Wednesday, July 15, 2020

If You Can't Learn the Easy Way through the Mind, You Learn the Hard Way through the Body — Jewish-controlled Media/Academia is the Mind of America and sends False Signals to the American Body — Misled by False Information, the American Body finds out the Hard Way — Will It Ever Learn and Develop Its Own Mind independent of Jewish Supremacist Manipulation?

Media companies like the New York Times are, of course, controlled by Jews, and that means America is incapable of using honest pairs of eyes & ears and a truthful mind to process reality and do what is necessary, especially to avoid grave crises that can erode confidence and degrade society. General principle of life is it's better to learn with your head than with your body. Granted, learning through the body can be a valuable experience, but only if the lessons aren't forgotten. For example, if a child is told not to play with fire lest he get burned(or burn down property), it'd be best if he took the advice and didn't go near matches. But, if we could learn everything through the mind(taking in good solid advice) and avoid bodily harm, life would be rather dull and boring. This is why, despite parental and adult warnings, children do things they shouldn't, get hurt, and learn from the experience. Also, learning through the body offers lessons that simply cannot be grasped by the mind alone. Someone who was never burned as the result of following good advice won't know the TRUE lesson of the dangers of fire. Lessons learned through the mind alone lack the emotional bruises that accompany bodily experience. (One of the problems with people in media/academia is they come from generations of affluence and only know reality through sheltered elite channels. They learned through the mind, not the body, and as such, have weak sense of true reality.) It's like those who've never been in a war don't know what war is really like. Also, Great History is usually about tragedies of bodies than avoidance of tragedies by the mind. Furthermore, despite the necessity of good advice and judicious behavior, some of the greatest events and revolutions happened in history because people threw caution to the winds and boldly charged ahead. A civilization that becomes too obsessed with wisdom and caution can end up like ossified traditional China that, in avoidance of risks, fell behind the bolder and more daring West that learned so much through spirited acceptance of trial-and-error. Failures may be painful, even tragic, but they are also fertile material for new possibilities. Also, there must be a connection between the mind and body if the mind is to remain vigorous and truthful. While the mind needs elite institutions for intellectual space, the danger of the Ivory Tower is that the mind may come to favor the Word over the World, as if Practice could be dictated by Theory. Whether Christianity or Communism, when the elite thinkers cut themselves off from the world and theorize in their 'safe space', the result is usually dogma. American elites are now so divorced from the world of most Americans that they espouse the silliest ideas(most of which are designed for status-signaling) that function as dogma or idolatry, not commentary on the real world of real people.
For most people at most times in most places, the general principle of life — learn through the mind than body — is best and most useful. Indeed, humans especially need good advice because they're different from animals. Most animals tend to be instinctively nervous when faced with strange, peculiar, unfamiliar, or possibly threatening entities. They don't need to be taught or reminded to be anxious. A squirrel or deer will bolt at the first sign of danger. In contrast, because humans evolved in a community of cooperation, peace, order, and/or trust, they are less likely to be alert to dangers. And especially because modern society has made everything so much safer, people don't fear most things. There was a time when people would have been worried about riding in flying objects or living in skyscrapers, but these days, people get on planes and elevators without worry. Also, there was a time when a community of people was deeply fearful of the arrival of masses of foreigners, but most people in the modern world take peace, order, and stability for granted, regarding masses of foreign arrivals as mere 'tourists', 'foreign workers', 'new citizens', or 'new neighbors'. Even if lots of foreigners arrive, the assumption is they will go through the legal process, obey the laws, respect your property, and work & earn to purchase properties of their own. In contrast, when a horde of foreigners amassed near your territory in the past, there was fear of invasion, sacking, and pillaging.

Even though animals are naturally far more alert and anxious than humans who evolved to be more trusting and less frightful, their one huge vulnerability is they can't learn through the mind because they lack language. Animals, cautious as they are, can only learn through the body(though some animals are born with innate phobia for certain objects or shapes/patterns, e.g. many cats are phobic about snake-like and hawk-like objects). Furthermore, animals cannot understand that what feels good in the short-term can be harmful in the long-term. Teach chimps to smoke, and they will smoke and smoke without ever realizing smoking will ruin their lungs/hearts. Offer tons of junk food to elephants and bears, and they will gorge on them without realizing the long-term ill-effects.
In contrast, humans can be taught of the dangers of excessive eating or other wanton-like behavior. Or, at the very least, most people can realize on their own that their excesses likely led to ill health. A person who indulged cocaine may well realize that its long-term effects were dire, but a monkey addicted to cocaine won't ever realize and will go on abusing the substance until it dies.

