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Should Zionist Killers and Shills of World Jewry be called DEATH SQUADS? — The Power of Terminology — Waging War of Terminology on Jewish Globalist Supremacism

Zionist Death Squad?
A good example of media manipulation of mass perception is the term ‘death squad’. It was an oft-used term in the 1970s and 1980s, and it almost always applied to ‘right-wing’ regimes. So, we heard of ‘right-wing death squad’ over here, ‘right-wing death squad’ over there. But we almost never heard of ‘left-wing death squads’ even though there were plenty of them beginning with Bolshevik Terror. NKVD and communist henchmen terrorized entire villages and executed many people. Millions died under Stalin. Communist lynch-mobs were assembled by Red China to wage class war. Mass terror and killings were carried out by both the Right and Left in the Spanish Civil War. The most horrific leftist mass-killings were carried out by the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. And yet, ‘death squads’ only applied to ‘right-wing’ regimes(usually allied with the US in the Cold War) as far as the Media and Academia were concerned. Strange, isn’t it? (Back then, it was deemed okay for Liberals and Progressives to embarrass US neo-imperialist hegemony because Marxist ideology was still in vogue among intellectuals and elite power was still held by Wasps who were resented by Jews who were willing to push any narrative to discredit Anglo-American prestige. Today, with Jews as the ruling elites of US and EU, there is far less media condemnation of US hegemony that is now pretty synonymous with Jewish globo-homo domination. If anything, the Neo-Libs and Neocons in the Deep State seem most triggered when Trump threatens less aggression and more peace in US dealings with the world.)

Why were right-wing killers ‘death squads’ but left-wing killers weren’t designated as such? Was it because left-wing violence was motivated by a sense of justice even if horribly misguided or extreme? Thus, one could argue leftist violence was fueled by moral passion. In contrast, many right-wing regimes were perceived as concerned only with privilege, wealth, and power of reactionary elites. Thus, at least from the leftist perspective, right-wing killings were cold, heartless, and robotic. It was more like slaughtering animals. Right-wing elites recruited and trained killers to not think-and-feel but just follow orders and mow down any people who posed a challenge to the status quo of inequality and injustice. These killers were like the Terminator in the James Cameron movie. Mindless, programmed, and mechanical. In contrast, even if leftist killers often got out of hand, they were motivated by moral passion and sense of justice... or so the Left wanted to believe.
At least in the hotbeds of political violence in Latin America from the 1950s to the late 1980s, such a view was not without merit. Though the Castro-Guevara-Mao-inspired guerrillas, insurgents, and radicals adopted an extreme ideology and were all-too-willing to indulge in terror & sabotage, they recognized the fundamentally oppressive and corrupt socio-economic systems that had taken root all across Latin America. So, they wanted to make a difference. They identified the problem as stemming from a cynical alliance of parasitic oligarchs, military-men, Yanqui imperialists, and the Church(even though there were left-leaning schools of Catholicism that sympathized with the Marxists). If the Left was struggling for justice, the Right seemed to be standing for power. It was idealism vs cynicism. Leftists were willing to kill for a cause. Rightists were willing to kill for control. Leftist violence had a human face. Rightist violence was faceless. Or that was how the Left conceptualized the conflict. It’s like Sergei Eisenstein’s use of Facial Politics in BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN and ALEXANDER NEVSKY. Tsar’s troops that gun down protesters on the Odessa steps are faceless. They march lockstep like automatons and coldly gun down noble idealists with terrified faces. And in ALEXANDER NEVSKY, the faces of the Teutonic Knights are hidden behind helmets. In contrast, the visages of the patriotic Russian warriors are prominently featured. It’s like Mecha-Godzilla vs Godzilla.

The Left drove home the point that, even if its ideological comrades shed a lot of blood, their violence was generally more justifiable because it was based on a Theory of Justice that on that Greed-of-Power that supposedly animated the Right.

