Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Cultural Identitarianism versus Identity Politics — How White Identitarians differ from the School of Resentment of Political Correctness

It’s a truism that the Alt Right and related causes/movements constitute a reaction to Identity Politics of Jews, so-called ‘People of Color’, Homos, blacks, and even radical feminists. There is some truth to the assertion insofar as a group must uphold the banner of identity to have a seat at the bargaining table in the Diversity Sweepstakes. After all, if Power is increasingly about what-you-or-your-people-are-owed-because-of-your-interests-based-on-identity-politics, then it’s only right that every group must have an identity. It’s like, if the rule says, "You must have an identity card in order to purchase a car and drive", you won’t be able to drive unless you have a license. You will notice that everyone who is driving has an identity card that grants them the right to drive a vehicle. No card, no car. So, it’d be natural for you to go through the process of obtaining an identity card of your own so that you will be able to drive. Then, why should it be any different in politics and social competition. If the Current West says those groups with specific identities will be celebrated and favored in the Diversity Sweepstakes, then a people without an identity won’t amount to a plate of beans. They must always step aside and make way for those with identities that make them the favored of DIOS(Diversity Is Our Strength) Ideology. In the US, non-whites are allowed and even encouraged to have Identities. In contrast, whites are browbeaten into suppressing their Identity. Or, whiteness is invoked only as a Negative Identity that must be denigrated, impugned, mocked, shamed, and discredited. So, while most groups are made to feel Pride in Identity, whites are made to feel either numbness or shame. The only Pride allowed to whites is if they rise above Whiteness(as a toxicity) to be cleansed and redeemed by serving the Noble Identities of the Other, mainly Jews, Homos, and Negroes. (After all, Jews would be plenty pissed if whites who abandon their Pride of Identity decide to champion Palestinians and Iranians against Zionists as Evil Jewish WHITES.)

Because of the Name of the Game in our Age of Political Correctness and Diversity-Mongering, it’s been tempting for some white people to raise their own banner of White Identity and even White Nationalism. According to people like Jordan Peterson, it’s just a case of disgruntled white people picking up bad habits from PC and what Harold Bloom called the School of Resentment. (Jews praise Peterson for his criticism of White Identity, but of course, Jews are the biggest Identity Politicians in the world and insist that whites, upon rejecting their own identity, do all they can to support and promote Jewish Identity and Interests to the point of Jewish Supremacism.) But people like Jordan Peterson are overlooking a crucial difference between the rising tide of White Identity and the way Identity Politics is used by non-whites and the LGBTQP — P is for Pedophile — Community.

For starters, White Identity isn’t about White Innocence. Unlike the Identity Politics of other groups, White Identitarians don’t go around saying whites were always victimized, pure-as-snow, innately noble, and blameless. There is an understanding that the histories of all of humanity have been a brutal, violent, and destructive process. So, yes, white people were involved in wars, mayhem, conquest, oppression, and exploitation. Whites brutalized fellow whites and other races. But so did other races. Black African savages were conquerors, killers, and slavers too. Mongols were a fierce nomadic tribe that caused havoc in Asia, Near East, and Europe. American Indians and Aztecs where hardly salt-of-the-earth or star-children living in harmony with nature. Even as White Identitarians show appreciation for the awesome achievements of their forefathers, they are fully cognizant of the fact that history has been a brutal process and that much of human progress was the result of aggression and violence. It’s been noted by historians that the advancement of Western Europe owed to constant wars among kingdoms that prioritized innovation in weaponry and technology to stay ahead of rivals. It’s like Space Technology greatly benefited from the competition between the US and USSR to send the first man to the Moon. Thus, the Space Race happened parallel to the Arms Race. The very rocket that sent men to the Moon could have targeted a nation for nuclear destruction. (Furthermore, the best rocket scientists were the product of Nazi militarism.) History has been like that Sergio Leone movie THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY. The good, co-mingling with the bad and the ugly, wasn’t pure-as-snow either. So, except for extreme idiots on the White Right who revere Adolf Hitler and/or refuse to acknowledge the dark side of Western Imperialism(that discovered & united the World and unleashed new possibilities for all of mankind but also unloosed havoc and upheaval in every continent and even led to near-total extinctions of civilizations in the New World), there is an admittance and understanding among White Identitarians that (1) History has always been tragic and (2) White people did their share of killings and mayhem.

