Monday, January 11, 2021

Jews who control the gods control Big Tech and Corpocracy that attack Trump and Populism — The Need for the INNER-WARRIOR among white patriots

People talk of Big Tech censorship and 'corpocracy' and the like, but it is Jewish Power that pulls the strings. In THE GODFATHER PART 2, Michael Corleone asks Hyman Roth about who had Pantangeli killed. Roth says the Rosato Brothers. But then, Michael asks, "But who gave the go-ahead. I didn't." In the world of organized crime, you couldn't just go around killing anyone on a whim, especially IF the target happened to be of some prominence. You needed permission, the go-ahead. So, Michael knew it was highly unlikely that the Rosato brothers would have just acted on their own. They needed the approval and assurance of higher authority. Roth was behind it all. And in the THE GODFATHER, Vito Corleone realizes the Tataglia wouldn't have gone so far without the backing of a bigger crime boss, Barzini(who was forming an alliance with the Five Families to bring down the Corleones). We need to know the Hyman Roth Rule in why what happens happens.

It's true that Big Tech and the Corporations have loads of cash, and money = power. But money on its own lacks compass or direction. Money is like gunpowder. It can make lots of explosions and shoot off countless rounds. So, obviously, the side with money has lots of raw power. But then, who gets to decide how that power is used. Who gets to choose what gets blown up or in which direction the guns are pointed? In WWII, Germany had lots of tanks and planes, and Russia had lots of tanks and guns. That was only raw power. It was the personalities(Hitler and Stalin) and ideologies(National Socialism and Soviet Communism) that decided the direction of gunfire. Soldiers, tanks, and planes do not wage wars on their own.
Consider the Military-Industrial-Complex. We've been told it is the most dominant force in government. Certainly, military contractors have their lobbyists and spread lots of cash all over D.C. They are war profiteers with boundless greed. But if it were only about money, MIC would be pushing for war with ANY country. Surely, war on Israel would be just as profitable as war on Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, or whatever other nation. And given the facts of Israel's creation(via imperialism, ethnic cleansing, and what amounts to 'genocide' by UN definition of the term), occupation, apartheid policies, aid to terrorists, covert role in 9/11, espionage on the US, financial theft, and possession of nukes(made from stolen US material), a strong case can be made to sanction, bomb, invade, and occupy Israel. US could protect the Palestinians as the 'New Kurds' or 'New Kosovo Albanians'. And MIC could make tons of cash from Shock and Awe on Zion.

If indeed money is the main motivating force in D.C., then MIC would have steered US into many more wars, especially against Israel. It would have made billions from such a war. But how come such a prospect isn't even remotely conceivable. War on Israel? Why, Israel is "the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful nation I've ever known in my life." So, even though MIC is about money(and the egotism of power), it lacks inner compass. Its aggression must be turned toward certain targets by a higher power. So, MIC can be turned against Russia, Iran, China, Venezuela, Libya, and etc., but no one would dare to turn it against Israel(or any nation looked upon favorably by Jews, such as Saudi Arabia even though it is by far the #1 terrorist-sponsoring nation in the Middle East after Israel). So, those who control the gods control those who live by money and/or power egotism. MIC makes money by targeting countries hated by Jews. And military brass flexes its muscles against those hated by Jews. Jews control the gods, and money and muscle follow the gods. Why did the US military go from a right-wing institution to a crusader of globo-homo, Jew-worship, and Afromania around the world? Because having all those guns and bombs doesn't mean you got vision and direction. No, like hunting dogs, the military doesn't pick its own agendas or its own fights. It is directed by the higher powers, those who control the gods. And Jews control the gods. Military-Industrial-Complex stands down to the Jewish Tribal-Spiritual Complex that creates and controls the gods for whom people must work, pray, live for, and die for.

