Thursday, July 9, 2020

Nothing Good and True is Possible in Western Discourse UNLESS People Name and Blame Jewish Power as the Driver of the Worst Trends around the World — Failure to Honestly Diagnose the Root Cause is Fatal

We see Jewish-Israel-Zionist-globalist connections everywhere, but no one, on both the mainstream 'left' and mainstream 'right', says anything. If someone on the dissident right notices patterns of Jewish Power, he is a 'nazi'. If someone on the dissident left notices similar things, he is an 'anti-Semite'. But even most dissident voices across the spectrum would rather not discuss Jewish Power.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, is possible in the West until Jewish Power is identified, exposed, and criticized(and ultimately condemned). As with cancer, you will not fix the problem IF you only focus on the symptoms. Weight loss, nausea, aches, fever, fatigue, skin problems, indigestion & bowel issues, appearance of sores, or etc. cannot be dealt with on an individual basis when there is an underlying cause. Now, one can feel nauseous without having cancer. Everyone suffers from indigestion on occasion. But there are times when symptoms are a manifestation of a deeper problem. They arise from something serious and must be diagnosed and treated in the most effective and honest manner. Also, existing minor problems can be severely exacerbated by a grave illness like cancer. Suppose someone has long suffered from a chronic but manageable problem, one that was inconvenient or painful at times but far from deadly. Such a problem can grow far direr when a person succumbs to cancer. Or to something like HIV. Many people have problems with minor infections but get over them or manage them throughout their lives. But if a person is infected with HIV(and left untreated), the immune system will break down and then even minor infections grow out of control and pose a serious threat. Consider how the chronic black problem had been more or less controlled in the US before Jewish Power began to kill the proud white cells that had kept black fever in check. Today, the power of white cells is so weak that even nasty yellow bitches in NYT can strike a blow against White America. Whiteness can be trampled on even by some over-educated Suzie Wong.

