Monday, January 18, 2021

Why the Politically Correct Wokemons are a bunch of Bloodhounds — How 'Liberals' are for PC Uber Alles, therefore should be called Uberalls — Modern Man wants to Feel Free but Not Be Free, and how Jewish Power Exploits this Contradiction

Human Hounds of Woke Mentality: Jews provide them with the 'hate scent' and they go crazy tracking it 24/7.

Politically Correct Wokemons are really just two-legged bloodhounds with mindsets closer to canines than humans. They ain't nothing but hound dogs.

They can’t see, hear, find, or think on their own. They are profoundly uncurious and uncritical. No wonder their minds must be directed by OTHERS who control courses in Critical Theory. Critical Theory fills the mental(and 'spiritual') void of those who can’t be independently critical of anything. They must be TOLD and DIRECTED what to revere and what to revile. They are like dogs whose primary craving is confirmation from the master.

That’s why proglodytes are just a bunch of hound dogs. With no agency and agenda of their own, dogs rely on the master for the scents to track down. Once given a whiff of the scent, they run after it with blind, single-minded obsession. But then, what is the ultimate payoff for this kind of behavior among dogs? Dogs evolved to seek approval from the top/alpha member of the pack, which would be the human master for most dogs. Dogs befriend and play with other dogs but revere and nearly worship the human master as the alpha-god. At the end of the day, bloodhounds want approval from the master for having tracked down the scent. They will go to hell and back in pursuit of the scent to gain approval, which is what really gives 'meaning' to their existence. Likewise, nothing is more satisfying to a wokemon hound than having hunted down ‘bad thought’ and being approved by his/her master, the Tri-Supremacism of Jews, Homos, and Negroes.

Many more people attend college than ever before, but so many of them are on the dumb-side. In a saner world, far fewer people would attend elite institutions. But as colleges now fill up with tons of mediocrities and dummies(made worse by Affirmative Action), there is a much larger pool of morons for radical or Jewish professors to manipulate into states of frenzy. These students certainly can’t think for themselves. They grew up under rootless parents, were weaned on TV & junk culture, and were indoctrinated with PC education. As they can’t really think, they prefer ideological dogma or idol-worship. That way, all they need do is memorize and regurgitate a few catechisms & slogans and wave globo-homo or BLM banner to feel justified and holier-than-thou.

Just like bloodhounds, these sniffers or sniffs rely on others provide them with 'scents' to track down. Then, they chase after Fugitive Thoughts that refuse to be chained to plantation-mentally overgrown with with cotton-picking narratives.
Of course, the wokemon hounds sometimes get out of control, beyond what the master ordered. It’s like over-zealous bloodhounds can become lost in their maniacal drive to find the scent somewhere, anywhere. Likewise, once a wokemon hound is provided with scent of ‘racism’, ‘antisemitism’, or ‘homophobia’, he or she tries to sniff it out of ANYTHING and even begins to hallucinate the 'scent', like outlandishly bogus-KKK-sightings that took place at Oberlin and some other 'liberal' colleges. THAT one ‘scent’ becomes an all-consuming passion. And when he or she thinks it's been tracked down, he or she runs off to the higher authority and says, “LOOK, I FOUND IT”, and expects a pat on the head by the master. Good doggy, and here’s a biscuit. And for some who are so eager for approval and doggy biscuits but have a hard time tracking down the 'scent' in real life, there is always the option of the 'hate hoax' where the evil 'scent' is created out of the thin air.
One key difference between white PC hounds and black-homo-Jewish PC hounds is the former seeks approval from those up on the pedestal(mainly Jews, blacks, & homos), whereas the latter seeks further apologies & adulations from whites for further elevation on the pedestal. So, a white hound makes up a fake 'hate crime' to be petted on the head whereas someone like the Negro-Homo Jussie Smollett makes up a 'hate crime' to be kissed on the ass.


What whites should do is cleverly toy with the ‘scent’ and make the hounds retrace it to their master. The Jewish master says go after ‘racism’, and the bloodhounds growl and run after whites(especially those who refuse to grovel, roll over, and play fetch). However, if whites label Zionism and Jewish Power as prime examples of ‘racism’ and supremacism, the wokemon bloodhounds may well circle back to their Jewish master. It's no wonder Jews fear and tremble at the mere thought of BDS. It leads the 'scent' right back to the Jews. Jews say, "Sniff this 'scent' of veddy veddy bad 'racism', so be a good dog and go after evil white 'racists'", but BDS says, "Look, Jews are the ones who reek most of 'racism' and supremacism in the Middle East."
Apartheid is too mild a concept(for what is happening in Israel and West Bank) -

As long as Jews are providing anti-white 'scents' to woke hounds to track down fugitive white thoughts, it is utterly useless and retarded for whites say nothing but ‘Muh Israel’. When someone smears a certain scent on you and then provides the scent to dogs to track you down and tear you limb from limb, the last thing you should be doing is pledging undying loyalty, support, and protection to him. You should be clever and smear him with the very scent that he provided to the hounds.