So, when we look at Big Tech de-platformings and Big Corporations denying service to certain groups, it isn't enough to say the problem is with corpocracy and Silicon Valley. And, money isn't the primary decider in all this. If it were, retail companies would have slammed BLM and Antifa for what the 'mostly peaceful demonstrators' did over last summer. Walmart and Target would have denied service to Democrats who encouraged the riots. They would have made announcements denouncing black thuggery. And they would have cut off services to progs and libby-dibs who fanned the flames. But, even after their stores were ransacked by black thugs fueled by BLM lunacy, the companies made announcements to the effect that they sympathized with the rage and hatred behind the violence and mayhem. They took the knee to the Negro because Jews control the gods and made Afromania one of the three gods of the new trinity. While cucking to Jewish gods will lead to loss of money, refusal to cuck will lead to total disgrace and downfall. Big Business figures it's better to lose half by cucking than lose all by not cucking.

People think Jack Dorsey is now more powerful than the US president, but that is total nonsense. If anything, Dorsey and Trump are in the same situation. They must do as the Jews say. Notice every time Jews kick Trump in the rump, he takes his frustrations out on Iran, China, or some other country. (A Jew-White Boxing match would be one where the Jew hits the white, and the white hits the Russian. Jew hits the white again, and the white hits the Chinese. Jew hits the white yet again, and white hits the Iranian. Jew hits the white once again, and the white hits the Palestinian. MAGA could not win despite its energy because it never dared to hit back the Jew.) It's like, when a master kicks the dog, the dog goes attacks the cat or rabbit or another dog.

If Dorsey is truly all that powerful, imagine the following scenario: Suppose Dorsey was so angered by BLM riots instigated by Obama in 2016 that he decided to ban POTUS from Twitter. Could he have gotten away with it? No way. The whole Hyman Roth of media complex, deep state, elite groups, and true believing prog masses would have attacked him. He would have faced legal sanctions and serious consequences.
Or suppose following last summer's riots and mayhem, big corporations decided to ban all Democrats and prominent figures who aided and abetted the riots and violence(against police and civilians alike) by encouragement, donations, lawfare, and the like. Would big business have dared to take such action? Would they have gotten away with it? No. They are just Money Power, and money has no inner compass. Money follows the gods, and Jews control the gods. Indeed, the $$$ shouldn't say "In God We Trust" but "We obey the gods controlled by Jews".
So, control of the gods is key. It's no wonder Jews used their power to erect the Holocaust Museum in Washington — given US history, the group most deserving of a prominent genocide museum is the American Indians, but leave it up to Jews to be obnoxious and occupy morality like they occupy West Bank — and then did everything to prevent the construction of Communist Horror Museum. The ghosts of countless dead goyim killed by Stalin, Mao, and etc. would compete with the gods of the Jews, especially as Jews played such a prominent role in communism as agents, killers, smugglers, propagandists, and spies.

So, who gave Jack 'Rosato' Dorsey the go-ahead to take out Trump? Who assured Dorsey that he wouldn't suffer any repercussions(and if anything, has much to gain) if he were to kick Donald Trump down the stairs? Of course, Jewish oligarchs in Big Tech don't need permission as they are among the people who control the gods. But goyim like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Tim Cook(the crook) need the go-ahead by 'Hyman Roth'. If Jewish Power didn't want Trump taken down, Dorsey wouldn't have done so. Without Jewish approval(and insistence), Amazon and Apple wouldn't have moved against Parler. Super-rich white goyim have tons of money, but they don't control the gods. As such, they are busy appeasing the gods controlled by Jews. They live in a world where Jews, blacks, and homos are holy but where whites are defamed as having demon-possessed souls. So, white money today is 'spiritually' like the money of organized crime. It is dirty and has to be 'morally' laundered and cleansed by the Holy People. Jews are like the money-changers at the gates of temple. Rich whites can be redeemed only in service to Holy Jews. It's the only way 'dirty' white money becomes 'clean' money. Those who control the gods decide which money is 'clean', which is 'dirty'. No wonder the US is always eager to send billions over to Israel. Jews are holy, so when US sends big cash to holy Zion, it's as if American Wealth is symbolically cleansed. "As president, I pledge 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, etc billions to Israel"... Cheers and cheers, the $$$ have been cleansed.