In contrast, most Peoples-of-Color, especially the blacks, pretend otherwise about their own bloody histories. Blacks act as if (1) they were totally great but white folks stole everything from them or made it impossible for Africa to have lots of Wakandas because European Imperialism got in the way of African genius and shi* and (2) they are innately noble & wonderful, therefore, everything that is wrong with blacks in the West or in Africa must be the fault of white folks. Worse, some blacks feel that they be so ‘cool’ and ‘badass’ that even the bad shi* they do is justified on account of awesome black folks done it. The logic goes, "Blacks be wonderful, so whatever they do be wonderful too." Blacks regard their own black bodies as Midas-like and shi*. It’s no wonder Ta-Nehisi Coates(aka The Nasty Coates or The Hissy Coates) be always yapping about Black Bodies. You see, black bodies got this talismanic soulfulness, so it was much worse to oppress Black Bodies than any other kinds of bodies since Black Bodies be magical and shi*. (According to GET OUT, White Liberals worship Black Bodies for their harder muscles and bigger dongs so much so that they are even willing to murder blacks to take over Black Bodies. So, if a Negro isn’t being chased by KKK who done hate him too much, he be chased by White Liberals who love his black body so much that they want to kill his ass and take over his black body.)

The jury is still out as to whether Jews are white or non-white. Jews find it useful to be white as they can launder their Jewish Privilege as WHITE PRIVILEGE and blame the White Community for having too much wealth and privilege(that are actually disproportionately held by Jews), but given the mindless vilification of whiteness over the years(not least due to Jewish control of academia and media), Jews are increasingly troubled by being thought of as WHITE. Many Jews are now tempted to emulate White Latin Americans, the descendants of Conquistadors, who masquerade as People-of-Color, benefit from Affirmative Action, and blame Gringo for all the history of White Oppression of the Other, conveniently forgetting that it was the Spanish and Portuguese who spearheaded the Conquest of the New World and the destruction of indigenous civilization of Aztec cannibals and Inca human-sacrificers.
Anyway, whether Jews are white or non-white, they put on the biggest pure-as-snow & eternally-innocent act of all time. According to the Jewish Narrative, it is mental, moral, and spiritual sickness not to like, love, admire, respect, revere, and worship Jews. Goyim exist mainly to praise Jews, enrich Jews, protect Jews, fight for Jews, and massage Jewish ego(and suck the Portnonic puds of Jews).
Apparently, the fact that most people throughout history didn’t treat Jews as god-king-saint-prophets is proof that humanity had been soul-sick with ‘antisemitism’ and must finally redeem itself by sucking up to Jews at every turn. What ethno-megalomania!

One thing for sure, except for diehard 14/88 Neo-Nazi moronic types, most of White Identitarianism is nothing like Jewish Identity Politics(or Identity Theology). White Identitatarians are not asking the World to revere or even respect whites. All they are saying is that Peoples of European Origin have traits, cultures, territories, and histories well-worth saving. They are NOT asking non-whites to serve white interests above their own interests. They are saying white people should primarily preserve their own identity and serve their own interests in their own domains just as non-white folks all over the world should do likewise for their own people, power, and culture. They are the exact opposite of White Supremacists who believe that the White Race(as the Master Race) should rule all the World and force non-whites to kiss White Butt. The position of White Identitarianism is, "You guys do your own thing, and we will do our own thing." Ironically, Jews, non-whites, and White Progs who condemn and denounce White Identitarianism as ‘white supremacism’ pursue an ideology that is predicated, upon closer inspection, on White Supremacist precepts. After all, whereas White Identitarians expect non-whites to be independent and capable of reforming, developing, and improving their own nations, the outlook of Jews, non-whites, and White Progs is the exact opposite. Their pro-Diversity and pro-Mass-Immigration(which is really Mass Invasion) argument is premised on the notion that non-whites must be with White Folks in White-Made nations to have a better life. So, don’t expect Somalians to fix their own problems in their own nation. They must be brought to Sweden and Minnesota(and Ohio and Maine) to have better lives. By themselves they are hopeless and helpless. So, even as Jews and Progs condemned Donald Trump for his ‘shithole nation’ remark, in their heart of hearts, they really do believe that certain non-white groups can’t do anything on their own. Those non-whites are like children who must be ‘rescued’ by Mass Immigration to the West where they can leech off White Wealth. Same attitude prevails in regard to certain Mexicans and Central Americans. Never ever expect those people to fix up their own nations. Their ONLY chance of a better life is to come to the US and partake of the civilization created by Whites. It’s just a variation of White Man’s Burden, the beneficent Master Race ideology of British Imperialism. The only difference between Then and Now is that White Man’s Burden(WMB) was once invoked to justify colonization of non-white lands by whites but is now subconsciously embraced to justify colonization of white lands by non-whites. You see, white folks must welcome such Diversity because those folks simply can’t have Nice Things unless they come to live in white nations. Therefore, the underlying principle of the Jews, non-whites, and Progs is actually closer to White Supremacist ideology than the core conviction of White Identitarianism is. The position of White Idenititarians — Whidens or Whidents? — is like that Bob Dylan song, "Most Likely You Go Your Way And I’ll Go Mine". Or "You Can Go Your Own Way" by Fleetwood Mac.

