Friday, May 18, 2018

Elementary Truth about Black Nature and Character — Evolution and the Negro — NFL and the Knee-Gro

The main thing we need to understand about blacks is their reactions/responses tend to be brutally elementary. They evolved in close proximity with wild animals, and their mode of being is survival than existence, let alone the meaning of existence. Blacks don’t think, “To be or not to be, that is the question” or “I think, therefore I am.” They sense, “I be if I outrun a hippo, I not be if it done catch my ass and stomp me upside my head.” They feel, “I run(like a mothafuc*a), therefore I be.”

For many thousands of yrs, white folks evolved in environments with reduced contacts with direct threats and dangers. So, there was more room for thinking and pondering. More space for security that favored a calmer disposition.
In contrast, blacks evolved in a world of constant struggle for survival against lions, hyenas, baboons, buffaloes, elephants, crocodiles, hippos, warthogs, leopards, gorillas, cobras, mambas, tse-tse flies, and etc. And because this mode of survival made blacks savage and wild, it was aggravating for Negroes to rub shoulders with other Negroes.

So, black emotions and responses tend to be very elemental and ill-suited for reflection, contemplation, introspection, empathy, and self-awareness. Wrapped tightly in their own egotism, blacks are rarely willing to consider other or opposing points of views. In order for blacks to have survived in harsh Africa, they had to obsess about numero uno or ‘my ass’. And such attitude also fueled a lascivious sexual culture that had black males and females calling most attention to themselves to attract the most mates. It’s no wonder that much of black dance forms have degenerated into stuff like bumping-and-grinding and ‘twerking’. In the black African world, survival depended more on fast-twitch reactions against threats and dangers. It was about instantaneous responses to ‘save my ass’ or ‘kick your ass’. Such emphasis on self-preservation led to self-centrism that, in social expression, came to be all about ‘muh bling’, ‘muh booty’, and ‘muh dick’.

Imagine an antelope or some animal in Africa. Suppose it sees something threatening, which could indeed turn out to be fatal. If it ‘thinks’ or ruminates about the problem, it could end up dead, killed by the predator that lunges at it without mercy. So, its survival depends on the immediate response of fight or flight, not momentary hesitation and earnest curiosity. Blacks developed much the same survivalist modes as other creatures of the African wild. If they saw a lion or hippo, it was about fight or flight. Chuck a spear or chuck your ass out of there. There was no time for calm assessment of the situation, let alone contemplation or meditation.

So, there developed a kind of brutally primitive ‘wisdom’ in black emotional reactions. It’s like Beavis and Butthead are ‘wise’ in an idiot-savant way precisely because they are so dumb. Lacking intellect and penchant for reflection, they opt for the occam’s razor of what seems most obvious, like ‘boing’. And they are right half the time with such simple rule of thumb.

Likewise, there’s an elemental truth in how blacks see the world. It may not be deep or profound, but it immediately gauges the brutal stakes of survival… like ‘run like a mothafuc*a’ upon catching the first whiff of danger: "Don’t think about it. Just run and save your ass." Or "the nigga’s craaaazy!" There is no need to psychoanalyze the Negro. Just ‘jungloanalyze’ him.

So, blacks are very adept at elemental survival… but when it comes to complex issues of history, society, ethics, morality, and such, their elemental reactions and responses fall short. Their responses to such matters are uselessly fight-or-flight. Many of them fail to grasp that complex mental tasks cannot be performed if one remains in hunting or playing-basketball mode.

Indeed, the black habit of yelling ‘racist, racist, racist’ is just a verbal form of spear-chucking. It isn’t real thought. It’s “Here’s a spear for your ass, whitey. I wants more gibs-me-dat.” It’s a manifestation of the hunting instinct. Or, it’s a form of flight-panic when blacks are caught doing bad stuff. Unable to morally justify their behavior when found out, they just go into baboon-ish panic mode and holler ‘racist, racist, racist’. The response is essentially same as apes or baboons freaking out when caught in a tough or dangerous situation.

