Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Beware of Holocaust Nihilism — How Ultra-Moralism Paradoxically Leads to Ultra-Nihilism — Righteous Is Mighteous

The Shoah is one of the great horrors of the 20th or any century. It is understandable why it has become central to how Jews define themselves. It is all the more frightening to Jews because so much of the world was ambivalent and even silent about the horrors when they were happening. And if the world did eventually defeat Germany, it had little to do with Saving Jews than with geo-politics. USSR ended up fighting Germany because it was invaded. And the US dragged its heels in the war to spare its own troops while the Germans and Soviets slaughtered one another(and Jews got slaughtered in between). And as the mass bombing of civilians in Germany and Japan showed, the US and UK could be pretty ruthless in wiping out entire parts of cities. Jews feel that if the governments of UK and US had been somewhat more pro-German, the Nazi regime might have prevailed and even become allies of UK and US. Then Jews all over the world could have been in big trouble. After all, the US was allies with many bloody regimes that killed 100,000s or even millions of innocents. There never was much moral consideration in foreign policy. And Jews themselves often looked the other way as they allied the Empire of Judea with regimes ruled by mass-killers. In other words, contrary to the Jewish Moral Narrative of the 20th century, matters were far more complicated than it would have us believe. If the subject of Shoah seems so starkly about Good vs Evil, it’s because the Nazis were so outlandish in their murderous ambition. The scale, scope, and specs of Shoah were such that we believe only a total evil regime could have done something like that. And because Jews were victims of such ghastly evil, there’s been a tendency to see Jews as the most innocent lambs among mankind. After all, why wouldn’t an utterly evil regime target the most wonderful and saintly people? But then, to be sure, Jews have been prone to turning EVERYTHING in their history as a matter of Evil Goyim vs Good Jews. The pogroms, for example, were far less deadly than the Shoah. Indeed, such pogroms had been happening all around the world, people vs people, tribe vs tribe, nationality vs nationality. The pogroms against Jews were vicious and brutal, but the victims were in the thousands, maybe tens of thousands. And even though many innocent Jews got slaughtered, there were legitimate reasons as to why the Ukrainians, Poles, or Russians were angry with Jews. But Jews overlooked all of that... just like Jews have, until recently, generally overlooked the complexity of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As Jews would have us believe, Israeli Jews are innocent lambs who want to avert Another Holocaust whereas Palestinians are wolves filled with quasi-nazi ‘hate’. Never mind the 1948 Nakba pogroms that expelled Palestinians from their homes and towns. Likewise, Jews have turned Israel vs Iran conflict into a cartoon. Though Iran has no nukes and has complied with international inspections, it has been accused of harboring an Evil Plan to ‘wipe Israel off the map’, a gross distortion of what the Iranian president actually said. Meanwhile, Israel has 200 to 300 nuclear weapons and bans international inspections, but we are told that we must do everything to protect poor little Israel(with enough nukes to blow up Iran many times over) from Iran(that has zero nukes and, unlike Israel, didn’t attack or invade its neighbors). So, Jewish hyperbole isn’t limited to the Shoah. Jews flip out and foam at the mouth about everything. Take the anti-communist crusade of the late 40s and early 50s. Joseph McCarthy overplayed his hand, but it was far from a ‘witch-hunt’ as there were plenty of communist spies and fellow-travelers in the US government and institutions. But because many of them happened to be of the Tribe, the Jews circled the wagons and pushed the Narrative of the ‘Red Scare’, ‘anti-communist hysteria’, and ‘McCarthyism’. In other words, we're supposed to believe communists and their sympathizers were few and far between, and even if there were some, they were just well-meaning people whose civil liberties shouldn’t have been violated. Never mind that those Jewish leftists and communists had been totally supportive of War Hysteria during WWII and the ‘internment’ of over 100,000 Japanese-in-America. Jews have been no less hysterical about denial of membership to their grandfathers in WASP golf clubs. And Jews have also vastly exaggerated the lynchings of blacks. In the 100 yrs from the end of the Civil War to 1965, only a few thousand blacks were lynched(and many of them were rapists and murderers), but the Jew-run media would have believe that totally innocent blacks were hanging from trees like apples in an orchard. You’d think EVERY black family lost someone to lynching. And Jews flip out about the US turning away illegal ‘dreamers’ or the EU saying ‘enough is enough’ to mass invaders from Africa and Muslim World. All such constitute ‘nazism’. One might argue that the Shoah was so traumatic to Jews that they tend to frame everything in terms of ‘nazis’ and ‘holocaust’. But Jewish obnoxiousness has been around long before Shoah. The Jewish Way has always been ‘my way or the highway’. Their long experience with Monotheism and the Covenant conditioned them to believe that their Truth is the one-and-only truth and that they and only they have a special relationship with the Truth.