Now, some may argue that rich white goyim AGREE with Jews on most matters, and therefore, it isn't so much a case of them obeying Jews but agreeing and working with Jews. But why do they think and feel that way? Because they were educated in Jewish-heavy elite institutions and get most of their news from Jewish-run media. So, the images, sounds, idols, icons, narratives, and mantras that fill up their minds have been formulated by Jews. Jews have long been masters at this. After all, they wrote the Bible, the Book of Everything that combine history, philosophy, mythology, story-telling, genealogy, poetry, law, and even humor. To create and control the gods, it's not enough to specialize in any one field. Rather, you must 'bring it all back home' like Bob Dylan's album said. After all, if Karl Marx had just focused on economics, he would have been a number-cruncher, a historian-accountant. Instead, he pulled together the various threads of philosophy, economics, history, morality, neo-spirituality, science, and prophecy all into a single package. As Jews combine images, stories, icons, and etc into one package through their control of institutions and industries, they effectively own the electronic bible of 'sacronics'. Hollywood is the new vatican, Ivy League is the new seminary of Jewish Gods Learning, such as how to worship globo-homo and magic negro(and how to shut up about Jewish Power or else be labeled an 'antisemitic' heretic).

Because Jews control the gods, they have the crucial leverage. Suppose there are two banks, one run by white conservatives and one by Jews. Suppose the Jewish Bank decides to deny services to a group for its 'white supremacist' ties, and suppose the White Bank decides to deny services to a group for supporting Israel and its terrorist activities. Suppose both banks are equally big. Now, which one will emerge unscathed and which one will face ruin? As whites are the devils in the New World Order where Jews control the gods, Jews can label anything as 'white supremacist' and deny it service. But, as Jews are the forever holy holocaust people, even the denying of service to Jewish terrorism and supremacism is taboo. So, the White Bank will come under media attack, lose customers(who are brainwashed), and lose partners. Jews control the gods, and that is crucial. But what do most whites do? They don't create and control their own gods but worship the gods of the Jews. Even Trump and his Trumpeteer morons are always yapping about 'Muh Israel' and 'Record Low Unemployment for blacks' even after Jews deny whites service and blacks go around beating up whites in riots. And organizations like TPUSA worship globo-homo and promote the tranny Lady Maga.

If white folks are to control the gods, there needs to be the rise of white prophets. Some called Trump the 'Todd-Emperor', but he was just a charlatan-hustler whose gods were all controlled by Jews even as he appealed to white votes. He was essentially a 'todd-jester'. Now, the white prophet doesn't have to be anti-Christian. Muhammad wasn't. If anything, Muhammad had great respect for Jesus and the Old Prophets. He saw himself as furthering the Prophecy.
A new prophecy is necessary in the West because it's obvious that Christianity has run its course. Catholicism is just lavender mafia homo club. Mainline Protestant churches are now run by lesbian crypto-atheists. Evangelicals are just dogs-of-Zion who believe in Noah's Ark. And Orthodox Christianity is just a mausoleum religion in Russia. More churches are built but stand empty. The fire has gone out of Christianity, and I doubt it can be relit. And yet, it was a great religion worthy of remembrance and still has inspirational, if not 'salvational', value.

