Tuesday, January 12, 2021

The Great Anomaly? Just when the US was rejecting 'Racism' among white Americans, It was promoting 'Racism' among Jewish Zionists — The Main Source of Double-Standards in America is Both Parties have allowed to Jews to do as they please in the upper echelons of power

People talk of double-standards, and it's true that double-standards apply to different groups and individuals. Democrat leaders get to encourage BLM riots and face no consequences. Antifa scum go free. The Antifa and other scum who were rounded up for burning a limousine and committing other acts of vandalism in the 2017 Inauguration were all set free. The community college professor who bashed someone's skull got a slap on the wrist from the California court. Antifa can attack Proud Boys, but when Proud Boys fight back, the police only arrests the latter. Twitter and other platforms turn a blind eye to hatred expressed by blacks, Jews, and the like but force a ban those who speak up for whites and Christians.
But as the saying goes, "Fish rots from the head." So, why should it surprise us that double-standards define American Justice when they are entrenched in the highest echelons of power and with total support of both parties and their mass supporters? The biggest double-standard that defines America from top to bottom is the supremacism of Jews and the pervasive favoritism they enjoy from all quarters. Both the Democrats and Republicans have been totally complicit in this. All races and ethnic groups have been complicit as well, out of fear, cowardice, pressure, philosemitism, or money(as Jews have plenty of cash to throw around).

Do most so-called 'liberals' raise alarm when their elected politicians favor Jews uber Palestinians even though Jews stole Palestinian Land and continue to occupy West Bank and steal more of it? Do most so-called 'conservatives protest when their elected politicians favor Jews uber Palestinians? No, both the politicians and the people who vote for them are not only complicit in this grave injustice but feel hardly any guilt or pangs of conscience.

When the uppermost echelons of power act like this and not only get away with it but have the total support of both parties, why should anyone be surprised that double-standards(especially as devised by Jews) are such a prominent feature of America? All these 'conservatives' and patriots bitching about double-standards... well, where the hell were they when Donald Trump was hailing Israel and praising Jews regardless of what they do? Sadly and pathetically, most 'conservatives' and a good number of patriots were cheering the Jews/Israel First line while mocking the grievances of Palestinians.

So, if anyone wants real credibility on the issue of equal justice and rule of law, he or she must address that the US practices double-standards at the very top, with Jews in effect doing as they please with full compliance of craven goy elites, and that most certainly includes Donald Trump who, like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama before him, pardoned some of the sleaziest lowlife Jews that ever walked the Earth. So, before white conservative males spout off about how Joe Biden, as the puppet of Jews, is putting whites(and especially white males) in the back of the bus, they should have some self-awareness and ask themselves, "Why did we support Jews in their agenda to dispossess, murder, humiliate, and destroy the Palestinian people, land, and culture when Palestinians did NOTHING to us? Why was it okay to force Palestinians to the back of the bus when it came to US foreign policy and 'human rights'?
And if the destruction of an innocent people was just fine with white conservatives(indeed with them patting Jews on the back and kissing their ass), why are they now so upset that Jewish Power is now doing to them what it did to the Palestinians... with the full support of white conservatives?" Indeed, why was Palestinian Nakba a great thing but White Nakba is a bad thing? If you happily fed your next-door neighbor to an alligator, should you be complaining when the alligator comes for you next? Did you expect gratitude from the alligator? Alligators exists to devour everything, and Jewish Supremacists are determined to enslave and control goyim. You can no more bargain with Jewish Supremacists than with Nazis or the Terminator. Of course, most Jews won't admit as much, and the majority of Jews don't believe they are supremacist, but if Jews are judged by what they DO as opposed to what they SAY, they are totally supremacist and 'exceptionalist'. So, any 'conservative' or patriot who refuses to address this problem — Jews and cuck-goyim have instituted double-standards in favor of Jews at the highest stratums of power — should just shut up about double-standards at the lower levels of society. It's like complaining the river is foul without acknowledging that the source of the river itself is foul. It's like complaining about the symptoms of cancer without ever naming the cancer.

Indeed, isn't it odd that just when the US was moving toward a single-standard on one matter, it was also moving toward a double-standards on another matter? In the 1950s and 1960s, the US decided that Segregation and Racial Discrimination were wrong. There had to be a same set of rules for both whites and blacks(and measures had to be taken to enforce these standard for the latter). The idea was the American History was marred by two sets of rules, one that advantaged whites and disadvantaged everyone else, especially blacks. Given that the US was founded on principles of freedom and the proposition that 'all men are created equal', it was deemed not only wrong but shameful that America had for so long failed to enforce equality under the law for all peoples.