The media and academia serve as the minds and eyes/ears for society. While people may be aware of personal or familial reality(or even local reality), the only way they can learn of the larger world is by the media/academia. So, it is incumbent on the media/academia to supply people with as much useful truth and sound advice as possible. The elites who control the media/academia are the mind of the society, and the masses of people are the body. To a great extent, the elites see/hear/speak/think for the masses. So many people get their 'own views' from pundits, columnists, opinion makers, writers, and even celebrities. They claim to think for themselves, but the vast majority of people merely cop the values and attitudes of what's been provided to them by the elite controllers of media/academia. After all, just how did 'gay marriage' happen? Did all those people just wake up one morning and decide it's a great idea to associate marriage with homo fecal penetration and tranny penis-cutting? And how did so many people become 'woke' with quasi-spiritual notion that a man with penis & balls but with a wig is indeed a 'woman'? Why are people being 'canceled' for believing that a man is a man and a woman is a woman? It's because most people don't think for themselves. Their minds are molded by the Power. In a way, the conceit of 'liberal democracy' and 'individualism' has made people blind to how mentally controlled they are. Because of such conceits(or canards), most people in the West think they are free-thinkers and individuals who can think for themselves when, in fact, their minds are ever shaped and altered by electronic images beaming at them from devices controlled by a handful of mega-corporations that take marching orders from Jewish Supremacists. They don't really have minds of their own.

Because of the key role played by the media/academia as the mind and eyes/ears for the social/national body as a whole, it is crucial that they communicate with the body in ways that are most amenable to protecting the body. This is why people on drugs are in danger. An inebriated man lacks a sober awareness of his environment. It's why drinking and driving can be deadly. Certain drugs distort human perception, and some even make people hallucinate. They subvert reality-based communication between mind and body. People on drugs may endanger themselves and others if they handle powerful machinery or wander about in hazardous areas. (But then, the popularity of alcohol and drugs suggests that people can handle only so much of reality and seek some kind of escape, which is also offered by arts and culture.) Imagine if there's a rattlesnake to your left, but your mind makes it seem it is to your right. So, you walk leftward to avoid the snake but end up stepping on it and get bit. Suppose there's a fire in front of you, but your mind makes it seem like it's a cute bunny rabbit. You go to pet it, but your hand is torched. The body suffers gravely if acting on misleading, false, or distorted signals sent by the mind.
For all of society, the elite media/academia function as the mind of the social body. Therefore, if the elite media/academia are full of falsehood, the entire population could be misled into doing harmful stuff and going off the cliff. Granted, the media/academia can sincerely try to be truthful but end up spreading falsehood out of mistake or failure. But, the media/academia, under diabolical powers or some demented cult-hysteria, can deviously or brazenly push falsehood upon the social body. (Hysterics, no matter how sincere, cannot think straight.) In the current West, the insanity of BLM is the combination of devious deception on the part of Jewish Supremacists and cultist dementia among so many goyim who've sincerely fallen under the spell of Negrolatry(along with Globo-Homo-Mania, the replacement for Christianity and pride in Western Civilization). Devious Jews who willfully lie and demented cuck-elites who willfully espouse the lie have sent signals to the social body that sacred, innocent, noble, and wonderful Negroes are being murdered en masse by white cops who are the new KKK in blue, KKKops.

But this is to be expected when we live in crazy times. For example, the current order bans Conversion Therapy while pushing Tranny 'Gender-Reassignment'. Personally, I find Conversion Therapy to be useless as it's built on a falsehood. Some people are indeed born homo and have a natural predilection to take part in homo fecal penetration or lesbian-poon-grinding. Still, Conversion Therapy, as misguided and misplaced as it is, seems far less insane than Tranny 'gender assignment' where a man with penis & balls and a wig can demand that he be recognized as a 'she' and that, if he undergoes penis-and-balls-cutting to get a fake vagina, he should be considered a 'woman' with a 'real vagina'. Or if a woman feels as a 'man', then we are to believe that a 'man' can menstruate. Conversion Therapy is about mental manipulation whereas Tranny Transformation involves mutilation and/or removal of perfectly healthy sexual organs. And yet, our society says Conversion Therapy is anti-science and must be banned, whereas it's totally sane and scientific to say that Bruce Jenner is a 'woman' as Caitlyn Jenner. (Our society also says it's wrong for whites to appropriate the cultures and expressions of other races, but it's okay for blacks to get 'weaves'. And it's wonderful for tranny men to appropriate the 'gender' of women. Welcome to 'truth' as a Jewish Hall of Mirrors.)
The General Principle of Life is more important than ever in our Era of Mendacity. We need media and academia that are on the side of truth. And if media and academia won't play that role, alternative organizations must be created so that the social body will be informed with the truth that had been suppressed by the Official Mind of the System — indeed, if so many people are being 'canceled', it's about time for such people to come together to form a counter-industry; but then, many among the 'canceled' are essentially PC idiots who weren't PC enough, therefore unwilling to work to advance truth and freedom, i.e. they are more like communists who were purged by communists or Nazis who were purged by Nazis than free-thinkers who want to genuinely defend a system committed to freedom, integrity, and truth. (Now, there are times when the Mind may suppress the truth in favor of the myth for the sake of the Body. As the truth is often troubling, disturbing, upsetting, depressing, and demoralizing, the Mind may feel that the Noble Lie or Useful Myth is preferable to the cold hard truth. True, there are such times — adults who deal with children know they can't speak the truth all the time — , but they should be the exception than the rule. In the current order, what flows from NYT and other Jewish-controlled elite media industries and academic institutions is mostly pernicious lies. Worse, they are not Noble Lies but Ignoble Lies designed not to favor the legend over the fact for the sake of unity & peace but to favor the Lie to maintain Jewish Supremacist Power at any cost.)

