Saturday, April 20, 2019

White Folks and Their Fascinating/Exasperating Submission to Negro as Id and Superego

What is the id?
The id is the primitive and instinctive component of personality. It consists of all the inherited (i.e., biological) components of personality present at birth, including the sex (life) instinct – Eros (which contains the libido), and the aggressive (death) instinct - Thanatos. The id is the impulsive (and unconscious) part of our psyche which responds directly and immediately to the instincts. The personality of the newborn child is all id and only later does it develop an ego and super-ego.

The superego's function is to control the id's impulses, especially those which society forbids, such as sex and aggression. It also has the function of persuading the ego to turn to moralistic goals rather than simply realistic ones and to strive for perfection.
The superego consists of two systems: The conscience and the ideal self. The conscience can punish the ego through causing feelings of guilt.

Why are white psyche and white ‘physiche’(the psychology of physicality) so chained to and slavish before the Negro?

Part of the problem is blacks have come to represent both the Id and the Superego(or SuperNegro) among white folks.

1. Blacks as Id.

Because blacks are wild, expressive, colorful, and ‘vibrant’/violent, many white folks(and other non-black folks, be they Asian, Muslim, Mexican, or Hindu) look to blacks to express what is repressed, restrained, or relatively lackluster(or 'lame') within themselves. So, a ‘bland’ and ‘generic’ proggy white girl may listen to Tina Turner, Beyonce, or Rihanna and feel her own inhibited sexuality & angst expressed through the less inhibited Negress’ shamelessly lascivious performance. It's like Jungle Therapy. Because the ‘white bread’ girl hasn't the sheer intensity of vocality, personality, and temperament to express her own sensual desires and natural drives so aggressively and nakedly, she identifies with the propulsive Negress as shaman-medium for her overly tamed and civilized whims and limbs. Because it comes naturally for the Negress to act wilder and nastier, she serves as a kind of Negro-electro-amplifier for the emotions of the white woman that simply cannot charge up to that level of hyper-funky-dynamism.

Among white males, there is a vicarious Negro-for-a-Day thrill in watching black athletes dominate the field because black male-athletic prowess leaves the white kind in the dust. Blacks can run faster, jump higher, dodge better, punch harder, and etc. So, a white guy, brown feller, and yellow boy may look to the Negro as the most potent purveyor of the Global Male Id. In any local high school, the top athlete serves as the idol of manhood in the community. In the global community, the victorious Negro has become the idol of manhood for all the world. As white manhood and especially Asian manhood have been degraded by comparison, white men are increasingly moving into cuck mode and Asian men are moving into pussy-boy mode. When whites in lived their own world and favored local heroes, white people could have white heroes. Consider a movie like CHARIOTS OF FIRE. And when Japan was closed off to the world, it has its local native heroes as top samurai swordsmen and sumo champions. But in global open competition, local/national heroes are easily blown away. It's like all dogs will lose to greyhounds in sprinting, and all dogs will lose to pitbulls in fighting.
Though all males have the masculine Id or male animal drive, it is manifested most loudly and aggressively among blacks, as when Muhammad Ali KO'ed Sonny Liston and howled he’s the ‘greatest’. In the 70s, the soccer world looked to Pele as the greatest idol of the game. Even in nations with no standing in world soccer, young boys grew up looking to Pele as some kind of sports god.

So, there could be a kind of global Id Addiction to or Id Worship of the Negro. Especially because the electronic-globo-world culture is so sports-pop-music-sex-porn-obsessed, many non-black women look to and imitate black women as the model of the most bodacious purveyor of the Id. Consider the success of Beyonce, Rihanna, and Nikki Minaj of the twerking-big-butt-school. So many white girls want to be like them.

And among non-black males, their less robust and rambunctious manhood channels the more aggressive, domineering, and violent Id of the Negro who can howl the loudest as rapper, who can sack the quarterback hardest as defensive lineman, and who can hump the most women as mandingo-man.