And yet, exactly at the same time, the US was moving toward a Jews-uber-Arabs policy, one of double-standards where Jews were free to do anything while the Palestinians/Arabs were called foul on just about everything. The American nation was loudly atoning for its past sins of racial discrimination and favoritism while, at the same time, totally prioritizing one group's ruthless dispossession, oppression, and dehumanization of another.
Worse, US support of Israel defied all foreign policy norms. It was nothing new for the US to have morally dubious allies, but it was in the name of national interest, aka realpolitik. As FDR said of a certain foreign leader, "He's a son-of-a-bitch but our son-of-a-bitch." Also, the Cold War necessitated that US form alliances with unsavory allies to form a bulwark against the Soviet Empire. But, this logic hardly applied to US support of Israel as the sensible and practical thing would have been to form alliances with the Arab/Muslim world against the Soviets. If anything, the US support of Israel was the main reason why several key Arab states allied with the USSR. Furthermore, the US had no reason to do any favors to Jews who'd been among the most radical, seditious, subversive, and hostile elements in the US. Not only were Jews prominent in organized crime but in espionage for the Soviet Union. Even the idealistic reason, or idealpolitik, didn't pass muster upon scrutiny as the Jews had taken the land from another people, one that had no role in the Holocaust. But the combination of Jewish Money & Media power, Christian sentimentalism, chutzpah, Wasp deracination, and awe of Jewish Genius led the US to favor the Jews regardless of what was being done to Palestinians.

This was the Great Contradiction or the Great Hypocrisy of the US in the second half of the 20th century. Just when it was proclaiming to be moving away from the bad old ways of favoring the white race over non-white races, it was doing everything to favor Jews & Zionists over Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims regardless of morality, ethics, and principles. Whites had to be equal with other races, BUT Jews could be superior to Palestinians(and eventually over all other goyim, which is the current state of affairs in America). Jim Crow was bad, but Jim Crowitz was okay. South African apartheid was evil, but Israeli apartheid mustn't even be mentioned. Of course, Jews could get away with it as the Civil Rights was a domestic issue whereas the Arab-Israeli Conflict was a foreign matter(though Israel today hardly counts as a foreign nation but the symbolic metropole to which America must pay tribute).

On the other hand, American opinion on the Vietnam War came to parallel developments in the nation itself, and when Muhammad Ali, perhaps the most famous black person in the 60s after MLK, chose prison instead of service, it gelled in the minds of many that the white 'racism' toward blacks and American 'imperialism' in Vietnam were two sides of the same coin: The Cowboys and Indians view of the world where whites were justified in conquering, killing, and triumphing at any cost. Indeed, not a few Jews drew parallels between US war in Vietnam and the Holocaust, as if the US had become the new nazi nation. So, if American view of foreign policy and American view of domestic issues could merge into a common thread with Vietnam, why didn't this happen with the Arab-Israeli Conflict as well? One might say it was because the Vietnam War was intense and involved 100,000s of servicemen(and 55,000 deaths), whereas the US was not militarily involved in the Middle East(except for Israel's attempt to sink the USS Liberty and pretend it was an accident, with total complicity of the US media, even then dominated by Jews). Curiously enough, MLK also took money from Jews and supported the Zionist 'genocide' of Palestinians. The irony is rich. He marched for equal rights in the US and denounced America's 'racist' war in Vietnam, BUT he was totally onboard with Jewish supremacism and imperialism against the Palestinians and Arabs. Hmm. His hypocrisy sort of betrayed what Jews were really up to.

But then, whereas the Vietnam War ended for the US by 1973, the Arab-Israeli Conflict lingered in the headlines all throughout the 80s, 90s, and beyond, though far less since the Zionists consolidated near total control in the West Bank and the Jew-run media began to look the other way. And through all those years, despite pro-Zionist bias in the media and US politics, surely any perceptive American could have noted that Palestinians had legitimate grievances and not only lost their nation but their remaining territories were being stolen by Jews. Today, Jewish Caravans freely enter West Bank and carve up more territory with virtually no opposition from US politicians. (And whenever Trump mentioned Israel, conservatives and populists cheered loudly for the double-standards favoring the Jews.)
So, whereas Vietnam just became a memory after the war, the Arab-Israeli Conflict was always in the news. Furthermore, South Africa became very big news in the 80s and 90s, especially with the sanctions/boycott movement. And because Apartheid South Africa and Israel were the closest allies, one didn't have to be a rocket scientist to see the parallels between the conditions of blacks in South Africa and of Palestinians in Israel & West Bank. And yet, Mandela was anointed whereas Arafat continued to be portrayed as a 'terrorist'. And the great majority of American Jews denounced South Africa while simultaneously demanding that US support Israel's repressive and discriminatory practices against Palestinians.