In the black mind, the core of existence is about a b/w stark struggle of fight or flight. To the 'groids', the world is less a stage(let alone a classroom) than a boxing ring. When it comes to white power, a lot of blacks feel, “If we don’t keep chucking more spears at the big white elephant, it will charge and stomp our ass and turn us into slaves again.” The world is not about compromises and contracts but confrontations of win all or lose all.

Some say blacks fail at complexity because of lower IQ, but blacks with higher IQ have similar attitudes and the same ‘moral’ failing. Why? Their emotions outrun or out-ape their intelligence. So, even if certain blacks are just as smart as whites or even smarter, their emotions remain stuck in ‘chuck a spear’ or ‘run like a mothafuc*a’ mentality. This is why even smart blacks like Cornel West and Michael Dyson tend to emote like rappers. Indeed, rap music is useless as a vehicle of meaning because its meanness tramples all over meaning. And in black churches, sheer volume trumps the content of the sermon.

White and black history in the US is highly complex. There was much tragedy for blacks, but there was also much triumph due to contact with white civilization, the most advanced in the world. Indeed, what would blacks have achieved if not for contact with whites? Even today, if there are to be solutions for blacks and Africa, such will have to be devised and developed by whites as blacks lack the necessary temperament to emerge from the primitive mindset of fight-or-flight. Blacks generally lack the emotional qualities that can handle complexity(that call for empathy).

Whites are far more adept at dealing with complex issues. But whites also have their own pathologies that may prevent them from dealing with reality in a truthful way.
One is intellectualism. Sometimes, the danger is so obvious and palpable, but many whites prefer intellectual interaction over decisive action to deal with the pressing problem. Intellect can suppress or deny the urgent needs of the body. The preference for higher intellect has its counterparts in the conceit of higher morality or spirituality. If misapplied, higher morality can favor sanctimony over survival. It’s no wonder that so many whites will risk the very survival of the West just to attain some illusory ‘higher state of being’.

Consider the creature in Howard Hawks’ THE THING, the original movie. The alien monster is clearly a danger to mankind, but the scientist-guy is willing to risk everything to communicate with it(as a higher being) than working with fellow humans to kill the damn thing. And he even turns higher-moralist and believes that, given the choice between saving inferior humanity by killing the superior creature AND saving superior creature by sacrificing inferior humanity, the right course of action is to favor the creature. Today, many whites are willing to sacrifice the West just to appease blacks as the magical god-race. In other words, even if the Africanization of Europe will lead to downfall of Western Civilization, it'd be worth it as a tribute to Black Greatness. White tragedy in service of the Great Negro is to be favored over White triumph in defense of the West against the ghastly 'groids'.

See how foolishly a ‘liberal’ white scientist could act in such a situation? In such a scenario, an elementary-minded Negro would more likely do the right thing: Chuck a spear or run like a mothafuc*a.


Look how the weaker white man is being mauled in his own homeland(Italy) by the stronger and tougher Negro from black Africa. Look how black thugs beat up weaker whites in America.

All white folks must understand the BAMMAMA Factor, or Blacks Are More Muscular And More Aggressive. Knowing that truth, whites must ask, "Why allow a stronger & more savage race of people into our nation?"

In the video above, white onlookers are afraid to intervene because they know blacks are tougher and will kick their butts. If they try to save the white guy from the black guy, they too could end up being beaten by the black guy.

BAMMAMA leads to ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs. As blacks beat white guys, white women lose respect for white men and lust after black thugs. White manhood cannot co-exist with black thuggery.
This is why it made good sense to support the KNEE-GROES: Negro athletes who took the knee and alienated their white fanbase. NFL should be about Knee-groes run amok as such will antagonize and alienate whites and hopefully wake them from their cuck stupor. There is no reason white males should be watching NFL that is about BAMMAMA and ACOWW. It is anti-white, and whites need to wake up. So, I support Negro hostility that wakens whites into Race-ism, aka Race Realism.

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