Even as Jews, non-whites, and White Progs defame whites as ‘toxic’ and wicked, they believe Jews and non-whites must always have access to White Worlds. If white race is infected with the toxicity of ‘white supremacism’, why do Jews and non-whites feel so dependent on whites and the White World? Why are Jews and non-whites so eager to follow whites wherever they go. If Earth were to blow up and if humans had to evacuate to a White Planet, Black Planet, Asian Planet, Brown Planet, Muslim Planet, or Hindu Planet, it's most likely that not only whites but non-whites will all try to head to the White Planet. Even when black or proggy celebrities threaten to leave the US because it is too ‘racist’ or ‘white supremacist’, their destination of choice is a nation even whiter than the US, usually Canada, Australia, or Germany. This attachment and dependence on Whiteness implies that Jews, non-whites, and White Progs really do believe Whites are superior. Indeed, whites are so superior that Jews have long preferred white nations over all others(despite all the complaints about 'antisemitism'). And non-whites prefer to leave behind thousands of yrs of history and culture in their own nations to resettle in white nations and live alongside white people, live under white laws & systems, and even have children with white folks.
And the compassion of White Progs seems to be predicated on the notion that non-whites can only be rescued, taken care of, guided, and led by superior whites. Of course, PC ideology pretends that it’s all about Diversity-Equality-Inclusion, but if all the races are equal, why do non-whites prefer whites even over their own kind? And if Diversity is so great, why do non-whites run from Diverse nations in Latin America and North Africa to come to white-majority nations? Why do non-whites want to exclude themselves from their own nations and be included in white nations? The underlying assumption of Diversity is really the notion that Whites are the Best. Nobody-Does-It-Better than whites, and so, everyone, even in modern East Asia, wants to come to White Nations. ‘Diversity’ is really "I want to get away from my own inferior people and go live with superior whites." (Also, in order for Jewish Supremacism to be viable, Jews need the systemized support of the most capable race on Earth after the Jews, and that people happen to be whites. If Jews prize blacks most in sports, they prize whites most in management, bureaucracy, and leadership positions. The fact that Jews prize white talent above all others is sure sign that Jews don’t believe in the equality of the races despite their PC bullshit. Jews regard themselves as the most superior and want to be served-and-supported by the next-most-superior people who happen to be whites. This is why Jews obsess about shaming and taming White Identity. They want White Talent to serve Jewish Power than insist on its own power, White Power. Jewish Supremacism feeds on White Submissivism.)

At any rate, if the Identity Politics of Jews, non-whites, and Homos is essentially political, this isn’t true of the White Identitarian Movement. Granted, there are Real Identities in the School of Resentment — Jewish identity, Afro-black identity, Asian-Hindu Identity, and etc. are real identities with deep roots — , but the problem is a one-sided formulation whereby one’s own identity is whitewashed whereas everything about white people is tarred-and-feathered. And then, there are unstable and made-up identities in the School of Resentment, mainly because of the Rise of Gender Identity movement. While homosexuality is a Real Identity, it isn’t a stable identity because we never know from which couple the next homosexual child will be born. If a Greek man and a Greek woman produce a Greek child, a straight man and a straight woman can produce a homo child. And if a homo guy were to impregnate a homo woman, there’s no guarantee that the child will be homo; indeed, he or she is far more likely to be straight. Thus, there is a lack of continuity, certainty, and stability in homo identity. Still, homos are real enough.

