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American Democracy cannot function without Naming the Dominant Power — How Rise of Secular Society and Fading of Religion led to Sacralization of the Secular Sphere — The Rules of Elite Selection among Jews, Whites, and Blacks

American Democracy was never what it claimed to be, but it's gotten far worse since the end of the Cold War. For democracy to work at least halfway, the Power has to be named and criticized. US had that at least that degree of democracy for most of its history. WASPs were in control, and they never denied it. Indeed, much of US history was about WASP dominance and WASP negotiation with non-wasps to make for a fairer republic. So, these processes did lead to genuine reforms and progress. Why? Because the Power was named and negotiated with. So, even though US democracy was always controlled by money and far from ideal, there was at least the fundamental dynamics among power, truth, justice, and compromise. Power was held by WASPs, and that was the truth. In a way, WASPs deserved this power because they laid down the foundations of America and did much to build and reform it. But, given what America stood for and the contributions of other groups as well, there was need for power-sharing and better justice. And to achieve this, there needed to be series of compromises between the WASPs and non-Wasps, white and non-white. And so, on those truths of power, justice, and negotiation, the US did lurch forth as a better-working democratic project and political experiment than most others. Furthermore, for most of US history, people worshiped God. Even in the 'bad old days' of so-called 'white supremacy', whites were not worshiped. They had the fear, respect, and/or admiration of others, but they were not objects of worship that one couldn't question.

But since the end of the Cold War, the US hasn't functioned even as a flawed, marred, or imperfect democracy. None of the elements necessary for a working democracy/republic is evident in the US. In terms of power, the US history has two parts: The long history of Wasp rule, and the new era of Jewish rule. Thus, only two groups really held dominant power in America. Wasps and Jews. But whereas Wasps never hid or denied their power and dominance, that's all Jews do 24/7. Indeed, Jews bitch and whine about 'white supremacy' just when white power is in steep decline while Jews are snatching up everything. It is a dirty trick to hide Jewish Power behind the bogeyman of the ever-present 'white privilege'. Also, Jewish screeching about 'white supremacy' is really fearful of white consciousness that wants independence from Jewish Supremacism that wages crazy wars, financially fleeces the world, and spreads lies & filth via control of media, academia, so-called non-profit organizations, and organs of the state. White desire for freedom, emancipation, and liberation from Jewish Supremacy is what is smeared as 'white supremacy'.

Now, is it possible to have a functioning democracy when the dominant power refuses to show its face? While the Wasp elites of old were hardly saints or angels, they at the very least admitted they had the power, and therefore, negotiations could be sought on that basis of truth. But how can any democracy work when the most powerful group won't even acknowledge it has the dominant leverage over the nation but instead hoists up puppets like Joe Biden who squeak about 'white supremacy'? What are these goyim but Jewish-controlled Whores or Jewhores? Biden is just a figurehead behind which Jewish Power does as it wishes, but we aren't supposed to notice or talk about Jewish Power. Instead, we must pretend that Jews are still a beleaguered minority whom we must protect and favor for sympathy. So, even though Donald Trump let Jonathan Pollard fly off to Israel and the GOP grovels before the memory of Sheldon Adelson(the freak) out of sheer cravenness, they pretend their stance is of compassion than fear.

Even an autocracy where it is well-known who has the power is likely to work more honestly than a so-called democracy where the true power won't even admit to its alpha dog status. In Russia, Putin's regime has the power, and this fact is known to all. In China, the CCP has the power. So, if people need to get something done, they know whom or what they must deal with. But what good is a democracy when, despite all its declarations of principles about truth-liberty-justice, people cannot even name who has the real power?
It's like one's better off boar-hunting with a spear if, at the very least, one can spot and see the boar. But what good is a high-powered rifle in a boar-hunt when one isn't even allowed to see the boar? No matter how good the weapon, you'll never bring down the boar because blinders are always on to hide the beast. Because there is no truth in the current Jewish-run US, what passes for 'justice' and 'progress' are meaningless. Sure, there is much talk about 'racism', 'white supremacism', 'homophobia', 'transphobia', and etc., but they all miss the boat on what ship the US is sailing. The KKK is no longer around. And where exactly is this 'white supremacism' unless we gets all paranoid about so-called 'micro-aggressions' and 'Karens'? And does anyone really believe it's a great social injustice to say men-pretending-to-be-women have no business in the women's restroom or in women's sports?