So, despite media bias, there was enough news and information out there for Americans to realize what was happening to the Palestinians and how it paralleled America's historical 'sins' of slavery of blacks and 'genocide' of the Indians. And yet, Americans never made any real effort to take notice(which goes to show that American Moralism is mostly the product of external pressure than internal conscience). They just pretended to see Jews as forever Holocaust People even though Shoah was carried out by Europeans, not by Palestinians who, however, were made to pay the price. And any attempt to bring some measure of balance was thwarted in both parties by Jewish money; it had to be Jews uber Arabs.
Black Democrats who complained were soon bought off or defamed. The 'Arabists' in the GOP were soon shunted aside by Zionist Neocons for whom the red carpet was rolled out. As the Western Right was more tainted with 'racism' and 'antisemitism', American Conservatism wooed the white Jews(as blacks were a bridge too far) over to the GOP as the more pro-Jewish Party.
Of course, the main reason for GOP's support of Jews against Palestinians was hardly different from the racially discriminatory policies of the past. Jews were seen as fellow whites whereas the Arabs were deemed the brown Other, aka 'sand niggers'. And Jews took advantage of this even while secretly loathing American Conservatives as crypto-Anti-Semites. And then, there were Evangelicals who had both racial and spiritual reasons for favoring Jews over Arabs. Jews were revered as the People of the Book(though slated to be wiped out when Jesus returns)whereas Muslims were just heretics. But what about Arab Christians? Well, they were the brown Other and less worthy than white Jews. Due to the Civil Rights Movement and canonization of MLK, it became racially taboo for whites to be anti-black, but they could transfer their racial animus toward brown Arabs via Zionism. Besides, the Holocaust Narrative made it convenient to support Zionist oppression of Palestinians in the name of defending Jews from Another Holocaust being hatched by Arabs as the 'new nazis'. It all became so disingenuous.

Yet, was the Great Contradiction really a contradiction? On the surface, it would seem so: A case of Jews denouncing white 'racism' against blacks but demanding that the US unconditionally support Zionist 'racism' against Palestinians in Israel(and even Wars for Israel that have led to deaths of innumerable lives); also, a case of White America making a big show of how it's seen the light and is on bended knees to atone for what was done to non-whites, especially blacks, while, at the same time, deliriously championing Israel's ruthless and supremacist policies of racial domination over Palestinians and Arabs.
One may ask why the Jews, who were the most vociferous white leaders of the Civil Rights Movement and the biggest critics of white 'racism', were also the most zealous proponents of US policy that must always favor Jews/Zionists over Palestinians/Arabs/Muslims regardless of whether Jews are in the right or in the wrong. Why is it that Jews, who condemn the view that white lives are more precious than black lives, push policies that clearly insist that a single hair on a Jew is more precious than a thousand Arab lives? An insane contradiction?

And yet, the contradiction isn't such a contradiction if we dig a little deeper. Beneath the surface rhetoric, both Jewish support of black civil rights and Jewish suppression of Palestinian rights are of a kind designed to favor Jewish Supremacism. There is an inner-consistency beneath the outer-contradiction. In truth, Jews pushed the Civil Rights Movement in the US not because they cared about blacks but because they regarded White Christians as their main rivals(even enemies) for power. So, Jews were less motivated by altruism and sympathy(though some were) than by Jewish Supremacism that needed to topple whites and put them in their place. As white goyim greatly outnumbered the Jews, the most effective way was to demoralize whites with 'white guilt', which could be instantly disseminated to millions of white hearts-and-minds via the electronic media controlled by Jews. Just broadcast ROOTS a bunch of times, and whites will feel real sorry.