But when we look back on the 20th century, such conceit is difficult to sustain. While early communists may have been fired up by genuine idealism and commitment to justice, once in power the communists could be just as mechanical, brutal, and heartless in their mass slaughter of innocents. Violence that had been fueled by hunger for justice, shining idealism, and/or vengeful rage(against right-wing tyranny) became a mindless habit of destruction and terror to intimidate and control. This was especially true when the communists, after running out of class enemies to destroy, turned against fellow communists to be purged as ‘saboteurs’, ‘renegades’, or ‘capitalist-roaders’. It wasn’t long before politics in communist regimes came to be mainly about power and control, as George Orwell satirized in ANIMAL FARM. What is striking about the victims of Stalin and Mao was that they were so unnecessary. It was one thing for the Reds to have spilled a lot of blood during the Civil War and early campaigns. But the mass terror didn’t end and kept on expanding even against countless innocents who posed no threat to the regime. Indeed, most of Stalin and Mao’s victims were powerless peasants or fellow communists(who were purged and even executed in power struggles or out of sheer paranoia). Wherever communists came to power, there was a good chance of mass violence that became cold, mechanical, and ruthless. Even after their power was consolidated, certain communist regimes couldn’t get enough of more killing. It would not have been far-fetched to designate their killing machines as ‘death squads’. But they were hardly ever called any such.

The Western Media preferred to reserve ‘death squads’ only for right-wing regimes. It’s like the term ‘lynch-mob’ has been selectively used to especially vilify White Southerners even though the number of blacks lynched by white mobs over the century following the Civil War wasn’t that high. If anything, many more blacks die of lynching in any given year in black Africa than all the blacks were lynched in America. But the media almost never refer to the black African violence as being carried out by lynch-mobs. And black pack behavior in the US has led to many group-racial attacks on both whites and blacks. Blacks often run riot in packs and attack white people, sometimes resulting in fatalities. But the media never refer to such violence as lynch-mob attacks. And blacks often gang up on other blacks(especially of rival gangs or neighborhoods) and sometimes use extreme violence that leads to deaths. But again, the media don’t call them lynch-mobs.
Same is true of the term ‘pogrom’. 99% of the time in media usage, it is mob violence used against Jews. But similar mob violence against non-Jews is hardly called a ‘pogrom’. And when Jews use such violence against others, there is zero chance of it being called a pogrom. Nakba, the mass-expulsion of Palestinians from what was soon to become ‘Israel’, had all the hallmarks of a pogrom, but when have you ever seen the media designate the Palestinian Tragedy as ‘Nakba pogroms’? Indeed, the Jew-run media hardly ever use the term ‘Nakba’ in relation to events in 1948. And of course, even though Zionists were among the innovators of Modern Terrorism, the term is almost never used in relation to Jews and Zionists. So, when Israel used explosives to assassinate nuclear scientists in Iran, New York Times put ‘terrorist’ in quotes, as if it was just a subjective and biased opinion of the Iranian government. Of course, if the Iranian regime had used similar violence against a scientist or engineer in Israel, it would have been called pure and simple TERRORISM(and would have been cause for war). But then, Jews also cynically use terms such as ‘paranoia’, ‘conspiracy theory’, ‘racism’, ‘supremacism’, and ‘privilege’ to their tribal advantage. So, anyone who speculates about the Deep State and Jewish power is suffering from ‘paranoia’ and fueling ‘conspiracy theories’, but any globalist who pulls the fire-alarm about ‘Russia Hacking’ and Trump-as-Putin’s-puppet is supposedly ‘woke’. And for some reason or another, whites are ‘racist’ no matter what they do, but blacks and Jews are always ‘anti-racist’ no matter how nasty and hostile they act at the expense of other groups. (Jews, both prizing black alliance and fearing black rage, do their best to channel most of black rage at WHITEY away from Jewey even though Jewey has been at the forefront of using tough neo-liberal policies to cut down on black crime to revive globo-homo Jew-run cities.)
And the mere desire of white peoples/cultures to preserve themselves from the globalist onslaught of massive economic disruption, cultural degeneration, and demographic imperialism is denigrated as ‘white supremacist’ or ‘far right’. But Jewish globalists using their elite power to force Western nations to favor Jewish interests and Zionist tyranny over Palestinians is apparently not ‘supremacist’. And according to the PC logic of ‘privilege’, a poor white person working in a West Virginian coal mine has more advantages than Jewish oligarchs who rake in gazillions in ill-gotten profits in Hollywood, Las Vegas, and Wall Street.