And whites must learn to become inner-warriors. In the end, inner-warriors survive and can win because they have resilience and persistence. They have inner life, internal source of conviction and passion. In THE GODFATHER PART 2, Michael Corleone knows well enough that the Cuban military has more guns and supplies than Castro's men. They are supported by the US and Big Money. But, a guerrilla is willing to give his own life for the cause. He has inner fire whereas the Cuban military are mere mercenaries who take orders. So, Michael later tells others that the guerrillas can win. They certainly did in Cuba and Vietnam.
The outer-warriors have no inner conviction. They just do as told. They are willing to kill but unwilling to die for anything. White mentality is that of the outer-warrior. No wonder conservatives are so into honoring military men and veterans, the outer-warriors with guns who merely follow orders and do as told. But are these soldiers inner-warriors? Do they have core conviction?
Now, consider the Jews. If the US waged war on Israel or Jewish Power, Jews wouldn't go along. Jews are inner-warriors whose core loyalty is about Jewish Soul, Pride, and Power. But if white soldiers were ordered to fight useless Wars for Israel or turn their guns on fellow white folks, they will do just that. It's like the white police, total outer-warriors. Ordered by superiors to allow Antifa to beat up Trump supporters, the white police doesn't lift a finger. Ordered by superiors to attack and arrest Proud Boys, the white police does just that. It's the outer-manhood of holding clubs & guns and just doing as told. They are like dogs with no inner compass. Dogs will attack ANYTHING as ordered by the master. Only the inner-warrior is truly free because his sense of loyalty and rightness is independent of what the Power says. He is a soul-warrior than merely a body-warrior. Outer-warriors may have big swords or big guns, but their sense of war doesn't extend beyond what they're ordered to do.

Perhaps, whites make such poor inner-warriors because they had less need to develop an inner-warriorhood. After all, most of white history was about whites in white lands being led by white rulers. So, it was just understood and taken for granted that being an outer-warrior was synonymous with the well-being of white folks. In contrast, Jews had to master their inner-warrior-ness precisely because they lived under goyim for so long. Whether it was the Egyptians, Assyrians, Romans, or Christian Europe, the rulers and the masses were goyim, sometimes hostile to Jews. So, even as Jews pretended to go along and get along outwardly, they had to keep the Jewish fire burning within their hearts. They mastered the art of keeping the fire alive in the dark cellar. It's like the final scene of Martin Scorsese's THE SILENCE where it's implied the priest didn't really relinquish his faith in God/Jesus. The fire was kept alive in some hidden corner of his heart. In a way, his place in Japan is like the Jew's place in Christian Europe. The fire had to keep burning in some secret place.

In contrast, Europe, especially Northern Europe(and historic America is an extension of Northern Europe), became so powerful, rich, expansive, and dominant around the world that whites took it for granted that the outer manifestations of Western Power were in sync with the heart and souls of white folks. But then, the institution and industries fell into Jewish hands one by one. Also, as Jews gained control of the gods, they began to switch on anti-white neon signs within white souls. Whites watched TV & movies made by Jews, and their hearts became aglow with holy homo and Magic Negro.

Because the outer-power of the West traditionally looked out for white interests and was founded on white identity, there had been no need to develop a strong inner-self among white folks. By the way, Western Individualism isn't the same as having an inner-self. Individualism means the individual's freedom to do whatever, with his main objective being 'happiness', which in our time means videogames, food, and lots of trivialities. In contrast, an inner-self is deeper than any whim of an individual.

After a forest fire, everything looks dead and extinguished on the surface, and indeed those organisms that exist only above surface will have been totally destroyed. But why do plants sprout again and grow into trees? Because the roots deep inside the soil were untouched by the fire. Those plants have the inner-warrior.
Why did Romans fade from history whereas Jews survived as a people/culture? Roman Empire was entirely formulated as an external power. It was great as long as it could win wars and dominate others. But there was precious little sense of the inner-Roman. The Jews got demolished worse by the Romans than Romans by the Germanic Barbarians, but Jews survived and took over the world because they perfected the art of the inner-warrior. And the US will eventually leave Afghanistan because the Taliban, as ragtag and backward as they are, do have an inner sense of Jihad and tribal pride. In contrast, the mostly white soldiers in Afghanistan are mere mercenaries of Jews, and America's interests are purely political than spiritual.

Whites need their own Jihad mentality as inner-warriors. This way, even when the enemy takes over outer-power and scorches the landscape of patriots, the white inner-warriors will still believe in what they are, still hate the enemy, still carry on the fight, and wait for The Day of Reckoning.

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