Sunday, June 17, 2018

Response to Voxday's blogpost on Globalist Currency-Censorship or Currensorship of Patriotic American Citizens

Money is the water of the economy, and this is outrageous.

Denying free expression of money is like denying free expression of speech.

Our System says there is freedom of theory but no freedom of practice. Without money, there can be no practice. Imagine a system that says you can dream of buying things but you can NOT actually buy things. You can only buy in theory but not in reality. You can only sell in theory but not in reality. What kind of nonsense is that?

Currency-Censorship or Currensorship is as ominous as Censorship of Speech.
Without money to organize and build, ideas cannot go from theory to practice.

And I don't accept this 'Hate' nonsense as excuse. Look at US Media. It is HATE News that tells Americans to hate Russia, Syria, Iran, Palestinians, and white patriots of Europe. It is nothing but hate and more hate. Zionists who hate Palestinians and Syrians can spend and raise as much money as they want.
Sheldon Adelson, the hateful Zionist who called for nuking of Iran, can rake in billions. Madeleine Albright who boasted of killing 500,000 Iraqi kids gets million dollar publishing contracts. Rappers who spew hatred against whites and women can get million dollar contracts from Zionist music moguls.

The Empire of Judea(EOJ) has a lock hold on finance. Since they lost the monopoly of information due to rise of the internet, Currensorship is now censorship by other means.
EOJ figures, "If we cannot suppress speech/theory itself, we will suppress the effective practice based on speech/theory by using our ethno-financial monopoly to deny funds and exchange of funds among the people." Jewish Globalists are turning white patriots into Paypalestinians who've been denied service. Paypal, Patreon, and etc. are all denying service to those who stand up to Jewish Globalist Supremacism.

In the past, civil liberties were about Free Speech or Free Exchange of Ideas.
Now, the new issue surrounding civil liberties must be about Free Spending or Free Exchange of Currency and Free Exchange of Goods & Services.

Zionist ethno-monopolists who deny the right of Free Spending and Free Exchange of Funds are like the Zionists in Israel who cut off free flow of water to Palestinians.

Zionist ethno-monopoly is enforcing SANCTIONS on patriotic White Americans, the very citizens of the United States. American People are being sanctioned by globalist-imperialist bankers.

This cannot stand!

If white patriots cannot raise funds due to their 'hate', then shut down Adelson, Neocons, and AIPAC as well since they've been spreading hate and calling for neo-imperialist wars, even recruiting Neo-Nazi thugs in Ukraine and ISIS death squads in Syria. It wasn't Alt Right that turned Libya into a 'shithole'. It was Obama and Hillary and their Neocon goons. Why do they get to raise money?

If those scum get to raise and spend billions(even trillions), then white patriots should be able to raise a few bucks here and there.

End the Sanctions of US citizens by globalist cartel of finance-monopoly-capitalists. Big Brother Is Buying You. Get unbought by the Power and regain financial autonomy and freedom. Even though there are many financial companies in the US, they are all under the same ethno-ideological monopoly control of the Empire of Judea. Should a global financial entity have the right to deny the freedom of buying, spending, and donating of American Citizens? Hell no. And given that Jews have done this to us, we need to call for NO MORE US TAX DOLLARS FOR ISRAEL.

Why does EOJ tyranny deny Freedom of Exchange of Goods & Services to Pan-European Liberationists and Palestinian Freedom Fighters of BDS? Because both stand against total Jewish Globo-Homo Hegemony. Currensorship is Censorship by Other Means.

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