In contrast, all this tranny business and related silliness have really mucked up Gender Identity Politics. Apparently, it’s Identity as Ideological Scrabble, a word game. Given that less than 0.5% of people are tranny, it shouldn’t matter that such folks cooked up 50 or more genders as a word game. The real problem is that this ultra-minority dysphoria has been promoted among impressionable children who are encouraged to gender-bend, not least with the enthused encouragement of their perverted teachers and wacky-proggy parents. So, the problem of Gender Dysphoria has spread like an epidemic among even naturally straight youths. Not only are boys told that if they feel a bit girlish, they might really be girls(and girls are told that if they feel a bit boyish, they might really be boys), but they are told it is a Great Sign worthy of celebration. (Proggy parents act as if giving birth to a homo or tranny kid is akin to Mary giving birth to Jesus. But then, Homomania was designed by Jews to be replacement faith for Christianity.) Just as people could be led to believe in witches and fairies, so many kids have been led to believe they may be something they are not. If you tell a roomful of kids that they may be afflicted with a certain condition based on vague symptoms, even kids without the condition could be made to believe that, gee whiz, maybe they have it too. Suppose you tell the kids about the symptoms of diabetes that, by the way, are NOT unique to diabetics. Then, many kids may be led to believe that maybe they too have diabetes because they have those symptoms like peeing a lot or feeling tired at times. Gender Fluid Identity works the same way. There are so many grey areas and vague suppositions that an impressionable child could easily be led to believe that, gee, maybe he’s really a girl or she’s really a boy... all the more so IF the authorities shower positive attention on the child who claims to be of the Other sex. This turned 21st century ideology in the Obama Era into a total farce. If Jews, blacks, and others(even homos to an extent) misused real identities for politics-of-resentment, trannies turned Identity Politics into a fantasy. Never mind misuse of identity; trannies just made up identities.
And yet, globalists were fine with this because, as proponents of Mass Invasion, they waged War on All Real Identities(except Jewishness in Israel). The Idea was, If a man is a ‘woman’ if she says so, then anyone is anyone if he or she says so. Then, an African is an ‘Englishman’ or ‘Frenchman’ if he says so. An Afghani is a ‘Swede’ if he says so. The Proglob(proggy-globalists) went from misuse of real identities to mischief with false identities. Bruce Jenner claiming to be a ‘woman’ is really a form of Identity Theft.

At any rate, something like Jewish Identity or Black Identity need not belong to the School of Resentment. Jewish Identity is rich in history & culture and could be valued as such. And even though Alex Haley turned out to be a plagiarist and fraud, the idea behind ROOTS was a noble and moving one. And it is this kind of identity that White Identitarians are primarily interested in. Though all identities have no choice to be politicized in the Current Year, White Identitarianism is essentially cultural than political. In other words, it would be deemed necessary EVEN IF white people in the modern world weren’t challenged by Jewish globalism, Homomania, Black Rage, and non-white Mass Invasion. Even if white nations were demographically stable and secure, White Identitarians would stress the need for conscious identity because modernity alienates people from their racial roots, cultural heritage, historical consciousness, and mytho-legendary narratives. Even if whites were not demographically or territorially threatened by non-whites and Jews, White Identitarians would argue that the Modern conception of meaning, purpose, and existence is not enough to lend real meaning to birth, life, and death.

Indeed, White Identitarians would argue that white people(and non-whites in their nations) must now make a SPECIAL effort to retrieve/recover, revitalize, maintain, preserve, and hand down their sense of family, community, blood, culture, and history because it cannot be taken for granted in the modern world that has no use for anything but materialism, consumerism, individualism, hedonism, utilitarianism, and profiteering. Whatever value McDonalds or Walmart may have, it has no concern for where you came from, who you are, or what you will leave behind.

