Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Response to "What Is America's Cause in the World Today?" by Patrick J. Buchanan

"the West is undergoing a process of secularization while the post-socialist East, de-secularization"

Not quite. Homomania is a neo-religion. It went from ‘gay rights’, meaning homos should be free to pursue their own lifestyles, to Gay Rites, a worship of homos and trannies as saints and angels.
It is a neo-religion because the ‘rainbow’ flag is a quasi-sacred symbol to the Progs. Indeed, they wave it even in support of causes or at events that are unrelated to homosexuality. It’s like their talisman-for-all-seasons-and-reasons.
So, it was waved at BLM marches and pro-'immigrant' marches. And even Donald Trump once held up a homo flag in his support of the now sacralized community. And Conservatives argue against Muslim 'refugees' on grounds of protecting precious Holy Homos from ‘terrorists’. Even many conservatives now consider Homos to be especial special, the Other Jews.

Homomania is a neo-religion. ‘Rainbow’ flag is a sacred symbol for the Progs. That is why they wave it everywhere. That is why they hang it inside and outside churches, especially Mainline ones that have lost their souls and minds. If Homomania were secular, why would it try to take over churches? It strives to be the new replacement religion. Just as whites must be replaced by New Americans and New Europeans, Christianity must be replaced by the New Faith.

People want to associate themselves with holy symbols. When the Crucifix became the holy symbol of the West, every side held it up as if to say God is on its side. So, every kingdom marches into battle with Christian symbolism. Catholics fought Protestants, with both side holding up crucifixes and flags with Christian symbols.

But Jews took over the West. Jews hate Christianity and needed a neo-spiritual symbol to lend a sense of unity and purpose to globalists, and they concocted the Holy Three: Holocaust Faith, Magic Negro, and Holy Homo. Holocaust Faith is powerful, but it’s a bummer, mostly about gloom and guilt. Not very fun. Magic Negro myth has spread world wide, especially with MLK as god, Mandela as jesus, and rappers as prophets. But not every nation has Negroes, and as such, it isn’t universally relevant.

But Homomania, that is of universal export because EVERY society has homos. That means Jews can recruit and fund homos in all nations to be their collaborationist-agents of globalism. And why wouldn’t homos take the bait? It’s a way to get easy money(from people like Soros and many NGO’s, not to mention the US government itself) and to be favored as the New Elites and holy icons of their nation. Jews promise homos in places like Ukraine, “Do our bidding, and we will make you masters of your nation, to be worshiped and obeyed.” Homos are vain enough to agree to the Faustian bargain.

Homomania is also appealing because it’s celebratory and fantastical. All those spectacles, fanfare, pageantry, and circus atmosphere. All those ‘gay pride’ parades. In our age of celebrity and hedonism, Homomania is the favorite neo-pagan cult for many people.

It is also appealing to the snobby elites because they can claim to be more ‘woke’ and more ‘evolved’ on the subject than the ‘homophobic’ hoi polloi. The fact that the ‘unwashed masses’ are more likely to be hostile or indifferent to homos is proof enough that Loving and Celebrating Homosexuality is for the Enlightened and the better kind of people. After all, the elites are always looking for subtle ways to distinguish themselves from the Masses. Since old-style aristocracy is out, the elites and would-be-elites seek certain attitudes and ’causes’ that mark them as ‘more evolved’ than the masses.

It’s no wonder that Tranny Train has become the next big thing. After all, Homomania has now spread even to many parts of the hoi polloi. So, it isn’t as special as it used to be. When even many Mormons and Evangelicals are warming up to ‘gay marriage’, it ain’t special like it used to be. But those lowlife deplorable dummies are still against Tranny-business, and that means a person is obviously ‘more evolved’ if he or she’s for trannies using whatever washroom and demanding they be called certain pronouns. New 'Progressivism' is now more about looking for new status symbols to distinguish oneself from the rabble. After all, if the rabble become 'more evolved' too on a certain issue, the elites need a new cause that sets them apart as 'even more evolved'.

All in all, the fact is Homomania was concocted by Jews. So, if you see a ‘rainbow’ flag go up anywhere, it is just another sign of imperial takeover by Jewish Globalist supremacist power. When UK embassy raises the ‘homo’ flag, it means ‘We Brits are now part of the Empire of Judea’.

Homo Symbol is very useful to Jews. If Jews raised Star of David everywhere, the world would realize that the Empire of Judea is the biggest power in the world. People would become aware of Jewish domination, and Jewish power would draw the ‘wrong’ kind of attention.

So, Jews use Homomania as the Front for their power. The Star of David hides behind the ‘rainbow’ flag.


Power has always been cynical, but the US and the West in general once stood for sound values rooted in great traditions of Greco-Roman heritage, Christian faith, and the Enlightenment. And they balanced each other out. The wild & creative pagan tendencies toward excess & decadence were held in check by Christianity morality and spirituality. And the dogmatic and theocratic strain of religious influence was restrained by Science, Reason, and Rights.

And whatever may be said about the Cold War, the West stood for sounder principles and systems than Totalitarian Communism that was repressive and even murderous in places in USSR.

But the West that had been is no more. What is the Current West is about? Worship of Homo fecal penetration, Tranny penis-cutting, Slut Pride, Negro dongs, Rap thuggery, Celebrity & Vanity, Zionist megalomania, and nonsense terms like ‘Diversity’ and ‘Inclusion’.

Because of its great power and influence around the world, the US in its present incarnation is the most evil nation on Earth.

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