Thursday, June 28, 2018

Non-Jewish Neocons will compromise or betray anything for Personal Position & Privilege. In contrast, Jewish Neocons pursue and wield Power & Position to serve a narrow Tribal Agenda they will NOT compromise or betray. Non-Jews betray their own kind for personal gain, whereas Jews seek personal power to serve their own kind.

Non-Jewish Neocons like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, John Bolton, and Nikki Haley are followers, not leaders, of the Neocon 'movement'. To lead, one has to have a sense of purpose and direction. For non-Jewish Neocons, the main interest is to move UP to where the power is. But they haven’t the idea as to which way to move once they’re perched at the top. It takes those with agenda and vision to suggest and insist the direction the power must take. For non-Jewish Neocons, position and prestige are enough.
Especially if they’re white, it’s difficult for them to have vision and direction because whiteness is now associated with ‘guilt’. It is taboo for whites to serve white interests. So, whites at the top find it difficult to use their power against others. Sure, some may invoke ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’, but those rationales aren’t sufficient to summon mass support for neo-imperialism and new wars. So, while whites can move up to positions of power, they feel lost as to what to do with the power. In contrast, Jews not only move up to positions of power but feel justified in putting forth aggressive strategies for using the power. Once on top, they move sideways to threaten, invade, destroy, and/or dominate other domains. Jews, being the Holy Holocaust People, aren’t tainted with ‘guilt’ but armed with moral pride. It is then no wonder that non-Jewish Neocons and Jewish Neocons(the real Neocons) have developed a symbiotic relationship. Non-Jewish Neocons(white elites) have high positions and may want to use their power... but for what? Whites aren’t supposed to serve white interests. Whites are burdened with ‘white guilt’. It would be ‘racist’ for them to conquer and control other peoples.
But what if they’re allied with Jewish Neocons? After all, Jews are the ‘greatest victims of all time’ due to the Shoah Narrative. Also, poor little Israel is supposedly surrounded by all those quasi-nazi Muslim and/or Arab nations. Something has to be done to prevent Another Holocaust. Therefore, non-Jewish Neocons need Jewish directives to serve as the compass of power. Since whites cannot serve white interests, whites must ally with Jews who can serve Jewish interests. (Then, whites can enjoy the game of wielding power around the world.) Whereas white identity has grown shallow and vapid, Jewish identity still remains strong and proud. While Jews love position and privilege, their profound sense of identity compels them to bend the power to serve Jewish Tribal interests. Power for Jews must bend to identity. In contrast, whites are content to bend their identity to the power. It’s power for power’s sake for white goyim.
But then, what about those non-Jewish Neocons who seem so passionate and committed about their global strategy. Doesn’t the intensity of their conviction prove that they’re not just about power & privilege but a certain set of purpose and principles? Not really. The passion is about as meaningful as the ferocity of dogs barking loudly. While it’s true that dogs can get furious and fearsome in their aggression, they are only taking cues from the master. So, the very dogs who could bark at you like they want to maul you to death can be made to calm down and act friendly toward you IF the master tell them to shut up and act nice. In other words, whereas Jewish Neocon passions are deep and genuine, non-Jewish Neocon rage is mostly a put-on. They bark loudly because they take orders from their Jewish superiors. If Jewish power were to vanish in the US, non-Jewish Neocons would latch onto something else. If non-Jewish Neocons didn’t exist, Jewish Neocons would still be passionate about Jewish issues, but if Jewish Neocons were to vanish, non-Jewish Neocons would lose their Judeo-centric passions pretty quickly... just like Eastern European elites stopped singing hosannas to the Soviet Union once the Iron Curtain came down in 1989. If Jewish Neocons ordered non-Jewish Neocons to stop hating Russia & Iran and make nice with them, non-Jewish Neocons will obey. But if non-Jewish Neocons implored Jewish Neocons to stop hating Russia and Iran, it won’t have any effect as Jews have autonomy of likes and dislikes. Jews don’t take orders from OTHERS as to whom they should hate or not hate. They choose on their own and then try to impose those feelings on the rest of us. So, if Jews hate Russia, we must all hate Russia. If Jews hate Iran, we must all hate Iran. Our hate must follow their hate.

Non-Jewish Neocons jumped on the Neocon bandwagon precisely because Jews have so much power. Non-Jewish Neocons staked everything on latching onto the winning team. Jews were the winners in the post-Cold-War order, but most Jews were Democrats. So, what were non-Jewish Republicans to do? They couldn’t latch onto the Winning Jews of the Democratic Party, so they put all their eggs in the Neocon Jewish basket in the GOP. Though Neocon Jews were far less powerful than Liberal Jews of the Democratic Party, maybe they could pull off something so bold and spectacular that it might change the world(and especially the Middle East) for the better(especially for Jews). Then, Neocon Jews will gain prestige as the Premier Jews(above that of Liberal Jews), and then all the white Republicans will be partnered with the most winning-est bunch of Jews, the Super Jews. White Republicans could say with toady pride, "Our Jews are better than your Jews." And with prime Jewish prestige residing in the GOP, maybe many talented Liberal Jews might leave the Democratic Party and become Republicans. With the bulk of Jewish talent in the GOP, the Republicans could own the future. Of course, Jews would control the direction of the Party as they have tribal will and moral nobility(related to Shoah) lacking among whites. In any movement, there are those who lead, and those who follow. Even though Cheney and Rumsfeld held high offices, they were followers of Jews because they were tainted with 'white guilt', which could be laundered only through association with Jews or Israel.