This is why anyone who whines and groans about the problem of America(the empire of the world) shouldn't be taken seriously IF he or she won't address the central issue of Jewish Power as a cancer of humanity. Surely, even some Jews notice this and want an end to Jewish Supremacism, just like some Germans realized the cancerous nature of Nazism. Sadly, sensible Germans didn't have the numbers, the means, and the power to stop Adolf Hitler before he caused serious damage. (To be sure, Nazi madness arose in concert/contention with other forms of madness, especially communism, Jewish supremacism, Japanese imperial fanaticism, and the utter neurosis of Anglo hypocrisy.) The ONLY way Nazism could be defeated was by overplaying its hand and forcing other nations to unite to crush it. There were Good Germans but not enough of them. And at this point, it's reasonable to say there aren't enough Good Jews and they lack the sufficient influence to stop the madness of Jewish Supremacists who are pushing the world to the brink of disaster(though many would argue the world is already there). If Jews can't manage their own cancer, then other peoples must... just like if Imperial Japan couldn't limit its own ambitions, others had to do it for them.
Now, some people(such as Susan Sontag) would argue that Anglo-Americanism(and Western Power in general) had long been cancerous in its seemingly limitless expansion around the world. But while there's no doubt that Western Power has wrought great destruction around the world — not only through invasions and wars but by technological innovation that, while making life easier for countless humans, befouled or entirely erased entire ecological systems — , there was also tremendous construction as well. So, the West was in a way the great cancer but also the great chemo/cure of humanity that lifted the rest of mankind from the chronic disease of backwardness, superstition, and tyranny. (Tyrannical power of the Imperialist West was necessary to break the grip of local tyrannies that had defined most of humanity from time immemorial, i.e. even though the British Imperialists were exploitative and even ruthless at times in India and China, those non-white civilizations started a new chapter of progress and understanding only under the revolutionary influences from the West. The West also abolished slavery around the world, a kind of mega-civil-war among humanity that dwarfed the American Civil War. If Union Imperialism justified itself by ending slavery in the South, couldn't one make a case that Western Imperialism waged wars for the liberation of mankind, especially in the Global South where slavery was hardly considered a 'sin'? Of course, the West had also greatly profited from the slave trade, was often hypocritical & inconsistent, and often invoked virtue & progress as rationales to justify imperial rule, but the grand arc of modern history leaves no doubt that the predominant concept of 'human rights', 'liberty' and 'justice' all arose in the West and spread outward. In other words, it's ironic how those who call for 'de-colonization' are actually products of Western moral-and-cultural colonization. But precisely because they are ignorant or repressive of history, their ideology can only be rabid and insane. They're incapable of grasping the complex threads of history, thereby unable to give credit where it's due. At any rate, modern Western History could be seen as either the cancer or the cure of humanity, and only time will tell if, in the end, it was all worth it. Currently, the way things are going, it seems the entire Western Enterprise is falling into disaster not only for the West but for the world. And yet, the main reason for this is not due to White Power but its defamation and demise, thereby making white ability, talents, and skill be used manly to promote Jewish supremacism, Negrolatry, and Globo-Homo-mania, all of which have no redeeming facet as opposed to Western Imperialism of yesteryear that, despite its failings and abuses, also spread principles of rule of law, property rights, ideals of liberty, Christianity, science & technology, individual conscience, and art as personal expression. In contrast, Jewish Supremacism is essentially Judeo-Nazism. Negrolatry means we must worship Negroes as idols of trash culture. Globo-Homo-mania says it isn't enough to allow homos to be free to bugger one another because the whole world must be compelled to celebrate... homo fecal penetration and tranny penis-cutting.)
Take recent events, and they make no sense without mentioning Jewish Power. Also, nothing could really be done about them because JQ is OQ, or Jewish Question is Out of the Question. Therefore, even those who condemned certain events or trends in the strongest terms eventually came up empty because they didn't address the SOURCE of the problem. For example, condemning MIC or the Military-Industrial-Complex only goes so far because its policies are shaped under Jewish Supremacist Power. Just think. If MIC is simply about warmongering so that weapons-industry can reap more profits and so that hawks can have fun playing games on the global chessboard, why doesn't the US ever target Israel or Jewish interests? After all, ANY war or act of aggression can be profitable or 'fun' for those of MIC. Yet, Israel and nations like Saudi Arabia are never targeted even though both had something to do with 9/11 whereas Iraq and Iran had NOTHING to do with it. Also, if 'War on Terror' is what US policy is about, why did it turn a blind eye to Israel and Turkey aiding ISIS & Alqaeda terrorists in Syria? Why did the US back the Jihadis in Libya? While MIC does exist and is about profits and gamesmanship, it is not the ultimate arbiter of US foreign policy. US is ruled by Jewish Supremacist Power, which decides and directs what is permissible for the MIC. Think of MIC as a hunter who loves to kill animals. If MIC could do it as pleases, it would try to bag ANY animal. But suppose MIC can only hunt what is permitted, and suppose that is decided by the power higher than MIC. Surely, if the hunting grounds have bears, tigers, leopards, wolverines, boars, and elk BUT if hunters can only go after bears and tigers but not leopards, wolverines, board, and elk, then we can't say the hunters have the final say in what gets killed and what gets spared. If hunters could do as they please, they'd likely shoot anything that moves. MIC is like the hunter, but it only gets to hunt what is allowed. And that decision is made by Jewish Supremacists. MIC doesn't care as long as it gets to HUNT something. It's like the mindset of hunting dogs. The canines want to hunt something but don't really care WHAT as long as they're allowed to track and maul something. John Bolton, CIA goons, most military generals, and weapons industry are content as long as they're given something to threaten, encircle, and/or destroy, something to reap massive rewards from in profits and positions. John McCain was a very good dog to the Jewish Supremacists. MIC is like athletes in a sports team. They don't really care whom they play against as long as they get to play.
This is why anti-war positions that failed to discuss the Jewish Element were bound to fail. It's like denouncing hunting dogs without mentioning the hunter who directs the dogs to attack certain animals. During the invasion of Iraq, Tucker Carlson(who supported the invasion) interviewed Patrick Buchanan and, while conceding that Buchanan had every right to uphold his anti-war position, sniped at him for having made 'antisemitic' remarks about the Jewish Lobby. But how could anyone make sense of the Iraq War without mentioning the role of Jewish influence? Today, Carlson is much lauded by even those on the Dissident Right for saying it like it is, but the common thread has been the unwillingness to address the JQ. Now, some will say Carlson won't have a job for long if he broaches that topic, but then, none of what he says will matter because the heart of the matter is Jewish Supremacist Power. Carlson can rail about this, that, and everything under the sun, but unless he mentions, exposes, and shames Jewish Supremacist Power, it will go on creating new problems for America and all the world. Carlson can blame 'leftists', 'liberals', 'globalists', antifa, BLM, greed, the 'elites', and so on and so forth, but it only amounts to noticing the symptoms of cancer but never mentioning the cancer.
If Bobby is throwing water balloons, setting things on fire, shooting spitballs, tossing firecrackers, and other naughty deeds, will he stop acting badly if HE isn't called out and named as the culprit? Suppose everything he does is condemned but he himself always goes unmentioned. So, throwing water balloons, setting fire on things, and etc. are recognized as bad behavior, but they are never connected to Bobby the bad kid. Why would Bobby stop acting badly when, even when his actions are condemned, he himself is never named and, if anything, is coddled and praised. (It's like there is so much talk of blacks as victims of violence, but there's far less mention about blacks being the perpetrators. Whether in Africa, the US, or the UK, we hear so many stories of blacks as victims but not as perpetrators. Thus, the effect is more sympathy for those poor poor blacks but no pressure on blacks to stop acting like savages.) Tucker Carlson will never name the Jew when it comes to US open borders policy, but he will praise Israel for its own tight border policy. Now, some will say that Carlson is, wink wink, naming the Jew by making such connections. But such pussyfooting won't go far, not least because many idiots won't pick up the dog-whistling and no one in the conservative movement will get the memo that there needs to be a serious change in the narrative. As long as Jewish Power goes unmentioned, it will continue to act badly because it is never blamed for anything. Even when what they do is disapproved, the responsibility never falls on their lap. In 2016, Donald Trump seemed to do the unthinkable, especially in the rah-rah-military GOP, when he condemned the Middle East wars, but he never mentioned Jewish Power even though it was the main force behind the disasters. If anything, Trump sold himself as Israel's best friend and reviled Iran, a nation that had NOTHING to do with 9/11. And even as Trump called for improved ties with Russia, he said nothing as to why US-Russia relations got strained in the first place. The failure of diplomacy resulted from Jewish rage about Russia not fully cucking to globo-homo Empire of Judea. While Trump failed to mention the obvious Jewish Factor in the animus between US and Russia, Jewish Supremacism went all out to smear Trump and Vladimir Putin with false accusations of collusion. So, Jews can name and target Trump, Putin, Russia, Iran, and White America(as 'white supremacist' central) with vitriol, but no one better name the Jews as being the primary force behind global tensions. If Jews are to be mentioned, it is only as Eternal Holocaust Victims, Forever Victims of Antisemitism, the Most Wise & Wonderful People on Earth, and the Noble People of Israel. Only praise and no criticism of Jews. This means Jews have a power over the West not unlike what Hitler had over Germany or Stalin over Russia. You could name them and talk about them but only in the most positive and glowing manner, and NEVER in a critical, let alone condemnatory, manner. And of course, this has set the template for other aspiring groups, especially blacks and homos. If you want to talk about blacks, it better be in praise, sympathy, awe, or rapture but NEVER in a critical tone. If you want to discuss homos, it better be in mindless celebration of 'rainbow' sodomy and penis-and-balls-cutting(among trannies). Of course, blacks and homos enjoy such protections because Jews control the media, academia, & the deep state and have all the politicians in their pockets. As for capitalists who only care about money, they have no ideas or values other than More Profits and Good Publicity. Rules of publicity are shaped by media and academia in the West and by the reigning power in many non-Western nations. So, companies are eager to present themselves as all about BLM and globo-homo in the West while the very same companies dare not push globo-homo in places like Saudi Arabia. It's like McDonalds, the main cow-killer around the world, will only sell lamb-burgers in India. That's the essence of capitalist morality.