A closer inspection of the 20th century would have to consider that the great tragedies that befell Jews partly(and crucially) resulted from tragedies that befell other peoples at the hands or puppet-strings of Jews. As the saying goes, what goes around comes around. It’s like we can admit that the nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were horrible and killed many innocents of all ages — it could have been far worse as the American Plan was to nuke 10 or 12 more cities until Japan surrendered — , but Japan-as-a-nation-and-world-power was hardly innocent in the events that led up to WWII. Because of the especially horrific nature of the nukings, there’s been a tendency among many Japanese(and some on the Western Left, especially in Europe) to see the event in terms of ‘white racist America’ mass-exterminating poor helpless Japanese. But even if one were to believe that the nukings were great war crimes and unnecessary(making them more evil), it still doesn’t exonerate Japan’s own role in WWII and its horrors, some of which were as evil and depraved as humankind could commit. Likewise, the destruction of Germany in WWII was so horrific and cost so many innocent lives that there’s been a tendency among those on the Far Right to make Germans out to be the misunderstood victims of WWII. But despite the fact that many innocent Germans(especially womenfolk and children) were killed or brutalized, there’s no getting around the fact that Germany had played a key role in triggering the biggest war of all time. What goes for Japan and Germany also goes for Jews. Because Jewish control the academia and media, people aren’t fully cognizant of the perfidious Jewish role in modern history. Also, because Jews didn’t have a nation of their own and instead operated through a world-wide network, a lot of bad Jewish behavior came to be associated with non-Jewish nations or empires. For example, Jews were the main sellers of opium in China, but most people just blame it on British Imperialism. Jews financed many slave ships and invested heavily in the Western colonization of the world. But because Jews remained in the shadows as financial puppet-masters, their power remained invisible. The Jewish world-wide-networks presented themselves as ‘British’, ‘French’, ‘German’, ‘American’, ‘Austrian’, ‘Russian’, etc.

Not having a nation of their own was both disadvantageous and advantageous to Jewish power. It was obviously disadvantageous because Jews had to operate as a minority in every nation. Even with all the money and success, Jewish power was precarious because Jews were vastly outnumbered by masses of goyim who might unite top-to-bottom as a force to contend with Jews, even expelling them for the umpteenth time. But the absence of their own nation was advantageous to Jews because they could have an Invisible Empire. Because the British had a nation of their own called Britain, theirs was known as the British Empire. And same logic applied to the French, Russian, Spanish, Ottoman, and other empires. But because Jews didn’t have a nation of their own, their Empire of Judea(or EOJ) latched onto and hid behind the empires of others. The Empire of Judea moved in the shadows of other empires. Unless one knew the details of who’s-who and the inner-workings of worldwide power, one could easily overlook and fail to detect the full extent of the Jewish Empire. It was a global Stealth Empire that evaded many political radars of awareness, all the more so because the EOJ bought up many goy politicians(to serve as fronts) and the (apparently ‘gentile’)media that seriously distorted public consciousness. Jews didn’t publish only distinctly Jewish journals but purchased Christian/pagan-created newspapers & magazines to use as fronts of Jewish Narratives. Anyway, prior to WWII and Shoah, the fact is the Empire of Judea in all its branches had sunk its claws into world affairs that led to unnecessary wars, communist revolution & mass killings, and cultural degeneration(that reached its heights in Weimar Germany) that understandably angered a lot of people. Thus, the idea that anti-Jewish violence was always about Big Nasty Goy beating on helpless innocent Jews is false. Rather, it was the result of Clash of Empires. Jewish Empire happened to be one of them, and for the most part, Jews gave as well as they got. Indeed, considering the number of Christians/pagans who died as the result of Jewish meddling in World Affairs, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to say the Jewish Empire killed many more of the Other than was killed by the Other. Even though Jews weren’t the ONLY people responsible for World War I's spiraling out of control, communism, and financial robbery that led to the Great Depression, they were among the key movers and shakers of history. Thus, the victims of the Empire of Judea in the 20th century would have to count in the tens of millions. For one thing, Jews played an instrumental role in getting both UK and US into WWI. And Jews were the main financiers of the Bolshevik Revolution. And after the Cold War, Jews were the main operatives behind US involvement in the Middle East and North Africa that has destroyed millions of Arab and/or Muslim lives.
Of course, due to the rise of Israel as a Jewish state following WWII, it has been more difficult for Jews to maintain an Invisible or Stealth Empire. What with so many US politicians being bribed, blackmailed, and goaded into chanting, "Israel, Israel, Israel", people can’t help wake up to the extent of Jewish Power that is now linked to a particular geography and ethnicity.

