Friday, May 18, 2018

Added Note to: Viktor Orban "While we serve the nation, our place is in Europe" and to UK's Diversity Propaganda

The (((globalist))) media would have us believe that Orban and Hungary are about tyranny while the West is about 'liberal democracy'.

In fact, it's about Nationalism(sovereignty) versus Globalism(imperialism). The (((globalists))) are angry with Hungary for the same reason the British and the French were once angry, respectively, with Indians and Algerians. Indians and Algerians didn't want to live under imperialist domination. Globalism is the neo-imperialist hegemony by the West controlled by Jewish finance-capitalist gangsters and warmongers. How care Orban defy EU, far worse than USSR.

If indeed the West is about 'liberal democracy', why is it all about worshiping Jews and serving Israel, Israel, Israel? So much for colorblind universal application of justice. And why does globalism favor black faces(MLK and Mandela) as heroes while snubbing men like Arafat and Duterte? Globalism promotes three peoples above all others in the symbolic sweepstakes: Jews, blacks, and of course, homos. No one else need apply.

And because white gentiles have been morally discredited by PC, they ONLY way they can attain redemption and keep the privilege(and play the game of power) is by sucking up to Jews, blacks, and Homos, the Holy Three Icons of PC. So, we have white cucks of both Democratic and Republican Parties singing hosannas to Israel, Israel, Israel, or pontificating endlessly about Mandela and MLK. Or justifying US imperialist wars on grounds that lesbians and homos get to drop bombs on the 'bad guys' and spread 'gay pride' parades into every corner of the globe. John McCain got a lot of mileage out of sucking up to Jews. By invoking the specter of New Hitler and New Holocausts, he got to play the game of US warmongering. John Bolton and Samantha Powers feel justified in their positions and power because their 'white guilt' has been partially washed clean by their obeisance to Jews.

Globalism serves a far narrower core power-base than imperialism of old. In Classic Imperialism, the glory was shared by the imperialist elites and their national masses. So, if France conquered another part of the world, it meant greatness for French king/ruler and the French people. And the British masses felt collective pride in the Empire. Same with Japanese empire.

But the new globalist-empire serves only the special club of elites around the world. It is United Elites against all the peoples. So, the elites in the US, UK, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and etc all speak the same pod-people language when their privilege and wealth keep going up and up while the rest falls increasingly into oblivion. Globalist imperialism devised the Invade-Invite Strategy. The US, with support of its 'allies', gets to cook up excuses to invade or meddle in any part of the world, especially to serve Jewish interests because Jews control the West. It's no accident that the biggest conflicts between West and Rest all involve Jewish hatred. Jews hate Russia, Iran, Palestinians, Syrians, etc, so we must hate them too. It's that simple. But in exchange for the Rest being invaded or transformed by US cultural imperialism of Hollywood, Rap trash, and Homo propaganda, the Third World masses get to swamp the First World. So, the Rest gets militarily and financially swamped in exchange for the West being swamped by demographic imperialism. The Soros plan. Soros is no Eskimo.

Orban's plan is comparatively humble and modest. He respects the rights of other nations to protect borders and preserve cultures. On that basis, he believes the world can live in peace and trade and communicate as equals. But THAT is denounced as 'illiberal' by the globalist scum who gave us the destruction of Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Ukraine, and the mass flooding of Europe by migrant-invaders.


"WATCH | Do you know what the BBC are teaching your kids about mass immigration? Here is a video they made for 14-16 year old schoolkids. Apparently multiculturalism is "the only way to survive" & we need mass immigration because of grime music..."

Britain is not a free nation. It is under (((globalist))) domination that seeks to increase diversity so that a united people power against the elites is impossible. Britain is now owned by the Empire of Judea or EOJ, just like Ireland was once owned by the British Empire. Naturally, the Empire of Judea wants to increase Diversity and weaken the racial/cultural identity of the Native Population to shame, tame, and rein it in.

Imagine a hypothetical scenario: If the British Imperialists had filled up Ireland with tons of Diversity, there never would have been Irish independence. Imagine an Ireland that became 1/4 Irish, 1/4 African, 1/4 Muslim, and 1/4 Chinese under British domination. Such Diversity never could have united to overthrow British rule which could have played divide-and-rule forever. If anything, the non-Irish or 'New Irish'(Africans, Muslims, Asians) would have supported British hegemony because, after all, it had brought them to Ireland and given them a new life. The Irish, reduced to a minority in their own homeland, would have ended up like Native Hawaiians who are now pathetic tourist oddities in a lost homeland mostly owned by whites and Asians. Or like the natives of Latin America who still live under Hispanic imperialist tyranny because excessive diversity makes it impossible for the natives to unite as a people to overthrow the invaders.

But because (((globalists))) took hold of all media and academia, countless idiot masses have been fooled into thinking there is nothing more wonderful than their own nations being flooded with foreigners who, by the way, only arrive in huge numbers for MATERIAL reasons than for cultural or idealistic ones. Africans come to Ireland to leech off whitey and to hump white women. That's about it. They are not coming to appreciate the poetry of Yeats or the novels of Joyce.

Ironically, Great Britain and Ireland, which had once been so antagonistic, now have something in common: Both are totally owned, bribed, and/or brainwashed by the Empire of Judea. Both the elites and masses of UK and Ireland addicted to PC, Homo Worship, Diversity-mania, and Afromania(where Mandela is holier than local national heroes and where trashy black rappers are revered as prophets). They have no idea they are being played by the Jewish globalists. Ireland went from the frying pan into the fire. They managed to free themselves from the British Empire just to become a whore of an even bigger empire. Today, the Irish elites/masses and British elites/masses try to out-compete one another to show that they are MORE servile to (((globalism))). It's a dog-race. "We have a homo mayor", "we have a Muslim mayor", "Oh yeah? But WE have a homo governor", "But we have a homo prime minister... who is non-white to boot"...

Dogs competing to win plaudits and doggy-biscuits from the Soroses of the World.

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