Saturday, May 19, 2018

Anxi-Semitism as opposed to Anti-Semitism? IDENTITY POLITICS FOR EVERYONE OR NO ONE

How about this? ANXI-Semitism as opposed to ANTI-Semitism.

Most sane people know that antisemitism, meaning knee-jerk hostility toward Jews, is wrong. But because of the promiscuous use of that term, even mild and sympathetic critics of Jews are often smeared with that term.

Maybe we need a new term: Anxi-Semitic. It would mean having ANXIETIES about jewish power and/or Jewish influence.

Anxi-Semitism would be ridiculous if Jews were weak and powerless. What would be the point of expending time and energy on examining and critiquing a people/community unless it had power and influence?

Precisely because Jews have lots of power in media-academia-finance-government-real-estate-entertainment-narrative-formation, it only seems natural to any sane and thinking person to have anxieties about the direction of Jewish power.

I mean... anyone who doesn't worry about Jewish influence in relation to Iran, Russia, and other parts and peoples of the world isn't being real about what's happening.

To address those worries and fears, we need a bit of Anxi-Semitism. We need to be ANXIOUS in order to prevent another Iraq War or some such.

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