Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The Facts of WHAT Is Happening vs the WHY of Deep State Motives — Don't Waste Good Facts on Bad Faith — People of Power Know the Truth but Pretend Otherwise for Power or Opportunism

There's been lots of talk of Who/Whom, but it also comes down to What/Why, or one mustn't lose sight of the WHY in the blindsided pursuit of the WHAT. Of course, we need to nail down the WHAT, the facts of what's really happening. But, in focusing solely on the WHAT, there's the risk of overlooking the bigger problem of the WHY, or why do the elites who know the what(of what's really happening) keep pretending they don't know and push the big lie? Why the Lie?

People like Heather MacDonald, Colin Flaherty(of "White Girls Bleed A Lot"), and Paul Kersey of SBPDL have detailed ad infinitum on the WHAT of black crime and social pathologies. They said it over and over and over and backed it with facts caught on video, recorded in statistics, and/or reported by local news. So, there is no way the elites don't know the WHAT. They know. And blacks who live in the black community know the WHAT as well. They know most blacks are killed by blacks. And black leaders/elites know this too, the WHAT. (By the way, the police doesn't seem to appreciate support from conservatives because Jews control the gods. Police are people too and therefore affected by Jewish controlled media and academia; so, despite what they see on a daily basis, they too regard blacks and 'progressives' more highly than 'racist' conservatives. So, no matter how much conservatives support The Blue, the Blue feels disgruntled of being associated with 'bigotry' and 'racism' said to be rife on the Right.)

If indeed the problem of the elites were ignorance and naivete, we could concentrate on the WHAT and keep hammering the nails of facts in the hope that the ruling elites will finally realize the truth of what's really happening. But over the years, no amount of speaking the truth has done any good. The elites keep favoring lies over truth.
There is no way Jews don't know about the black reality. They saw what happened to New York from the 1960s to the early 1990s. And, there's a good reason why Israel especially doesn't want black migrants; Zionists know Africans are problematic. Jews know blacks are more muscular, aggressive, and impulsive. In private conversations among themselves and with goyim they trust, Jews will admit that 80% of America's problems owe to blacks. (They'll also admit Jews control the media.) So, they know privately but will not admit publicly. And when individual Jews enter media or government, they never speak the truth even though they know certain things to be absolutely true.

So, at some point, we need to obsess less on the WHAT and focus more on the WHY. And on that score, David Duke(despite his checkered past) is actually better than most figures on the so-called Dissident Right. Dr. Duke, though kooky in certain respects, directs the focus on the fact of Jewish Supremacist Power and explains the WHY of the Jewish Lie. Duke knows the problem with the Jews and the cucked goy elites is not ignorance but malignance. Jews are for total power, and they regard Black Magic as an effective way to bait whites with 'white guilt' and hook them with jungle fever.


Indeed, the Jewish Media and Elites are not suffering from the Big Ignorance but willfully indulging in the Big Lie because what matters most to them is money, power, prestige, and control than truth and justice. Jews value blacks as money-makers in sports and music industries controlled by Jews. Jews value black history/slavery as a gold mine of 'white guilt' that paralyzes white pride and agency, thereby turning whites into cuck-slaves of Jews and their allies, especially blacks and homos. Jews value black muscle to emasculate the white man into cuck-maggotry, thus rendering him even more servile. This way, the white man is cucked in both morality and manhood.

Also, by having holy blacks as allies, Jews can prevent the formation of the Black-Palestinian Alliance. Why was MLK so valuable to Jews? Because, even as MLK championed racial equality in the US, he supported Jewish Supremacism in Palestine/Israel. He became holy for his struggle for justice in America but was also allied with Zionists. Thus, Jews could push the political equation: Equal Justice = Support for Israel.
Mandela was a trickier matter for Jews because Israel was South Africa's #1 ally whereas ANC was allied with PLO. But of course, Jews hedged their bets. Even though rich Jews worked with Afrikaners against the black majority and even though Apartheid South Africa and Zionist-Supremacist Israel were joined at the hip, there were also Jewish Communists like Joe Slovo who bet on the Black Horse in South Africa. So, when Apartheid finally ended, Jews could say to blacks, "You see, we Jews were on your side." And Jews funneled so much cash to Mandela that he became chummy with Israel despite the fact that it had supported the Apartheid Regime and practices a far more brutal form of apartheid in the West Bank and Gaza. Of course, Jews must pay off blacks, and this isn't cheap, but then, Jews rake in so much money from black sports/music that the whole operation pays for itself.