In a traditional community steeped in a particular culture, one doesn’t have to make an effort to have an identity or roots. One is always reminded of who he is, what his values are, what traditions & customs he must follow, and how he must behave. He is surrounded, indeed saturated, with culture. There is no need to be consciously cultural because he has no choice but to be habitually cultural because he’s surrounded by the trappings of his people’s culture from morning to night. If anything, a person in such an overtly cultural community must make a conscious effort to be free as a thinking individual. And the general trajectory of Western Civilization has been to break out of the confines of particular culture & community and gain independence & agency as free individuals. And this is why the West achieved so much more than other civilizations in which people were mired in strictly ordained decrees & demands of their fixed and particular culture. For example, Islamic and local tradition permeated every facet of life in the Arabian desert. And a samurai or peasant in pre-modern Japan conformed to the particular cultural norms and duties of his community. He had no individual freedom to say no and do his own thing. Indeed, he was so deeply enmeshed in his culture that he could hardly imagine an alternative.

In contrast, the West developed the concept of individual conscience, freedom, and initiative on the basis of reason, evidence, creativity/inspiration, and personal morality. Instead of merely conforming to the larger culture, the secret was to confirm one’s individuality, free will, and potential as a thinking & feeling being. And this development led to explosions in science, technology, enterprise, philosophy, and the arts. Therefore, instead of being submerged in a Permanent Culture(like Ancient Egyptians were over millennia), the West underwent accelerating changes in styles, expressions, ideas, values, and means/methods. And these developments eventually led to the Rise of Modernity. Even so, until relatively recently, Western Folks didn’t, at least for the most part, revile or reject their identity, culture, and history. Instead, they steadily evolved from one mode to another, changing profoundly but also remembering and appreciating the organic links between the present and the past. Progress meant building upon the past than rejection of the past.

Furthemore, in some ways Modernity necessitated a strengthening of cultural-and-national identity. In the old days of Kings and Aristocrats, most people were mere subjects, barely educated, often semi-literate(or even illiterate), and knew little of the world beyond their local community. Their lot in life was to obey and serve their lords and masters. But with the emergence of the Modern World, especially with the French Revolution and great transformations in Britain, the People began to matter. They were no longer mere subjects or servants but the citizens of the nation. As such, they needed to be educated and instilled with a sense of national purpose, cultural identity, and historical continuity. So, even though one facet of Modernity promoted individualism, another side of Modernity promoted unity of identity and purpose. And in the case of socialism and communism, there was a sense of solidarity and unity based on economic justice and working class dignity. Indeed, Karl Marx had written on the alienating effect of capitalism where the workers toil away in factories in which they have no direct stake; they are mere wage-slaves who might as well be cogs in the machine.

Anyway, even though we can all appreciate the freedom, individuality, and sense-of-agency made possible by modernity, we must also recognize that there is a serious problem of meaning-of-existence in the 21st century, in many ways far more troubling time than the earlier century.
At the very least, even through most of the 20th century, the atomizing and deracinating(albeit personally liberating) aspects of Modernity were balanced by the unifying influence of nationalism. Frenchmen and the British became freer and more individualistic but also prouder and more unified as members of a nation-based civilization. For most of the 20th century, a Frenchman knew what was or wasn’t a real Frenchman, and a Briton knew what was or wasn’t a real Briton. Japanese had a clear sense of who was Japanese and who wasn’t. On the one hand, modernization infused greater individualism among the Japanese. But the effect of nationalism as a modern organizing principle was to instill all Japanese with a sense of shared blood and history. Prior to modernization, a Japanese peasant may have mainly identified as human property to his samurai lord. His cultural consciousness would have been local and village-centered. He was Japanese but had a weak sense of being part of the Japanese nation, history, and civilization. But modernity, in freeing the masses from their traditional stations in life(in which their forbears were bound to over many generations), needed to raise national consciousness in order to lend the uprooted and displaced masses a new sense of belonging and purpose. It was a huge challenge for someone to make the adjustment from a local agricultural community to a mobile industrial economy. Nationalism was the remedy for alienation resulting from one’s ‘exile’ from one’s local community.

