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Commentary on "Economist: 'What Is Racism Now?'"

The Economist's Lexington's yammering about 'white racism' is so much bogus nonsense. If anything, the real moral scandal is that white power is being currently used to serve Jewish supremacism.

Read Lexington's stupidity in the link below:


The Economist article by ‘Lexington’ makes no moral sense.

White people conquered and took land from Indians. Okay, one could see tragedy there. In order for the US to have come into existence, the native American Indians had to go. White people should acknowledge that historical fact and make amends. Fair enough.


White people bought slaves from African kingdoms and brought them to North America. These blacks were brought by force and toiled as slaves. And later, they were denied freedoms and rights that were secured for whites. White people should acknowledge that as part of their history. Fair enough.

One can speak of White America's historical wrongs to Indians and blacks(who were brought as slaves). But WHAT WRONG did the US do to the rest of the world? Why does White America have to make amends to the entire peoples of the world via endless immigration-invasion when the US was not founded and developed by taking their lands or enslaving them?
By what right or moral justification do peoples around the world have the moral license to enter the US and take over stuff founded and built by whites? What historical or moral claim do they have on White America? "Hey, I'm Nepalese. White Americans owe me stuff. If they don't let me in to leech off their achievements, they are 'racist'." Huh?

At least American Indians can argue, "This was our land". At least blacks of slave ancestry can say, "Our ancestors picked cotton but weren’t properly rewarded for their work."
What claim does the rest of the world have on White America?

Also, let's give white race-ism some credit. If anything made the US possible as a great rich powerful nation, it was white race-ism. Sure, it had its dark and violent side, but there was NO WAY the US could have been possible without the White Race War on the Indians. For starters, even if whites had approached Indians with the utmost love and peace, Indians would still have said NO to the American Project because it would have meant the extinction of the Indian way of life as happy savages romping around with bisons and wolves. (The only reason why so many peoples all over the world want to come to the US is because white race-ism conquered land from Indians and built a rich modern nation that became the envy of the world. ONLY white race-ism could have done it. Give white race-ism some credit.)

Also, the reason why the US expanded and developed so fast and powerful was because its immigration policy was race-ist and let in mostly whites. This was most useful because whites had the cultural assets and intellectual capital to create a modern society. Also, racial homogeneity led to greater unity and higher levels of mutual trust, something non-existent in Latin America where excess racial diversity and race-mixing led to social confusion. Also, as whites were elite minorities in Latin America, they never felt a real sense of unity with the teeming brown masses. If anything, the (white)elite oppression of the (brown)masses became more intense in Latin America, like the caste system in India.
Imagine if the US had a colorblind immigration policy from the very beginning. Suppose US became 80% non-white already by 1850. It would have been just another failed Latin American nation. Or, imagine most of the 13 colonies been settled by non-whites. Would the American Project have been possible? Virginia settled by Chinese, Carolina by Hindus, New York by Muslim Arabs, Pennsylvania by Turks, Massachusetts by Zulus, and etc. Could it have formed into a single nation or developed as a modern Western democracy?

Also, even though blacks were clearly oppressed in the US, negative white feelings towards blacks were partly justified. Whites had made a huge mistake by importing a savage race that is more muscular and aggressive. So, granting equal freedom to blacks risked unleashing tons of social problems, and boy oh boy, haven't we seen a lot of that, especially since the 1960s. And Europe is now seeing a lot of it too due to endless waves of Afro-Invasions.
Even though this will be sound morally problematic for many, the US probably gained from the suppression of blacks for much of its early history. If blacks had been granted equality much sooner, Detroit would have become 'Detroit' much sooner. Look where South Africa is headed as the result of black takeover.

At any rate, the Moral Argument of globo-homo PC makes no sense. Its ludicrous logic says, because past whites committed wrongs against Indians and blacks, current whites must atone for their historical 'sins' by letting their New World creation be taken over by invasive peoples from all over the world despite the fact that white Americans hadn’t taken their lands or used them as slaves.

Now, it could be argued that the US did wrongs to other nations. But these issues can be resolved on a nation-by-nation basis. US fought bloody wars in Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and problems still linger. But that is an issue for diplomacy. If there are still people in Vietnam who suffer from Agent Orange, maybe US can offer medical help or offer some kind of reparations. But there is no moral claim for Vietnamese to flood into the US.

If anything, it is the nationalists, especially of the white kind, who are calling for NO MORE WARS and no more neo-imperialist interventions(especially at the behest of Israel and Zionists). They don't want white people to take part in new wars of aggression or intervene in other nations. They detest Deep State machinations around the world by CIA and other psychopathic agencies.
They bemoan how America's lone-superpower antics(after the end of the Cold War) led to so much grief in the Middle East and North Africa. All that madness was steered by people who claimed to be for 'liberal democracy', 'human rights', and 'anti-racism', but, seriously, who did more harm to the Middle East and North Africa? John McCain(the Grand Wizard of the CCC or Cu-Cucks-Clan) or Peter Brimelow(or Jared Taylor)? Funny that the so-called white 'racists' want to leave the world alone and be left alone in turn, whereas the 'anti-racists' want to destroy other nations, restart a 'cold war' with Russia(to the point where relations between US and Russia are worse than during the real Cold War), and flood the West with non-white moochers whose children are instilled with anti-white vitriol by PC education and pop-culture.

