them many times. (White Conservatives complain about how lost California due to demographics, but if this is true, how come Jews control the state when they are many times outnumbered by goyim?) Why do Jews keep winning while whites and Christians keep losing? It’s because Jews control the gods, what is holy and unholy, and that means they can be EXPLICIT in their Jewish identity, pride, agenda, and demands(and in their anti-white hostility)… whereas whites and Christians, branded with the sins of ‘racism’, ‘antisemitism’, and ‘white supremacism’, must tread carefully and at best be implicit in their defense of whiteness or Christianity. Jews angrily wield Jewishness like a hammer, whereas whites/Christians warily handle whiteness(and/or Christianity) like radioactive material; they are afraid of their own identity and interests, of their own shadows. Whiteness is to whites what Kryptonite is to Superman.

Consider the problems of implicit capitalism under communism. Even under Marxism-Leninism, some nations experimented with market economics and introduced elements of capitalism. But the capitalism in communist nations could only be implicit, always under the moral thumb of communism. It couldn’t loudly and proudly proclaim itself as superior to communism. Rather, all it could hope for was some degree of tolerance and permission to carry on with market practices to allow for incentives and efficiency. Because communism owned the pride and passion, it could stamp out vestiges of capitalism any time it wished. Implicit capitalism was always at the mercy of explicit communism, and if anything, capitalists under communism argued that capitalist practices were merely to hasten the arrival of communism(as Karl Marx himself said capitalism would lay the grounds for socialism that would lead to communism). Likewise, implicit white politics never expresses pride of whiteness but argues that whites should be treated a bit better because, all said and done, what white conservatives really want is a better kind of Diversity, a happier kind of Great Replacement.

Unless whiteness is made explicit in its identity, interests, expression, and demands, it will always be disadvantaged and lose out in the long run because pride and passion are with explicit politics. It’s like a handful of burning coal produces more power than a ton of cold coal. And a few men with swords are more effective than many men with shields. When a roller meets the dough, what flattens what?