But Jews will not settle for a complex reading of history in which they were as much perpetrators and aggressors as preys and victims. There are several reasons for this. Jewish personality tends toward self-righteous obnoxiousness. Jews fear that non-Jews are too childlike and dumb to understand complexity, and so, it’s better to push a children’s tale of history with Good Guys and Bad Guys(where Jews are the ultimate Good Guys and anyone or any people who counter Jewish hostility with hostility-in-kind are the Bad Guys). Jews are in supremacist mode despite their small numbers, and this means they must paralyze non-Jewish majority with a heavy dose of the Guilt Pill lest they wake up and stand up to Jewish Power. Also, the ebbing of anti-Jewish sentiments have made it easier for Jews to assimilate into the larger community, and certain Jewish elites fear the loss of Jewish identity as the result of Gentile Niceness. Since most Jews are secular and irreligious, the Shoah has become like a replacement covenant for Jews with History. For those reasons, Jews now define themselves mainly with the Holocaust. The Shoah Narrative informs Jews that they suffered more than any other people. Or, even if there had been comparable horrors around the world all throughout history, Shoah is still worse because (1) the victims were Jews, a very wise and wonderful people and (2) the perpetrators were Germans, among the most educated and advanced people on Earth at the time. It’s a matter of who/whom. Such is the reasoning why the Jew-run US media find it far more tragic for Jews to get killed by Palestinians than the other way around. Jews are special, Palestinians are not. Jews are a godly race of people, whereas Palestinians are humans-as-animals.

Of course, there’s an outrageous irony here. Jews say the Shoah was a great evil act because a certain people were killed by the bushel on the basis of racial supremacism. But the very notion that the Shoah was especially evil because JEWS were killed is premised on Jewish Supremacism. In other words, if Germans had been nice to Jews and killed millions of other people, it wouldn’t have been as bad because those victims, not being Jewish, weren't as precious. In keeping with such logic, Jewish Media have us believe that a bunch of Jewish Hollywood writers who were blacklisted for a few years suffered greater tragedy than over 100,000 Japanese-in-America who were sent to ‘internment’ camps. But such rationale can only be explained by a Jewish Supremacist worldview that posits that it’s worse to persecute Jews than other peoples. There wasn’t much outrage in the US about the 100,000s of Iraqis killed by US sanctions(under Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright). But imagine if the US had enforced sanctions on Israel that killed 100,000s of Jewish women and kids. Jews would freak out. So, Jews are indeed supremacist. Jews, religious and secular, believe that a single Jewish life is worth a million non-Jewish lives. Jews since the Shoah have acted like each and every one of them is a son-of-god or daughter-of-god. Better than the rest. And since Jews judge worth mainly by wit and intelligence, they were bound to grow contemptuous of other peoples as inferior and deserving to be ruled by Jews. Secular Leftist Jews suppressed such thoughts on the conscious level, but subconsciously they too harbored such feelings because, after all, when we assess Jewish attitudes by their actions than their words, they reek of supremacism and arrogance. In a similar vein, blacks are in supremacist mode because they judge worth according to the Junglometrics of fist, dong, booty, and volume.

Because Jews feel as they do, they’ve grown pathologically self-righteous, sickeningly sanctimonious, pompously holier-than-thou, nastily judgmental, and viciously inquisitional. Granted, Jews are not alone in being corrupted by moral arrogance. Those who are excessively moralistic tend to become blind to their own follies and hypocrisies. So full of themselves with an innate sense of nobility, they feel justified in all their hatreds, hostilities, and aggressions(as God is on their side). Christians and Muslims wre often like that. And of course, communists felt justified in wiping out millions in service to the Cult of Justice. People like Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Mao, and Pol Pot really thought they were the Avenging Angels on the right side of history. And the US and UK went to excesses too in WWII. Because they were at war with the vile empires of Germany and Japan, they felt justified in carrying out acts of destruction that could also be construed as evil. So, Jewish moral hypocrisy isn’t unique in history. But we need to worry about it more because (1) Jews rule the world through the Empire of Judea (2) Jews have ‘epigenetized’ the Shoah so that all Jews for all eternity shall be regarded as the Holy Holocaust People (3) Jews are carrying out the greatest acts of evil around the world — spread of Homomania, Wars for Israel(that has destroyed millions of lives), insane sanctions on Iran, ‘new cold war’ with Russia, push for Demographic Imperialism against the West, and spread of ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs. Jews are behind all such. Jews are waging war on the white race, all of humanity, and the meaning of civilization itself. George Soros, a most vile and vicious mastermind of Globo-Chaos, isn’t alone. Too many Jews share his views and anti-values.
Worse, unlike Nazis who were at least honest in their supremacism, arrogance, and aggression, Jews would have us believe that their Judeo-Nazi globo-supremacism is about ‘human rights’ and ‘justice’. Yeah right, conflating homo fecal penetration and tranny penis-cutting with Marriage, Morality, and Spirituality is what Justice is all about. Jews push such nonsense on the global scale, yet so many morons around the world have fallen for it.