The Negro-as-Id phenomenon is surely manifested in the 'cuckolding' community where white men invite black men to hump their wives or girlfriends. Thus, white men partake of the bigger and stronger Id of the Negro who be humping da white ho wid gusto. Negro guy becomes the fantasy-extension of the white guy's Id. The white guy plays both biological slave to the Negro(as biological master) and fantasy Negro(as he identifies with the Negro doing his woman[who is sure to leave him sooner than later as no woman can for long respect a cucker]). As sexuality is about domination, people may find pleasure as either master or slave or as both. This is why so many white and Jewish homos go for black men, though white homos also, at times, bugger black men who usually bugger them, which makes the ‘sexual’ dynamics more complicated. The interesting aspect of homo porn(if one has the stomach for it) is that the ‘politics’ of sexuality is far more confused and ambiguous, and this may explain why homo artists/thinkers like Pier Paolo Pasolini, Yukio Mishima, and Michel Foucault made for interesting theorists of power. Though there is the female dominatrix(and recent feminist encouragement to ‘peg’ the men), the male-female sexual dynamics is far simpler, with men as dominant master and female as submissive slave. In contrast, the homo who is buggered as the ‘bitch’ can turn around the bugger the buggerer and make him the 'bitch'. In some ways, the inclusion of the Afro-homo in the Western homo community made things both simpler and complicated. Simpler in the sense that the Negro homo, being more muscled and bigger donged, was more easily recognized as the dominant partner while the white homo was relegated to the ‘bitch’ role. Even so, whereas a white woman cannot screw a Negro man, a white homo can still screw an Afro homo. So, among interracial homos, even the ‘bitch’ slave can bugger the dominant master who can play the ‘bitch’. Though Andrew Sullivan and Milo Yiannopolous are hardly important thinkers, their interracial homo-eroticism may have made them a bit keener about the various shades of power politics. The sexual ambiguity of Camille Paglia certainly accounts for her dual perspective on sexuality, watching through both male and female gaze.

Anyway, given the hedonistic Id addiction to blackness among white folks in US and EU(and among Japanese who are into Jungle Fever and among Chinese who worship black NBA players), the West may be helpless in its sensual-slavery to the Negro and too blind to wake up, come to its senses, and realize that Negromania is fatal to civilization. There is a reason why Odysseus ordered his men to tie him to the pull of the ship. Under the mesmerizing power of the Sirens’ song, he was willing to abandon everything and steer toward the femmes fatales even though he knew it meant sure death.
Emanuel Macron under the Id Power of the 'Groids'. The leader of France, the second power of EU, welcomes Negroes as Sensual Liberators and promotes Jungle Fever and ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs.
Emanuel Macron, the Wonder Boy of Globalism, cheers as the Afro-French Soccer team wins the World Cup. As athletes are demigods of current culture, white Frenchmen now worship Negroes as the superior god-race. Macron plans to bring 150 million black Africans to France to impregnate all white wombs while white men are reduced to cucky-wuck status.

2. Blacks as Superego.

Because America dominates the world with media-academia-news-entertainment, its particular brand of Guilt Cult, Iconography, and Redemption Narrative defines global morality. What America feels guilty about, the rest of the world is also made to feel guilty about: The Imperialism of Guilt. What American reveres or worships, the rest of the world is made to revere or worship. After all, American stories, passions, and hangups are beamed to all corners of the world. So, if white Americans feel pangs of guilt about a handful of dead blacks, that matters more than 100,000s or even millions of dead victims in other parts of the world. To an extent, White Guilt is a form of White Power. Even though it burdens whites with the paralysis of guilt, it also burdens the rest of the world with particular white passions for redemption and atonement(even though the world had no part in white ‘historical crimes’). If whites feel sorry about Topic A, the rest of the world is made to feel sorry as well. This is why Negroes especially have gained so much from White Guilt. As US is a global super-soft-power as well as super-hard-power, its narratives and iconography are never just its own but beamed to all people around the globe. If whites feel guilty about Negroes as a sacred people, then the whole world must share in the guilt... or else be derided as ‘racist’. Since whites feel guilt about Jews, the rest of the world better share in the guilt... or else they are Anti-Semites. (This is most comical when it comes to Palestinians, clearly an oppressed people under Jews. But never mind what Jews did to Palestinians. Since whites feel guilty about Jews over what happened in Europe in the Shoah, the rest of the world better share in the guilt... even if the people, such as Palestinians, had nothing to do with Shoah and, if anything, were wiped off the map by Zionist imperialists). Especially because Jews dominate media and academia, they've promoted White Guilt vis-a-vis blacks as one of the great sins(next to the Holocaust) in order to paralyze white power and make it subservient by way of moral blackmail.