But that balance of nationalism and individualism has been lost with the rise of globalism. Some may argue that nationalism was discredited because of WWI, Nazism, and WWII, but this is total nonsense. WWI was the result of clash of empires. Had the problems been resolved on the local-national level, there never would have been the Great War. Also, Nazism went truly wrong when its emphasis went from National to Imperialist. Also, it was nationalism that was the main motivator against both German and Japanese imperialism. Polish and French Resistance were nationalist. Russians fought for the Motherland. Chinese resisted Japanese aggression for national preservation. And after WWII, the Third World struggles were all nationalist and anti-imperialist. And it was nationalist pressures that made the USSR give up on empire. The Soviets knew their imperialism over Eastern Bloc nations was unpopular among the native folks. Soviets got away with crushing the nationalism of Hungarians in 1956 and Czechs in 1968 but grew increasingly anxious about maintaining hegemony via force of arms. Poland could have exploded in the 1980s, and the Soviets didn’t send in tanks only because the Polish communists managed to clamp down(mainly to avoid full-scale Soviet invasion). When the Soviet Union broke apart, the world breathed a sigh of relief and welcomed the emergence of newly liberated nations.
So, the main theme of the 20th century was as follows: Universal Nationalism as the primary force of freedom and dignity against Imperialism.

But then, Jews took power in the West(especially following the end of the Cold War) and rewrote history to make Nationalism the main culprit of the 20th century. As the new rulers of the US(and the EU and even Russia for awhile in the 1990s), Jews became addicted to supremacist hegemonic neo-imperialism and strove to undermine all nationalisms(as obstacles to the Empire of Judea or EOJ). Jews even promoted Homomania as the New Globalist Ideology and even crusading neo-religion. Thus, the West(and other nations emulating the West) grew weaker in national, cultural, and historical themes. No longer was there nationalist consciousness & solidarity to counter-balance the individualism and atomization of modernity.
In time, Pop Culture became the main culture. History was simplified to vilify whites and paralyze them with ‘white guilt’(to make them subservient to the Noble Victim Peoples such as Jews, Negroes, and Homos, aka the Holy Three). White Submissivism is necessary to serve Jewish Supremacism. Religion was distorted into Zionist warmongering among Evangelicals or Homo-worship among Mainline churches. National identity kept eroding with Mass Immigration, the effect of which was really Mass Invasion or Demographic Imperialism by the Other. In time, Parasitism was the New Normal while Classic Patriotism was vilified as ‘far right’ and ‘hateful’. So, an illegal invader is a ‘dreamer’ in the US while a gung-ho patriot is a ‘populist deplorable neo-nazi far-right hater’. So, a Briton who wants to keep Britain British is a deranged ‘hater’ and ‘racist’ whereas newcomers from Africa or Pakistan WITH ZERO ROOTS in the U.K. are welcomed as wonderful New Britons. When Parasitism is the New Patriotism, you know something is terribly wrong. Meanwhile, the globalists assure everyone that all will be fine because of... More Restaurants, More Exoticism, More Sex-with-the-Other, and More Vibrancy.

This is why white people(or any other people) must now make a conscious effort to cultivate, reinforce, and preserve their sense of identity, roots, and history. A Briton living in the U.K. in the 1930s needed not have made such a conscious effort. From a young age, at school and church, in the home, and serving in the military, he was educated, indoctrinated, conditioned, and encouraged to identify as British, share in British glory and pride, and defend British might, territory, and honor. He didn’t have to make a conscious effort as all the institutions, big and small, worked in concert to imbue him with national identity, spiritual sense, and ethics-manners-honor thought to be particular to British folks.
But now, all such are gone. If anything, the Jewish-Homo-Cuck-dominated institutions & industries of media, academia, finance, entertainment, sports, and the state all conspire to tell British kids that Africans-and-Muslims-are-the-real-Britons-because-UK-has-always-been-a-nation-of-immigrants, Homos-and-Trannies-are-holy-and-the-Christian-church-exists-primarily-to-bless-fruitkins-and-other-deviants, Jungle-Fever-and-the-Afro-Colonization-of-White-Wombs-are-the-greatest-thing, White-males-must-cuck-out-and-become-wussy-servants-of-Jews-Blacks-Muslims-and-Homos, and Pop-Culture-is-the-main-culture. When this is the reality in the U.K. and in the US, people are no longer possessed of meaningful identity, culture, or history. They must now find it on their own. They must ‘home-school’ themselves on what they are really about. The Jewish globo-supremacists who control the US use all their means to persuade white Britons and white Americans that their nations were always ‘nations of immigrants’, always about ‘universal values’(though one must always, for some odd reason, favor Jews over all others), and always harmed most by ‘racism’ that prevented sufficient Diversity that will really do wonders for UK and US. It’s all a crazy lie.