The current madness confirms the saying, 'the fish rots from the head'. As long as the elite/academia Mind is controlled by vile Jews who lie & venal cucks who believe the lie, the wrong signals will be sent to most Americans. When Tucker Carlson wondered why BLM has become a quasi-religion in the US, the answer is because the Mind of the West is controlled by Jews. Most Americans and Europeans have no minds of their own. Their feeble little minds think what the Mind tells them to think. Their feeble little eyes and ears only hear what they're allowed to see/hear in the mass media and mass education. Now, especially due to the internet, more people are able to seek out alternative sources of news & ideas and form their own worldviews, but the fact remains most people are lazy, stupid, or uninterested. Even on the internet, they'd rather spend time on gossip, celebrity-worship, or other nonsense. Also, especially as major platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter now ban some of the most important alternative voices, many people just go along with Jewish-approved news and propaganda. There is also the factor of wanting to be where the Action is. Even if there is Bitchute that features videos banned on Youtube, it is considered declasse by most internet users. It's deemed as akin to a flea market or second-hand store as opposed to Macy's or Bloomingdale's.
Besides, Jewish propaganda is so relentless and insistent that it instilled certain prejudices among the populace. When people are driven to hysteria over 'nazis, nazis, nazis, white supremacists, KKK, homophobia, racism, and etc.' and then warned that certain sites serve as dens of Evil Folks, many people go with their self-righteous prejudices than dare consider other viewpoints from alternative sources. In the past, Liberals may have hated certain views but still paid attention to them. These days, the so-called 'woke' feel too 'triggered' to even consider views that deviate from the sacred narrative. They think in terms of holy vs unholy than true or false. They whimper like poor little babies but also howl like wild baboons when their demands aren't met. They mastered the art of passive/aggressive tactic.

The US could avoid so much trouble IF the Mind synced with the Body with truth and integrity. But the Mind does the opposite. It's been said of late that the New York Times is just useless propaganda rag filled with righteous nonsense that has little to do with truth, whether it be about world events, history, or social reality. The whole point of newspapers is to collect raw data & information and process them into digestible stories for the public, but rags like the NYT are less about the truth than about the power, the Power of Jews. Also, even if not Jewish-run, the cuck-operators tend to be Minor Mind putty that 'thinks' in line with the Major Mind of Jewish Power.
Take the current BLM fiasco. If the Mind were truthful, it would tell the Body the truth about blacks and race relations. True, there is the history of slave trade and slavery. There is the history of racial discrimination. But there is also the fact that blacks were raised from savagery to civilized existence as the result of contact with whites. Blacks gained as well as lost. Also, slavery and other forms of oppression have been the means by which entire populations became pacified and civilized all throughout history. Humanity had to be ordered by tyranny and discipline before there could be economic and technological progress that would allow for greater freedom for everyone.
If the history of race relations in the US were better-understood, blacks would be less deranged. They would see the tragedy but also the triumph of black gains under white rule. (Was it by chance that South Africa had the biggest economy in Black Africa as the result of white rule?) Also, the reason why blacks fail more in schools and life has to do with blacks being more muscular, more aggressive, and less intelligent in general. Being tougher, blacks tend to act more like bullies. Being more aggressive, they have less impulse control. Being less intelligent, they fail in schools more.
So, if the Mind informed the Body of these facts, both white and black America would be more mindful of why racial differences and outcomes continue to linger. Blacks will win in sports, whites will win in brainier areas. Also, there will always be the problem of black crime because too many tough blacks are prone to aggression; and that means, there will always be tensions between the police and wild blacks. But the Mind of Society tells the Body of America the opposite. It would have us believe that angelic blacks in Edenic Africa were terrorized by evil whites, and that was the entirety of what whites did to blacks. It will say blacks are not only so wonderful and super in everything but geniuses who fail to achieve solely due to 'racism, racism, racism'. Hollywood movies feature more white criminals than black ones even though blacks are top killers. Even though black thugs are the main terror in cities and towns, Hollywood movies and TV would have you believe wonderful and innocent blacks, Jews, and Diversity are stalked and hounded by evil white 'nazis' and 'supremacists'. In other words, the Mind sends all the bogus signals to the Body. Then, it's no wonder so many whites are dumb enough to support BLM or get on their knees and look upon blacks as noble angels, and etc.