At some point, Holocaust Moralism turned into Holocaust Nihilism. Perhaps, such could have been avoided IF Jews hadn’t sought globo-supremacist power and/or didn’t have the means to amass so much power and wealth. Following WWII, imagine if most Jews had been content to just lead normal lives and get along with others. They might have stuck with Holocaust Moralism, i.e. they would have led lives guided by moral lessons from Shoah, and they would have, honestly and with good-will, tried to impart those lessons to others. But Jews didn’t seek normality after WWII. They obsessively sought domination in industry, institutions, ideology, and everything. Whether they were capitalists, communists, Zionists, or whatever, they wanted more and more power and control. So, as Jewish Power and Wealth kept on expanding(often through nefarious means and methods), Jews needed to whitewash and launder more of their violations and transgressions through the washing machine of Shoah. As Jewish power got bigger and fouler, there was the likelihood of increasing anti-Jewish criticism. Jews suppressed it by waving the Holocaust Flag over and over and over.
Also, Jews knew that the Holocaust Cult could be effective ONLY IF the world accepted the Jewish Mythology of the Event. On the one hand, Jews wanted the world to never forget and look back again and again and again on what happened to Jews in WWII. Jews feared that the people would forget or not care anymore. So, every generation was placed on the Holocaust Carousel.
At the same time, Jews didn’t want the world to pry too deeply into what really happened and WHY. If people looked too closely, maybe it wasn’t 6 million who died. Maybe it was 5 million, 4 million, or 3 million. Maybe most Jews were killed by gunfire than by gassing, a more sinister-form of extermination. And if we look more closely as to WHY so many people came to hate Jews, maybe Jews weren’t such innocent victims and saints. Also, contrary to the Jewish Narrative that says innocent and saintly Jews had been terrorized & brutalized by irrational ‘anti-Semites’ all through the ages, maybe Jews repeatedly did things to piss off just about every people. So, as horrible and evil as Shoah was, maybe it wasn’t only the culmination of rabid & virulent anti-Jewish hatred that had been passed down over many centuries but also the culmination of rabid & virulent Jewish behavior that finally unleashed the most extreme kind of reaction. Indeed, odds suggest that Jews were more to blame for anti-Jewish attitudes among non-Jews through most of history. After all, just how is it that Jews got kicked out of so many places? Also, if not for the protective shield of Holocaust Cult, ‘antisemitism’ could well return to the West in no time because so much of Jewish behavior is so appalling and disgusting. To better clarify the point, imagine there is a guy named Bob. Suppose Bob comes to be hated and rejected by a 100 people. What are the odds that Bob is a nice guy or an innocent victim while all the people who've come to hate him as the real jerks? Now, if Bob were well-liked by 90 people and hated by 10, one might think the problem may be with the 10 who hate him. After all, if so many people like Bob, the odds are he is a swell guy. Or, suppose 50 people like Bob and 50 people hate Bob. The odds here would be more iffy. Who are right? The 50 who like him or 50 who hate him? But if Bob is disliked by all 100 people, the overwhelming odds are NOT in Bob’s favor. And this logic applies to Jews in relation to goyim. They came to be so universally distrusted, despised, and hated that it seems unlikely that it was never the Jews’ fault but everyone else’s. Imagine there’s someone on Ebay or Amazon who has a rating of 0 Positives and 100 Negatives. Now, there is an infinitesimal chance that the person is really a good guy and it’s the 100 people who gave him negative marks who are at fault. But what are the odds that such would be true? The overwhelming odds are that the guy is rotten seller/buyer and cheated lots of people who gave him a negative mark for good reasons. Then, the same logic applies to Jews. If 100 peoples who dealt with Jews found Jews to be pretty vile and rotten, the chances are the fault was with Jews than with all ONE HUNDRED of the peoples. And this isn’t difficult to understand when we consider many of the prominent Jewish personalities. Some of them were talented and did great work in their fields, but so many of them were A**HOLES: Susan Sontag, Howard Stern, Sarah Silverman, Woody Allen, David Mamet, Philip Roth, Pauline Kael, John Simon(Jewish in ancestry), Gene Siskel, Harvey Weinstein, Paul Krugman, Stanley Kubrick, Bob Dylan, Norman Mailer, Ayn Rand, Leon Trotsky, Benjamin Netanyahu, Michael Savage, Rob Reiner, Betty Friedan, Bella Abzug, Andrea Dworkin, Katha Pollit, Tony Kushner, Martin Peretz, Adam Sandler, Bernie Madoff, Jennifer Rubin, William, Kristol, David Remnick, Sandra Bernhard, Lena Dunham, Barbra Streisand, Darren Aronofsky, and the list goes on and on and on. They are like the passive/aggressive homo-Jew-kid in MIDNIGHT COWBOY who gets a free blowjob, cheats people, but plays the poor victim. Jews have lots of talent, but dealing with them is like working with cactus. In a way, it's understandable why Jews developed social instruments like quills on a porcupine. Vastly outnumbered by non-Jews, they needed to be tough and have strong defensive strategies. But just like a porcupine always has its quills, Jews always got their thorniness even when they aren't in danger. So, even a person who wants to be friendly with a porcupine can be harmed, and even a person who approaches Jews with no ill intent can get pricked badly.

