Saturday, January 9, 2021

Saboteur Deep State & Big Media that carried out an Insurrection against Trump for four long years are now Bitching about MAGA Insurrection against the Parliament of Whores


All these media pundits, Democrats, and Cuckservatives calling the 1/6 Deep State Demolition an 'insurrection' is truly ROTFL.

I mean, what were the four years of the Trump Administration but non-stop insurrection by Jews, Deep State, Big Media, Big Tech, and financial institutions. Their actions ranged from covert to overt, but everything they did was to undermine and thwart the Trump Presidency and agenda. Obama, the Deep State, and Big Media colluded to push the Russia Collusion Hoax and even spied on the Trump campaign on 'evidence' they knew was fake. This was 100x worse than Watergate, but if you're part of the 'made men' club, you can get away with anything. Jews rule, and that means anyone who collaborates with Jews are safe no matter what they do. And when these conspiratorial and nefarious plans didn't work, the Deep State Jews cooked up the Ukraine scandal. Most of those involved were Jews. These Jews worked with 'neo-nazi' elements in Ukraine to overthrow a democratically elected government through a violent coup. And they installed a puppet regime that did as told by US politicians who, in turn, are controlled by the Jewish Mafia. And Joe Biden meddled in that country's affairs and undermined its legal process, which was a joke to begin with. But Biden is a 'made man' in the eyes of Jews and the Deep State, so it didn't matter what he did. In Washington, WHAT you do matters far less than WHO you are. The old adage of "Do you know WHO I am?" is what that city is all about: Power > Principles. It was always like that but was made worse under Jews who don't even have the modicum of honor that the Wasp elites once had.

Trump, despite being president, was not a 'made man'. He wasn't part of the club. Jews had allowed him get rich in NY and serve as the face of real estate moguls when, in fact, Jews dominate the industry. Trump was useful as a goy toy: He was the working class's idea of what riches are about. So, the 'deplorables' might look up to him as a celebrity-billionaire, a super-success story, but Jews and elites looked down him as coarse and crude. He was useful when he played the game but intolerable as the top guy, especially as he rode to victory on the wave of populist revolt.

How did Trump really feel about his role as president? Did he prioritize the will of the people who voted for him but failed to gain traction because of the deeply entrenched forces arrayed all around him? No. Vain, narcissistic, arrogant, and insecure at the same time, he used his vaunted status mainly to win approval from the super-elites and be accepted as a 'made man'. But that wasn't going to happen. He said too many things that angered Jews and insulted the Deep State. 'America First' triggered the Jews about Charles Lindbergh style 'antisemitism'. Jews took 'globalism' to be a codeword for Jewish Power. And the Deep State didn't like being called the 'swamp'. Vain and snotty, despite being scumbag shills and swamp-creatures, the Deep Staters think of themselves as the Best and the Brightest who are working honorably for the empire.

Now, if Trump had truly gone against the Deep State and globalism, he would have been doomed as a one-term president. But he was going to be a one-term president no matter what he did because Jews and the Deep State were never going to forgive him for his 2016 campaign. If, at the very least, Trump had stuck to some semblance of a principled path, he could have lost with some measure of honor and self-respect. But even as he became president by pissing into the swamp, he hoped to gain re-election and be accepted as an insider and 'made man' by throwing lilies into the swamp once he became president. Just look at the swamp-creatures he surrounded himself with. (And he thought he was winning over Republican politicians to his populist agenda when, in fact, the cucks were just playing along to win votes among the rubes. Republican politicians knew that Trump would likely last four years or, at most, eight, and then what? Without the populist energy sustained by Trump, politics will go back to same-as-usual and that means cucking to Jews on just about everything. Republicans needed to stand with Trump for the populist votes but, behind the Donald's back, they had to assure Jews that they were just playing along and really despised Trump and would work with Jews behind the scenes to unseat him. Politics is 'business'. It's like Sal in THE GODFATHER turns on the Corleones once he realizes the new strong horse is Barzini. Trump, full of himself, thought the Republicans and Swamp creatures in his administration were on his side because they smiled and called him 'Mr. President', but it was all just an act. They knew that, once Trump is gone, the only game in town is going to be Jewish Power playing 'Simon Says', and the only way to salvage their long-term prospects was to wink-wink to the Jews that "I was only pretending to be on Trump's team but was really working against him all along." But then, Trump's shtick wasn't all that different from the Cuck Republican shtick. Trump used populism to become president to win respect from the elites, and Cuck Republicans used Trumpism to win votes from the populist base and stay in office, all the while looking to maintain good graces with the the all-powerful Jews.)