It is time to focus less on the WHAT and more on the WHY. Indeed, the Power is mostly about the WHY than the WHAT. If we ponder the WHY, it's obvious why the Power so often prefers the Lie over the Truth. The Power is all about maintaining its grip, and more often than not, the truth is usually more damaging to the Power. It's like Elizabeth Holmes and other creeps at Theranos knew all about the WHAT, that they were pushing a fraud. So, WHY did they do it? Because they wanted the investments, profits, and adulation. No amount of facts would have convinced Holmes who only cared about How to serve the Why. Holmes was ultimately about her idolatrous apotheosis as the female Steve Jobs than about truth, health, saving lives, and etc. It was all about egotism. Likewise, the Sackler Family didn't care about all those dead white goy lives, which were expendable. Sackers surely knew that opioids were devastating white working class Americans. But they didn't care as long as they got the money, and with that money, they could buy moral prestige as famous philanthropists of the arts and good works.

Then, it's so easy to understand the WHY of Black Lives Matter. We can detail the WHAT of black crime and how BLM is built on a pack of lies, but BLM doesn't care about facts because it is really motivated by ethnocentrism of black self-worship. Blacks, like Jews and Homos, are perfect and never to be blamed. In the Bible, God is perfect and whatever He does or whatever happens can NEVER be blamed on Him. The blame must always fall on systemically sinful humanity. In our secular age, Jews control the gods, and the three holies are Jews, blacks, and homos. We must revere them as near-perfect, and so, even when bad things happen around them due to their bad behavior, the fault is not with them but with us for having failed them. So, if blacks loot and burn down cities, it is no fault of their own but their righteous punishment and smiting of us who didn't work hard enough to create a social order worthy of their divine presence.

Indeed, the fact that blacks, Jews, and progs resort to yapping about 'systemic racism' is they know BLM is factually unsound. The statistics invalidate BLM as facts tell another story: Too many blacks kill other blacks and non-blacks as well. So, to justify BLM, they frame the protests, riots, and vandalism in the larger perspective of the history and 'systemic racism'. Using this logic, anyone can justify anything. I can rob & steal and justify my crime as a rebellion against 'systemic oppression' since most of history has been about the powerful exploiting the powerless. I can invoke Cain & Abel and justify whatever I do as a rebellion against the sinfulness of humanity, i.e. since all of humanity has been so brutal and dark, I must be too in order to 'survive'.
It's a general rule that people invoke 'heaven' and make highfalutin claims because facts on the ground go against them. If a black steals from you, the facts favor you and incriminate the black. So, the black invokes HISTORY to justify his deed: "Heaven's on my side, so whatever I do, no matter how devilish, has the blessing from above." (Hunter Biden, Jussie Smollett, and BLM thugs all have one thing in common. In an order where Jews control the gods, them three stooges got new heaven on their side, so whatever they do can't be wrong.)
Any factual investigation of the Jewish-Palestinian Conflict will favor Palestinians, a wholly innocent people who did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but were driven off their lands by Jewish Immigrant-invaders backed by Western Imperialists and even the Soviet Union. Since facts of the matter favor Palestinians, Jews invoke the Big History of the Holocaust to justify the theft. Never mind Palestinians had nothing to do with WWII or the Shoah, and furthermore, Israel was created AFTER the defeat of Nazi Germany, which means Jews no longer faced extermination in Europe. In the modern era, Jews won the war of worming-heaven with serpent's eggs of the new trinity of Jew-hova, Homo-mania, and Afrotheosis.