John Mearsheimer in The Great Delusion: Liberal Dreams and International Realities says the reigning ideology that drives the US is 'Liberal Hegemonism', but if so, why are most US politicians all about tribal Israel? Why is the US closer to theocratic Saudi Arabia than to more modern and secular Arab states like Syria? Why is US 'liberalism' opposed to border security for Hungary but totally for it for Israel? Why is the 'liberal establishment' in the US less hostile to China than to Russia despite the latter being less repressive? And if 'liberalism' is about more freedom, why are the elites for more censorship and more suppression of free speech? And if postwar 'liberalism' is about more equality, why are the 'liberal elites' not bothered by the rise of super oligarchs like Jeff Bezos who do the bidding of ADL and Sergei Brin & Mark Zuckerberg who are Zionist-Jews? And if 'liberalism' is about colorblind recognition of all, why does the US care so much about black lives while turning a blind eye to all the victims of black crime and violence? So much for 'liberal hegemony'. This is all the more surprising coming from someone who wrote about the Israel Lobby. Did he suddenly get cold feet and change his tune, like that worthless whore Amy Chua? In truth, the problem of American foreign policy isn't the preponderance of 'liberal hegemony' but the contradictions between Jewish supremacist hegemony(as the real power in the US & West) and the 'liberal' masquerade(as smoke-and-mirrors to fool the world that US is about 'muh freedom' than 'muh Israel'). US is a nation where both parties totally cuck to the Zionist demand that BDS be suppressed while pretending American Values are about justice for all. The Jewish Mayor of Minneapolis was seen kneeling and bawling before the coffin of George Floyd the Fentanyl Groid, but when did he or his ilk get on their knees for all the Palestinians killed by IDF death squads and all the Arabs starved, bombed, or otherwise killed by US war machine that takes its marching orders from Jewish Supremacists?
We cannot fully understand the aftermath of 9/11 without naming the Jew. Even 9/11 cannot be fully understood without considering the Zionist angle, something that has been suppressed far more than 9/11's connection to the Saudis. The financial meltdown of 2008 owed largely to policies pushed by Jews, but Jews got to blame dumbass Bush II and install Obama the 'socialist' as puppet who, surprise surprise, bailed out the big banks and then later unleashed more Wars for Israel in the Middle East. (And of course, globo-homo was a Jewish proxy from the beginning, and it came to full tutti-fruition under Obama, another proxy of the Jews.) Cuck Culture and Jungle Fever owe largely to Jewish control of media, entertainment, and narrative, and it has been devastating to the white race. Jewish advertising and propaganda are pushing the Afro-Colonization of White Wombs, and white women and white men go along as they're little more than mental slaves of Jewish Supremacist manipulation. Since the election of Donald Trump, it's been Jews, Jews, Jews pulling the strings, but no one mentions this most crucial and obvious fact in the institutions and industries that matter. While plenty of people, especially on the 'right', dismissed or denounced the Russia Collusion Hoax, they dared not tie the smear-campaign with Jewish Power. They blamed Democrats, 'liberals', MSM, 'progressives', the deep state, and so on, but they never said anti-Russian hysteria is almost entirely a Jewish Thing. (It's like blaming 'Democrats' and 'socialism' for the demise of Detroit in a criminal hellhole.) Seriously, if any people other than Jews controlled the US, would there be such bad feelings between Russia(that actually wants good relations) and the US(where all the goy cuck politicians are so afraid of Jews that they dutifully bark at Russia while being kicked in the ass by Jews?) So, even as the Russia Collusion Hoax has been exposed as false, nothing will change and more such nonsense will be created out of the thin air because the main culprit, Jewish Supremacist Power, was not named and shamed. (Similarly, will anyone mention Israel and Jewish Power as the force behind Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell? Of course not, so Israel and Mossad will just find OTHER people to create honeypots to trap and blackmail others.) As for Ukraine-gate, the Jewish Hand in it was so obvious that there were murmurs of a Jew D'etat, but of course, the Jewish-run MSM was busy attacking such notions as 'paranoid' and, yes, 'antisemitic'. Jews conspire and act like negative Jewish stereotypes but then blame others for daring to notice. As usual, it was the dissident elements that did most of the noticing while most of 'mainstream' media just toed the line yet once again.

