Thursday, November 21, 2019

Twitter, Cravenly Toeing the ADL-SPLC Line, Bans Andrea Vlahos for Speaking Truth to Yinon-ist Jewish-Supremacist Globo-Homo Power

According to Twitter, the company run by Jack 'Dorky' Dorsey, it is a THOUGHT CRIME to point out the pathological villainy of Jewish Supremacist Power currently implementing the Yinon-ist Plan to wreak havoc all across the Middle East in service to insatiable ambitions of Greater Israel. According to Twitter, it is 'sacrilegious' to point out that Homomania or Queertianity is the Proxy Cultural & Quasi-Spiritual Imperialist War against Christianity, Normality, Moral Majority, and Autonomous Gentiles. While Twitter, unlike Google and Facebook, isn't owned by Zionist Jews who share the tribal interests of their venal brethren in Israel and around the world, its head Jack Dorsey is a gutless wussy hipster-dipster who sheepishly rolls over & plays fetch to appease the Jewish financiers of Wall Street and for the approval of deracinated uber-privileged urban elites who hog all the wealth and status points. Twitter claims to ban 'hate speech', but guess who gets to decide what is 'hate' on Twitter? None other than Jewish supremacists who push for more Wars for Israel & New Cold War with Russia and narcissistic homosexualists who demand that the entire world kneel before the diva-mentality of 'gay' neo-aristos and tranny exhibitionists. Twitter pretends as if precious little globo-homo elites need PROTECTION from the mob but, if anything, serves the illiberal masters of nihilism who've cornered the market on money, information, privilege, and power. Even as Twitter pretends to be for EVERYONE, it has degenerated, especially since Donald Trump's election, to little more than a monopoly instrument of the neo-aristocratic class whose idea of 'free speech' is to narrow the narrative to blind submission to the 3 Holy Idols of the Current Era: Jewish Supremacists, Homo Neo-Aristos, and the Myth of the Magic Negro. And it is for this reason that Globo-Stalinist Twitter, like Facebook and Youtube, cannot tolerate a truth-teller like Andrea Vlahos.

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