Control of buttons on the Terminological Switchboard in academia, media, and the state means you can manipulate most minds. It’s like the power of RNA to regulate DNA. After all, why is it that so many suckers think ‘hate’ applies only to white patriots but never to Jews, blacks, homos, Mexicans, and etc.? Surely, everyone hates something, and all groups have their likes and dislikes, even strong hatreds. But when have you heard of Zionist attitudes toward Palestinians, Syrians, and Iranians designated as ‘hate’? We are told by Jew-run Hate News that Palestinian children are raised to hate Israeli Jews, and that may well be true for historical and social reasons. But Jew-run Hate News overlook the fact that Jewish kids are also raised to distrust and hate Palestinians, Christian Arabs, Persians, and Muslims-in-general(even though Jews will cynically ally with one bunch of Muslims against another bunch of Muslims). So, why is it ‘hate’ ONLY WHEN Palestinians feel antipathy toward Jews? Indeed, it’s difficult to think of a more hateful people than Jews in our globalized world. Jewish Power has expressed rabid and virulent hatred for white Americans, white Europeans(too many are ‘far right’ apparently), Russians, Iranians, Syrians, Palestinians, Christians, Chinese, and etc. Now, Jews are not the ONLY people filled with hate, but their hatreds are more extensive because they have such over-sized ambitions all around the world. For example, Greeks and Turks don’t much like each other for historical reasons. But that’s just hate between two nations. And Chinese and Vietnamese don’t much like each other either. But again, it’s about one nation vs another. India and Pakistan still have simmering resentments against one another. There are certain tribes in Nigeria that harbor mutually hostile feelings, but those hatreds are limited to the borders of Nigeria.
In contrast, Jewish globalist power extends its tentacles all over the world. (To be sure, nasty and clever Jews project their megalomania onto OTHERS and pretend that Putin and Russia, with the support of Iran, are about to swallow the world, LOL.) So, Jewish Power ends up hating all nations and peoples who dare to say NO to Jewish power in the way that some women said NO to Harvey Weinstein to no avail. Just like Weinstein’s sordid horniness, Jewish Power operates on the principle of ‘Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you’. So, even as Weinstein pressed himself on his female victims, he was acting like they were doing him wrong by saying NO to his ‘boing’-ish lust. Boo hoo, HE was the wronged party. Likewise, Jews go all around the world to peddle their brand of globalism, but if you say NO, they flip out and accuse you of being ‘far right’, ‘hateful’, and ‘not inclusive’. But because Jews control the Terms of Debate, they can get away with all their hatreds because their virulence is never called ‘hate’, whereas even the mere desire by whites to be left alone is smeared as ‘hateful’, ‘far right’, and ‘extreme’. But then, we are dealing with a people who call illegal invaders ‘dreamers’ and denounce American patriots who care about borders and Rule of Law as ‘nazis’. Never mind that Nazis were imperialists who had no respect for the borders of its neighbors. And never mind that Jews came to be hated in so many nations because they went from place to place without sense of roots, loyalty, and obligation to the host population. Too often, Jews acted like high-IQ gypsies. Imagine a Tribe made up of people with the personalities and attitudes of Sarah Silverman, Howard Stern, Harvey Weinstein, and Bill Maher. You don’t have to think much to realize why Jews came to be loathed in so many places. The problem with Jews is they were always pro-imperialist and piggy-backed on the aggressions of other peoples for opportunities to get theirs. So, Jews piggy-backed on British Imperialism to sell opium to the Chinese. Jews piggy-backed on Muslim invasion of Europe and served Arab conquerors to the detriment of Europeans. The main reason why Jews hated Russian Imperialism was because the Tsar limited Jews to the Pale of Settlement. Jews would have loved Russian Imperialism if they’d been given free rein to ply their trade all across the empire. (By the way, if Jews feel that the limiting Jews to the Pale of Settlement was so unjust, why do Zionists in Israel limit Arabs to the Palestine-of-Settlement in Gaza and West Bank? Why can’t those Arabs gain free movement and access to Israel that once used to be Palestine? Notice that Jews who bitch about how Russians had limited Jewish movement now have no problem with Zionists limiting Arab movement. Even though Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank who approach the Israeli borders are shot down like rabbits, Israelis act as if they have the right to invade or bomb neighboring territories of Lebanon and Syria.)