Then, take the Covid Hysteria. Sure, it's a real disease, but there's no question that the Jewish-run media way over-hyped it to shut down the economy, thereby dampening the only thing going well for Trump. If Covid had hit the US during Obama or under Hillary, would there have been such massive coordinated shutdowns? No way. And then, there was the BLM fiasco, the logical outcome of Jewish fanning the flames of the '1619 project' in the pages of NYT in concert with other PC nuttery. Jewish Power is Mao-like. It is never blamed for anything. Mao Zedong's Great Leap Forward devastated the Chinese economy and may have led to the deaths of over 30 million, but he got little if any blame. If anything, he was able to pull off another nuttery with the Cultural Revolution. Likewise, the very Jewish supremacists who gave us the Iraq Disaster and the financial disaster got to pull off more disasters with Libya, Syria, and Ukraine. And then, as if sanctioning Russia and Syria was not enough, Jewish Power chose to sensationalize Covid and sanction the entire Western economy because it didn't like the trends toward nationalism and populism. Lock everyone down under the power of 'experts'. And then, Jewish Power set off a variation of Cultural Revolution via BLM-Antifa riots and craziness. Why was Mao able to pull off another act of nuttery? Because he wasn't named and blamed for the Great Leap Forward. Because the extent of his megalomania was underestimated. Why doesn't Jewish Power ever stop in its vileness? Because it is never named and blamed and because people are unwilling to acknowledge the sociopathic nature of Jewish neurosis. Sure, some people will denounce Antifa, BLM, deep state, the 'liberal media', and etc., but they still won't connect the dots and arrive at a full picture that shows Jewish Supremacism as the reigning power of the West, the power behind the power. As such, Jews will continue to act the Bad Mao, or Maoitz.