Students at Oberlin College can hallucinate all the KKK they want. Jussie Smolletts of the world can cook up more 'hate hoaxes'. BLM can pretend innocent blacks are gunned down by 'racist' cops. Such nonsense will not fix the real problems of America, much of it metastasizing from Jewish Power. Jews run Wall Street and resort to insider schemes to rake in billions. Jews control the Fed and can pump endless cash to Wall Street. Jews control foreign policy and push the US to the brink with great powers. Jews have also turned much of Middle East and North Africa in hell holes. And what greater injustice taints the US than its aiding and abetting in Israel's annihilation of Palestinian nationhood and identity? Jews control the media as propaganda machines. Jews promote cultural pollution that have rotted the souls of so many young people. Jews control gambling, which is really theft on a massive scale. Jews use big pharma to addict people to all manner of mostly useless drugs. Sacklers were among the worst. Jews push for mass immigration/migration, legal and illegal, on all nations except Israel in order to use diversity as a wedge within goy nations.

All of the above are big, big problems, and they are matters of great injustice, but we can't talk about them because (1) we aren't supposed to notice Jewish Power and (2) Jews control the means of discourse & matters of dogma and convinced so many idiot goyim into taking poison as medicine. Indeed, much of the hot topics for debate have been devised by Jews to either (1) distract us from the truth of Jewish Power or (2) to serve Jewish interests by other means. Why do Jews tolerate and even encourage all the idiot conzos yapping about China-China-China? Because Jews figure it's better for idiot goyim to blame China than Jewish Power for the insane election of 2020 and other globalist shenanigans. And why do Jews hype up Russia-Russia-Russia? That way, all the 'suberals' (so-called 'liberals' subordinate in body and soul to the Jewish-controlled Deep State) will blame Russia for whatever goes wrong and, furthermore, support the 'new cold war' that is really a Jewish plan to destroy National Russia. Why not, as Jews regard Slavs much like Adolf Hitler and the Nazis did: A race of helots who should just obey and serve the superior race of Jewish Semites.

The US went from an imperfect union and flawed democracy to a supremacist ethnocratic state dominated by Jews who won't admit they got the power. This is surely the most surreal power-arrangement in history. US as lone superpower is the most powerful empire that ever existed, BUT its Jewish rulers pretend they haven't the power. But then, Israel has 300 nukes pointed at Iran whereas Iran has zero nukes, but the alarm is about "Iran will get the bomb to blow up Israel!" Like the saying goes, "Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you." That's American Politics in a nutshell and as America controls the world, it's the state of World Affairs.

In just about every case in history, those with the power were full of pride and glory, even outward arrogance and hubris. The saving grace was people knew who had the power. This was especially true with kings and emperors. In a way, the development of representative government(falsely called 'democratic' though technically a republic) began the process of obfuscating power. Unlike kings and lords who held the throne and hogged the power, representative government was based on the principle that elected leaders didn't govern for their own glory or pride but for other groups or The People. Thus, they were spokesmen for special interests or the chosen representatives of The People. But if representatives are chosen by the People, which people? Also, who are financing the campaigns to make certain candidates viable? Are elections decided more by money and special interests or the will of the people? And what is the will of the people when people's minds are molded by media concentrated in the hands of few oligarchs who generally hire reliable hacks than truth-seeking journalists?

Thus, despite certain advantages of so-called 'democracy', it is in some ways the most dishonest system of governance. Essentially, puppets of special interests win offices in the name of serving The People who are, more often than not, duped. Unfortunately, most people tune out of politics because it's boring, dirty, depressing, and corrupt. They say they despise politicians but don't want to get involved. So-called democracy or republic uses so-called politicians as fronts for the real ruling class made up of oligarchs and elite institutions. It's like the Corleone Family had a lot of 'buffers'. Radical Jews used fronts during the Hollywood Blacklist, but Jews continue to use fronts despite their immense power. George W. Bush, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama were total fronts/buffers. Donald Trump turned out to be a front also due to lack of will or lack of choices. But even prior to the rise of Jewish Power, democracy was always a kind of shamocracy because politicians were usually fronts/buffers of the real power. Indeed, a so-called democracy is rule by the Real Power(of industry and institutions) through vetted puppets whose playacting creates the illusion of being the People's Choice.

That said, when Wasps ruled America, it was well-known that Anglo-Germano-Americans dominated the industries & institutions and thus owned most of the political puppets. So, even though most politicians were tools back then as well, it was understood they were serving the Wasp elites as the real puppet-masters. And because the spotlight was on the Anglo-Germano-American elites, not least by Jews who grew increasingly powerful in the media, the ruling elites were under pressure to live up to principles of fairness and justice based on truth of power.

