Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Jewishness is the New Faith in the US, meaning Jews Always Win regardless of Political Outcomes — Jews as the 'New Whites' — White Conservatism Cannot Win Worshiping the Gods controlled by Jews and rigged to elevate Jews to Godhood while casting Whiteness down into Hell as Demonism

Jews control the gods, and that means they decide what is holy and unholy, what is sacred and what is taboo.

Now, if only one half the nation accepts those gods and demons, the other half would at least be free to worship its own gods. But what if ALL of the nation worships those same gods. Then, both or all political parties must honor those gods and hound those demons. As Jews control the gods of the entire nation, Jews are advantaged while whites are damned. Why? Jews who control the gods via media, academia, and organs of the state made Jewishness holy and whiteness unholy. So, whereas BOTH parties must kneel before Jewish holiness, neither party can stick up for whiteness. Indeed, the Democratic Party denounces and defames whiteness(to the point where the slightest whiff of white identity or interest counts as 'white supremacy'), and the best the GOP can do is to be timid and silent. Indeed, the anti-white Democratic Party has the gods on its side because whiteness is now the Devil. Surely, the side that denounces the Devil has the moral advantage against the side that is either silent or tepid in its anti-Devil rhetoric. Because whiteness is the Devil, neither side can speak up in its favor. One can denounce it like the Democrats or remain mum on the matter, like the GOP(though there are plenty of anti-whites in the GOP as well). GOP is NEVER explicitly pro-white. The great majority of White Conservatives vote for the GOP as the un-anti-white or less anti-white party than the pro-white party.

Now, if Democrats favored the gods of the Jews whereas the GOP favored the gods of proud whites, we can have a clash-of-the-titans scenario. "Their gods vs our gods." But when both sides worship the same gods and reject the same demons, the side that is more passionate in its worship and denunciation has the moral ground. Democrats are seen as morally superior and spiritually holier because they have the blessing of the Holy Three of Jews, Homos, & Negroes and make more sanctimonious noises in their honor.
In a world where Jews control the gods, those three groups are the ultimate icons of sanctity. And as white 'conservatives' have drunken the same Kool Aid with their 'muh Israel' & 'holy holocaust' invocations, MLK worship, and even acceptance of globo-homo, they are at a severe moral disadvantage. After all, no matter how much the GOP claims to be for Jews, blacks, and homos, the fact remains most Jews, blacks, and homos are with the Democratic Party. As Jews, blacks, and homos are holy and better than the rest, the Democratic Party must be superior as most Jews, blacks, and homos choose to be Democrats. If God blesses one thing over another, the former must be better as who are we to question God? Similarly, if Jews, blacks, and homos are indeed holier, their blessings upon the Democratic Party must mean it is the better party of angels. This is the fatal weakness of White American Conservatism. It values the Holy Other over its Selfness. Whiteness is like a planet revolving around the Jewish sun as the source of moral radiance. As if incapable of generating its own light, it relies on the Other, the Holy Jew, for the light. But then, what is the control of electronic media but control of the modern sun? Jews control the media. Those who can't or aren't allowed to create their own light/sun have no recourse but to rely on the light/sun of the Other, and the Jewish Light is coded with the message, "Worship and Obey Jews", as if without Jewish 'wisdom' and 'truth', there can only be darkness and ignorance among your kind. Indeed, the reason why Jews push Censchwarzhip in the Age of the Internet is there finally is a means by which goyim can independently create and share their own light. Jews want a world where they not only own the main bonfire but the means to make fire. After all, if everyone can make fire on their own, they won't have to rely on the main bonfire and could make their own fires to rival the bonfire. No wonder Jews ordered Amazon to shut down Parler and other free speech sites. It's like the British Imperialists once monopolized the salt trade in India. Making and selling of salt independent of British Control might as well have been called 'hate salt'. But then, today the dirty lowlife Hindus work with Jews to colonize and control the West.

At any rate, while the GOP denounces overt displays of white supremacism like KKK and Nazis, it doesn't go whole hog on denouncing whiteness itself. In contrast, the Democratic Party does. So, in the current 'spiritual configuration', the Democrats totally denounce the White Devil whereas the GOP does only half-heartedly. As if to compensate for this moral deficit(of not fully condemning the Devil), white 'conservatives' make noises about how 'Democrats are the real racists' or how GOP is even more pro-Israel or how 'conservatives' care more about defending homos from Muslims. So, white 'conservatives' can never be for whites or whiteness. At most, they don't denounce the White Devil as vociferously as the other side, but this opens them to accusations of being uncommitted to fighting 'racism' and 'white supremacism'.