Of course, just like the excesses of the Cultural Revolution came back to bite Mao, the mayhem of BLM and Antifa has caused damage to some Jews as well. But the fact is the Jewish-run Democratic Party, Jewish-run media, and Jewish-run deep state coordinated the protests/riots as yet another attempt to bring down Trump. It doesn't matter that Trump is a shameless shill for Zion because, as far as most Jews are concerned, he is the voice of white populism that calls for nationalism than globalism. Also, as US is the metropole of the world empire, Jews figure that what happens in the US has seismic effect on the rest of the empire. So, with both Covid and Floyd-mania, the crisis was orchestrated into a Scylla and Charybdis affair. Put Trump between a rock and a hard place. No lockdown, and Trump gets blamed as a murderer of every death. Lockdown, and the Trump economy vanishes into the thin air. Take action against BLM-Antifa rioters and terrorists, and Trump is attacked as dictator, tyrant, and mass killer. Do nothing and he is seen as weak and wussy by his own supporters.
This is why you must name the Jew. It's like the fortunes of the Corleones in THE GODFATHER reversed ONLY WHEN Vito Corleone realized it had been Barzini all along. Without that knowledge and counter-moves based on that knowledge, the Corleones were surely finished. Who is the 'Barzini' behind all the recent BS and madness? It sure ain't the Eskimos. But white people don't think or act like Vito Corleone. They are more like that worthless Fredo who will sacrifice his own family for 'something for me'. Take Mitt Romney, who can also be compared with Senator Geary that lowlife scum. But it may be worse than that. Too many whites are like Mr. Martini(Danny De Vito) in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST. Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones talk big, but if you ask them to mention who has the real power, they turn all Martini-like in the following scene: White race, now a bunch of Martinis who can't even say the obvious truth.