But today, with Jews having the power but lacking the integrity to admit to their power, any honest, truthful, and fair-minded discussion of power is impossible. No wonder there is so much talk of 'hate' and 'supremacy', but it is never directed against Zionism and Jewish hegemonism. When the Anglo-American elites messed up Guatemala and Vietnam, there was moral outrage about the military-industrial complex. But Jewish Power hardly gets any blame for what has been done to Middle East and North Africa.

But things are even worse. In a way, America was a more secular nation when most people worshiped God. God is bigger than any man or any group. Because God is so great and mysterious, American politics rejected any theocratic tendencies. God was too big for man's game of earthly power. People's spiritual life was devoted to God while their political participation was in the world of man. So, people went to church for God and looked to governments for politics. Spirituality was for divine matters, and politics was for human affairs. As God was real in people's lives, they looked to church for spiritual meaning. There was no need to seek out the godly or sacred in the secular sphere because God was very much alive in the church.
But the more society became secularized, the less people looked to church for spirituality. And yet, just like vegans crave protein, human nature is such that it longs for the spiritual. Having rejected God and church, people begin to erect idols within the secular sphere. So, MLK went from a great man to a godly figure. Sympathy for blacks turned into Negrolatry of BLM and rich folks washing the Negroes' stinky feet. 'Gay rights' turned into Gay Rites, and now, Mainline churches are dominated by cynical lesbians whose only interest in religion is to make it serve globo-homo. And of course, Shoah went from historical tragedy to eternal faith in the holiness of Jews.
Thus, paradoxically enough, the more secular society became, the more quasi-spiritual it became WITHIN THE SECULAR SPHERE ITSELF. Secular became sacral, resulting in 'Securalism'. Also, whereas secular society in the past remained secular precisely because people sought spiritual needs in the church, secular society became increasingly less rational, factual, empirical, critical, and skeptical because of the 'new gods' of Jew Worship, Holy Homo, and Magic Negro within the supposedly secular domain.
Jews not only control the narratives and idols. They control the gods, the icons and narratives glowing with sanctimony and burning with moral outrage. If sympathy for Jews, blacks, and homos was sufficient in the past, it no longer is. One must show due reverence and worship. One must get down on the knees. And never mind the cold hard facts. Never mind that Jews are acting like the new nazis. Always see them as a bunch of Anne Franks. Never mind blacks are the top criminals and their thuggery is the product of 100,000 yrs of evolution alongside lions and baboons. Just pretend blacks are sacred earth children and all their problems stem from 'white racism'. And don't dare say anything that might hurt 'gay' feelings(such as "homo-fecal-penetration is gross, ewwww, and a pain in the ass") because homos are holy and that means their feelings are simply divine. And as trannies are closely allied with homos, don't even think of offending a man who says he's a 'woman'. Facts don't matter. Just take on FAITH that the gods controlled by Jews deserve our reverence and obedience.

In such a socio-political climate laden with pseudo-spirituality, what kind of people make it to the top? Obviously, no one with true or innate conscience has any chance of making to the top. The mere fact that you refuse to designate a tranny-man as a 'she' is grounds for no promotion, demotion, or even dismissal. No one with true conscience can rise in the current order of mendacity and compulsory worship of the new gods.
Among all the political candidates, Tulsi Gabbard came closest to exhibiting some degree of principles and integrity, but how far did she get? Donald Trump seemed more brazen and principled against his opponents in the GOP primaries in 2016, but he won for style and swagger than integrity or honesty; and he proved to be a total dud, faker, coward, blowhard, and moron.

American Politicians and the Deep State ruling class bang their pots and pans about justice and progress, but none of it's about innate conscience or personal morality. Rather, it's about feigning moral outrage in tune with pre-scripted narratives. So, all these politicians drone on and on about how Israel is sacred to Americans and how they're committed to its survival, blah blah. But in fact, Israel is the biggest power in the Middle East and is in the process of totally erasing the remaining Palestinian territory. Politicians refer to leaders like Vladimir Putin as 'killers' because it's part of the Approved & Obligatory Morality Tale. All this moral furor is akin to dogs barking to win the approval of their master. Thus, it's not true conscience. Anyone with an ounce of real conscience, like Tulsi Gabbard, gets nowhere, while those who feign moral conscience on matters approved by Jewish Supremacists are slated for the top positions. "US intervention has ruined the lives of countless Syrians" gets you nowhere, but "Assad is tyrant and killer" gets you money support and media approval from the Jews.