Anyway, when a people become so cocksure of their moral grandeur, they take on godlike attitudes. They think in holier-than-thou terms. They believe they and all their deeds are morally justified because of their holiness. As such, they effectively become nihilists despite or especially because of the moral sanctimony. It’s like Christians in the Middle Ages who tortured and killed a lot of people were blind to their own evil because they were so sure that God was on their side. Since everything they did was in the name of Jesus, how could it be wrong? Thus, there were bouts of Christian Nihilism all throughout Western History. After all, how did the Christian West grow so powerful? By adhering to the teachings of Jesus Christ? No, by wars, invasions, greed, slavery, exploitation, and etc. Now, other civilizations and peoples did the same thing as history is one long bloody mess, but in some ways, Christians were more blind to their own evil precisely because they were so morally and spiritually full of themselves. When Vikings and Mongols went around bashing heads, they knew very well morality had nothing to do with it. They were out for plunder and loot. But when Christians also acted out of greed and conquest, they often failed to see the baseness of their interests because they were wrapped in the sanctimony of God and Jesus. Morality can make us aware of our failings, but paradoxically, it can also make us even blinder to our failings. Because morality makes us feel justified and sanctimonious, we can fall into the trap of believing that our acts of wanton greed and domination are in the name of serving God, Jesus, or some higher truth. This is how communism became so utterly blind to the horrors it committed all around the world. The Cult of Justice blinded the True Believers to all the violence and bloodshed. And in time, the new communist elites were mainly in it for the Power and Privilege, but they maintained the myth they were all about serving the scientific laws of history. (Science being amoral, why would a scientific reading of history favor a form of justice based on certain moral precepts?) In our secular time, the New Cult is the Conceit of Intellect. The reason why so many PC-commissars in media and academia are utterly blind to their own deceptions, betrayals, corruption, and evils is because they’ve been indoctrinated and conditioned to believe that they are intellectually and ethically ‘more evolved’; after all, they conflate the image of the rainbow with homo fecal penetration and tranny penis-cutting. It’s a conceit of intellect because PC relies so much more on idolatry-of-celebrities and iconography-of-false-gods(such as MLK) than on true intellect that should be rational, skeptical, and critical of all official truisms funded and pushed by globalist oligarchs and their tribalist overlords.

There are three ways a moral-thought-system can be used. It can be used as a rule-book, a reminder & restraint, or righteous weapon. For the ambitious, morality-as-rule-book is difficult because ambition implies aggression, conquest, and domination. It’s about winning, and that brings out the barbarian in everyone. Especially if the moral-thought-system is something like Christianity, it is difficult to use as rule-book because Jesus’ teachings are so idealistic and impractical. And it’s many times more difficult if a people’s ambition is to gain the world. The Imperial West decided to gain the world through voyages of discovery and wars of conquest. It couldn’t act very Christian.
If a moral-thought-system can’t be used as a rule-book, it can still have value as reminder-and-restraint. Christianity-as-reminder-and-restraint will not prevent wars and conquest. But it can still have value in limiting the levels of destruction and exploitation(and gradually leading to redemption and reform). It’s like Anglos, due to Christian ethos, pulled back from total extermination of the American Indians. And slavery eventually ended under Western Imperialism because of moral reminders of its unpleasantness and cruelty. Also, the US could have wiped Japan off the map in WWII but pulled back from total destruction, the kind Romans brought upon Carthage. There were Christian reminders and restraints that prevented the US from going all the way like Genghis Khan did(and Hitler planned to do, especially in Russia).
Finally, there is the morality-as-righteous-weapon, and this is the most problematic. Those who come under this spell have no use for morality as rule-book. They just feel blessed and anointed by the righteous creed. So, whatever they do is justified because their moral-thought-system makes them feel so self-righteous. Consider the Teutonic Knights who could be ultra-cruel and ruthless. Christianity for them wasn’t a rule-book but a righteous hammer. And because they felt so righteous in their violence, there were few reminders and restraints on their behavior.