These days, whites are cucked beyond belief. White women have been indoctrinated to hate white men and are into jungle fever. And white men, so cucky-wucked, are either willing to hand their women to Negroes or unwilling to lift a finger to defend white women. But then, what's the point of defending your women when they spit at you as a bunch of weak, wussy, white 'racists' while celebrating interracism? White men are demoralized on both 'left' and 'right'. On the 'left', you got cucky-wucks so eager to display their proggy bona-fides by celebrating the Great Replacement and the Afro-Colonization of White Wombs. On the 'right', you got white guys who figure it's futile to stand up for the white race and defense of white women as any expression of whiteness is 'racist' and as many white women will attack you for implying that white men and white women should be part of a unity and that white women need protection by evil white men. So many white women get their worldview from TV and movies where white women are protected from venal disgusting white men by noble-minded Negroes. Of course, reality says otherwise, but people prefer fantasy over reality, just like people prefer drug-induced states than sobriety. White Fantasy, not White Fragility, is the real problem.

Recently, vile black and Asian bitches in NYT and other media outlets have written awful things about white women, but who owns and controls NYT and publications like Time? Who hired those nasty bitches whose voices were given a platform? Do Hawaiians control NYT? Never mind the small potatoes. Who is the big rotten apple behind them all? Barzini was the power behind the Tataglias, and Hyman Roth was the power behind the Rosato brothers. Who are the power behind the nasty NYT 'woke' bitches? It is, of course, the Jews, but all we hear from the 'right' is, "Dear Jews, those wokesters are coming for us whites today, but they will come after you wonderful Jews some day, and we whites don't want to see that because we wuv you Jews sooooooooooooooo much." How utterly pathetic and craven considering it was the Jews who set those wokesters on the whites. It'd be like the Corleones trying to protect Barzini from the Tataglias whom Barzini is using against the Corleones. So, these white cuckservatives do nothing as BLM and Antifa destroy white statue and monuments, but they raise a fuss about the rare BLM march in D.C. that was anti-Israel.
Anyway, the nasty black, yellow, and other bitches in the media attack white women over the fact that white men used violence against blacks to protect their own women. In pure Hollywood fashion of White Fantasy, the narrative goes that some shrill deranged white woman falsely accused an innocent black man of rape or something, and then white mobs descended on blacks and lynched half of them. While white-on-black violence was indeed part of US history, only a fool would believe that white women were all liars and black men accused of rape were all innocent.
Furthermore, if we tally up the numbers of all the white women robbed, assaulted, raped, and/or murdered by blacks, it's pretty astronomical especially since the 1960s. So, the violence was far from a one-way street. True, there were explosions of white violence and even what might be called pogroms against black communities in the US, but there has also been the problems of black crime and violence against whites in the South, North, Midwest, the West, and all over. Blacks even rape girls in Okinawa. But why is there no outrage about all the black-male-on-white-female violence? All the beatings, rapes, robberies, murders? Also, what about the violence by black girls on white girls? Just like tougher black guys usually beat up and humiliate white guys, tougher black girls usually beat up white girls. And yet, all the moral outrage is about precious black lives, all the funnier when blacks are the main killers of blacks. Black Lives Matter More because Jews control media, academia, & entertainment and elevated blacks to higher moral status. Also, in a nation as sports-sex-and-pop-music-crazed as the US(and the modern world in general), many people have come to see Negroes as the most awesome. The combination of pop idolatry, black megalomania, white search for replacement-spirituality(with demise of Christianity), and Jewish supremacist control of media/academia has led to a kind of black supremacism. So, even though interracial violence has often been about black men against white women, the only concern is what might have been done to black men because of white men acting in defense of white women. (This is funnier when blacks will often kill each other over someone saying something about someone's mama.) US history used to be about prizing white lives over non-white lives — though whites were free to slaughter one another in duels, gun-fights, and wars — , but social reforms led to the need to regard the lives of all Americans equally.
But then, something happened. Jewish Power emerged to favor Jewish lives above all others. So, it was Zionists over Palestinians. It was about berating the Christian West for 'antisemitism' and other crimes against humanity while never discussing the Jewish role in the history of wars, mayhem, exploitation, and invasions. Jews were only to be regarded as wise men or wonderful entertainers OR the most tragic victims of 'antisemitism' and the Holocaust. So, thousands of Jews killed in Cossack pogroms in Ukraine mattered more than millions of Slavs killed by Jewish Bolsheviks. A handful of Jews killed by Muslim terrorists mattered more than an entire people crushed and destroyed by Zionists and Wars for Israel. Thus, the filthy lies of BLM are following in the footsteps of Jewish Supremacism that, instead of insisting on equal worth of all Americans, nudged the US toward favoring Jews uber alles. Jews came to hate the notion of colorblindness because it would mean Jewish Power should be scrutinized just like white power. It meant Zionist Israel should be shown no favor over Palestinians or Iran. Jews, with their higher IQ, wealth, and arrogance, didn't want to settle for being equal with the rest of mankind. They insisted on their special vaunted status. Of course, Jews couldn't brazenly spell out their supremacism like Hitler and the Nazis did. Just like Wall Street bundled bad loans with good loans via derivatives, Jews bundled their supremacism with all the lame talk of 'liberalism', 'spreading democracy', 'fighting racism', 'combating white supremacism', 'remembering the Holocaust', and etc. Jews have certainly used Antifa thugs and lawfare as their proxy goon force to shut down any expression of white populism. And Jews push BLM to give the impression that 'white supremacism', not Jewish globalism and urban elite gentrification, has been the animating force behind tougher policing and increased incarceration. Instead of talking about Bill Clinton's new policies and Michael Bloomberg's Stop-and-Frisk, let's talk about the 'legacy of centuries' of whites being so eeeeevil. And let's not discuss how the Israel military and police treat Palestinians 100x worse than how blacks were treated by white police in apartheid South Africa.