BLM is like a holy war, and it has no use of facts or moral consistency, but then, the same could be said of the Crusades. Christianity is about love, peace, forgiveness, and pacifism. Jesus never told anyone to pick up swords and fight wars and build empires built on skulls. So, why did the Crusaders and later European Imperialists wave the banner of Jesus while carrying out massive acts of violence that clearly went against Jesus's teachings? Because they were really about power and pride than anything else. They didn't care about the WHAT of their deeds. Factually, they were acting against Jesus's teachings. But, it didn't matter because they were into power, glory, wealth, and prestige. So, Jesus mattered less as teacher than as symbolism. He was used to bless and sanctify the power and wealth of the West. This way, Westerners could go around the world conquering, plundering, slaughtering, and pillaging. As long as they carried the banner and cross of Jesus wherever they went, they could make believe they were the holy warriors of justice and love.
BLM works much the same way. Blacks are most obsessed with pride and power that count for more than any actual black lives. Just like dead soldiers are the price for victory and glory, more dead blacks due to BLM are the worthy cost of something better: Negro godhood. More dead blacks are just casualties of a righteous war as far as many blacks are concerned. This is especially true of black elites as they won't be the ones doing the dying. From where they're perched, they will have gained immense prestige thanks to BLM sacralization of the Negro. (By the way, if blacks don't care about More Dead Blacks, why should the Dissident Right make a fuss about the actual WHAT? Why should they counter BLM with real-black-lives-matter that despairs of how BLM-led policies have led to more deaths among blacks? If blacks don't care about their actual dead and, furthermore, hate and attack your kind, the LAST THING you should be doing is worrying about more dead blacks.)

But then, ADL, AIPAC, and SPLC operate much like BLM. They are controlled by people who secretly know the WHAT. They are no dummies or ignoramuses. They know the truth about black criminality. They also know the facts of how Jews stole land from the Palestinians and are ruthlessly plotting to wreak more havoc in the Middle East to ensure Jewish-Zionist supremacism. Those reasons are WHY they do what they do. As the WHAT undermines their WHY, they use their near-monopoly of media and institutions to push the Big Lie.

Why does the Jewish-controlled Deep State operate as it does? Now, when it comes to small matters, the FBI probably does really good work. There's sure to be far less politics involved in going after lesser crooks and criminals. But higher up the FBI, the issue of justice becomes intermeshed with the ways of power. People-of-Power or POP don't want the justice to apply to them, and as they buy the politicians who appoint the top heads of FBI, CIA, and other elite institutions, the upper echelons of the Deep State operate solely on the HOW to serve the WHY than on the facts of the WHAT. Indeed, why is it that Jonathan Pollard was released and allowed a hero's welcome in Israel? How come Arnon Milchan can walk around freely in the US and serve as king-maker when he admitted to stealing nuclear secrets for Israel? Where is the FBI and the CIA?

It's possible that many in the Dissident Right prefer to discuss the WHAT than the WHY because it's less risque. By hammering on the WHAT, they can pretend that the Power is simply ignorant, benighted, or clueless. So, they go on and on with statistics like number-crunchers. They are little more than social accountants. They don't want to deal with the WHY because they would have to focus on Jewish Power and explain why the Jews who know the truth willfully push the lie to maintain their control and power. Going there, one would be accused of 'antisemitism' and worse. But, this is dishonest and even cowardly. No matter how much truth you speak, you are dishonest if you keep pretending that the enemy simply doesn't know when, in fact, you damn well know that he damn well knows but is willfully pushing the lie for power-sake.

Suppose there is Bob and Bill. Bill keeps letting the pitbull out, and it attacks Bob. So, Bob explains to Bill that pitbulls are dangerous and can hurt people real bad; therefore, Bill should stop letting the pitbull out. Now, Bob would be right to speak the truth to Bill if indeed Bill didn't know that pitbulls are dangerous. That way, there's a good chance that Bill will realize the truth and no longer let the pitbull out.
But, suppose Bill lets the dog out repeatedly and Bob gets attacked over and over. By this point, it should be obvious to Bob that Bill knows that pitbulls are dangerous, is feigning ignorance and willfully letting it out for the express purpose of having Bob attacked and bloodied. But if, after so many attacks, Bob is still discussing the WHAT of the dangers posed by pitbulls than redirecting his focus on the WHY of Bill's viciousness and sadism, he is pretty useless regardless of the facts he lays out. He can gather all the facts and statistics about pitbulls and lay them at Bill's feet, but Bill will keep letting the pitbull out to attack Bob because the WHY that really motivates him is to see Bob get hurt and humiliated.