Trump's contradictions were self-defeating, and the only outcome was to lose with dishonor. Not only did he fail to gain the acceptance and respect of the Deep State but he lost the support of his hardcore supporters as well. The Deep State was after him from day one, and to push back, he had to call out on the swamp. But in so insulting the Deep State, he further alienated the institutions he was trying to woo over to gain 'respect'. And what were Jews obsessively plotting every single day during the four long years? How to get rid of Trump. When Jews want something, they never give up and keep gnawing like rodents. When the Russia and Ukraine thing failed to unseat him, Trump thought he was over the hurdle and relaxed his guard. But Jews and the Deep State were plotting the biggest insurrection of them all. Sink the economy and tank Trump's approval with Covid-hysteria. So, Trump's biggest asset vanished into the air. And he was smeared as a killer of all those victims of Covid. And the medical community, also run by Jews, played along.

The thing about Jews is that they will always choose power over principles. They are gamers who see the world as an endless contest of the f***kers and the suckers, and they don't want to be suckers. Jews wouldn't feel this way IF goyim were smarter than Jews, but Jews feel smarter and figure that they can run circles around dimwit goyim. Jews figure, "Why should we be governed by the same principles that apply to inferior goyim?" So, their main priority is to maintain supremacy over inferior goyim. Jews look upon goyim like adults look upon children. Adults want authority over kids, not equality with them. And in a way, we can understand where Jews are coming from because goyim are indeed SO DUMB. They are dumb like the moron in TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN who whips the shadow instead of the prisoner.

Goyim must be inferior because they totally suck up to Jews like dogs. When you look at Jews and goyim in the US, the relation is one of master and dog. The dogoy's innermost desire is to win approval from the master, and this sentiment is common even among the Dissident Right who will mention the JQ but pray for the day when superior Jews will come over to the white side.

Anyway, when the Deep State's insurrectionary acts against Trump failed, the Jews pulled all the stops with Covid-Hysteria and BLM riots. Jews, fearful that Trump's economy and swaggering style might win over record number of blacks in the 2020 election, decided to go whole hog in deifying the Negro as holy. So, with total approval of Jews, Deep State, Military Cucks, Big City mayors, and the Jew-run media, blacks were allowed to run wild, riot, rape, and loot. Blacks could do all that but the Narrative was 'mostly peaceful protesters' are fighting 'systemic racism'.
Jews, who'd been pushing Globo-Homo to eclipse black issues, using gentrification & Section 8 to remove blacks from cities, enforcing tougher law & order policies to lock up black criminals, and favoring immigrants over blacks, were suddenly ALL ABOUT THE BLACKS to convince them to stick with the Democratic Party. It didn't matter that BLM and Antifa were burning down cities, looting, and even creating total havoc in Washington D.C., many parts of which were on fire. And when Trump called on the US military to step up and do something, the top brass, in tune with the Deep State and their Jewish Masters, rebuffed the president and did nothing. If this was not an insurrection from within and without, I don't know what is.

And, there was the Jewish Media and Pollsters' gaslighting of Trump supporters, telling them to stay home and not vote because Biden is leading in the polls by 10-15 points. And then the election itself was massively fraudulent. Perhaps, Biden really did beat Trump, but how could we know for sure when so many funny things and irregularities happened? And of course, the media just went along with the Big Lie. Had it been the other way around with utterly blatant cases of election fraud carried out by Republicans, of course the FBI, the deep state, and big media would have done everything to investigate every complaint. Imagine if an all-white county intimidated and kicked out black poll-watchers. That would have been a national scandal. And of course, the Covid-Hysteria set the grounds for massive mail-in fraud. All of these were acts of insurrection, but they were done by 'made men' and their minions. In the end, it's not WHAT you do but WHO you are. But then, the GOP and Trump never called out on the fact that the Jews are the toppermost 'made men' of America. Indeed, even after the election, what did Trump do but pardon some of the worst Jewish scumbags? It's all so embarrassing.