In fact, Race-ism was one of the best, soundest, and most essential components of what made UK and US great and outstanding in the past. Race-ism assured racial integrity, unity, continuity, and solidarity. A people who drop their race-ism either become confused/alienated or ‘cucked’ to serving other peoples who continue to cling to their identity. Is it any wonder that whites, who’ve been pressured to lose their own identity, are now so servile to the powerful identities and interests of Jews, blacks, and homos?

Identity and what might be called ‘culturality’ is like Morality. When and Where they are not remembered, reinforced, and preserved by institutions and community-at-large, they must be salvaged and secured by individuals themselves. It’s like, if there are no schools to teach you, you must educate yourself. If there are no established churches or temples to preach the faith, you must do so on your own. In a community with a strong sense of right-and-wrong, one doesn’t have to be consciously moral. In such a community, moral values are written into the codes of everyday life and being. If you’re a member of the Amish community, you are reminded by everyone and everything what it means to be Amish in identity and values.
But in the modern world of individuals and decadent/deracinated elites(who offer no guidance, leadership, and protection), every person must consciously think of right and wrong because he is surrounded by freedom and choice than by moral instruction and social pressures. (Granted, PC does exert much pressure on modern people, but it’s not about morality but about Power by supremacy-of-sanctimony. PC tells us to unquestioningly defer to Jews, Homos, and blacks. But morality is NOT about blind obedience to certain groups deemed divine. Also, true morality must apply to everyone. PC can’t be truly moral because it blames whites even when they are innocent and exonerates Jews, Homos, and blacks even when they are clearly wrong or problematic. Consider the Starbucks Negroes who were treated as saintly victims by the company and the media even though they violated Starbucks' policy... that, by the way, was soon altered to appease the black community. If blacks want to occupy a table without buying anything, it must be justifiable, even inspiring and noble, because they are black; therefore, the company must now allow ALL peoples to hang out at Starbucks without purchasing anything.) Just like one must be consciously moralist in a world devoid of clear moral instructions, guidance, and pressure, one must be consciously culturalist in a world that no longer provides clear guidance and meaning in the identity, culture, and history of a people. And this is where White Identitarianism is different from mere Identity Politics so common among the Progs. With Progs and their allies, Identity is simple. It comes down to feeling good-and-noble if one is Jewish, Homo, or black. If one is non-white but not one of the Holy Three, he or she must latch onto one or all of the Holy Three to gain Pokemon points. At the very least, non-whites of all stripes are at least not scapegoated for all the problems of the world. That ‘honor’ is reserved for the Wicked Whites who, unless they suck up to Jews-Homos-Negroes, are defamed as ‘far right’, ‘neo-nazi’, or ‘white supremacist’. So, that is Proggy Identity Politics in a nutshell. It’s so easy. Feel good and noble if you’re of the Holy Three or non-white. Feel bad and bow your head in shame if you’re white, especially straight white male. It’s really hardly more sophisticated than a game of Tag, ‘You got the cooties’, or Pin-the-Donkey(or Honkey as the case may be). Jews got the looties, homos got the tooties, blacks got the booties, and whites got the cooties.

In contrast, notwithstanding the political dimensions of White Identitarianism, it is essentially a cultural project of ‘home-schooling’ oneself of his or her true origins, history, and culture... and, based on those factors, forging a sense of destiny for one’s own people independent of the globalist project of subverting and destroying all nations and cultures(except for Israel that gets Passover privileges). In a world where white kids are raised on trash & degenerate Pop Culture as the Main Culture and on vapid & shallow Political Correctness as the Main Credo, there is a need for white individuals to think consciously, critically, and seriously of what it means to be part of a Real Folk, Real Culture, Real History, and Real Tradition.
If someone who does the cooking serves you healthy and balanced meals, you don’t have to think consciously about nutrition. It’s all done for you. You merely need to arrive on time and enjoy the meals. But if there’s no one to cook for you OR if the cook just serves you sugary & greasy junk food, you need to learn to cook for yourself and gain personal awareness of what real nutrition and healthy eating are. And the conscious will of ‘preparing our own meals’ is at the core of White Identitarianism. When the globalists just feed white people junk and garbage that lead to diabetes and cancer of mind, body, and soul, it is about time white people learn to ‘home-school’ and ‘home-cook’ their own servings of culture, history, and identity.

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