It's like the scene in Federico Fellini's AMARCORD. The student is feigning ineptitude just to mock the teacher in front of the class. The teacher's earnest effort is all for naught in face of motivation whose sole purpose is to make him look ridiculous. Too many on the Dissident Right are earnestly arguing with bad faith actors. Don't waste good facts on bad faith.

So, whether it's BLM or the bogus War on Terror, we need to focus less on the WHAT of the facts and more on the WHY of Jewish Power(without whose media-and-money-support, BLM wouldn't be possible). At this point, an honest assessment of the political psychology of Jewish Power and the Deep State will be more useful than all the facts and data we can stack up. Indeed, Juliann Assange and Edward Snowden can tell you that. What did they do but reveal the facts and raw data of how the Deep State really operates? They were titans of the WHAT. So, how did the Deep State and Jewish Power react to this mountain of facts? They did everything to cover it up and destroy the lives of whistle-blowers. It's because the Deep State isn't about truth or justice but about the Power guarding its power to do as it pleases. The WHY directs the Deep State to focus on the HOW to keep the power than any other consideration. So, less about What's Happening than Why Is It Happening.


  1. Dr David Duke is correct in that the Jews have taken it all in 2020. David Collum, on the Russia Today Kaiser report said, today, "there's a massive Cultural Change occurring before our very eyes, but I can't seem to put my finger on who or what is pushing it"
    Dave Collum went on to say, "I'm starting to hear voices and getting paranoid" Dr Duke has heard those voices for years, now and understands the voices are clearly Hebrew.

  2. Dwight D. EisenhowerJanuary 21, 2021 at 8:19 PM

    Peter Cushing: "We were talking about good and evil in geezers, Enfield says that geezers are born evil, where-as Dr. Lanyon girl-tains that geezers are born funda-girl-tally good and are corrupted only by the literal, living, breathing, hell-on-earth that they were unfortunate enough to be born into, i wondered what you thought my dear fellow ?".

    Christopher Lee: "Thats a mind-bogglingly complex question!, theres no question that under the right circumstances every geezer has the potential to kill another geezer or rape a quite astonishing 17 year-old Pauline Hickey look-a-like (vaginally, anally, and orally, obviously!), but then again of course another variable (or spanner in the works, as it were) with-in the equation is what so-called morality happens to be randomly governing that particular society at that particular time in its history. For instance, what is perceived as bad or evil behaviour to us probably wont be offensive or objectionable in any way what-so-ever to people 100 years from now for rea-daughters beyond our understanding or comprehension as all the rules go out the proverbial window and that brave new world emerges. I hope that puts into perspective just how incredibly complex your question is and how a definitive answer isn`t really possible given that the question itself represents and constitutes perhaps one of THE greatest mysterys of the last 5000 years of recorded world history".

    Peter Cushing: "Yes, you`re right, that does put the question into a better perspective specifically with regards to its nauseating and irritating un-answer-ability, so to speak. However, i did want to get back to the very pleasurable and seductive idea of raping a quite astonishing 17 year-old Pauline Hickey look-a-like, i think if i attempted it my first objective would be to Bombay-Roll the slag and then spunk all over the birds knockers simply because those astounding tits were arguably THE most perfect of all-time!, i would then have achieved THE most important sexual-act with the bird, then i could take my time bumming-her-off, shagging the slag, and sodomizing the bird (and, of course, unloading another three massive wads of spunk into each of those lushious orifices/joy trails). Would you agree my old mate ?".

    Christopher Lee: "Yes, i would whole-heartedly, un-equivocally, and un-reservedly agree with every word you said, although you could`ve also 69nd the bint and Pearl Necklaced the floozie as well, for the icing on the cake, as it were, or should that be the spunk on the tits, so to speak...NUDGE NUDGE, WINK WINK, GRIN GRIN, SAY NO MORE, IF YOU GET MY DRIFT, AS IT WERE, SO TO SPEAK, IF YOU WILL...HAR...HAR...HAR...COR...WOW...WEY-HEY ! ! !".