At any rate, as far as the Official Narrative is concerned, the Deep State insurrection wasn't an insurrection because it was done by insiders, 'experts', the elites, Jews at the top, and blacks on the bottom. It's like it's never terrorism when the US, Israel, or Saudis do it. But if a nation like Iran uses counter-violence against US-Israel violence, THAT is 'terrorism'. Whenever Israeli agents murder someone in Iran with bomb attacks, notice the New York Times puts 'terrorism' in quotes. But if Arabs or Muslims blow up Jews, that is TERRORISM alright. All a matter of who/whom than what/not.
If you're part of the 'made' club, whatever you do is okay. So, Biden could meddle in the affairs of Ukraine. But if you're hated by the club, even your noble acts are 'treasonous'. But what is loyalty and treason in a country where most whore-politicians do little but suck up to globalist supremacist Jews whose only real concern is tribal power? Jews think thus: Power is #1. Game is #2. Principle is #3. As the power comes first, Jews will change the game to win. We saw that in 2020 with new election rules that made cheating so much easier. Jews love the game because the smart win over the dumb. It's like chess is a game of wits that favors the smart. As Jews know they're smarter, they love to play the game and win. But are they good losers on occasions where they lose, as in 2016? No, they are the sorest losers and go about changing the rules of the game to win. Having lost the game of Poker to Trump in 2016, Jews had many cards up their sleeves in 2020. Jews resort to principles as third option. So, when Jews weren't at the top, they pretended to be for free speech and constitutional rights. Jews in the ACLU made a big stink about liberty, even defending the speech of Nazis and KKK. But look at them now. They are totally okay with Big Tech silencing everyone and turn a blind eye to the suppression of BDS. With Jews, You Lose.

When Jews spread lies, it's 'freedom of the press'. Apparently, 'fake news' is spread only by people Jews hate. When Jews spread terror and pull off coups around the world, it's for 'liberal democracy' or 'human rights'. But when national governments push back against Jewish globo-hegemonism, they are 'autocracies'. According to Jews, true European Values are all about opening up the continent to Africa, Asia, and Middle East so that 'New Europeans' will replace 'white racist Europeans' who have no right of identity and culture. So, the only proper way for a European to be a good 'European' is to surrender his birthright, history, and territory. Like Barbara Specter the hideous Zionist said, "Europe cannot survive" unless it learns to welcome the Great Replacement. But then, white goyim are dumb enough to fall for this. If a Swede in Israel told Jews that Israel cannot survive unless Jews welcome tons of Africans, Hindus, Chinese, and Muslims as 'New Israelis', Jews would laugh at him. But white goyim, so idolatrously worshipful of Jews, listen with abated breath at 'Jewish wisdom', which is really Jewish lies to weaken and control goy domains via divide-and-rule strategy. Jews are stingy with power. When Jews give advice to goyim, it isn't to teach goyim to become more successful and more independent but to become weaker and more dependent on Jews. What people and nation since the end of the Cold War have benefitted from taking advise from Jews? What happened to Russia in the 90s? What is the Jewish Plan for Hungary?

But then, whites go along with the status quo without naming the Jew. I'll bet even the 'insurrectionists' on January 6 believe that China, Iran, Russia, or Venezuela were the main culprits in the election fraud when, in fact, it was THE JEWS. People this dumb, delusional, or dastardly will not win. Great things must grow from a sound foundation. This is why you don't plant seeds in rocks and pebbles or in the ocean. You plant them in soil with plenty of moisture and sunlight. Not naming the Jew is like planting seeds in the desert. Sidney Powell can blame Venezuela, Linh Wood can blame China, General Flynn can blame Iran, and the Deplorables can blame the 'left', but it's the Jews. (If the true Left is in charge, how come BDS is suppressed by all sides? BDS is usually associated with the Left as it calls for EQUAL JUSTICE for Jews and Palestinians than always favoring Jews uber Palestinians. If the real Left dominates America, BDS would be protected under the Constitution. But there is hardly any real Left in the US that is controlled by Jews. Idolatry of Jewish Power, not ideology of leftist principles, is the only real handbook in the land.)
The tree of truth and power will grow and bear fruits for white ONLY IF whites identify and expose Jews as the ruling elites of America. When people become aware of this knowledge, everyone of all races and ideologies will look towards Jews as to why what is happening is happening. It's all the worse for whites to not name the Jew because Jews are 24/7 into naming the whites or 'white supremacism' or 'systemic racism'(for which whites are made to bear 99% of the blame) as the cause of all problems.
It's like whites are trapped in a game of the invisible slapper. A man keeps getting slapped but doesn't see who is slapping him. So, he blames others without ever identifying who is really turning his face red. And so, the slapping continues and continues, and the slapped fool loses his mind and picks fights with ones who aren't slapping him. But then, even whites who do know Jews are slapping them turn the other cheek because if they ever complain, they get brass-knuckled in their face. Of course, Jews have allies, and these partners-in-crime hold the whitey for the Jew to slap. But current white mentality is to blame those holding him without ever mentioning the one who is slapping him. Tough talk without honest talk is really worthless. Look at Linh Wood talking tough but never naming the Jew. Useless.


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