As a result, the deification of MLK and Mandela became central(and even mandatory) to global morality. Under such barrage, one might think no people other than blacks-under-white-rule(and Jews of course under goy Christian rule) suffered so horribly, overcame tragedy so nobly, and deserve all of our sympathy in all their transcendent splendorousness — never mind all the black brutality against blacks and Arab enslavement of blacks.
In truth, black Americans throughout the 20th century were generally better off and safer & securer compared to countless peoples around the world. Of course, the US was discriminatory toward blacks, but black-American experience in the 20th century could hardly be compared with true horrors in other parts of the world. Consider the death tolls of Armenians, Poles, Russians, Ukrainians, Chinese, Algerians, East Timorese, Cambodians, Kurds, and etc. And recently in Syria and all because Jewish-supremacists must get things their way.

But because the Jew-run US narrative dominates the world, MLK became a world figure and the 'plight' of black Americans(though piddling compared to true horrors suffered by other peoples in the 20th century) was hyped as one of great 'global' tragedies. And never mind all the dead Iraqi, Syrian, and Palestinian children as the result of Wars for Israel. Just wax tragic about Emmitt Till for the umpteenth time. (To be sure, it also owed to the Cold War in which the Soviet Union and its agents exaggerated the race problem in the US to make Capitalist America seem like an especially evil place.)

And even though blacks in South Africa had it much better than blacks in black-run African nations, Apartheid was made out by the Jew-run and cuck-managed Western Media to be one of the most evil things in history. (Never mind that the South African largess never would have been created under black rule.) If whites feel bad about something, it must be truly bad because white emotions count for more in a media-world that emphasizes whiteness to the hilt as both agency and scapegoat. If whites are glowing over something, it must be especially glow-worthy. If whites are crowing about something, it must be especially crow-worthy. (In contrast, most Americans and much of the world still know little or nothing about Nakba and the Occupation of the West Bank. After all, Jews control the Western Media as main source of world news.) Anyway, because of the cult of Negro Nobility and sanctimony around MLK and Mandela — when Negroes playact as 'noble' and uplifting, they come across as more eloquent & inspirational than most races because of their booming voices or Morgan-Freeman-like folksiness — , white people have come to look to Negro as the gatekeeper of higher morality, the holders of the key to heaven. For many whites, the Magic Negro might as well be god hisself. Indeed, for most whites in both US and EU, it is more blasphemous to badmouth MLK or Mandela(or even Morgan Freeman and of course holy homos) than God or Jesus.
The Negro celebrated as Id and worshiped as Superego.
So, there you go. We have a paradoxical situation where whites look to Negroes as both revelers of the Ultimate Id and torchbearers of the Ultimate Superego. Negro revered as both savage beast and spiritual icon.

Such deranged White Delusions are now at the center of globalist morality and culture.

Of course, white elites don't suffer physically(not yet anyway) from the consequences of this delusion because they have money, privilege, and safe spaces. People like Emanuel Macron, Theresa May, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden have it made no matter what happens. They rub shoulders only with fancy Negroes like Obama who know how to push the buttons and milk White Psychology. They reside in their own Elysium world. Elite scum integrate with the creme-de la-creme of Diversity while the native hoi polloi must deal with the sewage of Diversity. It’s so easy to rant against ‘racism’ if your kind need only integrate with fancy Negroes while poor whites must integrate with the likes of Mike Tyson.

In the long run, the spread of blacks and black influence in the culture-at-large will be the fatal undoing of the West. But whites are too blind to understand this because of their addiction to Negro Id and Negro Superego. On the animal level, they cower as beta-dogs before the masterful Negro as alpha-wolf. On the spiritual level, they kneel in atonement as guilty whites before the Magic Negro as black jesus. Because of this racial-sexual-spiritual complex, it is very difficult for whites to think skeptically and rationally on the matter. Both animal emotions and spiritual passions override criticality, evidence, sense, and logic.

If current trends continue, the White Race will be destroyed by the black fist, black dong, black booty, and the black holler as it gazes up at MLK and Mandela as god-angels at the gates of heaven. Also, even as blacks beat up and humiliate whites in schools and streets, whites will be too busy cheering for black athletes to realize that black physicality isn’t their dream team but their doom and gloom..

What is the current condition of the white race? Just imagine the white race as Milo with a Negro dong up his bung as he bitches that Democrats are the 'real racists' because MLK, the black moses and jesus rolled into one, was for the "content of one's character" and salvation of all of humanity through black magic.

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  1. "West African men evolved in a very hot climate with abundant natural resources, which led to an extremely violent and competitive environment for men to breed. This selected for higher aggression, lower body fat, stronger bones, larger cocks and dark skin, making Black men more masculine…"