Jews have it so good because they control the gods, and that means both parties worship Jews, Zionism, Israel, Holy Holocaust, and Jewish Whatever. Jews know best, and that's that. So, even though Jews favor the Democratic Party, they know they will be revered, obeyed, and praised regardless of which side wins elections. If both parties and all factions in the US are united on ONE THING, it is total obeisance toward Jews.
It's like whether Catholics or Protestants win, God wins because despite their sectarian differences, both churches worship the same God and Jesus. So, God and Jesus can never lose among the Protestants, Catholics, and Orthodox. The various churches may bicker among themselves over interpretations and institutions, but they are all for God. Also, the Devil is always the loser regardless of which church dominates society. Whether a particular society is ruled by Catholics, Protestants, or Orthodox folks, the Devil is always bad.
As Jews control the gods in the US, Jews are worshiped by both sides. Democrats and Biden praise Jews and Israel. Trump, McConnell, and the GOP praise Jews and Israel. Even Jewish crooks are allowed to run free and remain above the laws. Jews are to US political parties what God is among the three main Christian Churches: Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox. Just like God always wins among the three churches, Jews always win regardless between the two parties. Jews are worshiped by all.
In contrast, whites and whiteness in American Politics are like the Devil in the Christian Churches. Regardless of which church controls society, the Devil is denounced, and regardless of which party wins office, whiteness is either bad(the Dems) or not good(the Repubs). Democrats now denounce whiteness with murderous glee, and the most the GOP can offer as counterpoint is, "We whites are okay because we go out on a limb to worship Jews, blacks, and even homos."

Things were so different in the past. Back then, US was a Eurocentric nation and proud of it. Whiteness was at the center of American Politics and Culture. So was Christianity. Neither political party could win by denouncing whites or whiteness. So, whatever differences there existed among the political parties, they all pandered to white identity and white interests because whiteness was, if not holy, a matter of pride, glory, and dignity. Even Jews and blacks sought to be a part of the White Order as a 'credit to their race' in the eyes of the great White Power. And neither Democrats nor Republicans had any notion of promoting anti-whiteness. And while there was white sympathy for other groups, such as American Indians, blacks, Jews, or poor immigrants, they were not objects of worship but of pity.

US used to be a nation where the glory of and respect for whiteness was a given. Just about everyone in the Democratic Party and Republican Party was pro-white and pandered to whites. FDR and Harry Truman relied on countless white voters who would now be called 'racist'. Also, the theme of Past Liberalism was "whites are good but can be better" and therefore must allow reforms for a more perfect union. It wasn't about 'whites are evil' or 'whiteness is demonic', the dogma of the current 'progressivism'.
As for American Conservatives, they won't as yet join in the 'whites are the devil' chorus but they won't say anything good or proud about the white race, white culture, or white history. At best, they are into 'boomer antics' of appealing to either colorblindness(which no one cares about anymore) or sappily trying to prove that 'conservatives' are not 'racist', 'antisemitic', or 'homophobic'. Always defensive and apologetic than assertive and judgmental like the other side.

In more ways than one, Jews have become the New Whites. In the past, both political parties pandered to whiteness as the essence of Americanism. It was understood that Europeans settled and built America. Whites were proud that America was built with ideas, values, and skills brought over from Europe. So, whatever the ideological differences, whites didn't have to worry about the threat to whiteness regardless of which party won. Some whites may disagree with Republican policies and other whites may disagree with Democratic policies, but those were mostly over economic matters. GOP was better for more affluent whites whereas the Democratic Party was better for working class whites, but the important thing was both parties were pro-white. So, whatever the political or economic outcomes of elections, there was hardly any negative racial consequence for whiteness. Indeed, FDR running an anti-white campaign would have been inconceivable. If anything, even Liberals back then ran a very pro-white campaign against the 'Japs'. And the moral theme against Nazi Germany wasn't about White Evil but about good freedom-loving whites of US and UK against the tyranny-embracing Teutons under Hitler. In our time, however, the Democratic Party and even the GOP are loathe to speak of any goodness associated with whites or whiteness. Whites can only be good by washing themselves of the sin of 'whiteness'. This is what they teach in Whiteness Studies, which is nothing but Dogma on Deviltry.

What whites enjoyed in the past, Jews now enjoy. It is unimaginable for anyone in either political party being critical of Jews, Jewish privilege, Zionism, Israel, or Jewish Supremacism. Jewishness is a Given in the current idolatry. Just like Rudolf Hess once said "Hitler is Germany, Germany is Hitler", the current US order is about "Jews are America, America is Jews." Whatever differences may exist between the GOP and Democratic Party, they are 100% united on one thing: "We Cuck to Jews who are now bigger than god and jesus." Even with Jews doing everything to destroy Donald Trump and smear American Conservatism, the only thing we hear from GOP is 'Muh Israel', 'Destroy Iran for Jews', and 'Todd Bless Sheldon Adelson'.