Also, true conscience is near-impossible when people worship false gods of THIS world. Conscience requires people to be critical and factual. What's the point of conscience if it dares not speak the truth? In the past, someone like Daniel Patrick Moynihan exhibited something like true conscience. He felt genuine sympathy for blacks given their historical experience. And yet, he also noted certain problems of culture and values in the black community. Sympathy didn't negate criticism. Back then, blacks were big news but not holy. Even the later canonized MLK could be called into question.
But how can there be true conscience now when we must believe the fiction of BLM and look upon Negroes as next to godliness? Sure, those who chant BLM slogans express lots of moral outrage, but it is mindless and stupid, either the product of cowardice or fanaticism. It's not true conscience. People like Moynihan aren't possible in government anymore because Jews control the gods, and there are certain things we can't be critical of or factual about. What passes for 'conscience' in our age is sheepishly swallowing the dominant narrative, mindlessly worshiping the approved idols, and stupidly regurgitating the catechisms of 'wokeness'. This has led to certain GIVENS in the current order, and even Tulsi Gabbard isn't immune to them, as when she felt compelled to join in the Zionist denunciation of BDS. It's understood by all that it's just a GIVEN of politics and power that you must kiss Jewish Ass if you are to get anywhere. Jewish Power is such that it's not even worth debating the moral merit. It's like Stalin was always right in the USSR, and that was a given, something you simply couldn't even question. Not only do Jews control America, not only are most goy elites a bunch of craven cucks, but the masses of Americans have been soul-poisoned by Jewish Media to favor Judeo-Nazis over Palestinians. So, even if a honest politician chose to damn the torpedoes and spoke the truth about the evil of Zionist Imperialism, he would not only get attacked from above but from below as his constituents will vote him out of office for having dissed holy-schmoly Jews and Israel.

The war on true conscience affects Jews too. There are Jews of some conscience, like Max Blumenthal, Philip Weiss, Glenn Greenwald, and Norman Finkelstein. But they've been demoted or dismissed. They are forced to work in the margins.
Indeed, the current Jewish-dominated Rules of Elite Selection require Jews to be nasty and white goyim to be craven. If a Jew shows signs of genuine decency, he is rejected because his true conscience might criticize the iron grip that AIPAC has on America. As a decent Jew, he might be willing to work toward more humane solutions with Palestinians, Arabs, and Iran. And as a principled Jew, he might support free speech and call for honest discussions on all topics, even those inconvenient for Jewish Power. Of course, Jewish Supremacism that rules America simply can't tolerate such Jews. So, decency among Jews is a big no-no in the game of Elite Selection. Decent Jews need not apply.


Among white goyim, the favored trait is cravenness. After all, if traits of courage and toughness were favored, white goyim with brass balls may rise to the top, and such individuals may well speak truth to Jewish Power. Indeed, what Jews hated most about Trump was his tough-guy act and, at least in 2016, didn't act like a suckass at the feet of Jewish Power. (But in office, his bark turned out to be far worse than his toothless bite.)
Among black goyim, the favored trait is opportunism. After all, if honest and decent blacks made it to the top, they would ask, "Why do we support racial oppression in the West Bank when we denounce it in the US?" So, the kinds of blacks most favored are the Obamas and Kamala Harrises of the world. These blacks will sell their own mothers for a piece of the pie. They don't care about what harm the power does AS LONG AS they get to share in it. They bitch about American Power in the past mainly because blacks didn't have a big role in it. As long as blacks are allowed to share in the power, these blacks don't care if the US war machine wrecks the planet or if the US financial regimen robs the globe. As long as blacks too get to play the game and hog some of the prestige, they are fully onboard with the game of empire. How many blacks raised a fuss about nations destroyed by Obama? Hey, he's a black man in charge, so that's okay.

So, under Jewish Dominance, US democracy is utterly dysfunctional, and in the game of Elite Selection, the trait of nastiness is favored among Jews, trait of cravenness is favored among whites, and trait of opportunism is favored among blacks. No wonder the ruling class is now completely worthless. Nasty Chuck Schumer and Jerry Nadler. Craven Mitt Romney and Dan Crenshaw. And opportunistic Obama and Harris. A world of maggots.


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