Cheney never had ideology. He just wanted power, but power that only moves up is ultimately ineffectual. It's like holding a ceremonial post. Imagine you get into an attack helicopter and ascend up and up. You’re high above and top of the world, but what would be the purpose of such elevation UNLESS you can fly in a certain direction to attack others? Horizontal movement must follow vertical movement. After all, it is an ATTACK helicopter. Attacking means aggression, and that requires moral justification or tribal interest. As whites no longer have tribal identity or race-ist consciousness, they must rely on a powerful people who still have a strong tribal will. Jews, of course. Furthermore, Jews not only have tribal consciousness but moral sanctity because they’re perceived as the Holy Holocaust People. Tribal + Moral = Global.
Of course, non-Jewish Neocons and Jewish Neocons were using one another. They knew the rules of the game. Still, Jews had the upper-hand because they got to decide the direction of the power(mostly toward waging Wars for Israel) and, besides, if things went wrong, Jews could fix the blame on the more prominent non-Jewish faces of the Power such as George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, John Bolton, Donald Rumsfeld, and the various goy clowns of the CIA. Like Cheney, Rumseld was never about ideology. He was just a suit. He executed agendas conceived by others who had the big picture. Jews came up with the grand prophetic plan for the Middle East, and the likes of Rumsfeld played the role of executives and managers. He was nothing but an Organization Man. In contrast, Jewish Neocons have an ideology rooted in identity and grand vision. Was it any surprise that US foreign policy continued in the same vein under Obama? Neocons were out of power, but Liberal Zionists shared the same identity and the same passionate affinities and hostilities.

For those who insist that many rank-and-file Neocons are neither Jewish nor slavish to Jewish interests, they need to explain why it is that ALL Neocons, Jewish or non-Jewish, are so virulently hostile to nations hated by Jews and/or Israel. Indeed, Jewishness trumps ideology among nearly all Jews. Liberal Zionist Jew or Neocon Jew, they remarkably share the same hatreds. For example, Liberal Zionist Jews hate Russia, and Neocon Jews hate Russia. Liberal Zionist Jews hate Iran, and Nneocon Jews hate Iran. Liberal Zionist Jews hate Syria, and Neocon Jews hate Syria. Liberal Zionist Jews used Obama to destroy Ukraine, Libya, and Syria just like Neocon Jews used Bush II to destroy Iraq.

If anything, State Department’s current philo-Semitism is far more problematic than its past ‘antisemitism’. When the State Department had been ‘antisemitic’(distrustful of Jewish interests and motives), ruthless and megalomaniacal Jews couldn't get everything they wanted. Pushy Jews got some pushback. And vile Jews like Jonathan Pollard got Life Sentence for their vile acts of treason and double-crossing. And let’s not forget that many Jews during the early years of the Cold War deeply compromised American security by spying for Soviets, even going so far as to pass Bomb secrets to communist tyrant Josef Stalin. Imagine if German-Americans slipped Bomb Secrets to Nazi regime. Imagine if Japanese Americans slipped Bomb secrets to Japanese militarists. Imagine if Muslim-Americans today slipped atom bomb secrets to a Muslim nation deemed as a terrorist state. It’d be a total outrage.
Indeed, the reason why Jews feigned so much hysteria about the ‘Red Scare’ was because they were trying to drown out the fact of Jewish vileness as Soviet agents and communist fellow-travelers. What Jews did to the US to aid and abet the USSR was so beyond the pale that a major political and social movement against Jewish Power and Networks would have been most justified in the 1950s. Try imagining an act of treason greater than slipping atomic bomb secrets to America’s biggest enemy following WWII. It’s impossible to imagine anything worse. Many Jews were involved in espionage and subversion, and the Jewish community deserved to come under close scrutiny and face a major purge because SO MANY Jews were up to no good against a nation that offered them sanctuary and a new life. Jews knew that their crimes were so grievous and extensive(throughout the Jewish networks) that no amount of apology or contrition on their part could prevent a major purge of Jewish figures from all walks of life. So, Jews used the media to spin a Narrative that made Jewish communists, radicals, and subversives as the Good Noble Guys targeted by a ‘witch-hunt’ when, in fact, there were lots of spies and traitors in the halls of power and influence. But then, we know from the bogus Russia Hacking Conspiracy Narrative that Jews will go to any length to spread lies and poison minds to hide their filth behind the smoke of false narratives. In retrospect, given that so many Jews were on the radical left, it made good sense for US government to be wary of Jews, or be ‘antisemitic’.

Look at the State Department in our time. It’s been totally dominated by Jewish Power, and what has it given the world? Insane ‘new cold war’ with Russia, and all because Jews hate Russian sovereignty that stands in the way of total Jewish takeover of Russia and its vast resources. Arrogant Jews believe that Russia belongs to them than to dummy Russians who should be used like cattle(like how pigs in Animal Farm use the big but dumb horse). And then, all these wars in the Middle East that destroyed millions of lives are essentially Wars for Israel. It will take many years for those nations to recover and rebuild, and why? Because Jewish globo-ego is willing to sacrifice any number of lives to serve the query, "Is it good for Jews?"

Given the carnage and mayhem caused by philo-Semitism(and Jewish supremacism) that informs so much of US foreign policy(since the Clinton Era), it is reasonable to argue that things were better in the past when Jews had been regarded with justifiable suspicion. Given the fact of troubled Jewish history and experience with various non-Jewish peoples, it made absolutely no sense for Americans, especially those at the top, to drop their guard against Jewish ambitions.

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