But what is the result when the Mind sends wrong signals to the Body? If the Body can't find out the truth the easy way, it will find out the hard way. The media/academia Mind controlled by vile Jews and their venal cucks have been sending signals to the American Body that blacks are so wonderful, beautiful, noble, wise, kind, tragic, & magical, and therefore, ALL THE PROBLEMS are the result of them Evil Whiteys and their 'racism', 'white privilege', 'white supremacism', 'white fragility', 'white micro-aggressions', white whatever, and etc. (If white conservatives are guilty of 'racism' or 'supremacism', white liberals are guilty of 'privilege' or 'fragility'.) When Fentanyl Floyd died, more from drug overdose than 'police brutality', the Media Mind sent out a message to the American Body, "You see, those evil 'racist' white cops are murdering wonderful Noble Negroes like George Floyd, BLACK LIVES MATTER, and something drastic has to be done to End the Killing!!" So, to save black lives that matter so much, the American Body felt morally compelled to excoriate 'police brutality', 'defund the police', and/or retreat from black/urban areas because the Narrative says Poor Innocent Blacks are killed by Evil White Police(though, to be sure, many white Libby-dibs merely exploited the crisis to smear Trump and his white support). Now, if indeed the reality was in sync with the Narrative, restraining urban police forces would of course have saved black lives. If too many blacks are being slaughtered in the streets by white 'racist' police(who apparently have nothing better to do), then there would be more peace and less black deaths IF the police were constantly reprimanded, censured, and held on a tight leash.
But the reality isn't like that at all. The grim reality of violence in the black community has to do with evolution, genetics, and racial differences. Blacks are more prone to act violently due to their wilder genes, and they are more prone to act arrogant and nasty toward other races whom blacks deem as inferior for being physically weaker. Blacks judge ultimate worth on the basis of who-can-kick-whose-ass? Most blacks killed by the police, white or black, are armed thugs. The handful of unarmed blacks who are killed by police resisted arrest and acted violently with bare hands or some crude weapon. Those are the facts, and if the Media/Academia Mind had informed the American Body of these facts, there would be far greater peace in the US. But, the moral narcissism of 'white guilt' — post-Christian white libby-dibs sure love to virtue-signal about how they are oh so very guilty about Negro as black jesus — in combination with Jewish supremacist aims(to suppress white identity/pride by baiting that 'white guilt') has led to the Mind telling the Body that Negroes are oh-so-noble & innocent and that ALL RACIAL PROBLEMS are due to white evil, venality, and sadism. If it's not the KKK of the 'far right', it's the Karens among 'white liberals' who are now also accused of 'white privilege' bordering on subconscious 'white supremacy'. When the Body is so ill-informed by the Mind, it does dumb things... like support BLM or march and even riot in support of black tards and thugs pretending to be justice warriors.
But, of course, the Body eventually learns. If it can't learn the easy way from the Mind, it learns the hard way from Bodily pain. And we've seen just that. So many white libby-dibs(and even conzo-wonzos) made all the right-sounding noises about Black Nobility and how black-lives-matter so much. Donald Trump eulogized Fentanyl Floyd as the black angel over America, sheeeeiiiit. Even whites in the suburbs were on their knees and yapping about evils of 'white racism' and how it's to blame for black problems.
The result? Blacks, given green light to loot and riot, went about running wild and destroying entire sections of cities. They looted, hollered, rioted, pillaged, and committed tons of arson. And with the police ordered to stand down, blacks went on an orgy of slaughtering one another with total contempt for the law. While the Mind has been telling the Body 'black lives matter', the Body has been feeling the agony of black violence, thuggery, and lunacy. (The Mind also tells the Body that Antifa consists of noble warriors against 'fascism', but the Body found out the hard way that Antifa goons are terrorist street scum as the entire US has been Charlottesvilled.) Suppose the mind tells the body that the feet are being nibbled by minnows when, in fact, it's being torn apart by piranhas. The body may initially feel compelled to trust the mind, but when the feet begin to bleed as they're torn apart by razor-teethed piranhas, the body has no choice but to react and recoil. Learn the hard way. Hug-a-Thug doesn't work.
Even libby-dib mayors faced with urban ruin are now forced to face the music of what the Mind unleashed on the national Body. Americans were told 'blacks are noble' and 'white racist cops are the problem', and so, the national Body supported BLM and blame the police. But the result is blacks acting even worse than before and more blacks dying at the hands of other blacks. And there's the matter of destroyed businesses and burned out areas all over cities.