And this is what has become of Jewish Power. To be sure, there are some Jews who believe Shoah should serve as a rule-book for the Tribe, i.e. because Jews suffered so horribly during WWII, they should never forget the main lessons of Shoah and act accordingly. People like Norman Finkelstein believe Jews should not oppress other peoples because Shoah taught Jews what it is like to be oppressed and exterminated. Then, there are other Jews who aren’t as idealistic but still believe that Jews should be more cautious and contemplative in their behavior. Maybe, Jews should work for some kind of mutual understanding with other peoples and arrive at some kind of compromise. These Jews believe that Jews cannot rely solely on the goodwill of others for security and survival. Jews need great power, and great power means Jews having to do some unsavory things. Still, these Jews believe there should be some limits to Jewish behavior. Jews must be mindful not to become like the Nazis, the very people who did Jews most harm. And then, you got Jews who are only interested in using Shoah as the righteous moral hammer of greed, power, and vengeance. According to people like Abe Foxman, Benjamin Netanyahu, Sheldon Adelson, Jennifer Rubin, Paul Krugman, Chuck Schumer, Harvey Weinstein, Steven Spielberg, Mark Zuckerberg, and etc., the Holocaust Cult gives Jews the Righteous Moral License to do just about anything. By such logic, Jews are forever Holocaust Victims no matter what they do. And whomever Jews hate and kill are the ‘new nazis’ simply because they happen to be enemies or rivals of Righteous Jews. Since Jews are the Holocaust People, all their ‘enemies’ must be ‘new nazis’ or ‘new hitlers’. This is truly a form of nihilism, but Jews are blind to this truth because they are intoxicated with the moral-spiritual conceit of being Eternal-Holocaust-Children. So, we have a perverse phenomenon of Judeo-Nazi globo-supremacists destroying so much of humanity morally, culturally, demographically, or physically but drunk with the demented conceit that they are forever the Righteous-Avenging-Angels-of-Holocaust. We have Holocaust Nihilism. It's no wonder Jews could love a movie as ugly and demented as Quentin Tarantino's INGLORIOUS BASTERDS.

It is ironic that the profound moralism of Shoah eventually led to the perverse nihilism in its name, but it all makes sense because elevated moralism can lead to god-think, and god-think makes people feel holier-than-thou and above the conventional rules of humble humanity. After all, the Greeks gods aren’t bound by human rules of right/wrong and proper conduct. They cannot be judged like humans are judged. And this was an even bigger moral problem in Judaism. Because the Jewish God is the one and only God, the God of supreme power and of all things, He must be beyond human morality far more than any pagan god is. After all, many pagan gods are recognizably human, and they aren’t said to be all-powerful. In contrast, the Jewish God is said to be the only God and all-powerful. With such total power, He must truly be beyond the realm of man. Human morality must be a joke to Him. He must be the ultimate nihilist, one that may even demand endless human sacrifices. But even as Jews made their God so far beyond and above human dimensionality, they also made Him a most moral God. So, the Jewish God is most removed from humanness yet most committed to issues of human good and evil. This contradiction cropped up especially in the stories of Abraham & Isaac, Job, and Jesus. All three tried to reconcile a God so beyond humanity with a God so closely bound to human fate. One conception of God leads Him to ever greater feats of nihilism. In the Book of Job, God plays with the hapless fellow like a child tearing off wings of a dragonfly. And when Job asks why, God’s answer sounds awesomely nihilistic. He says mankind shall not judge Him by their own petty rules of right-and-wrong. The human heart-and-mind are too feeble to understand the true designs of God. And yet, there is also the other conception of God that makes Him ultimately responsive to Job and provides recompense for all the hardships done to an innocent person.

However one may interpret the Bible, one thing is for sure. Mankind should not play God. Jesus is the only one who got away with it but only because He offered Himself as the sacrifice. If a man were to gain godlike powers, the natural tendency would be to become above-the-law, wallow in nihilism, and feel really high-and-mighty, like Tetsuo in the anime work AKIRA. After all, to be godlike means to be amass huge powers like the character in SPLIT by M. Night Shyamalan. Jesus was tempted by such powers but chose humility and service to mankind.

It was troublesome enough for mankind to try to reconcile God’s higher powers with human morality. After all, what would be the point of being godlike if one has to stick to human standards? It’d be like having wings but still walking on legs. It’d be like being rich but still being thrifty. To have more power means more possibilities, and usually that means more freedom to indulge one’s desires. So, it’s understandable why Zeus acted the way he did. On the one hand, Greeks weren’t too keen on his promiscuity and sometimes unscrupulous use of power. On the other hand, Greeks admired his brazenness and egotism... just like lower-fratboys admiring the Big Man on Campus who gets more girls and gets out of trouble as a 'popular guy' as 'golden god'.
Many feel the same way about famous people, stars, and celebrities. On the one hand, we rebuke their self-indulgence and disdain for common morality. Yet, they are also objects of adulation for their means to fulfill their desires that are shared vicariously by ‘little people’. Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson had huge fan-bases to the very end despite or especially because they were above-the-norm in so many respects. With fame and money, they could live the dream life, and even when they did despicable things, there were always fans who either forgave them or loved them even more for breaking all the laws(that restrict the Little People). This is the dark side of the Randall McMurphy character in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST. On the one hand, he brings life and spontaneity to the mental ward. But he soon becomes an object of cult worship, and others come to love him simply because he has the devil-may-care audacity to break all the rules. Because McMurphy, like Paul Newman in COOL HAND LUKE, is hemmed inside an 'oppressive' system, we tend to sympathize and cheer on his antics. But there is a streak of nihilism that grows ever more problematic.