So, to Jews, blacks were less a people than a moral cudgel to beat whites with. Of course, blacks were also useful to Jews because, being tougher and stronger, they could rob the white man of his 'iconic' status in the pantheon of American Manhood. So, blacks were essentially a weapon for Jews to use against whites, not so much to bring about racial equality for all but to pave the way for eventual Jewish Supremacism. With whites demonized & demoralized and therefore sucking up to Jews and blacks for atonement, who would stand in the way of Jews for total supremacy? And indeed, that's exactly what happened through the years. Also, with blacks as bribed and dependent allies of Jews and with whites as guilt-ridden cucks(who worship Jews as the holy holocaust people), Jews had a free hand and could do as they pleased in the Middle East. Though some blacks may see the wrongness of what is going on, they are too dependent on Jews for money and media support; besides, what blacks care most about is "what's mine!" So, Jews can pose with blacks as the two great victim groups: The Holy Holocaust People and the Sad Slavery People. And what with whites burdened with Holocaust Guilt and Slavery Guilt, they dare not expend any sympathy on the Palestinians as every last ounce of compassion must be reserved for Jews(and blacks and then homos). It's the Guilt Tax. Of course, as Jews control the Narrative, people don't know about all the evil things Jews have done throughout history, and so, Jews are exempted from any burdens.

So, just like Tom Hagen says Hyman Roth played the Pantangeli Affair beautifully, it seems the Jews played the game masterfully. By feigning sympathy for blacks in the Civil Rights Movement, Jews gained the alliance of blacks and the moral servitude of whites plagued with 'white guilt' about blacks in the US and about Jews in World War II. That made it foolproof for Jews to do as they pleased in the Middle East and North Africa, finding any excuse to topple nations, kill countless people, tyrannize the Palestinian population(like Spartans did with the Helots), and act like nasty Judeo-Nazis. Jews sure know how to play the world like a game of chess. But with truth and honesty, we can expose them for what they are. Truth is to evil what light is to vampires.

Whites keep losing to Jews because they approach one another differently. Jews look upon whites with fear, suspicion, hatred, and paranoia. Jews see whites as the rival, even enemy, that must be defeated and subjugated. Just read the anti-white rants of Tim Wise and other Jewish Supremacists posing as 'human rights' activists. And so, Jews look for the most vulnerable spots, the Achilles Heels, of whites to make them bleed and fall. Jews have 20/20 vision on whites as the people who must be conquered and enslaved. Jews play the game.
In contrast, whites approach Jews as their best friends and wisest teachers. Whites look upon Jews with reverence, admiration, and trust. Whites see Jews as the best of the best, a people so wonderful that whites must be willing to sacrifice their own lives to protect Jews(though the idea of Jews sacrificing their own lives to save goyim is hilarious to them). So, whites never look for the Achilles Heel of Jews but use all their power to shield Jews from any sling or arrow. In other words, whites shield Jews who stab them in the back. Whites have blinders on that prevent them from seeing the Jews as the rival or enemy. So, even when the Jew attacks whites, whites don't see the Jew but see the Russian, the Chinese, the Iranian, the Arab, the Palestinian, the whatever. Whites constantly seek to scapegoat others because they are incapable of seeing that it's the Jew who is behind White Demise or White Nakba. But then, even many who do see the Jews know that the current climate is such that it's career suicide to name the Jew. Furthermore, Jews are not only going after your jobs but your bank accounts. The denial is funniest among white guys who talk loud and act tough, like Alex Jones. He acts like a barbarian-he-man, but whenever Jews kick his ass, he blames the 'Chicoms'. The Jew must be named because nothing is possible without doing so.



  1. Rather than condemning Israel for acting in the interests of their people, we should learn from their example. They have a border wall. Why can't we have one too? They round up and expel violent foreign criminals and terrorists, and even carry out reprisals to discourage imitators. Why can't we do the same? They say "is it good for Jews?" Why can't we say "is it good for White people?"

    1. We are not condemning Jews for their nationalism. We are condemning them for their imperialism, i.e. they guard their own identity and pride but deny sovereignty to goyim, be they white or Arab.

      So, Jews trample all over Arab lands and open the floodgates to the West with masses of migrants. Jews use brute force against the Arabs. With whites, they use mental colonization via media and academia. White souls have been infected and reprogrammed by the Jewish virus to embrace racial suicide.

      So, in order for whites to adopt nationalism like Jews have done, whites musts point out the fact that Jews got the power and deny national pride to goyim, all the while making goyim support Jewish pride and identity.