In truth, this anti-white globo-homo nonsense isn’t really about fighting 'white supremacy'. It's about maintaining Jewish Supremacy. After all, if white people thought in terms of white identity and interests, they will focus on their own limited racial-national affairs and leave the rest of the world alone. But, that means they won't be serving Jewish interests and agendas on the world stage. Jews have globalist ambitions of dominating all the Middle East and North Africa.
They got White America to smash Iraq and Libya. They got White America to make a mess of Syria and Ukraine. They got White America to sing hosannas to Israel's oppression of Palestinians.
Indeed, Zionism is dangerous because it actually appeals to Implicit White Supremacism. Its subtle appeal to whites is essentially neo-imperialist: Great White Jews beating up on Brown Arab Barbarians. Thus, Jewish supremacism becomes a proxy of repressed and lingering traces of white supremacism-imperialism. If we really want to end white supremacism once and for all, we need to end white support of Zionism and Jewish globalism. We need to stop making white people savor supremacism-by-other-means. Since they can't be proudly white-supremacist-imperialist anymore, they relive the glory and spectacle of past imperialism by serving Jewish supremacism. Because white Americans see the Middle East Conflict in terms of White Jews whupping Brown Arabs, their support of Zionism is clearly an alternative form of white supremacism: Go White Jews, beat them Brown Arabs, or ‘muzzies’ or ‘ragheads’. If we really want to end white supremacism, we need to say NO MORE to white support of Zionist imperialism. And then, whites can focus on the limited needs of white identity and white interests within the national setting. That is modest and humble in range and goal. As Patrick Buchanan characterized it, 'Republic, not an Empire'. White interests should remain within white nations and white-made nations that, by the way, have every moral right to remain white(just like any black African nation has the right to remain black and African).

The crazy thing about the current state of affairs is that Jewish supremacism relies on white support, and this makes Jews nervous. Jews got power and influence but can't really do anything around the world without white talent, skills, and support. It's like the Brits in India had great power and wealth but lacked the numbers, therefore, their power was vulnerable IF the Indians were to disobey and refuse to serve British interests.

Zionism and Jewish ambitions in the Middle East(and even against Russia) cannot be sustained without white support of Great White Jews. Do blacks, browns, yellows, and etc. really care about Middle East issues or about Russia? No, Jews are obsessed about them, and Jews got whites to support them; and whites support Jews because they implicitly see Jews as the Other Whites, the 'good whites'(because they got the holocaust victim card as moral shield).

But this poses a problem. It means Jewish Power is aided and abetted by White Power. It is white goy power that allows white Jews in Israel & West Bank to beat up on brown Palestinians. It is white power that allows white Jews to engineer a foreign policy that has destroyed countless non-white brown Arab and Muslim lives. So, Jewish power draws from the well of white power. And as white Jews in the Middle East are clobbering brown Palestinians, it means white Jews and white goyim are working together to terrorize and oppress non-white brown people.

This is very inconvenient for Jews because it means Jewish Supremacism and White Power are joined at the hip. To cover up this fact, Jews push a narrative in the US that disassociates themselves from whites. Even as Jews call on whites to support Zionism and Wars for Israel(and new cold war with Russia) OVER THERE, they use their control of media to promote themselves as best buddies of people-of-color against those 'racist' and 'supremacist' whites OVER HERE. So, Jews want white soldiers to smash and kill Arabs in the Middle East and demand that white politicians 'stand with Israel' even as it crushes Palestinians, but then, these very same Jews indoctrinate, hire, and coddle rabid yellow dogs like Sarah Jeong to bark at the Eternal White Goy as the fount of all evil. But here's the paradox. How can whites atone for their 'white evil'? By supporting White Jews to beat up on Brown Arabs.

By the way, returning to the Economist piece, as long as we are playing the game of Associative-Morality, how about associating Immigration with Imperialism and even 'genocide' and slavery? After all, it was the mass immigration of whites that led to American Indians losing their lands. More immigration meant less and less land for Indians who got squeezed out by immigrant-invaders. (Also, those railroads laid down by the Chinese hastened white takeover of more Indian territory. So, yellows participated in the 'genocide' of Indians too.)
Also, what was the slave trade but Forced Immigration or Forced Migration? And weren't blacks out-competed from many jobs by arrivals of more immigrants? So, immigration = imperialism = slave trade = 'genocide' = black disadvantage. And Jewish immigration sure led to the demise of Palestine. And Han Chinese mass-migration into Xinjiang had led to internment of who-knows-how-many Uighurs.

If Chinese one day think like the PC West...
"Hey Uighurs and Tibetans, we're sorry we took your lands. We are racked with this awful yellow guilt, and we want to make amends by inviting ALL THE WORLD to take over your lands as well. Boy, that sure makes me feel so much better."

Funny, but despite America’s evil history, blacks with only 300 yrs of history in the US don’t want to go back to Africa, but blacks in Africa with 100,000 yrs of history there want to flock to white nations, even the US that once enslaved their kind. So much for black pride.

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