Granted, there are People-of-Power who care about the Little People and prefer to use the considerable means at their disposal to make for a more just society for everyone. Not every person with great power or privilege wants to indulge himself and act like common morality doesn’t apply to him. Some People-of-Power find the antics of rich celebrities and pop stars to be childish and infantile. They want to do something truly noble and grand.
But then, there are many Little People whose only dream is to rise high and gain the means to act like total pigs. After all, most Little People didn’t choose to be ‘little’ out of goodness or meek humility. They were either born ‘little’ or forced to be ‘little’ by circumstances, limitations, or oppression. There is a tendency among some on the Left to consider ‘little people’ as inherently good, noble, and humble. But in fact, many ‘little people’ are just celebrity-wanna-be’s and indeed care more about celebrities than fellow ‘little people’. Look at all those low-income Negro thugs who, instead of working to make for a better community, emulate big-name rap celebrities and only care about bling and will even kill for it. Little People have many pigs among them.

This was one of the problems with Jews. Many Jews arrived in the US as huddled ‘little people’, and some well-meaning progressive Wasp elites took pity on Jews as humble folks who wanted to be Good Americans. Now, many Jews were like that. They were good people looking for a nice decent place to live and make ends meet. But there were also plenty of Jews who started on the bottom but had insatiable ambitions of greed, lust, pride, and arrogance. They arrived ‘little’ by circumstances but wanted to be the gods of America. This kind of Jewish mentality was in plain sight with Jordan Belfort of THE WOLF OF WALL STREET notoriety. To be sure, it’s a universal trait among all peoples, but it’s been more problematic with Jews because they have chutzpah, more obsessive personalities, and greater ability due to higher IQ. So, Jewish ‘little people’ rose to great heights of power with more resentment, chip-on-their-shoulders, and knives hid behind their backs. And when these people with gangster-prophet mentalities wrapped themselves in the shroud of the Holocaust Cult, they became nearly insufferable. They became like the Mafia + Gypsies + Jesuits. Their limitless ambition, manic greed, and insatiable lust became conflated with self-righteousness and self-worship. The Jewish Logic went as follows: "Because we suffered the Holocaust, the greatest tragedy of all time, every single one of us Jews is a neo-jesus-christ, and because we died for the sins of mankind, those damned goy anti-Semites, we are godlike and above the morality of stupid goy little people. We, as the god-race of neo-jesuses, can do anything we want because we are above and beyond the laws and morality of stupid goy little people who lack the ability, depth, comprehension, and tragic souls of us great noble saintly awesome Jews." So, ruthless Jewish ambitions and appetites are all justified by Holocaust Nihilism. The Shoah elevated Jews to godly status. They are holy because NO PEOPLE suffered like Jews, apparently. (Or even if other peoples did suffer comparably or worse, their suffering wasn't as tragic because they weren't as special as Jews. It's like so many people were crucified by the Romans, but they count for less than Jesus because only He was the Son of God.) And this holiness is ‘epigenetically’ passed down from generation to generation for all eternity. And we worthless goy Little People must all get down on our knees and love Jews like Winston Smith learned to love Big Brother. We must never judge Jews just like we are never supposed to judge God. God’s laws are beyond human understanding, and the Jewish Way is beyond us because Jews not only have superhuman intelligence and prophetic vision but because they’ve been elevated to higher planes of spiritual-morality due to their neo-crucifixion in the Holocaust.