If the Mind is wrong and if the Body learns the hard way, will the Body remember the lessons? Only if it develops a separate mind of its own and grows independent of the Mind that fed it false information OR if the Mind mends its way and begins to feed the Body the truth. After the 1960s with rising black crime, America could have developed a New Mind that dared to speak the truth to the Body so that the Body could learn the easy way than the hard way. But even conservatives caved to the core premise that 'racism' is the worst thing and that MLK was some noble figure, the paragon of the highest virtues of America and maybe all of humanity. In other words, blackness is noble, and whiteness must always be on the moral defensive or submission. And even conservatives failed to name Jewish Power as the most influential and anti-white force in America. With Jews and Blacks held up as the noblest folks for young impressionable ones via media/academia, it became taboo to speak any grim truth about blacks and Jews. Even Conservatives argued in terms of 'Democrats are the real Anti-Semites or real racists', and 'MLK speeches make me cwy, boo hoo hoo, waaah!' With such fairy-tales serving as premise of the New American Narrative, no problems could be blamed on Jews and blacks even when they were the main culprits, and so, SOMEONE or SOME PEOPLE had to be blamed for the problems... and Jews decided it would be Whitey. For Jews, Blame Whitey was a handy way to keep the Diversity Coalition together. If Diversity couldn't be united by love for one another, they had to be united by hatred for Whitey. Also, Jewish Supremacism relies on white support, and that means whites must be denied their own identity and pride lest they serve their own interests than cuck to Jews. The result is something like voodoo medicine. Whatever it tells the patient has nothing to do with reality. It's just lots of sound and fury about 'evil spirits' that will eventually kill the patient.
Given what has happened this time around, one might think the Body has finally learned its lesson. The Mind lied. It sent false signals. The Body reacted to those signals, and the result was MORE HARM done to the Body. More violence, more destruction, more hatred, more death, more dead blacks. As the Mind made it impossible for the Body to learn the easy way, it had to learn the hard way. So, will the Body make something of this hard lesson? Will it remember? Will future generations of the Body learn from this? Likely not because the Mind is still controlled by Jews and cucks whereas the American Body seems incapable of developing an independent Mind of its own. As long as whites and goyim trust the Jewish-controlled Media, the hard lessons learned by the Body will be forgotten, and that means the Body will once again be fooled. Indeed, after all that has happened with race relations since the 1960s, one would think the American Body would have wised up by now. But no. The Body has shallow or short-term memory as it relegates the function of deep memory or historical memory to the Mind. And the media/academia, still controlled by Jews and cucks, will spin what really happened into so much politically correct BS. And THAT bogus Narrative will be remembered. As long as there is no White Liberation from Jewish Supremacism, nothing is possible. All those who failed to name Jewish Power or just pussy-footed around it must bear responsibility. If after the recent mayhem, especially with the endless Jewish Hollywood's and Jewish media's hate-fest against white America, the White American Body is still cucking to Jews or anxious to offend Jewish sensitivities, whites deserve to lose and fade from history. They are too pathetic and worthless for survival. Or they deserve to be slaves of Jews and blacks and others. If current reality proves anything, a people can be free physically but spiritual and emotional enslaved just the same. It looks more like White Slavery than White Genocide. Whites are mental and soul slaves of Jews, blacks, and homos. They are to the holy trio what the Soviet minions were to Josef Stalin and German masses were to Adolf Hitler. In some ways, it's worse. At least, Hitler regarded himself as the champion of his people, and Stalin regarded himself as liberator of the working masses(despite his tyranny). In contrast, Jews-blacks-and-homos regard the great white majority as little more than cuck-slaves. As for the rest of Diversity, they are the managerial force if yellow or menial labor if brown. Only Jews, Blacks, and Homos Matter in Globo-Hegemony.

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