Anyway, we need to take the Power of Terminology seriously. After all, consider the term ‘terminology’ itself. It is related to the term ‘terminate’. The purpose of terminology is to terminate all competing interpretations and designations of reality by fixing a certain event, phenomenon, or conflict with a definitive term. Take a term like ‘witch’. A certain woman may be admired for her spiritual or magical powers in a pagan community, but Christians may decide she is simply a ‘witch’. That term terminates all competing meanings(that may be positive and admiring) and vilifies her as an agent of evil. Or consider the term ‘witch-hunt’. By designating the anti-communist investigations and purges of the late 40s and early 50s as ‘witch-hunts’, the Liberal Order and Jewish Power discredited the effort of conservatives as essentially paranoid. After all, witches, like Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, doesn’t exist. Thus, if HUAC and men like Joe McCarthy were supposedly hunting-for-witches, they must have been delusional paranoids like the characters in Arthur Miller's THE CRUCIBLE. Thus, Liberals and Jews changed the Narrative from ‘US government teeming with Soviet spies, some of whom even sent Stalin the secret of the Bomb’ to ‘Crazy red-baiting right-wingers hunting for communist witches under the beds.’ Thus, a lot of Jewish radicals who should have been smoked out remained in institutions of media and the state. By toying with terminology via the power of media and academia, Jews dodged a bullet that could have really hit the bull’s eye of Jewish subversion.

Terminology is like the Terminator. Terminology is the monotheism of meaning. It purges and destroys all competing definitions that serve as basis for interpretations. It terminates anything and everything that stands in the way of the one and only meaning that serves The Narrative. Consider how Jews are so utterly unrelenting in their use of the terms ‘supremacism’, ‘hate’, and ‘privilege’ to portray White Autonomy as evil, evil, and evil. Jews know Jewish Supremacism cannot exist without White Submissivism to Jewish authority and sanctity. So, the Ziopoly(Zio-Monopoly) of Terminology commands and insists 24/7 that any white consciousness that longs for Freedom from Jewish Domination is about ‘supremacism’, ‘hate’, and ‘privilege’. And Jews do the same to Russia. Ever since Russia said ‘enough’ and ‘no more’ to Jewish-globalist financial rape, Jews have ‘weinsteined’ Russia with threats and defamation. Russia should join the #MeToo movement against Jewish Global Rape. After all, we now know that Weinstein employed a network of lawyers, rumor-mongers, defamers, and publicists to silence and destroy anyone who dared to blow the whistle than blow his willy. But then, the Deep Throat State works the same way. It hates whistle-blowers like Edward Snowden and loves willy-blowers who not only suck on the cock of power but gladly swallow as well.

It is about time that we go into #MeToo mode against the Terminological Monopoly of Jewish Supremacists who’ve been raping the English language to terminate all competing and corrective meanings that pose challenges to the narrow Jewish Globalist Worldview. What is most perverse about Jewish Globalism is there has never been a power so expansive and intrusive but also so petty and narrow. If Jews want to be nationalist or tribal and care mostly about Jewish affairs in Israel and some cities in which they are prominent, then fine. But, Jews aren’t content with just minding their own business. They want to rule the world and dictate their terms to all of humanity. But if a people want to play imperialist, there must be a spirit of give-and-take premised on the admittance of hegemonic power. After all, Roman imperialists, British imperialists, Ottoman imperialists, and Russian imperialists never denied that they had the supreme power over the their empires. They put themselves out there as the great rulers of others. But for that very reason, they were expected to be just, fair, and magnanimous. In exchange for the submission to their rule, they were obligated to show that their rule would be good for everyone in the imperial domain. When the US was led by Anglo-American elites, Pax Americana operated more or less along those lines, i.e. while the US empire would use ruthless means to maintain its power around the world, those who complied with the terms would be treated kindly and generously. It’s like Christianity. Historically, Christians(and Muslims too) were willing to use aggression and violence to conquer heathens. But once heathens accepted the Word of God, they too were to be accepted as fellow Christian brothers and sisters.