If Whiteness was once a Given in Old America where no politician could gain office by bashing whites or whiteness, Jewishness is the Given in New America where no politician or pundit dares to call out on Jewish Power or denounce Jews when they do wrong. Indeed, it's gotten to the point where noticing that a Jew is doing bad is worse than a Jew doing bad. So, if a Jew sticks your behind with a knife, his violence is less problematic than you noticing 'A Jew stabbed me in the ass'. Jews were behind the Jew D'Etat over the bogus Ukraine Scandal, but that hardly mattered and the main worry was anyone noticing, "Hey, it's a cabal of Jews up to no good."

Goyim in the Democratic Party suck up to their Jews, and goyim in the GOP suck up to their Jews. And of course, the Jews of the Democratic Party and Jews of the GOP meet behind closed doors and work together on the basis of "Is it great for Jews?"

The more things change, the more they remain the same. True, whites are no longer on top, but Jews are now the New Whites. But actually things are worse. After all, even though whiteness itself wasn't attacked by politicians and leaders in the past, there were calls for reform against evils done by whites. At the very least, it was understood that whites could be good or they could be bad. Even though whiteness was a matter of pride and dignity, it wasn't a license to do whatever. This allowed for reforms within the white community. The idea was whiteness is a matter of pride, and therefore, whites must be mindful to live up to their dignity. So, even though whiteness was favored over non-whiteness, whites were hardly blameless or immune to criticism. Whiteness was proud but wasn't sacred.

In contrast, Jewishness is more than a matter of pride. It is regarded as downright sacred and holy, therefore, immune from scrutiny and criticism. Per chance some Jew commits a great evil and goes to jail, he gets special treatment and is likely to be pardoned sooner than later because Jews all look out for one another as fellow tribesmen. Jews believe that even a bad Jew's liberty is more precious than the lives of countless goyim.
Not only are Jews served by both parties but no one dares to criticize anything about Jewishness. Even so-called 'radicals' in the Democratic Party support anti-BDS legislation and travel to Israel and stand before the Wailing Wall like cucked dogs.

Even when whites had it all in the US, there was the reminder among whites, "We are good but can be better and must strive toward creating a more perfect union", and this entailed necessary criticism of certain abuses of white power and privileges and also the obligations of Wasp power and privilege. But there is no moral pressure on Jews toward betterment because they and their goy servants regard Jewishness as holy and godlike.
A proud people of dignity are still human and have room for improvement, and that's how whites felt about themselves in the past. But why would a people into self-worship ever bother with self-criticism or self-improvement? They are holy, they are godlike, and that means goyim are mere cattle who exist mainly to serve Jews. And why would goyim dare to make criticism when Jews deserve not only respect but worship? After all, you don't criticize the gods. Either out of mindless obeisance or abject fear(or both), no one dares to name the Jew, and that means American Democracy has become dysfunctional. For all the talk of 'liberal democracy' and electoral processes, the modus operandi of American Political Psychology is hardly different from Stalinism, with Jewish Power now revered, worshiped, and obeyed like Stalin in the bad old days of the Soviet Union.

Political psychology matters as much as political processes. Imagine if North Korea became a democracy(as process) with free elections BUT the Political Psychology of the Kim Cult remained. It would technically be a democracy but still operate like a 'theocracy' because most people would have an irrational attachment to idolizing and serving the Kim Clan. Political Freedom is useless in tandem with Psychological Bondage, which is the case of the US. Despite all the talk of freedoms, liberties, and rights, the depressing truth is so many people, high-middle-low, are psychologically chained to the gods controlled by Jews. Appeasing Jews and their allies is the highest good in the emotional realm of so many Americans. It could be some no-name Karen whose entire life revolves around 'Muh Israel', BLM, and LGBT nuttery. Or it could be some cuckservative in the GOP so eager to win doggy biscuits from Jewish Power by praising Israel or embracing Lady Gaga. Or, it could be some Deep State goon who thinks he's on the side of angels because he serves the globo-homo neo-imperialism. (For shallow fools, celebration of sodomy is next to godliness. What do you expect in a society where Pop Culture is The Culture for most people, from elites to the masses?) Or, it could be Trump who can't stop blabbering about how he loves to take it up the arse from Netanyahu and did wonders for black employment rates. Never mind whites.

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