Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Problem for GOP with Hispanics Is Legalism, Not Nativism.

There's a lot of noise that GOP's failure to win over Hispanics owes to white conservative nativism. While it's true that there are 'nativist' elements in the GOP, American conservatism hasn't been ruled by nativism as a principle for a long time. After all, Reagan gave us amnesty, and the GOP has been open to all races. Nixon went for the Southern Strategy, but he went out of his way to court Hispanic votes, especially by expanding 'affirmative action' to the Hispanic community.

As long as I can remember, I don't recall the GOP calling for discrimination based on race, ethnicity, or religion against non-whites.  Despite the existence of certain nativist types in the GOP, the official line and policy of the GOP have been anything but. And especially with the rise of Neocons in the 90s, the nativist elements have been all but eliminated from the mainstream conservative movement. Pat Buchanan was sidelined in the 90s. Steve Sailer was no longer welcome to contribute as writer to mainstream conservative publications or serve as the spokesman of conservatism on TV. Peter Brimelow and Jared Taylor were purged from the National Review while mainstream conservatism cozied up to figures like Linda Chavez.

George W. Bush was very pro-Hispanic and even promoted Hispanics in the military and justice department. And Bush went out of his way to make his Cabinet even more 'diverse' than Clinton's. The message the GOP was sending in the 90s and under Bush II was, "our party is open to everyone, and we especially want and welcome non-whites."  While most nativists voted for the GOP--as the 'lesser of two evils'--, the GOP establishment and mainstream conservatism was NOT promoting or pushing nativism. Rudy Giuliani ran NY as a sanctuary city. McCain has been a notorious advocate of 'amnesty'. And Romney has been a 'moderate' conservative all his life, even something closer to a liberal. Even Southern conservatives were eager to hire and use ilegal Mexican labor. And if the GOP has really been so Waspy and Anglo-nativist, just how did it hand over its keys to neocon Jews even though most neocons are ex-Trotskyites who harbor negative feelings toward traditional conservatism, aka Paleoconservatism?

What really turns off Hispanics to the GOP is legalism, not nativism. GOP has more than amply demonstrated that it's willing to welcome and embrace Hispanics. So, why won't Hispanics take the bite? It's because GOP insists on legalism as opposed to illegalism. GOP expects Hispanics to live, act, and behave according to the same rules, laws, values, and standards as whites.  This means legal Hispanics should side with legal non-Hispanics against illegal Hispanics. It means Hispanics shouldn't expect legal favoritism via 'affirmative action' and 'disparate impact' programs. THIS is what Hispanics don't like about the GOP.
GOP is not dominated by minutemen types guarding the US-Mexican border. It's dominated by corporations, compassionate-conservative Christians, Catholics, and Neocons who want to broaden the base of the party. But the GOP, at least more than the Democrats, insist on Constitutional principles to be upheld by all: Since US is united by rule of law, it won't do to favor certain groups over others.  Conservatives even construe the legacy of MLK as one of color-blind equality under the law(though MLK was politically socialist and for programs like 'affirmative action'.)  Hispanics want special/preferential treatment from the government than equality with whites, and THAT element of illegalism or extra-legalism is what prevents them from joining the GOP. Democrats don't merely offer equality. They offer special favors, or more-equal-than-others-ism. So, an illegal alien would be made a legal citizen. So, illegals get access to all sorts of benefits in the US. And all Hispanics, legal or illegal, are to offered the full spectrum of preferential treatment via 'affirmative action', section 8 housing, and 'disparate housing' decrees.  Hispanics are drawn to the Democratic party because it offers goodies and freebies on the basis of illegalism.

In our sick age, homos are presented as angels while illegal aliens are associated with the 'dream'. Thus, the American Dream no longer means the opportunity of legal citizens to have good jobs and afford homes. It means instant citizenship to illegals who came here by breaking the law. And it gives a whole new meaning to MLK's cry of 'I have a dream'.  It no longer means the American Dream of equality for all races but special preferential dream of illegalism and extra-legalism for non-whites.

This doesn't mean there isn't an element of nativism or white racial consciousness in the GOP. But then, immigration-ism among non-whites is also a form of racial consciousness. Would most American Hispanics be for illegal immigration if most illegals were non-Hispanic Hindus, Chinese, or Muslims who come to take away jobs from Mexican-Americans or Mexicans in America? No, Hispanics are for illegalism because it means more power to their own kind. They think and act racially but then accuse white conservatives of doing so, even though most white conservatives insist only on equality for all under the same set of laws.
Would most Asians be for immigration if it didn't mean MORE of their kind in the US? Mexicans and Asians are for 'diversity' for the sake of their own racial power.  They are acting racially, and in their own nations, they are far more 'nativist' than conservative whites are in America.
Also, Jews want to increase diversity not out of the goodness of their heart but because more diversity means more opportunity for Jewish elites to play divide-and-rule among gentiles. Thus, the pro-immigration stance among Jews is also a form of racial/tribal consciousness. Jews in Israel sure don't call for non-Jewish immigration since Jews are the majority over there, no more than Mexicans tolerate non-Mexican immigration into Mexico and Asians tolerate much of non-Asian immigration to Asia.

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