Thus, there are two morally feasible ways of existence. One way is to be nationalist, mind your own business, and leave other nations alone. Japan was like this for many centuries before the West forced it open. The other way is to seek world power and gain hegemony over others but also to give the others, the subject peoples, a chance to make something of themselves in the New Order. Thus, imperialism, though aggressive and brutal, partially justifies itself by allowing mutual give-and-take all over the world.
The problem with Jews is they want to have the cake and eat it too. They want World Power but pretend they got no power. They want to create a Neo-Imperial New World Order but one where the only real beneficiaries are Jews. Look what Jewish-dominated privatization did to Russia in the 1990s. It was little more than Jewish rape of Russia. Or take Jewish-led globalist policy in the Middle East. It has been total hell for several Arab nations just so Israel could benefit. And there is all this hate against Iran simply because Jews want Israel to be the One and Only dominant power in the Middle East. While all empires were self-serving and hypocritical, Jewish globalism has been utterly pathological in its willingness to sacrifice entire swaths of humanity just to serve the megalomania of Jews who seem to regard most of goyim as cattle. Jewish hypocrisy and obnoxiousness are fully on display when Jews denounce Hungary and Poland as ‘far right’ even as they demand that all white nations support Israel’s right to secure its borders and survival as a Jewish State. It’s all the more sickening because all those Arab ‘refugees’ have been unleashed by wars generated by Neocons who work for the interests of Israel. Furthermore, Israel had also directly aided ISIS death squads and carried out aerial attacks on Syria despite the fact that Syria never fired anything into Israel. So, Israel not only gets to have 300 illegal nukes but gets to wage wars on its neighbors, thereby setting off a ‘refugee’ crisis that uprooted millions of people. And yet, Hungary and Poland are the ‘far right’ evil nations for not taking in all those people uprooted by Wars for Israel while, at the same time, they are expected to show full support of Israel’s right to be a Jewish state. Jewish myopia is as deranged as that of King Leopold of Belgium whose only interest in the Congo was to rape it as much as possible. To Jews, the whole world is one big Congo for Jewish greed. Jews didn’t care about all those destitute Russians in the 1990s. Jews didn’t care about all those dead Arabs and Muslims in all those Wars for Israel. Jews didn't care about 100,000s of Iraqi women and children who may have perished due to US sanctions under Clinton. And Jews don’t care about all those whites in the US, EU, and Canada whose lives have been turned upside down by Third World mass invasion, loss of manufacturing jobs, opioid & other drug epidemics, pornification of mainstream culture(soul-destroying of young kids), addiction to gambling, slut-pride feminism, and Homomania as Satanic-Jewish-christianity(or SJC). Jews have used globalism to mess up the whole world just so they could take over the bodies and souls of everyone who comes under Jewish power one way or another: financial, pharmaceutical, quasi-spiritual(homomania), cultural(PC & porny pop culture), military(like all those Muslims killed by Wars for Israel), and etc.

Anyway, the time has come for us to use Terminological Firepower against the Jews. We need to fire them off like Katusha rockets in WWII. Relentless and ruthless. We need to take all the Jewish filth-rockets shot at white peoples, Palestinians, Russians, Iranians, and others and shoot them right back at Jews. ‘Death squads’? We need to call Zionists and the IDF ‘Jewish death squads’. Every time IDF soldiers gun down Palestinians in Gaza and every time Israeli jets rain down bombs to kill scores of Palestinian women and children, we need to use the term ‘death squad’ to characterize Zionist Power. As for what the Jews did to the Palestinians in 1948, it must be called ‘pogrom’. Whenever 1948 is mentioned, call the event ‘Nakba pogroms’. And whenever Israeli settlers and IDF work in tandem to terrorize, brutalize, and kill Palestinians in the West Bank, we need to paint them as ‘Jewish lynch mobs’. And we need to constantly invoke the terms ‘hate’ and ‘supremacism’ in reference to how Jewish Power operates around the world. And if Jews bitch on and on about the ‘far right’, call them as ‘Far Jew’ or ‘Far Tribe’.
We need our own Terminological Terminators against the Terminological Death Squads that Jewish Power has been employing against us. We need our own Letterman.

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