So, there you have it. Shoah, which could have been a great moral guide for Jews in their understanding of morality and history, became a cult with which Jews made themselves into a race of holy god-men whose truth, morality, and laws are so high above ours that they don’t need to heed to rules that apply to the rest of us. To be sure, Negroes and Homos also have this megalomaniacal mind-set due to natural and socio-economic reasons. Blacks and Homos are naturally more self-centered and uninhibited in their self-glorification. But this natural tendency has been amplified by Jewish Power’s favoring them over other groups. So, blacks now believe it is their right to attend good schools even when they fail. They believe they shouldn’t be suspended even when the act rotten in school. They believe they shouldn’t be arrested for criminal acts. Even when blacks act bad, they get angry with people noticing bad black behavior. We are supposed to avert our gaze from black badness. Or, we are supposed to pretend black badness is really goodness. Or we are supposed to blame whites or other non-blacks for black badness on grounds that black badness is just the product of historical trauma because NO ONE suffered as much as blacks(with the exception of Jews). And it is truly amazing that Homos never got the blame they deserved for the HIV epidemic, just like Jewish radicals never got the blame they deserved for spying for the Soviet Union and doing other subversive things in the Cold War. We are not supposed to notice reality when it comes to Jews, blacks, and homos. We are just supposed to believe in the miracles of Jewishness, blackness, and Homo-ness. It’s like fraudulent Christian charlatans don’t want you to see the fakery behind their bogus miracles. Don’t look behind the curtain. Just look at the ‘miracle’ and believe. Believe in the myth of the Eternally saintly and innocent Jew who’d been wronged through the ages. Believe in the myth of the Noble Negro who only sought freedom and dignity and wanted a pet a little white mouse. And lives in Wakanda. Believe that homo fecal-penetration and tranny penis-cutting are all about the homo-rainbow that now drapes every other church in the US and nearly all the churches in EU.

Shoah was a great tragic event, and it needs to be remembered properly. But Holocaust Nihilism is one of the great soul-sicknesses of our age. Indeed, it is on par with Nazism itself. Because Holocaust Nihilism makes Jews feel so sanctimonious and morally holier-than-thou, it blinds them to the ugliness of their greed, lust, hatred, and contempt. They act like vile pigs but only see themselves as poor helpless Jews because epigenetics tell them the Holy Holocaust trauma-DNA will forever inform Jewish consciousness. Also, we are to believe that because Shoah was so unbelievably evil(the work of Satan himself), its victims didn't merely survive but came to radiate with the aura of messianic holiness. They became superhuman and immune to the norms of humanity.

So, it doesn’t matter what Jews do. They can spread the ugliest hatreds toward Palestinians, Syrians, Russians, Iranians, Christians, and white goyim. Jews believe that even their most immoral, vile, and disgusting emotions and actions are holy and justified because they are the Holy Holocaust People. Just as God felt justified in killing countless people in His name in the Bible, Jews(in their self-worship) feel they are justified in playing ruthless games with humanity and history because everything about them is holy schmoly.
Concerning God’s terrifying actions, we can at least theorize and rationalize because, after all, He is the all-knowing and all-seeing Master of All. So, maybe there is a mysterious rhyme and reason to the things He does that we sinners and Little People just can’t understand... in the way that a fish cannot understand the way of humans.
But such mindset, when applied to Jews-as-gods, is pure nihilism. No matter how smart & capable Jews are, no matter how bold & ambitious Jews are, and no matter how tragic & traumatic Jewish history has been, the fact remains that Jews are people like the rest of us. Even if they are smarter people, they are not a godlike people. When Jews indulge in Holocaust Nihilism, it goes far beyond pulling rank. An officer in the military may demand respect from a person of lower-rank, but he too is bound by strict codes, and the rules apply only in the military. In contrast, Jews aren’t merely pulling rank but pulling realm. They are saying their souls exist in a realm of higher dimensionality above and beyond the souls of us inferior goyim. They are saying that the Shoah revealed every member of the Jewish Race to be a messiah over and above the rest of us. Jews no longer need to await the Messiah. Every Jew is the messiah. Around the time Jews experienced Shoah, they also built the atomic bomb. Just like Jesus suffered greatly and died but then rose to Heaven and returned as the Son of God, the Jews who suffered so horribly in WWII arose from the war’s end with the most powerful technology mankind had ever seen. It's like the atomic explosion was the resurrection of the Jew. With it, Jews demonstrated their godly genius and capabilities.

Usually, a people with great power need to be self-critical and criticized by others. In the 20th century, Jews demonstrated that they have the means to gain more power than any other people. In pound-for-pound terms, no people come remotely close to Jews in their ability to make money, gain influence, and advance science & technology. So, Jews are a great people but also a potentially terrifying people who can use their power for great evil as well as for good. If the Jewish lesson from Shoah wasn’t simply, "We’d been greatly wronged" but also "We too could act like Nazis IF we lose our way", Jews could have been a great force for good. Instead, so many holders of Jewish Power became essentially Judeo-Nazis who are all the more dangerous because they believe that Shoah both absolves them of all guilt and justifies whatever they do as the Holy Holocaust People. Humanity must wake up and work together to counter Holocaust Nihilism. The world will be destroyed if it continues to be dictated by Neocons, Wall Street sharks, Hollywood degenerates, Homomaniacs, Mass-Invasion peddlers, Big Pharma, and pushers of Afro-Pornification of Culture(even down to young children).

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