No Honesty, No Truth. No Truth, then no True Justice. Anyone who rags on and on about this or that issue without naming the Jew simply cannot be taken seriously. Akin to worthless doctor who notices the outward symptoms but never names the deeper disease, those who criticize and/or condemn recent problems but refuse to name the Jew are close to useless. Fish rots from the head, and the head ain't Eskimo or Hawaiian.

Now, will all problems dissolve into the air IF Jewish Power is exposed and dealt with? Of course not. Humanity will always have problems, and all parts of the world were plagued with problems with or without Jews. So, there will always be more problems and other problems. But, the main problems facing the West cannot be understood apart from Jewish Supremacist grip on so many key institutions and industries. And the agenda of this power is nothing less than the total humiliation and destruction of the white race. Jews told white women to hate white men, and so many white women did. But now, they are being set upon by Jews, blacks, and yellows but no longer with the protection of white men whom they forsook or denounced. And white men watch all this anti-white-female violence, physical or verbal, but do nothing because they are either afraid or figure what's the point when so many white bitches are into jungle fever or spew hatred at white males. And what power molded the minds of white folks, especially since the 60s? It was 'Barzini' all along.

Now, some whites pray for rich and powerful Jews finally seeing the light and forming an alliance with whites as Diversity, especially blacks, turn on Jews. It's been the great white dream of William F. Buckley, John Derbshire, and Jared Taylor. But, it won’t happen. Jewish-black tensions go way back, but Jews always managed to buy off blacks. If Jews can buy off all whore politicians of both parties, why not blacks? Look at Al Sharpton. He’s a 'house nigger' now working on the Jewish Plantation. Also, black Jew-baiting is tactical than principled: It is merely a way for blacks to demand for more stuff from Jews. For example, blacks will pretend to care about Palestinians… but then fall back in line when Jews give them more stuff. It’s the same old song. The real question is why isn't there a fraying between whites and Jews? Could it be that whites still haven't figured out that most Jews despise them, not least because of the wussy cuckery? The more whites cuck, the more Jewish Power dic*-slaps them as weak and pathetic.
Also, despite Jewish-black tensions, both sides have the eye on the prize, and it’s all about milking whitey. Jewish supremacism is premised on white submission, and so, Jews must promote ‘white guilt’ to make whites subservient to Jews. And Jews use jungle fever and jungle faith to promote ‘white guilt’ and white cuckery. So, even though blacks may beat up some Jews and rob/loot some Jewish communities, that’s all small potatoes to Jews, the cost of 'doing business'. Even a few Jewish eggs must be broken to make the Jewish Supremacist Omelet. Jews want to control the world, and that totally depends on the obeisance of whites as the subservient managerial class. Whites must be to Jews what the German managerial class were to Hitler.