The current wokemonism is all about Dollars & Scents. Jews got the dollars and provide the 'scents' to idiot hounds who can’t think on their own. They must be instructed by others as to what to worship, what to obey, what to hate, what to attack, and etc.
What is a FOOL? A fool is someone who is told two contradictory statements but mindlessly accepts both if only to win approval from the authority and/or out of fear of being ostracized for daring to question the illogic. It’s no wonder so many wokemon fools claim to oppose inequality but have no problem with the supremacism of Jews. Only a fool would believe in BLM, but fools will be fools.

One thing for sure, Jews figured out something about the contradictory way of human nature, and they've used this insight to manipulate and control the minds of the prog masses.

(1) Humans like to think themselves free and independent, speaking truth to power.

(2) Humans, at least most of them, are incapable of independent thought or criticism.

In other words, people(especially those with more education) want to feel free and think themselves a bit rebellious(or 'radical') but, on their own, don't know how to be critical and independent-minded. They are psychologically stuck inside the box. It's like so many would-be-artistic types like themselves as creative but don't know where to start and only lamely copy those precious few with the power of originality. Likewise, while dogs like to run free, they are utterly without sense of direction and purpose unless their master tells them what to hunt, pursue, or track down. Dogs want to run free but need the master to throw the stick for them to run after.

Jews understand and exploit this contradiction of human nature, i.e. that humans want to feel free but don't know how to be free. All said and done, when push comes to shove, people need to be told what to believe, what to cherish, what to reject, what to condemn. This is why true libertarianism repels most people as it requires each and every one of them to be his or her own person with his or her own thoughts and courses of action. It's no wonder that Jean-Paul Sartre, for all his individualist existentialism, ultimately settled for Marxism to lend meaning to his being.

People don't want to think of themselves as servile to authority or conservative(or chained to moribund tradition). They want to believe themselves to be free-spirited and independent-minded. But as most people cannot think or act on their own, they ultimately do lean on an authority to tell them what is what and what-is-to-be-done. The Jewish Trick is to offer that bit of authoritarianism but packaged as 'edgy', 'progressive', 'radical', 'liberating', 'empowering', and 'more evolved'. This way, people can feel free(in being part of something 'radical' and 'progressive') while also having the assurance that a higher authority does all the thinking and planning for them. They get to run free like dogs but in pursuit of sticks thrown by the master watching over them. (The fact that so many 'liberals' are drawn to bureaucracy, hierarchical institutions, and state power is all you need to know. The trick is to pepper the hive with the jive to lend the institution the conceit of inspiration. Hardly surprising that the New Authoritarianism is so closely aligned with hedonism in pop culture.)

It's no wonder that so-called 'liberals' have been easily led around by the nose by Jews who know human nature and mastered the ways of psychological manipulation. People want to feel free but are afraid to be free. It's like an amusement park. People love the 'wild' thrill of the roller coaster ride but only with the secure knowledge that everything is under control. Then, the formula for power is something that makes people feel free without the true burden that comes with real freedom. Turn modernity into something like a movie experience, i.e. all sorts of crazy exciting things happen on the screen but everything is secure and totally under control in the movie theater. Even the most independent-minded character in the Peanuts Comics, Linus Van Pelt, needed to compensate for his freedom of thought with a security blanket. More free you are, more anxious you are because, instead of relying on shared truisms and trust in authority, you feel a need to find your own path to truth, justice, enlightenment, empowerment.

So, what many people really want is authoritarianism packaged as 'liberation'. This way, they won't have to trouble themselves with real thought or course of action, which might be taxing on their minds and create all sorts of doubts and inner-havoc. They want something that flatters them for their 'progressive' and 'liberating' attitudes but really tells them what to believe, what to say, what to praise, what to hate. Most people are like the Cybill Shepherd character in TAXI DRIVER. 'Modern' and 'free' but safely within the confines of 'values', attitudes, and sensibilities established by others. Few people are like Jesus who founded a new church; most just want to belong to the big church, and most 'liberals' belong to the cathedral that tells them what to revere and revile.

And, this is perfectly fine with Jewish Power as Jews want to be the only ones doing the thinking, with most of it premised on "Is it Great for Jews?" As for goyim, let them feel 'free' and 'progressive' while, at the same time, enjoying the 'security' of being told what to believe, what to say, how to act, whom to hate. So, it's Jewish Power Uber Alles, and that means the so-called Liberals are now just a bunch of Uberalls.

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