Blacks also know that black supremacy depends on 'honkeys' as White Atlas as supportive shoulders for black Negrolympian-ism. Without whites, blacks would be jungle buffoons beating on bongo drums and chucking spears at hippos. It was through whites that blacks gained access to all the good stuff of modern economics, science/technology, medicine, sports, pop music, and etc. Of course, black pride simply can’t accept those facts, but deep down inside, blacks intuit they be nothing without white folks. And so, blacks also rely on the promotion of ‘white guilt’ to keep whites bowing their heads to blacks, so blacks can keep leeching off whites.
Now, whites should be speaking truth to power, but most white 'conservatives' are like the ever-faithful battered girlfriend in relation to Jewish Power. Imagine some Jewish guy fooling around with other girls while routinely beating up and insulting his white girlfriend who, however, prays that her undying loyalty will finally pay dividends when the Jewish boyfriend goes from prodigal punk to faithful husband. To such a person, we'd say, "Yeah, keep dreaming." Sadly, that is the White Dream regarding Jewish Power.

Now, it's well-known why it's so difficult to name, let alone blame, the Jew. Jews are immensely powerful and can destroy just about anyone. But Jews not only have money power & influence but 'spiritual' power as the Holy Holocaust People. They've sacralized Jewishness as synonymous with the highest morality on grounds that NO PEOPLE suffered as much as the Jews did. So, even as Jews are pitiless against their enemies, rivals, and anyone they don't like, the current West is infected with bottomless pity for those poor, poor, helpless Jews, oh boo hoo hoo. Jews learned the art of Christianity, which served as the moral shield for the expansionist West, i.e. the mighty use of swords and guns to conquer the world while invoking Jesus and the Early Christians who faced persecution and death; so, even as Western armies invaded and conquered through violence, they put on a passion play of being the martyrs of history. Thus, the West got 'spiritual' cover for their temporal deeds. This was why Jews were so eager to replace Christianity with a new mass cult in the West, and it was Holy Holocaust Worship, along with Queertianity and BLM. Holy Holocaust Worship was mainly designed to make Europeans and Christians worship Jews as the newly sacrificed christ-figures who died for the sins of white folks. Globo-Homo is to replace Easter and Christian festivities with celebration of sodomy and tranny-degeneration that defile Christian values. And BLM is to infect white Americans with forever 'white guilt', thereby being too cucky and browbeaten to stand up for white identity and interests. Jews were behind all three.
So, the problem for many people is not merely the monetary influence of Jews but their moral prestige that was concocted with Jewish control of media, academia, and whore politicians. Money and might alone won't secure long-term power. Money is about buying influence, and might is about ruling with fear. While power by money and might can last, it has no real respect among the people who, when the opportunity arises, may rise up in rebellion. Consider the fall of the Shah of Iran. He had money and might(via the secret police) but no respect from the people. And that is why Jews worked not only at making lots of money but creating a moral cult of Jews as Holy Holocaust People. Thus, anyone who notices Jewish Power in a critical manner is denounced as a 'nazi' even though Jews now got all the power and money while critics of Jewish Power simply want a fairer reckoning with history.
But however difficult it may be to overcome internal psychological pressures and external social pressures, people of the West must break out of the conditioning and begin to honestly address the problems of Jewish Power. Unless this cancer is exposed, there is no hope for truth, reform, and restoration of sanity & balance. During the Cold War, there was a journal called Problems of Communism. Today, what we need most is the Problems of Jewish Supremacism. Just don't counter Jewish supremacism with a supremacism of your own. Just because so many Jews are a**holes doesn't mean that anti-Jewish a**holery, like that of Hitler and the Nazis, was justified.

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  1. "Jews bundled their supremacism with all the lame talk of 'liberalism', 'spreading democracy', 'fighting racism', 'combating white supremacism', 'remembering the Holocaust', and etc. Jews have certainly used Antifa thugs and lawfare as their proxy goon force to shut down any expression of white populism."

    Jews are the absolute very best in the world at "bundling" their agenda into a thousand different disguises.